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Hemingway For Governor - Governor Hassan "Cooks the Books" to Justify Turkey Trot

State Claimed a 22% Export Increase; report shows increase was .7%

Manchester, NH – A new article in Business NH Magazine has exposed Governor Maggie Hassan and her administration for misrepresenting state export numbers in an effort to boost her irresponsible junket to Turkey last month and boost her leadership statistic. 

“It was an attention-grabbing headline: “NH Export Growth Led Nation in 2013.” That claim was later used by … Gov. Maggie Hassan as proof of the success of the state’s export efforts and to help defend NH’s recent trade mission to Turkey when it came under fire from Hassan’s Republican opponents.”  The Truth Behind NH’s Export Growth, by Erika Cohen, Business NH Magazine.

Governor Hassan and others in her Administration claimed a 22% increase in exports in 2013 over the previous year.  Unfortunately, as the article continues, the report is based on a ridiculous claim.  The number includes the “export” of crude oil. Unfortunately NH neither produces nor refines crude oil so where did the number come from? According to the article:

“That crude oil merely travels on a train through NH from other locations to Canada,”

“Governor Hassan so wanted to travel to Turkey, during a state travel ban she imposed, for reasons we still don’t understand, that her Administration used illusionary math to sell it,” said Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Hemingway.  “This is beyond failed leadership, this is deliberately throwing out false statistics to support her waste of taxpayer funds.  She should be held accountable and she needs to explain why she felt it was OK to cook the statistic books to the very people she is beholden to.”



"It is absolutely a concern," "Senator Shaheen sure looks awfully shady," "Shaheen's husband profiting from bill?"


Boston Globe: "Shaheen has also had a family financial stake in the research. In 2009, her husband, William, became an adviser to a Southern California startup, Ultrawave labs Inc. ...that same year, Ultrawave received $78,000 in federal stimulus funding." (Noah Bierman and Todd Wallack, Boston Globe, 6/25/14) 


"The Shaheens declined multiple requests for interviews and would not answer most detailed questions about their investments and connection to the firm." (Noah Bierman and Todd Wallack, Boston Globe, 6/25/14)


"'It absolutely is a concern,' said Charlton Copeland, former chair of the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust and a professor at the University of Miami. 'It raises questions because so much of the work of this kind of policymaking takes place outside of the specter of the public eye.'" (Noah Bierman and Todd Wallack, Boston Globe, 6/25/14)


"'Whenever someone - a member or a spouse - has a significant number of investments, certainly that can increase the potential for a question about a conflict,' said Robert L. Walker, a former chief counsel and staff director of both the Senate and House ethics committees whose law firm, Wiley Rein LLP, predominantly represents Republicans." (Noah Bierman and Todd Wallack, Boston Globe, 6/25/14)


Chuck Todd, NBC News: "Feeding the perception that members of Congress use their power to get rich...Shaheen's husband profiting from bill?" (Chuck Todd, Twitter, 6/25/14)


David Bernstein, Boston Magazine: "In which Senator Shaheen sure looks awfully shady, courtesy of Noah Bierman and Todd Wallack" (David S. Bernstein, Twitter, 6/25/14)


Drew Cline, New Hampshire Union Leader: "Hmmm. Jeanne Shaheen's husband owned stock in breast cancer research firm that got stimulus money Shaheen voted for" (Drew Cline, Twitter, 6/25/14)



Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today called on Senator Jeanne Shaheen to fully address unanswered questions about her shady financial interests. The Boston Globe today reported that Senator Shaheen and her husband refused to answer questions about their financial stake in a company that received federal stimulus funding. Shaheen voted for the wasteful $787 billion stimulus boondoggle and her husband Billy runs a prominent lobbying firm that operated a "stimulus opportunities team" to help clients get federal money.


"Today's report raises very serious ethical questions about Senator Shaheen's finances and a conflict of interest involving her husband's lobbying firm. Senator Shaheen has long championed the wasteful stimulus boondoggle, and it's troubling to learn that she financially benefited from a company that received stimulus funding," said NHGOP Chair Jennifer Horn. "Billy and Jeanne Shaheen's refusal to answer basic questions about their involvement with this company raises even more concerns and shows that they may have something to hide. In order to uphold public confidence in her office, Shaheen needs to openly and transparently answer questions about this issue."


"The Shaheens declined multiple requests for interviews and would not answer most detailed questions about their investments and connection to the firm," reported The Globe.


Non-partisan ethics watchdogs have raised questions about the red flags raised by Shaheen's potential conflict of interest.


"'It absolutely is a concern,' Charlton Copeland, former chair of the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust and a professor at the University of Miami told the Boston Globe. 'It raises questions because so much of the work of this kind of policymaking takes place outside of the specter of the public eye.'"


Shaheen has also advocated for transparency in government, making her refusal to answer basic questions about this company even more troubling.


"Transparency is a foundational principle of our democracy," said Shaheen in a May, 2013 press release." Secrecy in our government should be limited, and used only when absolutely necessary to protect our national interest."


Garcia For Congress - Marilinda Garcia: Ann Kuster wasted tax dollars and abused her position 


Concord, NH–Marilinda Garcia, Republican candidate for New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District, released the following statement in response to Ann Kuster’s abuse of her franking privileges.


“Ann Kuster’s consistent use of taxpayer-funded mail— the so-called Franking privilege—to promote her reelection is not only a waste of tax dollars, it is an unethical abuse of her position,” said Garcia. “No wonder the people of New Hampshire have lost faith in her.  Through these actions, Ann Kuster exemplifies what Americans dislike about U.S. Congress. 


New Hampshire deserves better than a leader who raises taxes on the middle class and then uses those tax dollars for self-promotion. If Ann Kuster wants to convince New Hampshire voters to re-elect her, maybe she can dip into her special-interest funded $1.5 million campaign warchest instead of soaking the taxpayers struggling under her economy.”



Garcia For Congress - Some people will do or say anything to win an election 



In case you missed it, the Union Leader today published a troubling report detailing how Rep. Ann Kuster has spent 293,000 taxpayer dollars on mass mailings and communications since taking office in January 2013. Much of that sum went towards campaign style-mailings, a blatantly unethical abuse of Rep. Kuster’s position. They write:

“U.S. Rep. Ann McLane Kuster has spent six times more than the rest of the combined New Hampshire delegation to Congress on taxpayer-funded mass mailings and communications, according to a review of reports submitted by Congress.”

Please read Marilinda's comments on these disappointing developments here.

The Union Leader also ran a hard-hitting article today describing how Marilinda’s primary opponent, Gary Lambert, seems to have experienced a sudden—and politically convenient— change of heart on cap and trade schemes such as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).  According to the Union Leader’s article:

“This is the same Gary Lambert who, as a state senator, voted for RGGI, which raises energy prices so the government can distribute the extra money to energy conservation projects the government likes…Now he repudiates that position, which he has held for years.”

This article comes on the heels of the Nashua Telegraph’s article on Mr. Lambert’s political shape shifting: "Gary Lambert signs pledge against federal carbon tax despite past support for Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative." Marilinda has always opposed cap and trade schemes that raise taxes for New Hampshire families and stifle economic activity.

Everyone knows that there are candidates whose politics will "evolve" when it's convenient, and who contort their positions in order to win elections. Marilinda is not one of those candidates.  Please donate to Marilinda and help ensure that she wins in November so New Hampshire’s Second District can once again have a congressional representative that is believable!



P.S. Please click here and donate  $10, $20, or $50 and help Marilinda beat Ann Kuster.  I hope you will join us today!


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