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NHDP - DEBATE RECAP: In Conway, Scott Brown Doubles Down on Big Oil, Koch Brothers

Brown Also Launches More Discredited Attacks, Tries to Hide from His Own Record

Conway, NH--Scott Brown’s debate performance this afternoon in Conway made one thing clear: he’s not for New Hampshire. This afternoon Brown not only doubled down on his allegiance to Big Oil and the Koch Brothers but he also tried to run away from his own votes to defund Planned Parenthood and other aspects of his anti-choice record.
“The message voters received today was clear: Scott Brown is not for New Hampshire,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “From touting support from out of state corporate interests and the Koch Brothers, to attacking bipartisan legislation that benefited New Hampshire small businesses and the state’s tourism industry, or even his attempt to run away fro his vote to defund Planned Parenthood, Scott Brown showed New Hampshire whose side he’s on today. And it’s not New Hampshire, it’s Big Oil and corporate interests who fund his campaigns and line his pockets.”


Today Scott Brown touted support from the pro-outsourcing Chamber of Commerce and the Koch Brothers funded NFIB.
FACT: Brown Voted Against A Bill To To Close Tax Loopholes That Rewarded Companies For Shipping U.S. Jobs Overseas, A Position Backed By The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce.[Vote 242, 9/28/10; The Hill, 9/23/10]
FACT: The Koch Brothers Fund The National Federation Of Independent Businesses.[CNN, 11/21/13]
Today Scott Brown attacked the Small Business Jobs Act and the Travel Promotion Act as failures, despite the fact that they’ve both benefited New Hampshire small businesses and the state’s tourism industry.
FACT: The Small Business Jobs Act And Travel Promotion Act Supported New Hampshire’s Economy And Its Critical Small Businesses. [New Hampshire Union Leader,9/26/14; Foster’s Daily Democrat, 9/24/14; Foster’s Daily Democrat, 12/31/2012 ; New Hampshire Union Leader, 7/9/12]
Today Scott Brown tried to hide the fact that he voted to defund Planned Parenthood.
FACT: Brown Voted to Defund Planned Parenthood and Other Critical Services for Women in GOP Budget. [Vote 36, 3/09/11; New York Times2/17/11
Today Scott Brown dishonestly suggested that Jeanne Shaheen was involved in an IRS scandal, an attack that has already been discredited by independent fact checkers.
FACT: PolitiFact Ruled Claim That Shaheen Directed IRS Targeting “Mostly False” And Her Efforts Were “At Most […] Aimed At Ensuring Transparency […]  For Groups Across The Ideological Spectrum.” [PolitiFact New Hampshire, 10/16/13]
Today Scott Brown falsely suggested that Jeanne Shaheen supports an energy tax, another claim that has already been discredited by independent fact checkers.  
FACT: PolitiFact Ruled Brown’s Claim That Shaheen Voted For A National Energy Tax Was “Mostly False.” [PolitiFact, 6/18/14]

Martin For US Senate - New Hampshire politics: Franklin Pierce University US Senate debate will sizzle 

Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says New Hampshire’s only genuine U. S. Senate TV debate will sizzle at Franklin Piece University 

Andy says Jennifer Horn and Scott Brown have devastated the Republican Party by trying to “dumb down” the U. S. Senate primary process 

Andy plans to expose Bob Smith, Jim Rubens and Scott Brown - “It’s going to be the most exciting television in recent New Hampshire political history” 

(Manchester, NH) (August 17, 2014)  

Dear Granite Stater: 

On Thursday, August 21st Franklin Pierce University (FPU), New Hampshire Public Television and the Monadnock Leger will sponsor the only genuine debate of the U. S. Senate primary. I invite you to attend. If you can’t come in person (seats are limited) you can watch online (a news release from FPU with a link to the online webcast information is below).


In this initial commentary of several biting columns to come (see a list of topics and days below), I would like to explain why the GOP primary process has been a total failure and hurt Republican prospects in November.


1. Why is this the “only debate?”


Some of my opponents have appeared at various forums and debates to which I was not also invited. They were boring events, mostly “Patty Cake” sessions with no genuine debate or sharp disagreements among the candidates. Well, I disagree sharply with my opponents. The purposes of primaries is to expose both the strengths and weaknesses of party candidates (more of this discussion in a separate section below on the “Eleventh Commandment”). In my opinion, when a debate is rigged in advance to exclude strong candidates, the sponsors of the debate are trying to “fix” the outcome and favor one candidate.


The Exeter and Rockingham Republicans have not invited me to their “debate” on August 23rd. But the event is going to be so boring that I am not even complaining about the slight. When the strongest debater is deliberately excluded what you have is a sham and a farce, not a genuine debate. Go for it Exeter and Rockingham.


I thank Franklin Pierce University and NHPTV for inviting all of the candidates on the ballot to appear at FPU. Not all of them have agreed to appear, however; some are in hiding. Guess who?


2. My history of creating exciting television moments


I am the youngest person ever authorized by the Federal Communications Commission to own and operate a television station license. I have been involved in radio and TV for forty-six years. I was a participant in the early days of “talk television” and an early guest on the Fox News Channel when it began. We are hoping to post an anthology of these classic video clips on my website.


I have been producing TV commercials and programs for 46 years so I know a lot of what people expect when they turn on the TV set. They do not expect to be bored by brain-dead candidates repeating stale talking points. They want an exciting exchange between the candidates. They want serious and substantive issues discussed with the repartee of candidates who know how to disagree on TV.


During the 2008 presidential campaign I became the focal point of opposition to candidate Obama after the McCain campaign all but collapsed. My appearance on Sean Hannity enraged Obamabots and eventually cost Obama millions of votes (please see the link below). The left put me on the front page of the New York Times and my supporters increased exponentially. The Times gambit backfired. In 2010 I exposed then-Congressman Mark Kirk as a military fraud. The Washington Post later verified all of my allegations and Kirk was forced to apologize and return his phony medals.


So I know television and I know how to make viewing a debate an interesting and informative and exciting experience for the viewer. I promise that you will see great television on NHPTV and online from FPU next Thursday.


3. In the days before the FPU/NHPTV debate I will be “turning up the heat”


Starting Monday I will be profiling the weaknesses of my opponents. The bogus New Hampshire media have tried to avoid any confrontation between the candidates. That is the quiet way the liberal media have destroyed the Republican Party in New Hampshire. Without adversarial primaries, voters have no idea of the strengths and weaknesses of primary candidates. Losers keep being nominated and the GOP is now a minority party.


Read my daily commentaries exposing Rubens, Smith and Brown for the unsuitable “candidates” they really are. None of the three is qualified to go head-to-head with Jeanne Shaheen in the fall campaign. Shaheen is a pro. These guys are amateurs.


4. Why Ronald Reagan’s “Eleventh Commandment” hurts Republicans


Thirty-five years ago The Gipper concocted the “Eleventh Commandment,” to limit criticism of him by other Republicans. Probably nothing has done more damage to the GOP than the Eleventh Commandment.


First, the media environment has changed since 1979. Viewers today are used to the sharp exchanges on cable TV. When candidates get up and start reciting talking points, viewers turn off.


But most critically, by suppressing discussion of a candidate’s weaknesses, primary voters are left without any idea of what can happen once the primary is over. Like tin soldiers being shot down by the Democrats, Republican candidates are nominated in primaries only to fall in general elections. The weaknesses of candidates are never discussed.


Primary debates become “pretend” sessions in which like Lake Wobegone, all candidates are “above average” and no candidates have any negatives or flaws to discuss. Then the Democrats pull out their sharp knives and Republicans watch in horror as their primary winners are butchered on Election Day in November.


So where’s the benefit to the Eleventh Commandment? Knowing The Gipper, he probably concocted the Eleventh Commandment as a lighthearted aside. But people took him seriously. The result: a continuing disaster for the GOP.


When sponsoring groups ask me to observe the Eleventh Commandment, I do. Sponsors of events can place their own limitations of the functions they produce.


But the Eleventh Commandment has a further corrosive impact: stripped of adversarial debates within the Republican Party, candidates are unfamiliar with how to “debate” in an open forum before the media. The result, Republicans as a party are lousy debaters.


There will be no Eleventh Commandment observed at FPU on August 21st. Viewers will get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the unholy three imposters who, with liberal media connivance, have been masquerading across New Hampshire as serious candidates for the U. S. Senate.


6. America is under attack at home and abroad


Americans are challenged by a president who is working overtime to implement his socialist schemes to redistribute wealth before he is removed from office. I predicted all this in 2008 (take a look at the Hannity video) but John McCain and his team of losers was not able to fight back. Let me assure you I am a fighter. I will fight for ordinary citizens on August 21st; I will continue to fight for Market Basket workers to see their jobs are not threatened by Scott Brown’s “private equity pirates;” I will fight to win on September 9th, although I am being undermined by the leadership of the NHGOP; and if I am nominated I will fight to retire Barack Obama’s favorite Democrat, 99% Jeanne Shaheen. (Obama’s favorite Republican, by the way, is Scott Brown. Come to think of it, why would any Republican vote for Obama’s “favorite Republican?” Beats me. Wake Up New Hampshire.)


Reserve a seat at FPU or watch on TV or the Internet. You will be glad you did. The debate will be exciting television.






Innis For Congress - ICYMI Innis-Guinta Face Off On CloseUP (video) 

Innis Logo New Banner

Video: Frank Guinta, Dan Innis discuss upcoming primary faceoff"


Manchester, NH - The following link takes you to video of WMUR's CloseUp from May 18th, 2014.



NHDP - ICYMI: Scott Brown Ducking NH Debate To Collect Wall Street Cash in Vegas 

Brown Plans to Line His Own Pockets With Wall Street Money, Won't Debate GOP Opponents

GOP Business Leader: “I have lost total respect for Scott Brown, who obviously doesn’t want a debate.”

Concord, NH—This weekend, Brown rejected another opportunity to debate conservatives actually from New Hampshire, after weeks of dragging his feet. And now, even a Republican business leader is rejecting his phoniness.
Dave McCray of the Merrimack Business Association told the Union Leader, “For three weeks he has been dodging this. We were not fully aware of his intentions. We asked for a reply and he never gave it. I have lost total respect for Scott Brown, who obviously doesn’t want a debate.”

Read the full Union Leader story here.
“Scott Brown seems to be most interested in photo ops, bar visits, Big Oil, and hedge fund speeches paid for by Wall Street special interests — anything but New Hampshire families,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “If Scott Brown thinks ducking a key New Hampshire debate to collect Wall Street cash in Las Vegas is going to play well with Granite Staters, then he is even more out of touch than we thought. The fact is that the more New Hampshire voters see of Scott Brown, the more they see he isn’t for New Hampshire. He’s for the special interests that bankroll him.”

Brown has a history of evading debates in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. He even altogether canceled his last scheduled debate against Senator Elizabeth Warren in 2012.  

CEI - Tuesday debate on net neutrality!

Tuesday, April 9
9:45AM - 11:15AM
Rayburn HOB

What's Next for Net Neutrality & the Internet?
A Discussion & Debate

The Barack Obama Administration’s Network Neutrality order awaits a late summer or early fall D.C. Circuit Court ruling on its legality.  The Court in December may have telegraphed its Net Neutrality thoughts with its decision to uphold the Administration’s data roaming order - or not.  We will look at how - or if - the latter decision affects the former.  And what’s next.
If the Court upholds the order, what then could - and should - Net Neutrality regulation opponents do?
If the Court dumps the order, would - and should - the Administration go for full Title II Internet reclassification?  Should they attempt yet another "third way" to try to square the circle?  Or should the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) - having then been twice rebuked on Net Neutrality regs - give up and move on (dot org)?
All of which leads to the ultimate question: Do we need de jure regulations, or do de facto free market realities deliver all the Net Neutrality we’ll ever need?  And what does all of this mean for the future of all things Internet?


Seton Motley - President, Less Government

Discussers & Debaters

Phil Kerpen - President, American Commitment
Ryan Radia - Competitive Enterprise Institute


Gigi Sohn - President, Public Knowledge
Sascha Meinrath - Vice President, New America Foundation