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Get Carly on Stage 

CARLY for America


Fellow Conservative,

Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are afraid of Carly Fiorina - and they should be! Carly is running for president because she knows that right now the country needs a leader it can trust, and she's shown she can be that leader.

Carly has also made it more than clear that she is ready, willing, and more than able to take on Hillary and the Clinton machine.

"I've traveled a million miles!" Clinton boasts. But what has she accomplished? Even Clinton's supporters don't have an answer. 

Carly has a message for Hillary: "Flying is not an accomplishment, it is an activity."

That's why the Clinton machine is already trying to tear Carly down. Frankly, there is no shortage of ammunition to take on Hillary, but a recent independent poll shows that Carly is the candidate Republicans would most like to see debate Hillary.

Carly has been a proven leader since she rose from secretary at a 9-person real estate firm to CEO of the largest technology company in the world. Carly is willing to address the tough questions America faces.

She is exposing Hillary's lack of accomplishment as Secretary of State: "Titles are not accomplishments. I've had a lot of titles, they're just titles. Nor is it leadership when Secretary Clinton asks, 'What difference does it make?' when our embassy is deliberately attacked!"

Hiding from our challenges and questions from the media may have been the easy way out for Senator and Secretary of State Clinton, but a leader has to take them on. That's why the Clinton machine would love nothing more than to keep Carly out of the race for president, particularly the televised debates.

Fox News has announced it will limit the number of candidates in the first debate to ten participants. To ensure that Carly is among them, and there to take the fight to Hillary and the rest of her machine, please donate $10, $35, or $50 today.

Thank you for your willingness to help!


Steve DeMaura
Executive Director

CARLY for America



RINDGE - Today, Scott Brown visited the campus of Franklin Pierce University and addressed a group of students about the important issues of the day. The University was supposed to be the site of the first U.S. Senate debate, but Senator Shaheen declined to attend.
"I am disappointed that Senator Shaheen didn’t show up for our first debate, but I enjoyed visiting Franklin Pierce and meeting with students,” said Brown.  "I appreciated the opportunity to speak with students and faculty members about the serious challenges facing our nation, and my vision for a stronger America with more good-paying jobs and a foreign policy that once again leads the world.”
Brown spoke to 100 students at Spagnuolo Hall where the two Senate candidates were originally supposed to debate.

Scott Brown has accepted seven general debate invitations, while Jeanne Shaheen has only accepted 3 televised debates.  
In addition to refusing to attend Franklin Pierce Universtiy, Shaheen has also refused to participate in WGIR's NH Today radio debate with Jack Heath.


Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Tune in to the debate tomorrow!




The radio debate with Marilinda Garcia and Ann Kuster is tomorrow at 8 am on WGIR AM 610!

Ann Kuster seems to have plenty of free time, as she has been invisible on the campaign trail thus far. Despite this, she has REFUSED to attend tomorrow’s “candidates’ debate” on WGIR. She won’t even call into the radio debate and give her take on the issues facing New Hampshire over the telephone!

Ann Kuster would rather spend all of her time fundraising and using misleading ads to distort Marilinda Garcia’s record. But in New Hampshire, voters expect their candidates to listen to them—not hide.

That is why Marilinda Garcia will be participating in the debate even without Ann Kuster! Be sure to tune in to WGIR AM 610 at 8 am on Tuesday, and don’t forget to contact Ann Kuster yourself and ask her to join Marilinda. 



After Dodging Town Hall Meetings, Shaheen Now Hiding From Debates


Concord - After dodging town hall meetings with her constituents for 755 days, reclusive and inaccessible Senator Jeanne Shaheen is now trying to hide from general election debates.  Shaheen has refused to respond to Scott Brown's invitation to participate in seven debates to discuss the important issues facing New Hampshire.


"After refusing to hold town hall meetings for over two years, Jeanne Shaheen has no excuse for avoiding debates and trying to deny New Hampshire a robust and substantive discussion about the issues. Jeanne Shaheen doesn't want to debate because she knows that she cannot defend her record of voting with President Obama 99% of the time and her blind support for the failed Obama-Shaheen amnesty policies," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "It's time for Senator Shaheen to break her shameful silence and follow Walt Havenstein's and Governor Hassan's lead by accepting invitations to all seven debates."


Even Maggie Hassan, who like Shaheen doesn't hold town hall meetings, and GOP gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein have agreed to participate in seven debates.



Absentee Senator Declines Invitation To Debate The Issues


Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today after Senator Jeanne Shaheen informed organizers at Franklin Pierce University that she will not participate in the first debate of the general election:


"New Hampshire voters deserve a robust debate about the issues and ample opportunity to compare Scott Brown's record of independent leadership with Jeanne Shaheen's record of voting with President Obama 99 percent of the time. It is unacceptable for Senator Shaheen to duck debates - especially since she has declined to hold any town hall meeting for over two years," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "Jeanne Shaheen wants to limit a discussion about the issues in this campaign because she knows that she can't defend her blind support for President Obama's disastrous agenda. Shaheen's unwillingness to participate in every debate insults voters and proves that New Hampshire needs a new senator in November." 


Scott Brown has challenged Senator Shaheen to participate in seven debates - the same number of debates that Walt Havenstein and Governor Maggie Hassan have agreed to hold in their race.