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Our America Renews Debate Lawsuit 

In January, Gallup released results from a number of polls that, when combined, showed 42% of Americans identify themselves as political independents. Only 25% consider themselves Republicans, and 31% Democrats. In other words, independents outnumber Republicans and Democrats by a wide margin.
Yet, in 2012 and the past several presidential elections, when it came time for nationally televised presidential debates, only the Republican and Democrat candidates were on the stage.  
The Our America Initiative believes that is just wrong. If you agree, go to Our America's Debate Challenge today and help us fight to put Liberty on the debate stage in 2016.
If you understand the truth about the Commission on Presidential Debates, which has an exclusive contract with the news media to monopolize presidential general election debates, it is not surprising that only the Republican and Democrat candidates are allowed to appear before millions of Americans in what are indisputably the most important events of any presidential election.  
It’s not surprising because, despite its official-sounding name, the debate commission is actually a private organization owned and operated by the two “major” parties. That’s right. The organization that controls the debates was created by the Republican and Democratic national committees -- for the mutually beneficial purpose of creating the impression that their candidates are the only real choices for President of the United States.
As candidates in 2012, Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) and I challenged this unfair duopoly in Federal Court, and that case has still not been decided. With the 2016 election approaching, the Our America Initiative is renewing this legal challenge to a rigged system by refiling the lawsuit in a different venue: Washington, DC. Our legal team is confident that moving the case to the nation’s capital will dramatically increase the pressure on the courts to act.
Even with a great deal of volunteer legal support, this crucial legal challenge is expensive. To get the necessary work done and paperwork filed in a timely manner, Our America must raise $30,000 by March 15. We don’t have big corporate “sponsors” like the ones who pay the Debate Commission’s legal costs. Rather, we only have supporters like you -- supporters who understand the importance of putting Liberty on the debate stage in 2016.  
I’m counting on you to make sure we have the $30,000 we must have by March 15.  Please go to Our America's Debate Challenge today and contribute what you can to this vital effort.  $10, $25, $100 or more will go a long way toward making sure the 2016 debates are not controlled by just the Republicans and Democrats. 
Our demand is simple:  If a candidate for President, regardless of party, qualifies for enough states’ ballots to be elected in the Electoral College, that candidate will be included in the debates.  No arbitrary polling thresholds designed to exclude lesser-known, but qualified, candidates. In 2012, had our proposal been in place, there would have been four candidates in the debates, not just the Republican and Democrat -- and America would have seen real choices.
Simple fairness is clearly on our side, but winning that fairness in Court means taking on the huge special interests who have the money and motivation to protect the status quo. We can’t win without your help. Please go to Our America today and help make certain we have the funds to take the fight to the next level.
Opening the presidential debate process to other qualified candidates will change the political landscape in America -- and we all know that the landscape MUST change.  This is our chance, and I welcome your support.
Thank you!
Gov. Gary Johnson
Honorary Chairman
P.S.  Time is of the essence.  Our America must raise at least $30,000 by March 15 to mount this renewed legal challenge in time for 2016.


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Macia publicly requests that Kuster and Bass support Open Debates in NH

October 26, 2012 - Canterbury, NH: Second congressional candidate Hardy Macia sends letter to Bass and Kuster campaigns requesting they support open debates in NH by publicly supporting Macia's inclusion in the October 30th Grante State Debates at St. Anselm College.

Macia sent the following letter by email to the Bass and Kuster campaigns and WMUR, St. Anselm, and The Union Leader:

Dear Rep. Bass and Ms Kuster.

I'm reaching out to both of you to ask for your support for fair and open debates in New Hampshire, and ask you to publicly support my inclusion into the final Granite State Debate taking place at St. Anselm on October 30.

New Hampshire voters only have three choices on the ballot on November 6 in the 2nd Congressional race - Bass, Kuster, Macia. Forty percent of New Hampshire voters are registered as undeclared voters, and in the most recent University of New Hampshire Survey Center poll 30% of voters still remain undecided about who to vote for in our race.

It is unfair to New Hampshire voters to shut out the third voice in this debate when so many are still undecided. We live in America, we encourage democracy all around the world, and we should encourage it here at home also by allowing all the candidates to debate.


Hardy Macia

Libertarian Candidate for 2nd Congressional District

Latest University of New Hampshire Survey Center Poll Results:


Macia For Congress (NH CD-2) - Libertarians Excluded from Granite State Date

Oct 24, 2012 - Concord, NH: Libertarian candidates John Babiarz for Governor, Brendan Kelly for Congress #1, and Hardy Macia for Congress #2 are have been excluded from next week's Granite State Debate sponsored by WMUR and The Union Leader.

Initial response on their exclusion from Alisha McDevitt at WMUR via email was "As a news department, we follow federal communications law by using good-faith journalistic judgment and objective factors including polling to decide which candidates should be invited to these forums. None of the Libertarian nominees for governor or Congress have qualified for invitations."

Follow up to McDevitt for what their polling criteria used went unanswered. After several additional attempts a letter from the WMUR's legal department was sent to the Libertarian candidates removing any mention of using objective polling criteria.

Libertarian candidates were excluded from the previous debates (AAPR debate, Concord Greater Chamber debate) because they didn't met the 3 percent polling threshold. New polling from the University of New Hampshire Survey Center shows both Babiarz and Kelly at 3 percent, and the number of Undecided/Other voters have increased by up to 22 points since the Libertarians have qualified for the ballot.

Hardy Macia stated, "This increase in undecided voters is likely due to WMUR's inclusion of Libertarian candidates in their daily "Questions for the candidates" piece. I've had a lot of strangers telling me they've seen me on TV and they like what they hear as compared to the other candidates. They are looking for change from the abysmal 9% approval rating Congress currently has."

Macia continued, "Leaving the decision up to the debate sponsors as to who they wish to present to New Hampshire voters should have every voter outraged. There are only three candidates in these races, and voters should be able to hear from all three candidates."

John Babiarz stated "if they are on the ballot then they are valid candidates for the debates."

Candidate Contacts:

John Babiarz Governor:

Brendan Kelly Congressional #1:

Hardy Macia Congressional #2:

University of New Hampshire Survey Center Polling:

Letter from WMUR's legal department.


Macia For Congress (NH CD-2) - Macia likes chances of beating cancer better than being invited to debate

Oct 24, 2012 - Canterbury, NH: Hardy Macia, Libertarian candidate for Congressional District 2, released an ad about his exclusion from the upcoming Granite State Debates that claiming his chances are better to beat his cancer than to the upcoming debates.

Eight weeks ago Macia was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He created this latest ad during his bi-weekly chemo session on Tuesday morning at Lakes Region General Hospital.

Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 5.22.40 PM

The sound on the ad is a little soft because Macia said he didn't want to bother the other patients with numerous loud retakes.

Transcript of ad:

Hi, I'm Hardy Macia. I'm the Libertarian candidate for Congress

8 weeks ago I was diagnosed with cancer.

My chances are better at defeating the cancer than it is to be included in the upcoming Granite State Debates.

This isn't fair for New Hampshire voters. You should be able to hear from all three candidates for Congress.

Visit my website

and vote Hardy Macia November 6th

I'm Hardy Macia and I approve this message.

End Transcript

Charlie Bass is the Republican candidates, Ann Kuster is the Democratic candidate, and Hardy Macia is the Libertarian candidate. 32% of NH are registere Republicans, 28% are registered Democrats, and 40% are undeclared (you can't register as a Libertarian). The most recent polls done by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center ( shows a sharp uptick of 22 points from 21% to 33% in the number of undecided votes since Macia officially qualified for the ballot in September.

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ALG's Daily Grind - Obama's missing labor force puzzle 

Oct. 23, 2012

Obama's missing labor force puzzle

Since Barack Obama took office, the civilian noninstitutional population has increased by 8.7 million, and yet only 437,000 people have been added to the civilian labor force. What happened to the other 8.3 million?

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Obama unveils his second term agenda.

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Coburn: 'Wastebook' unearths government excess

"Wasteful spending matters because history has not been kind to great powers that lived beyond their means while wallowing in gratuitous excess."