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Women's Defense League of NH - Governor Hassan supports State-Sanctioned Discrimination 

After nearly 3 months of waiting, the Women's Defense League was granted an audience, not with Governor Margaret Wood Hassan, but with junior staff members, to discuss its position on SB 116, a bill making optional New Hampshire's pistol license.
Passed by both chambers of the NH legislature, SB 116 would also replace 92 years of discrimination by replacing the amorphous phrase "suitable person" with the crystal-clear "not prohibited by state or federal law."  
The League presented the staff members with briefing books containing a detailed history of New Hampshire's pistol law, tracing it back to New York's 1911 Sullivan Act, a law that allowed for legal discrimination against ethnic and racial minorities. It became law in NH in 1923, ironically 3 years after women gained the right to vote.
The Governor's staff dismissed the documented history as simply the League's "perspective" and, when confronted with the deadly reality of women's rights being left to the discretion of local law enforcement, said women who felt aggrieved could pursue legal remedies. The very detailed and objective poll commissioned by the League demonstrating that 71% of ALL NH citizens support an end to discretionary and discriminatory licensing was dismissed as "rank partisanship."

The Governor's Office believes that even women in dangerous situations such as
NJ woman Carol Bowne, murdered while waiting for her pistol permit, should just wait, hope they aren't attacked in the meantime and fight a pistol license denial in court. We find this not only egregious but given the fact that women ARE being discriminated against, we find it unconscionable Governor Hassan would take this stance.

Appalled by this shallow and callous attitude, the League pressed for a meeting with Governor Hassan to make its case face to face; however, her staff averred saying they would "certainly" make our perspective known to her.

Apparently, the Governor is unwilling to meet with NH citizens with whom she does not agree.  Perhaps NH is becoming the "live free but do not disagree state."


Women's Defense League of NH - New Poll Results in NH on SB 116 




NH Supports SB 116 and the End of State-Sanctioned Discrimination

The Women's Defense League of New Hampshire (The League) conducted our first state-wide poll and finds overwhelming support for making pistol licenses optional.
Contrary to an April 9-13, 2015 Public Policy Poll (PPP) widely cited by NH Democrat legislators and Governor Maggie Hassan, when given the background of NH’s pistol license statute, WDL found that over 71% of NH voters oppose the current statute giving local law enforcement the unilateral authority to decide who is and is not “suitable” to discreetly carry a loaded firearm.
Understanding that NH’s pistol license was enacted in 1923 to legally discriminate against NH’s ethnic minorities – primarily Irish, Italian and French-Canadian – and emerging private trade unions like the United Textile workers, The League believed that if NH citizens understood that chapter in NH history, they would oppose its continued existence. 
The survey results prove that New Hampshire voters, regardless of party affiliation, overwhelmingly disapprove of the current pistol license law and believe the state-sanctioned discrimination that has been allowed for almost 100 years must end.
As we have previously stated, The League does not believe that Governor Hassan knew of the discrimination that has occurred thanks to the current pistol license law and we know that the Governor would prefer to vote how the majority of her constituents would want her to.
The League will be holding a press conference Tuesday, May 26th at NOON in the lobby of the Legislative Office Building to discuss the results of the poll and to provide the details of those results.
Women's Defense League of New Hampshire


Gov. Jindal: Religious Liberty Created America 

Gov. Jindal: Religious Liberty Created America

Governor Jindal appeared on Simon Conway’s radio show earlier today where he talked about the fight for religious liberty.

Click here to listen to a short clip of the interview 



Governor Jindal:

This situation is gravely, gravely concerning. I’m proud that in Louisiana we have a Religious Freedom Restoration Act. We’re one of nineteen states other than Indiana and Arkansas--the two states in the news today that already have this law. Let’s understand the context of this. America did not create religious liberty. Religious liberty created America. 

It is a foundational freedom and right. Without religious liberty rights, there would be no freedom of speech, freedom association. Government should never step in and tell Christians that they have to choose between making a living and their Christian values. 

This is nothing new. It’s not a new fight. Our Founding Fathers knew firsthand about government choking religious liberty. They knew what they were doing. This is not something where we can say things have changed. This was a fundamental part of the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, written specifically for instances like this.

Let’s talk very specifically about what’s happening. The Left loves to throw out hypotheticals with a lot of misinformation in the media about alleged discrimination. I’m against discrimination, obviously, but let’s talk about what’s really happening today. Government is requiring Christians to participate in gay marriage ceremonies that often times contradict their religious beliefs. Here in America, we shouldn't force those with sincerely held religious beliefs to participate in ceremonies they don’t want to. That’s the real discrimination.

This isn't hypothetical. This isn't made up. We’re talking about florists, we’re talking about bakers, we’re talking about photographers that have had to choose between closing their businesses, paying huge fines or violating their sincerely-held religious beliefs, and I think this is a grave, grave concern. 

It’s ironic it’s happening during Holy Week and the days leading up to Good Friday and Easter Sunday--at a time when we as Christians are praying and reflecting on what Christ did for us on the Cross and how he rose again three days later. 

But make no mistake about it, there has been a lot of misinformation in the media, a lot on the Left want to hide what this is really about. This is about Christians. We shouldn't have to choose between our faith and operating our businesses. 



NHDP - Action Alert: Tell Kelly Ayotte to End Workplace Discrimination

Dear Friend,

This week, possibly today, the US Senate is going to vote on ENDA - the Employment Non-Discrimination Act - and Kelly Ayotte will be the deciding vote.  

There is bipartisan support in the US Senate for the passage of ENDA - a law that will finally prohibit LGBT Americans from being fired because of their sexual orientation - but its passage will only be assured with one more vote.  Kelly Ayotte's support of ENDA can make a difference for thousdands of LGBT Americans.
Add your voice to our petition right now telling Kelly Ayotte to support ENDA.

Spread the word.  Just one vote could make the difference for thousands of hardworking American citizens who everyday have to fear they might lose their jobs just because of who they love.
After you sign our petition, share it via email, on Facebook, and on Twitter with the hashtag #NH4ENDA.  Tell Kelly Ayotte loud and clear - workplace discrimination isn’t okay in New Hampshire and Granite Staters won’t stand fora US Senator who endorses it.

Too much is at stake to sit on the sidelines.  

Raymond Buckley



CEI Today: Towering Federal Register, IRS scandal & gov't unions, and EPA discrimination


Daily Caller: The towering Federal Register

This week marks the publication of the 20th anniversary edition of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s annual survey of the federal regulatory state, Ten Thousand Commandments. The report takes a big-picture look at the cost and scope of federal regulations. Among other eye-popping numbers, this year’s edition estimates the total federal regulatory burden at $1.8 trillion per year and growing — the first time ever that the cost of regulation has exceeded half the size of the federal budget.

See also: Wall Street Journal editorial, Red Tape Record Breakers

> Interview Wayne Crews

IRS SCANDAL & GOV'T UNIONS - MATT PATTERSON IRS-Gate: Time to End Government Unions


In the American Spectator, Jeffrey Lord has been tracking what he considers may be a smoking gun:  A meeting between National Treasury Employees Union President Colleen Kelley and Obama at the White House on Wednesday, March 31st of 2010. 

Time will tell if this is mere coincidence, or some nefarious plot emanating from the Oval Office to intimidate the President’s political adversaries into silence.

As frightening as it is, the I.R.S. scandal is but one example of the sinister cycle that plays out year after year at all levels of government:  A union representing government workers helps elect politicians who promise to increase the power and wealth of those government workers.  > Read more

> Interview Matt Patterson


National Review: The EPA’s Conservative Problem


The EPA has an IRS problem.

The agency has rubber-stamped fee-waiver requests from environmentalist groups seeking information, but it denied similar requests from conservative groups, an extensive examination of EPA correspondence suggests. It’s the latest instance in which federal agencies have used their executive authority against perceived political opponents.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute obtained 1,200 pages of EPA correspondence between January 1, 2012, and April 26, 2013, in circumstances that appear to indicate the process is handled unfairly.
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> Interview Christopher Horner




JUNE 20, 2013


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