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DNC - #GOPRebrand on display in New Hampshire 

New Hampshire Republican Party adds 'personhood' to official platform

Washington examiner // REBECCA BERG | SEPTEMBER 22, 2014 | 6:20 PM 


The New Hampshire Republican Party amended its platform this weekend with stricter abortion provisions, including support for "personhood," which defines life as beginning at conception.

Personhood has become a hot-button issue in Senate races across the country this year, such as Colorado, where Democrats have successfully attacked Rep. Cory Gardner for having supported such a measure in the past.

Now, the issue could spread to New Hampshire, following the state party's decision at its convention.

The platform now states: "Support the unborn child's fundamental right to life and establish that, in NH law, personhood begins at conception."

It adds: “Support a Life at Conception Act guaranteeing the protections of Life and Personhood to the pre-born under the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.”

The platform previously supported "implement(ing) all possible legal protections" and acknowledged the "unborn child's fundamental right to life."

The new wording was proposed by Walt Stapleton, a New Hampshire small business owner, and approved by a voice vote with little discussion. Stapleton confirmed to theWashington Examiner that he proposed the amendment.

Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, who is running for re-election against Republican Scott Brown, indicated in a statement Monday that she now plans to make personhood, and its place in the state GOP's platform, an issue in the campaign.

"The message from Scott Brown and his Republican Party is disturbing, alarming and clear: they believe they should make the decisions about birth control and health care for women in New Hampshire and around the country," Shaheen said. "They are dangerously wrong, and by signing on with Tea Party extremists, they're showing just how irresponsibly out of touch they are with the needs and rights of women."

Brown's campaign and the state Republican party did not respond to requests for comment. Brown has described himself in the past as "pro-choice" on abortions.

Steve Duprey, who has run many Republican campaigns in New Hampshire, predicted Republicans, including Brown, would not be greatly hindered by the new platform. "I know very few Republicans that support every plank of the platform," Duprey said.

But personhood, which would ban all abortions without exception and limit access to birth control, has already become an issue in other races this year. In Colorado, Gardner has attempted to distance himself from his past support for the provision, but Democrats have nevertheless spent millions of dollars on advertisements emphasizing the opposite.


DNC - MEMO: Brown and Havenstein Want to Bring Christie's Failed Leadership to NH 

From: DNC Regional Press Secretary Ian Sams and NHDP Communications Director Julie McClain

To: Interested Parties

Date: September 17, 2014

Re: Brown and Havenstein Want to Bring Christie’s Failed Leadership to New Hampshire


Today, Republican candidates in New Hampshire are welcoming failed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to the Granite State. As Maryland’s Walt Havenstein and Massachusetts’s Scott Brown campaign with New Jersey’s Christie, one thing is abundantly clear – all three of these Republicans stand at odds with New Hampshire’s values and priorities.


Granite Staters want leaders who support equal pay for women, would push for raising the minimum wage and stand up for middle class families over special interests including Wall Street and the Koch brothers. On all three counts, Republicans strike out. And what’s worse perhaps is that Brown and Havenstein are seeking to emulate Chris Christie’s disastrous economic record if they’re elected.


The Disastrous Christie Economic Agenda


Chris Christie has become the GOP’s poster child for failed economic leadership and complete budget mismanagement. Just take a look at the numbers:


  • ·         8
  • ·         48th 
  • ·         20 percent


Christie’s failures to lead a “New Jersey Comeback” in the Garden State hasn’t kept desperate Republicans in New Hampshire from welcoming him to the Granite State. And that’s no surprise – Walt Havenstein and Scott Brown would emulate Christie’s failed leadership if they’re elected.


Walt Havenstein and Chris Christie Have a Lot in Common


Walt Havenstein’s past gives us good insight into how he’d run New Hampshire as governor – and it looks a lot like Chris Christie’s New Jersey. Under Christie’s watch, New Jersey’s credit rating has been downgraded eight times, while during Havenstein’s tenure as CEO of defense contractor SAIC, the company lost millions of dollars in revenue and its stock value plummeted. On jobs – New Jersey has regained less than half the jobs it lost in the recession, while SAIC shed thousands of jobs during Havenstein’s disastrous time as CEO.


This is the record Chris Christie brought to New Jersey and that Walt Havenstein would bring to Concord – and it’s one that would drive the Granite State’s economy into the ground.


Chris Christie & Scott Brown – Big Money’s Favorite Footsoldiers


Not only is Christie here to campaign with Havenstein and Brown, but he’s here to lay the groundwork for his potential presidential bid – trying to boost his optics for the same kind of big-money, out-of-state donor network that is bankrolling Scott Brown’s campaign. As Christie endorses Brown, it’s worth noting that Big Oil, Wall Street and other special interests are spending millions to try to buy New Hampshire’s Senate seat for their reliable footsoldier Scott Brown. Christie knows a thing or two about putting the interests of big money and big corporations ahead of creating jobs or helping working families. As we pointed out above, New Jersey has significantly increased corporate tax breaks under Christie, but his $4 billion giveaway has been unsuccessful in creating jobs. And on issues from equal pay to raising the minimum wage, Christie and Brown stand at odds with working women and families.


Like Christie, if Scott Brown is elected, he would be a reliable voice for special interests and Big Money – not for New Hampshire’s middle class families.


The Bottom Line


On issue after issue, the leadership offered by Chris Christie, Walt Havenstein and Scott Brown would further hurt the economy, wreck budgets, and leave working families out to dry. New Hampshire deserves leaders like Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan who put the interests of the middle class first – from pushing to raise the minimum wage to ensuring equal pay to easing the financial burden on students. Whether it’s Governor Hassan expanding Medicaid or Senator Shaheen supporting our veterans and voting for paycheck fairness, they bring commonsense leadership to work for Granite Staters every day and will continue to do so long after November.


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DNC Chair, Former NH College Republicans Chair Slam Out-of-Touch Rand Paul, Scott Brown, NHGOP 

As Paul Visits NH for Events with Koch Brothers’ Misleading Youth Organization, Extreme NHGOP and Big Oil-Backed Scott Brown, DNC highlights Paul and GOP’s Disastrous Agenda


WASHINGTON – Today, DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and former New Hampshire College Republicans Chair Jake Wagner held a press conference call highlighting the out-of-touch, extreme agenda pushed by Rand Paul, Scott Brown and the New Hampshire GOP’s candidates ahead of Rand Paul’s visit Thursday and Friday to the Granite State. On key issues – from student loans to equal pay to social issues – Republicans like Paul are out of touch with young people, women and families in New Hampshire and across the country.


“It’s no surprise that Rand Paul would endorse Scott Brown while he’s in New Hampshire,” said DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.). “Both have shown a troubling pattern of having a position, getting questioned about how unpopular that position is, and then changing their positions – even denying they ever held the original one in the first place! On Election Night, Scott Brown said he was running for the Senate to be a change agent – but the only things he’s ever changed are his positions and his home state.”


“Rand Paul and Scott Brown will do anything they can to try to pull the wool over the eyes of voters in New Hampshire and across the country. But voters are smarter than that,” Wasserman Schultz continued. “Voters know when one party stands with the Koch Brothers and the special interests in protecting corporate tax breaks for companies who ship American jobs overseas. Voters know when one party blocks commonsense measures to raise the minimum wage or ensure equal pay or lower costs for young people who have student loans. Voters know when phony candidates change their positions with the shifting political winds, and they have even less respect when those politicians deny their actions. So Rand Paul may be in New Hampshire to show Republican “unity” – but voters are well aware of what the GOP is united behind: an agenda that hurts the middle class, hurts young people, hurts seniors and hurts women and their families.”


On Rand Paul, former New Hampshire College Republicans Chair Jake Wagner added, “He voted against Bank on Students, a common sense piece of legislation that would have helped millions of young borrowers refinance their student loans. In New Hampshire alone, this would have helped 129,000 young people reduce the burden of student loan interest. Why'd he vote no? Probably because it would have been funded by a tax on millionaires and billionaires. Given the choice between students and the uber wealthy, he made his choice resoundingly clear. He talks a big game about innovation and liberty, but here's the honest truth: Rand Paul’s policies are bad for young people. End of story.”


For more information or to obtain audio of the press conference call, please contact DNC Regional Press Secretary Ian Sams at


DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz¹s Statement on Tonight¹s Primary Results 

Washington, DC – DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement on tonight’s primary results:


“The next eight weeks will provide a stark contrast between the priorities of the Democratic and Republican parties. Democrats have nominated candidates who will fight to ensure opportunity for all Americans, while Republicans remain beholden to special interests and an extreme Tea Party agenda.


“Massachusetts Democrats have nominated Martha Coakley, who has demonstrated her ability and willingness to fight for the people of Massachusetts as a District Attorney and as the Commonwealth’s first female Attorney General. She will face Charlie Baker, who slashed jobs and put personal profit ahead of what was best for the people of Massachusetts as a health insurance executive. Baker also faces troubling ethical questions surrounding his connection to a possible pay-to-play scandal involving Chris Christie’s administration in New Jersey.


“And next door in New Hampshire, former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown’s treatment of New Hampshire's Senate seat as a consolation prize is confirmation that he doesn’t care which state’s voters elect him as long as he can continue to represent Big Oil and Wall Street special interests. Jeanne Shaheen is New Hampshire through and through, and veterans, students, and women and their families know that she will continue to represent their voices in the Senate.


“I would also like to congratulate all the Democrats nominated tonight who will fight for middle-class families, including Governor Andrew Cuomo and Gina Raimondo, who is poised to become the first female governor of Rhode Island. Come Election Day, voters will have a clear choice of which party is on their side.”



DNC - MEMO: NH Republicans Welcoming the GOP's Shutdown Champions to Granite State 

From: DNC Regional Press Secretary Ian Sams and NHDP Communications Director Julie McClain

To: Interested Parties

Date: September 5, 2014

Re: New Hampshire Republicans Welcoming the GOP’s Shutdown Champions to the Granite State


Today, New Hampshire Republicans welcomed RNC Chair Reince Priebus to the Granite State, while this weekend Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will descend on New Hampshire to support GOP candidates and promote their likely 2016 presidential bids.


It’s fitting that these three ringleaders are supporting New Hampshire Republicans, since GOP candidates in the Granite State are promising to echo the brinksmanship and toxic shutdown politics pushed by Cruz, Jindal and Priebus.


While Cruz was the architect of the 2013 government shutdown, Priebus and Jindal were two of its top cheerleaders. With New Hampshire Republicans bringing in the GOP’s shutdown champions to support their candidates, we see a stark reminder that New Hampshire Republicans aren’t running on ideas to boost the middle class, improve health care or ease the rising costs of education. Instead, they’re running bringing in tea party icons like Cruz and Jindal with close ties to Big Oil billionaires because they don’t understand New Hampshire.


Ted Cruz – the Model for NH Republicans


Ted Cruz led the charge to shut down the federal government in 2013 over a plan to “defund Obamacare” – a strategy straight out of the GOP playbook to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. The position to repeal ACA, and thereby repealing bipartisan Medicaid Expansion, is shared by Scott Brown, Jim Rubens, Bob Smith, Marilinda Garcia, Gary Lambert, Frank Guinta, and Dan Innis.


So let’s be clear: there is no daylight between any Republican candidate in New Hampshire and Ted Cruz.


To this day, Cruz has expressed no regret over shutting down the federal government – and maybe that’s why candidates like Marilinda Garcia, who Cruz will rally for this weekend, just this week said she would consider using the threat of a government shutdown to push an extreme agenda.


Bobby Jindal – the Shutdown’s Top Cheerleader


As Republicans planned their shutdown theatrics, Jindal was one of the top cheerleaders for shutting down the government – saying “we absolutely should use whatever opportunity and tactic we can to repeal and replace Obamacare.” Jindal supported this disastrous plan, despite the fact that many employees in Louisiana were affected by the shutdown. On the shutdown, Jindal showed once again that he puts extreme, tea party ideology over doing what’s best for the people of his state.


As Vice Chair of the RGA, we imagine Jindal would love to see New Hampshire with a Republican governor like Walt Havenstein, who would rather play base politics – like his recent pretzel-twisting on whether he would repeal Medicaid expansion – than just do what’s best for Granite Staters.


Reince Priebus – Leading the GOP to the Right


During Cruz’s shutdown, while Jindal was cheering it on, RNC Chair Reince Priebus was right there with them. Priebus and the RNC launched a “Stand with Ted” campaign to support Cruz’s shutdown efforts and told House Republicans to hold the line in the shutdown fight.


Instead of expanding his party’s footprint to new and diverse constituencies, Priebus – like Jennifer Horn at the NHGOP – has doubled down on appealing to the same tea party base that voters rejected in 2012. Instead of taking his own advice in the RNC’s post-2012 “Autopsy Report,” Priebus and the GOP have continued to oppose immigration reform, oppose commonsense measures like raising the minimum wage and ensuring equal pay, and oppose reforms to ease the costs of higher education for students. This is the model for the NHGOP and the blueprint New Hampshire Republicans will follow if elected in November.


The Bottom Line


The Republican candidates in New Hampshire continue to welcome scandal-plagued governors like Rick Perry and Chris Christie, while embracing shutdown champions like Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal and Reince Priebus. The more of these failed leaders they bring to New Hampshire, the more New Hampshire voters see just how out of touch the Republican Party is with the needs of working families in the Granite State. 


Democrats remain committed to expanding opportunity – through a higher minimum wage, equal pay for women, greater access to health care, support for students and veterans – while the GOP doubles down on a failed, tea party agenda that puts extreme ideology over the interests of voters.

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