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DNC - New York Times: Tracking People Like Packages: Republicans’ Inhumane Immigration Ideas 

Key Point: “Because packages aren’t human.”


Tracking People Like Packages: Republicans’ Inhumane Immigration Ideas



The Republican presidential candidates just can’t help themselves on immigration. That subject is a rhetorical sinkhole that, like Donald Trump’s mouth, just seems to keep getting bigger, swallowing candidates left and right.


Well, right, anyway.


Over the weekend, Scott Walker of Wisconsin floated the idea of walling off the Canadian border. He didn’t answer the obvious next question — what about our dangerously exposed borders on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and the Gulf of Mexico? That means we may soon be hearing from Bobby Jindal or Rick Perry. Or Lindsey Graham, who could tell us about the efficacy of coastal blockades in the War of Northern Aggression.


But the prize for weekend loopiness goes to Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, for his bold idea to give FedEx the job of tracking foreigners every minute they are in the United States.


“We need to have a system that tracks you from the moment you come in,” he said.


He later said, on Twitter, don’t be ridiculous, he wasn’t likening immigrants to packages. Although it’s hard to see how anyone could have concluded otherwise. That’s all FedEx does — move packages around the world on forklifts and conveyor belts, in trucks and the cargo bellies of airplanes. Unless FedEx has some enlightened corporate shipping policy that takes account of the humanity and dignity and aspirations of its envelopes and boxes, I’m sticking with my initial assessment: Mr. Christie is being idiotic.


The point that seems lost on him is that packages, unlike people, don’t have Constitutional rights or families. They don’t take jobs to support themselves and their children, they don’t pay taxes and prop up the agricultural, restaurant and hospitality industries, or keep Social Security and Medicare afloat. They don’t revitalize ailing local economies or give the United States the youthful vigor, hopefulness and energy that other countries with advanced economies — and aging populations — lack.


Because packages aren’t human.


There is a suggestion, an insinuation, an ugly metaphor that undergirds the Republicans’ harsh talk on the immigration problem. It’s the idea that unauthorized immigrants are not fully human and do not deserve the rights and protections enjoyed by citizens and “legal” immigrants. Their “illegality” is a stain that cannot be erased, and must never be forgiven — “no amnesty” is the Republican rallying cry. These foreigners are not an opportunity for this country — they are a threat that must be resisted by extraordinary means, including building impossible border walls, fully enlisting the state and local police in an expanded federal deportation dragnet, and suspending the parts of the Constitution that guarantee citizenship by birth and forbid unreasonable search and seizure. Among other things.


Republican immigration policies are not strategies for efficiently handling a needed flow of labor and humanity; they are strategies for containing epidemics and repelling invasion.


Mr. Jindal even used that word: “Immigration without assimilation is invasion,” he said.


It’s not just him, or Mr. Christie, but the whole lot of them. The bluntest is Donald Trump, candidate of mass expulsion. But even his policy menu is not far from the well-worn Republican ideas about harsh enforcement as the only immigration solution.


Mr. Christie probably wasn’t thinking about Japanese Americans during World War II, the last time the government created a system for scary foreigners to keep an eye on them.


But he should have remembered. The dehumanization of immigrants is an old, old story. Society has gotten better at recognizing the evil of dehumanizing the other. Even The New York Times reflected the ugliness of its day when, in an appalling editorial in 1885, it wrung its hands over what to do about verifying the immigration status of a group of “Chinamen” – because of the impossibility of telling them apart:


“In view of the indistinguishableness of the Chinese immigrants, it seems like no device short of a numbered label padlocked into a certified Chinaman’s ear or nose will enable us to repel the invasion.”


That was incredibly 19th century of us. But who would have thought that similar ideas and remedies would linger into the 21st?


DNC - Response to Christie Comparing Immigrants to FedEx Packages 

Today in New Hampshire, Chris Christie said he wants to track our nation’s immigrants like FedEx packages.


Please see response from DNC spokeswoman Christina Freundlich: 

"To compare immigrants and Americans to tracking a FedEx package is a new low of lows for the Republican field. The only tracking numbers that Christie should be concerned with is his poor job creation numbers and record nine credit downgrades.


"The GOP should quit treating our nation's immigrant families as second class citizens -- or objects -- and join Democrats who support treating immigrants with respect and dignity." 


DNC Statement on Jeb Bush’s Remarks at APPS National Security

In response to Jeb Bush’s remarks today at the APPS National Security Forum in Davenport, DNC National Press Secretary Holly Shulman issued the following statement:


“Today Jeb Bush laid out that when it comes to learning from his brother’s reckless foreign policy mistakes -- carelessly sending troops into war, relying on faulty intelligence, and dismantling our relationships around the world – he hasn’t learned a thing. What was made clear today is that under Jeb, we should expect another four years of the Bush Doctrine.”


Carly For America - DNC Comes After Carly  


 It’s been an amazing few days after Carly's triumphant victory in Thursday night’s debate. Political pundits on both sides of the aisle are raving about her performance, as are the voters. On Friday in Georgia, Carly received a hero’s welcome at the Red State Gathering (where she received three standing ovations from the packed crowd), followed by a reception filled with hundreds of Carly supporters. And after stellar performances on three Sunday morning shows, Carly attended an event at Tommy’s Ham House in Greenville, South Carolina that was so large, the restaurant was at capacity.

But Carly’s success is clearly scaring Hillary Clinton and her Democrat allies at the DNC – so much so that Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz went on MSNBC Friday morning to lodge deceptive and misleading attacks against Carly’s record at Hewlett-Packard. Of course, this isn’t anything new. Since Democrats know they can’t win on the issues, and that Carly is right when she says Hillary Clinton isn’t trustworthy, they resort to personal attacks and divisive rhetoric.

Before the Clinton Camp circles its wagons and paints a target on Carly's back, we at CARLY for America wanted to make sure you get the facts! You can help us fight the Democrats' lies about Carly and arm yourself with the real story by visiting There you will learn all about Carly’s successful tenure at HP, as well as how she worked her way up from a secretary in a small firm to the CEO of a FORTUNE 20 company.

And make sure to check out HP Rhetoric v. Reality: Debbie Wasserman Shultz, where we fact check the DNC Chair and prove she’s full of hot air.

Christy Paavola
CARLY for America Research Director


DNC Press Call - Jeb Bush’s Outrageous Comments on Women’s Healthcare 

Today, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Dr. Andy McGuire and former New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Kathy Sullivan held a press conference call in response to Jeb Bush stating he is not sure if we need half a billion dollars for “women’s health issues.” Here are a few excerpts as prepared for delivery:


Iowa Democratic Party Chair Dr. Andy McGuire:

As Chair of the Iowa Democrats, as a doctor, and as a mother of seven children, I strongly believe that politics should never interfere with a woman’s ability to access quality, reliable health care. End of story. Unfortunately, we’ve recently seen women’s health care become partisan football again when Iowa Senator Joni Ernst introduced a short-sighted bill in the Senate that put politics ahead of health care accessibility. …

“But apparently, Jeb Bush didn’t believe that bill went far enough.  I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that he told a crowd that he wasn’t, quote, sure we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues. Well I’m a doctor, and let me tell you what I’m sure about: Women’s health issues are some of the most important issues we need to care about as a society. When women are healthy, families are healthy, and that’s good for our economy, for our families, and for our country…

“So Jeb Bush can try to walk back his comments, but he can’t walk back his policies that would make it harder for women in Iowa and across the nation to lead healthy lives.”

Former New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Kathy Sullivan:

“Jeb Bush has made it clear that when it comes to women, his policy is just shame and blame - and gutting funding for health services. Hey Governor Bush, here’s a tip - that won’t get you very far in New Hampshire. …

“While Bush claims he ‘mis-spoke’ yesterday, I don’t believe that for one second. His entire record aligns with his outrageous comments. As Governor, Bush vetoed funding for women’s health clinics and programs that help a woman plan a family when she is ready. And he’s clearly ready to do this again. Jeb Bush is lining up with Sen. Kelly Ayotte and state Republicans who continue to spout ideas that are completely out-of-touch with Granite Staters


“So please, Jeb Bush, continue to dismiss the importance of women’s health. But just remember, it’s at your own peril.”