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DNC - Where Rand Paul really stands on privacy

As Rand Paul continues to attack Democrats on the issue of privacy in an attempt to win back young voters that rejected the GOP in 2012 – let’s take a look on where he actually stands on some of the major privacy issues of the day.

Allowing women to make their own private medical decisions without government intrusion?

Nope. Paul continues to support putting legislators between a woman and her doctor by opposing Roe v. Wade.

Paul has even sponsored personhood legislation that jeopardizes common forms of birth control and has been rejected by voters in states like Mississippi.

How about without her boss’s intrusion?

No again. Paul sponsored the Blunt Amendment to allow bosses to reject birth control coverage.

And allowing all Americans to live the life of their choosing without government interference, including marrying who they love?

False. Rand Paul wouldn't support legislation making gay marriage legal for every American, no matter where they live. 

On privacy – Rand is continuing the GOP’s time honored “do as I say, not as I do” tactic. But at the end of the day, his positions on some of the most basic privacy issues are out of step with the majority of Americans.


DNC - Van Hollen to Hold Press Call on IA & NH Impact of Ryan-Koch Budget Plan 

Call Comes as Ryan Campaigns in Iowa and Leading Republicans Court the Kochs in New Hampshire

WASHINGTON, DC—Tomorrow, U.S. House Budget Committee Ranking Member Chris Van Hollen will join Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter (D-N.H.) and a local Cedar Rapids, Iowa, resident to discuss how the Ryan-Koch budget gives tax breaks to the wealthiest while at the same time raises taxes on middle-class families in Iowa and New Hampshire by an average of $2,000. On Friday, Paul Ryan will keynote a fundraiser in Cedar Rapids for the Iowa GOP and a host of potential Republican presidential candidates including Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz will court the Koch brothers’ AFP at an event in New Hampshire on Saturday.

·         In Iowa and New Hampshire, more than 60,000 seniors benefited from the closure of the Medicare Part D prescription drug donut hole in 2013 alone and at least that many likely would have to pay more for their needed medications in future years.

·         In Iowa and New Hampshire, nearly 17,000 fewer students would receive Pell Grants to help them pay for college.

·         In Iowa and New Hampshire, 1,650 fewer children would receive Head Start services.

·         In Iowa and New Hampshire, nearly 35,000 people would lose job search assistance.

·         In Iowa and New Hampshire, 765 fewer victims of domestic violence would be served through the STOP Violence Against Women Program.


WHO:                    U.S. House Budget Committee Ranking Member Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.)

                              Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter (D-N.H.)

                              Cedar Rapids, Iowa, resident Norm Sterzenbach


WHEN:                  Friday, April 11, 2014 at 11AM EST / 10AM CST


DNC - RNC attacks Senator Shaheen for…doing her job 

Today, the RNC attacked Senator Jeanne Shaheen for doing her job.

You read that right. The RNC released a research document accusing Sen. Shaheen of “running away” from Vice President Biden. In fact – as their research doc even states – she is in Washington to chair an Appropriations subcommittee hearing – a responsibility she has as a duly elected U.S. Senator from New Hampshire.

When you win elections, you have a job to do. That’s how this works.

If anyone’s “running away” – it’s Scott Brown. The Scott Brown of today is running away from the Scott Brown of the past. As a Massachusetts Senator, Brown had embraced the People’s Pledge, but now in New Hampshire, he fears running for Senate without air cover from Big Oil and Wall Street. And Scott Brown can’t run fast enough away from reporters when asked about whether he supports Medicaid expansion that would benefit Granite Staters.

We’ve seen inane attacks before, but the RNC is setting the bar even lower with this latest hit. Ironically, it also comes less than 24 hours after the GOP’s preferred candidate to run against Senator Shaheen in New Hampshire, former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, told the AP: “Do I have the best credentials? Probably not. ‘Cause, you know, whatever.”

So the RNC wants to elect Scott Brown, who doesn’t even believe he has the best credentials for the job, while attacking the U.S. Senator who’s working hard to deliver results for Granite Staters in the Senate? That makes sense. ‘Cause, you know, whatever.


DNC - HuffPo: Scott Brown Awkwardly Finds Out That Obamacare Is Also Helping Republicans 


Scott Brown Awkwardly Finds Out That Obamacare Is Also Helping Republicans

Huffington Post/ Sam Stein

WASHINGTON -- As former Sen. Scott Brown barnstorms through New Hampshire in a likely prelude to another Senate run, he has dusted off a familiar playbook. Condemnation of Obamacare has been front and center of his pitch, much like it was in 2010 when he unexpectedly won a race to take over the late Ted Kennedy's Senate seat.

But times are different now. The law is no longer some theoretical set of reforms, but is being implemented with varying degrees of success and failure. And while it remains largely unpopular (virtually every Republican is making the same attacks as Brown), there are those who have already benefited, some of them Republicans.

Brown found that out on Saturday, when he stopped by the home of Herb Richardson, a Republican state representative. Sitting in Richardson's home, Brown called Obamacare a "monstrosity" that members of Congress didn't even bother to read before they passed. At that point, according to the Coos County Democrat, Richardson chimed in to explain that the law had been a "financial lifesaver" for him and his wife. From the the piece (page 14):

Richardson was injured on the job and was forced to live on his workers' comp payments for an extended period of time, which ultimately cost the couple their house on Williams Street. The couple had to pay $1,100 a month if they wanted to maintain their health insurance coverage under the federal COBRA law.

Richardson said he only received some $2,000 a month in workers' comp. payments, however, leaving little for them to live on.

"Thank God for Obamacare!" his wife exclaimed.

Now, thanks to the subsidy for which they qualify, the Richardsons only pay $136 a month for health insurance that covers them both.

The Huffington Post called and emailed Richardson to get more details on his medical and financial situation, and how and why he has benefited from Obamacare. Those requests for comment were not immediately returned. The reporter who covered the event did, however, share some details in a phone conversation Wednesday night.

"We were in [Richardson's] trailer, his wife was there, a former state rep was there, as well," said Edith Tucker. "So there were only six of us. There wasn't any interrupting. It was a general conversation. And when Scott Brown started to talk about Obamacare, it was then that Rep. Richardson explained what a boon it had been."

Richardson, Tucker noted, had gotten hurt on the job and the large costs of his health insurance premium had put him into financial disarray. "He used to live in a 12-room house in Lancaster, but he could not maintain mortgage payments during his bankruptcy proceedings," she explained, "and so he moved to a trailer home, which was where we were."

When Richardson explained how helpful Obamacare had been for him, Brown didn't interrupt, Tucker said. The conversation moved on from there to other, somewhat related topics.

"[Brown] did not [respond]," said Tucker. "You could be sure, if he had, I would have written about it."

The conversation is notable not just because Richardson spoke up, while being courted by Brown, in favor of a law Brown opposes, but because he isn't the only Republican of stature from the Granite State who is benefiting financially from Obamacare.

As The Huffington Post reported last week, former New Hampshire Republican Party chair Fergus Cullen saw his family's health insurance premiums decrease by $1,000 a month under Obamacare. But Cullen hasn't been won over by the law. He has problems with the fact that it mandates certain forms of coverage, that it's difficult to understand the benefits and costs, and that it fails to fundamentally transform the health care system.

Richardson could well have similar objections. But, like Cullen, his personal Obamacare story does underscore how the consequences of the law are not a black-and-white proposition. Supporters of the president have been undoubtedly hurt by the legislation, even as some Obama critics number among its beneficiaries.


DNC - What do Brown and Trump have in common?  


Scott Brown and Donald Trump have A LOT in common.


They both regularly appear on Fox News to maintain some sort of political relevance.

They both toyed with the idea of running for President.

They both are huge supporters of polices that benefit the super wealthy over the middle class.


But today, Scott Brown decided to run for statewide office while Donald Trump declined.


Congrats, Scott Brown – today you made Donald Trump look reasonable.