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NHDP - DNC, NHDP Secure New Hampshire’s First in the Nation Status 

Manchester, NH – In a vote earlier today, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) finalized it's 2016 primary calendar and continued New Hampshire's proud “First in the Nation” tradition. The newly adopted calendar maintains New Hampshire's status as the first state to hold a presidential primary by scheduling the primary to take place on February 9, 2016.

“New Hampshire has long been proud of hosting the first presidential primary, and that tradition will continue heading into 2016,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley. “By scheduling our primary eights days after the Iowa Caucus and eleven days before the Nevada Caucus, New Hampshire voters will have the maximum amount of time to meet and learn more about the presidential candidates. We applaud the DNC for working with us to establish a smart primary calendar for 2016 that continues to protect the Granite State's important status as 'First in the Nation.'”

Today's vote marked the final vote in the DNC's process of setting the 2016 calendar. The newly adopted calendar takes several smart steps, including ensuring that both the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary do not fall on holidays, and that early contest states are appropriately spaced out between dates. The New Hampshire primary will take place a full eight days after the Iowa Caucus and eleven days before the Nevada Caucus. While Secretary of State Gardner has the final say in setting the date, this calendar should eliminate the controversy of past cycles and provide New Hampshire voters with their traditional role during the centennial year of the New Hampshire presidential primary.

New Hampshire Democrats secured their first in the nation status thanks to the work of NH DNC members, including NHDP Chairman Ray Buckley, Committeeman Peter Burling, Vice Chair Martha Fuller Clark, At-Large Member Joanne Dowdell, Governor Maggie Hassan, and Committeewoman Kathy Sullivan


DNC member Sen. Martha Fuller Clark statement on DNC NH primary decision 


(Atlanta, GA) Martha Fuller Clark: "Today's decision to schedule the NH primary between the Iowa and Nevada caucuses proves the Democratic Party's continued commitment to grassroots democracy and door-to-door contact between our candidates and an engaged electorate. The role New Hampshire has played in sharpening the message and improving the campaigns of generations of Democratic nominees is something that the Democratic National Committee recognizes and appreciates. Every voter in New Hampshire - Democrat, Republican, or independent - should applaud the DNC's decision today."


DNC - Dallas Morning News: Perry starts New Hampshire rehab tour amid Democratic taunts 

Perry starts New Hampshire rehab tour amid Democratic taunts


Dallas Morning News // Todd Gillman

PORTSMOUTH, N.H.  – The last time Gov. Rick Perry visited Portsmouth, three years and a couple of days ago, he was riding high.

He’d shot to the top of the GOP field for the 2012 nomination and at Popovers on the Square, he was mobbed — by Republican activists eager for a peak at a rising star, and by Democratic protesters eager to confront and dust him up a bit.

This time around, he arrives under indictment. The popovers are still hot and decadent. But Perry isn’t risking a public spectacle. He’s heading to an invite-only business lunch for his first foray into the Granite State for the 2016 cycle.

Democrats may not view him as worth all that effort. Still, ahead of his arrival, they wanted to make sure the indictment remains on the radar.

Texas state Rep. Lon Burnam, D-Fort Worth, called Perry a “master of disinformation,” on a conference call this morning with reporters. He accused Perry of trying to shrug off the charges against him as political payback for his veto of funding for the Public Integrity Unit, which polices state officials.

“Gov. Perry has been extremely disingenuous,” Burnam said, adding that the indictment isn’t about whether Perry had the authority as governor to cut the $7.5 million for the Travis County prosecutor’s office where the PIU is housed. Rather, he said, it was about “the blackmail – the threat. He could have and should have been sophisticated enough to handle his political without violating the law, but he wasn’t.”

For Perry to complain that the PIU has one-sidedly pursued Republican officeholders, Burnam said, is an attempt at misdirection.

“When you have one party rule for 20 years, most of the people who are going to be indicted for anything are going to be from that one party…. Russia has more diversity in its governmental representation than we do in Texas,” he said.

A New Hampshire state representative, Kathi Rogers, joined the call, hosted by the Democratic National Committee.

She denounced Perry for “courting the Koch brothers” – his second stop this afternoon is at an event hosted by the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity – and the state GOP for adding Perry to the list of “scandal-plagued bullies” it has embraced over the years.

Burnam conceded that Perry’s indictment will probably make him more popular with GOP activists, for a while.

“It takes these court proceedings time to play out,” he said, predicting that in three to six months, “he will be such damaged goods as to not be able to repair the damage.”

In fact, he said, issuing the indictment so far from the first 2016 nominating contests itself should dispel allegations that the special prosecutor, Michael McCrum, is pushing a political agenda. (McCrum was picked by a Republican judge, and had been recommended to serve as U.S. attorney by GOP Sens. John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison, though he withdrew when the Senate failed to act on his nomination for a year.)

“If you were really thinking politically strategically, you wouldn’t destroy this candidate so early in this process,” Burnam said.

Michael Czin, the DNC press secretary, said it made sense for Republicans to rally behind Perry since the indictment.

“If being under investigation or in legal trouble was a disqualifying factor to run for president on the Republican side, they wouldn’t have much a field,” he said, citing Govs. Chris Christie of New Jersey and Scott Walker of Wisconsin. “This is a systemic problem for the Republican Party.”


DNC - Why the Perry indictment matters 

ICYMI – as Perry prepares to head to NH, here’s the latest from DNC Communications Director Mo Elleithee on his indictment and why it matters.




Hey Folks –


Late Friday, news of Rick Perry’s two count indictment for abuse of official capacity and coercion of a public servant generated headlines across the country.


Rick Perry, his allies and the broader GOP quickly circled the wagons around their embattled governor and hit back. They quickly tried to spin that Perry’s indictment was the result of partisan politics.


Nothing could be further from the truth – here are the top 3 reasons why you should take this seriously…


1. The Investigation into Perry’s Conduct Was Not Partisan


Perry claims he’s the victim of a partisan witch hunt. That’s simply not true. An non-partisan, good-government group filed the original complaint against Perry for abusing the power of his office.


Officials from Travis County who are Democrats recused themselves from the case entirely. Billy Ray Stubblenfield, the presiding judge in the case, is a Republican and was appointed by Perry himself. Judge Stubblenfield picked a Republican judge and Bush appointee, Bert Richardson, to preside over the case. He in turn, selected the special prosecutor, Michael McCrum.


McCrum began his career as a federal prosecutor during George H.W. Bush’s administration. In 2009 McCrum was recommended for the job of U.S. attorney by Texas’ two Republican Senators.


The individuals who led the investigation into Perry’s misconduct and those presiding over this case have strong Republican bonafides – hardly a partisan group intent on taking down a Republican Governor. And for the record, there’s nothing partisan about those citizens who sit on a grand jury.


2. Perry Had Reasons to Derail the Public Integrity Unit’s Work


Perry claims he wanted to gut funding to the Public Integrity Unit because of a DUI. If that’s the case, why didn’t Perry say anything when two Republican District Attorneys were arrested during his tenure. Nor did he demand the resignation of state legislators that found themselves in the same predicament.


The fact is that Perry could have had another motive for gutting the Public Integrity Unit.  The PIU was investigating the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT), a multi-billion dollar state funded institution with a record of misconduct and graft. 


In 2012 two Nobel laureates resigned from the cancer institute, amid concerns about the integrity of the institution’s grant procedures, suggesting politics were at play after funding was disbursed without review by the appropriate panel.


Last year, a former high ranking CPRIT official was indicted for improperly awarding an $11 million grant to a company that happens to have large investor who is also a Republican donor – a donor to Perry.


As The New York Times described it, the PIU happened to be “conducting a potentially damaging investigation into a medical research institute that has been one of Mr. Perry’s favorite avenues for grants and jobs." This investigation was underway when the Governor called for the head of that investigative unit to resign.


Perry pushing Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg to resign was a win-win. Lehmberg either resigned and he appointed her successor or he vetoed the PIU’s funding. Both would have the same effect: stopping the investigation into the CPRIT its tracks.


What’s more, Perry’s aides actually offered Lehmberg another government job if she just resigned from her post. If that sounds suspicious to you, you’re not alone. 


3. Perry’s Threat Was More Than Hardball Politics


No one disputes that Rick Perry – and all Texas Governors – have the power to line-item veto legislation. That’s not what this case is about: it’s about Rick Perry’s overreach and abuse of power.


A Governor using a veto to affect the legislative process or policy is one thing; using a veto in attempt to force an elected official to resign and possibly stymie a politically damaging investigation, is another.


During Friday’s press conference, Perry exclaimed, “We don’t settle political differences with indictments.” He’s right – we don’t, we settle political differences at the ballot box.


But that begs the question, why did he try to force out the Travis County District Attorney, a duly elected post instead of just waiting until the next Election Day to campaign for a new District Attorney? Why is he pushing her ouster when he made no resignation calls against other District Attorneys who found themselves in similar situations? Why did his aides offer her another job given his vitriolic rhetoric against her?


Perry’s actions are much more than just hardball politics and there are many more questions to be answered. Was it illegal? Well a grand jury of Perry’s peers thought so but we’ll see. 


Does it merit further investigation? Absolutely.


It’s  been nearly a century since a Texas governor has been indicted and this one will get his day in court. But until then, this deserves a serious look.



DNC - *Video* Christie's Minor League NH Play

As Chris Christie heads to New Hampshire (again) to catch a ballgame, we’re highlighting just how minor league Christie’s economic leadership has been in New Jersey.


From lagging job growth to high property taxes and multiple state credit downgrades, Christie has continually struck out in growing New Jersey’s economy and creating middle class jobs. Despite his failures, GOP governors and gubernatorial candidates like Walt Havenstein in New Hampshire continue to hold Christie up as the model Republican governor.


While Christie again flirts with the Granite State in an attempt to lay the groundwork for a presidential campaign, folks in New Hampshire – and across the country – are beginning to see that Christie’s failed economic record just isn’t ready for the big leagues.





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