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NH Senate Majority - Sen. Carson welcomes Comacst Customer Care Center to Hudson 

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office

Hudson, NH – Senator Sharon Carson (R-Londonderry) today applauded the opening of Comcast’s 127,000 square foot Customer Care Center in Hudson’s Sagamore Industrial Park. The $13 million facility was built to accommodate an anticipated workforce of 600 employees.


“I am thrilled to welcome Comcast to Hudson. Once this facility is fully-staffed, Comcast will employ 2,400 people across New Hampshire,” Carson said. “This state-of-the-art facility continues Comcast’s history of introducing its latest products and innovations to New Hampshire first.”


The Hudson Customer Care Center will be the first to use the company’s new “Einstein” knowledge management system, designed to improve interactions with customers. It includes employee wellness features such as an onsite fitness center, ceilings designed to virtually eliminate white noise, and 17 wellness rooms for employees to take breaks. The building housing the new Customer Care Center was once solely occupied by printing firm Presstek, which will now share the building with Comcast.


“Comcast recognizes that Hudson offers both the ideal location and workforce for growing companies,” Carson concluded.



Gov. Hassan Blocks All Out-of-State Travel, Except Her Own International Trip

Manchester, NH – As has been repeatedly covered by the news media, Governor Maggie Hassan recently signed an Executive Order banning all out-of-state travel that uses money from the General Fund. However, she is continuing with her planned junket to Turkey in June, despite the fact it uses $15,000 in General Fund money to pay for it. The hypocrisy has been repeatedly noted by upset Granite Staters.

“If our revenue projections are coming in under expectations and we are running in the red, why would the Governor take a trip to Turkey, of all places? Particularly after telling everyone else that they can’t travel out of state? The hypocrisy and irresponsibility of such a trip is dumb-founding and very upsetting to the public, which is why we have launched a petition,” Hemingway said.

The petition can be seen HERE and reads in part:

Why Turkey? Turkey is the 12th largest trade partner who is already growing in trade with NH. Why not a top trade partner or an emerging one?

Tell Maggie to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on family vacations and unnecessary junkets.

We would see a more immediate and larger growth from her traveling to Massachusetts and New York to bring new and growing companies to NH.

Please sign the petition below and tell Maggie it is no time to go to Turkey!


“If we want to actually improve the economy and grow jobs here in New Hampshire, we don’t need to go Turkey.  Instead, let’s address the real reason we are losing jobs over our southern border and why companies aren’t coming here.  We don’t need to go half way around the world to reduce our corporate tax rates, lower electricity costs, roll-back regulations and lower insurance costs.   Having no experience as a small business owner, Governor Hassan doesn’t understand those are the things that will spur economic growth,” Hemingway concluded.


Citizens For A Strong NH - Another 'Right to Know' on Hassan's Turkey trip 


A second Right to Know request to Governor Hassan's office regarding her trade mission to Turkey despite her own travel freeze

Derek Dufresne 



(June 3, 2014) - Last week, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire issued a Right to Know request to Governor Maggie Hassan's office and the Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED) requesting more information about her upcoming trip to Turkey from June 20-27, which will utilize at least $15,000.00 in taxpayer funds. Our request was specifically in response to email correspondences we had with DRED that led us to believe the Governor still planned on taking her trade mission to Turkey, despite her May 22, 2014 Executive Order banning all out of state travel expenses.

The specifics of the Right to Know requests and other information can be found in our news releases from last week by clicking HERE and HERE
Last Friday, DRED did respond to our Right to Know request confirming Governor Hassan would be still traveling to Turkey, which can be read about in the Union Leader HERE, however Governor Maggie Hassan forwarded our Right to Know request to the Attorney General's Office. The Deputy Attorney General responded to our request by saying, "the Governor's Office does not have any information beyond that contained in Commissioner Rose's letter."

Now that we have written confirmation Governor Hassan will be ignoring her own Executive Order and will still be traveling to Turkey funded by $15,000 in taxpayer dollars from the general fund, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire has additional questions that deserve answers. Thus, today, we have issues a second Right to Know request of Governor Hassan's office.

In this Right to Know request, we are requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of public records that relate to travel by executive agencies that have been canceled as a result of the Governor's Executive Order issued on May 22nd, 2014. Specifically, we would like the following information:

  • What travel has been cancelled as a result of this Executive Order?
  • What travel has been given an exemption to the Executive Order?
  • What departments, public officials, or elected officials who had planned travel prior to the Executive Order, had their arrangements canceled or put on hold?
  • When were these trips scheduled to take place and where did the money for these trips come from within their budget?
  • What was the date that travel arrangements were made that have now been canceled?
  • What was the estimated cost savings for the state by imposing the travel ban in the first place?   
Matthew Murphy, Executive Director at Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, made the following statement:
"It is now abundantly clear that Governor Maggie Hassan actually plans to break her own Executive Order against out of state travel by utilizing $15,000 from the state's general fund to pay for her trip to Turkey this month. Hypocrisy like this is exactly why Granite Staters distrust our elected officials. Regardless of how she or her departments try and justify it, the fact that she can't even abide by her own travel freeze proves we don't just have budgetary problems in Concord, we have a crisis of honestly and leadership.
"Furthermore, the fact that Governor Hassan is yielding herself an exception to her own Executive Order only begs us to ask more questions that Granite Staters demand answers to. Once again, we will await a response from the Governor's office on our Right to Know request for more information."

NHDP - Walt Havenstein Blasts Economic Development

Argues Seven NH Businesses and the State Should Be Forced to Lose Funds Already Committed

Concord, NH-- Today, Walt Havenstein issued an incoherent statement criticizing Governor Maggie Hassan for promoting economic development and helping our state’s businesses attract new customers so they can continue to grow. Havenstein argues that seven New Hampshire companies, and our state, should be forced to lose thousands of dollars that have already been committed for a vital trade mission to Turkey later this month. The truth is, cancelling the trade mission would not only hurt our businesses but would also jeopardize future economic growth for our state.

“These latest comments from Walt Havenstein prove once again that his positions are wildly out-of-touch with our state’s businesses and would take our economy in the wrong direction,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “Even worse, his disingenuous comments attempt to distract from his record of turning a blind eye to a $500 million fraud scandal under his watch as CEO of defense contractor SAIC.”
“Walt Havenstein embodies hypocrisy at its worst, attempting to provide advice on the fiscal stewardship of our state even though he couldn’t be trusted to protect taxpayer dollars while his company committed massive fraud and criminally overcharged the city of New York during his time as CEO,” added McClain.

As DRED commissioner Jeffrey Rose clearly laid out in an op-ed in today’s Union Leader, trade missions have historically proved hugely beneficial to our state’s businesses, helping secure new contracts and diversifying their customer base – which also helps our state weather challenging economic times.


Another View -- Jeffrey Rose: Why the governor and I are going to Turkey to promote NH trade (Union Leader, June 3, 2014)

“I think most Republicans will agree Jeff Rose laid out the economic arguments pretty clearly on this one.” (Tweet from Tyler Deaton‏, @tylerdeaton, June 3, 2014)

“The company also is grappling with its New York City contract to manage an employment timekeeping system called CityTime… the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York has alleged that a massive and elaborate scheme to defraud the city’ corrupted the program.” (Washington Post, November 14, 2011)
A New York Times article reporting on the CityTime scandal and charges filed by US Attorneys investigating the matter reported that “Nearly all of the $600 million that New York City has paid to the main contractor for its troubled automated payroll project has been tainted by fraud . . . ‘Today we allege what many have long feared: The CityTime project was corrupted to its core by one of the largest and most brazen frauds ever committed against the City of New York,’ Preet Bharara, the United States attorney for Manhattan, said.” (New York Times, June 20, 2011)
The Washington Post reported that “Walter P. Havenstein, chief executive at McLean-based contracting giant Science Applications International Corp., will retire next summer, the company announced . . . In the announcement, Havenstein, who has led SAIC for just over two years, said he was leaving for personal reasons. He will depart in June. In recent months, Havenstein has spoken candidly about the budget challenges facing government contractors. In its most recent earnings announcement, SAIC reported roughly 6 percent drops in revenue and profit.” (Washington Post, October 3, 2011)
“More than four decades after its founding, the contractor, now public and based in McLean, is struggling, facing two contracting scandals, the departure of its chief executive and declining sales and profit. The company’s plight has led to some soul-searching about whether its problems are linked to a generally tougher budget environment or tied to a change in strategy. In recent years, the company’s units have shifted from pursuing contracts autonomously to teaming up in an effort to bring more capabilities to the table. ‘Where some people would say we may have let go of our small, entrepreneurial nature, I would say what we’ve really done is helped transform ourselves to be able to punch our weight in the marketplace,’ said chief executive Walter P. Havenstein, who plans to step down in June. ‘We’ve got to be able to think as a scaled company, not just in the individual pieces, and I think that’s at the heart of the cultural shift.’ Thus far, that strategy has not yielded the kind of results that SAIC has produced in the past, and analysts and industry observers say the company is at a critical juncture as it readies to select a new leader.” (Washington Post, November 14, 2011)


NH Senate - Crossover Brings Focus on Taxpayer Protection & Economic Development



New Hampshire Senate

News Release





Concord, NH – The State Senate today completed the first half of the 2014 legislative session with a focus on three bills protecting taxpayers and encouraging economic development.

Continuing the Senate’s focus on strengthening the State’s Rainy Day Fund, the body passed Senate Bill 415 which will move over $15 million in surplus from the previous budget into the revenue stabilization account.  “The Rainy Day Fund was created as a way to guard against unexpected economic downturns,” said Senate Finance Chairman, and the bill’s sponsor, Jeanie Forrester, R-Meredith.  “Unfortunately, the balance in the fund has dropped to the point that leaves us ill-prepared for a financial emergency.”  Currently, the state’s rainy day fund balance of $9 million covers less that 1-percent of the state’s general fund revenues, and is well-below the $70 million minimum balance recommended by the State Treasurer and bond rating agencies. 

“Republicans made a commitment to taxpayers that we would work to rebuild our state’s savings account, and today’s vote is an important step towards fulfilling that pledge,” continued Forrester.  “Moving forward, we will continue to closely monitor our current budget and refuse efforts to increase spending in order to further improve our Rainy Day Fund balance, reinforce the state’s financial standing, and protect taxpayers from the costs of unexpected budgetary needs.”

Next, in an effort to preserve the state’s highway fund and improve transparency, the Senate passed Senate Bill 416, which seeks to end the diversion of millions of dollars each year from the fund.  On average, $80 million is moved from the highway fund to cover costs in other state agencies and departments each year. 

“When New Hampshire drivers pay the gas tax or register their car they do so believing those dollars are being used to maintain the roads and bridges they use every day,” said Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, R-Wolfeboro, the bill’s prime sponsor.  “Diverting these funds from their intended purpose has been a long-held, bipartisan, and unfortunate habit.  This bill will start to end this practice in order to provide some budget transparency and ensure the Transportation Department has the funds they need to keep our highways safe and well maintained.”

Finally, the Senate passed Senate Bill 327, which extends the Economic Revitalization Zone (ERZ) Tax Credit Program through 2020.  “The State of New Hampshire offers three tax credit programs,” said Ways and Means Chairman Bob Odell, R-New London, “and over the last two years we have taken steps to renew and improve each of them,” referring to recent efforts to double and make permanent the Research and Development Tax Credit and to extend the Coos County Job Creation Tax Credit. 

“Today’s passage of the ERZ Credit extension will ensure that this valuable program, which provides incentives for businesses in over fifty communities around the state, will continue to encourage investment, economic development, and job growth through the remainder of the decade,” continued Odell.

All three bills now move to the House of Representatives for consideration.