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ALG's Daily Grind - Fed head Yellen admits Obama economy still stinks  


May 8, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted.

Fed head Yellen admits Obama economy still stinks
Janet Yellen promises to keep the printing press warm in Congressional testimony: "A high degree of monetary accommodation remains warranted."

Cartoon: Climate change hypocrites
The Obama administration does not practice what it preaches on carbon emissions.

Obama conspires to attack Hillary's "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy"
During the Clinton administration, the political left watched its monopoly on news media and content, and therefore the information an "informed" electorate utilized while making decisions in the ballot box, dissolve before their eyes. Years later, Barack Obama's administration has successfully established widespread institutional opponents to this "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy" of liberty-minded news media.

Smith: How the middle class lifestyle became unaffordable
"There are four structural drivers behind the soaring costs of the middle class lifestyle."


Innis For Congress - Statement On Biden NH Visit 

Manchester, NH - Dan Innis, Republican candidate for Congress in NH-01, released the following statement in response to Joe Biden's New Hampshire visit today for a workplace development event.

"As a small business owner I know firsthand the crippling effect that the Obama Administration's policies have had on our economy. Career politicians like Vice President Joe Biden and Congresswoman Shea-Porter have no clue how to get America working again, but I do.

My Innis Agenda for Jobs and the Economy will remove federal barriers to job creation and allow American entrepreneurs to create the jobs we need. Free market improvements to trade, transportation and agriculture policy, as well as overdue regulatory and legal reforms will unleash the American economy. We build businesses one job at a time, and it's time for Congress to get out of the way so America can get back to work."

The complete Innis Agenda for Jobs and the Economy can be found by clicking this link:


Guinta For Congress - Biden's Lonely Trip to New Hampshire 

Carol Shea-Porter Hides From the Administration

Last week it was announced that Vice-President Joe Biden will be in New Hampshire on Tuesday to discuss the White House’s message on jobs.

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

“Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter’s blind allegiance to the Administration’s 'jobs plan' has left the nation with historic unemployment. Not since the 1970’s have so few people been working. Carol Shea Porter and the Obama-Biden Administration simply cannot accept the fact that the government cannot, tax, spend and regulate its way to prosperity.

A couple facts about the Administration’s jobs plan that will likely not be mentioned on Tuesday :

  • The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has reported that Obamacare will cost the United States 2.5 million jobs over the next decade.
  • A recently released report concluded that new EPA regulations will cost 1,000 manufacturing jobs in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District.
  • The $800 billion stimulus promised that unemployment would never rise above 10%, it did, and that we would be at 5% unemployment by now, we're not.

Instead of putting her confidence in big government, perhaps the Congresswoman should trust the American entrepreneur and small businesses, like the ones here in New Hampshire, to help grow our economy.”


American Principles In Action - Heritage drafts Supply Side visionary 

Dear Monetary Policy Observer,

President Obama’s science advisor is John Holdren, who long ago proposed “de-developing” America.  Heritage Foundation has made a bold shift by naming Steve Moore, formerly of Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and a well respected supply sider, as its chief economist.  This recent article by APIA senior adviser Ralph Benko examines the implications of Heritage’s pick and how Moore’s supply side savvy, which includes favoring monetary reform, is a powerful force to pull America out of the “Holdren Doldrums.”


We hope you find this material of interest.


Nicholas Arnold

American Principles In Action



John Holdren, now Obama’s White House science advisor, 40 years ago termed America “overdeveloped.” Holdren co-authored a 1993 book, Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions, with Anne and Paul Ehrlich reportedly saying that, “A massive campaign must be launched to restore a high-quality environment in North America and to de-develop the United States….” (Emphasis supplied.)

As Reason Magazine’s Ronald Bailey put it upon the occasion of Holdren’s nomination to White House service: “Holdren … acknowledge(s) ecological ignorance about the principles of economics, but [didn't] express any urgency in learning about them.” Holdren seems, to this columnist, still to favor “de-development” more euphemistically stated as “sustainable prosperity.”

…How to fight such ignorance? How about … deploying the protégé of a towering intellectual Julian Simon who once upon a time decisively refuted Dr. Holdren?

That’s exactly what Heritage’s president Jim DeMint now is doing. DeMint recently lured one of America’s leading advocates for policies of equitable prosperity, Steve Moore, to Heritage Foundation. Moore’s title, Chief Economist, suggests he has been given great authority.

…Heritage and Moore both champion free markets. But they do so from different, complementary, perspectives. In the tone of its advocacy Heritage leans toward “righteousness,” to do the right thing.

There is a place for argument from righteousness. We voters expect righteousness from our leaders. But righteousness is a feature, not a benefit.

We also expect more: a benefit. Moore provides the “more.”

 Read the full article here:


Guinta For Congress - Administrations Budget Ignores Reality and Hurts Economic Growth 

Today, President Obama released his FY ’15 budget. In response, Ethan Zorfas with Frank Guinta's Campaign for Congress released the following statement:

“President Obama's budget calls for nearly $4 trillion in spending, increases taxes and serves as a White House wish list for new spending. Carol Shea-Porter owes Granite Staters an answer, are you going to continue to ignore the historic unemployment and financial crisis we face by supporting President Obama’s budget, or will you side with New Hampshire? This budget will do nothing to grow the economy or create the environment for job growth and middle class prosperity. Lastly, it fails to address the $17 trillion debt, a failure that will cost our children and grandchildren dearly.”