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Daily Grind: Moderate Dems "Choose Ye Whom Ye Shall Serve"

Moderate Dems: "Choose Ye Whom Ye Shall Serve"
At least 41 House Democrats are needed to defeat Saturday's expected vote on the government takeover of health care.

November's Dizzying Spin
Just look beneath the Democrats most celebrated "victory" and you'll see the handwriting on the wall – for both parties.

The Overnights from NetRight Nation
This week Adam Bitely discusses the health care vote that is set to happen tomorrow.

Too Hot Not To Note: Can the 10th Amendment Save Us?
Cal Thomas with The State in South Carolina asks the important states rights question that is being ignored.



WNO - Video: Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) Says Economy Should Be Priority Over Health Care. 


Video: Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) Says Economy Should Be Priority Over Health Care.

"I think the problem that we're seeing is the American public understands that while they know there are reforms necessary in the health care system their number one concern is the economy."


Who: Congressman Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI)

What: Exclusive interview regarding health care.

When: Tuesday, October 20th, 2009.

McCotter Soundbite #1: Recession Is Not Over For Working People.

"I can find it almost beyond comprehension that the Democratic Party would say that because Wall Street seems to be having a boom from the government bubble of spending the recession is over. Working people would disagree."


McCotter Soundbite 2: Chavez Puppet In Honduras.

"I think that the treatment of Honduras, a constitutional democracy trying to defend itself from one of Chavez's puppets, namely Zelaya, and having the U.S. interfere there is a horribly missed opportunity and very injurious to our interests in that area and most importantly the interest of the Honduran people."


Length of Full Interview: 4:50

Click for full video file:




NRCC - Carol Shea-Porter's Stimulus Isn't Stimulating New Hampshire's Economy

New Hampshire Spends $430,000 of Taxpayer Dollars to Produce an Unimpressive 22 Jobs

Washington- With 15.1 million people out of work and a national unemployment rate of 9.8%, it’s painfully obvious that Carol Shea-Porter and her fellow Democrat colleagues’ failed stimulus has fallen short of the promises they once made. New Hampshire state officials report that $430,000 has been spent over the course of eight months, only producing a meager 22 jobs, paling in comparison to the 18,000 jobs lost in the past year alone. These staggering numbers only leave New Hampshire families to wonder: Where are the jobs that Democrats once promised?

President Obama promised to create or save 600,000 jobs by the end of the summer:

 “He also repeated an earlier promise to create or save 600,000 jobs by the end of the summer. Neither the acceleration nor the jobs goal are new. Both represent a White House repackaging of promises and projects to blunt criticism that the effects haven't been worth the historic price tag. And the job estimate is so murky, it can never be verified.” (Brett Blackledge and Matt Apuzzo, “Obama's Stimulus Promise: More Than 600,000 Jobs,” The Associate Press, 6/08/2009)

However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment declined by 263,000 in September and job losses averaged 307,000 per month from May through September. Despite the numbers stacked against the stimulus, Democrats refuse to admit their failures:

 “Vice President Joe Biden delivered a rousing review of the government’s economic stimulus plan in a conversation with the nation’s governors. ‘In my wildest dreams, I never thought it would work this well,’ he said. ‘Thank you, thank you.’” (Elizabeth Williamson, “Biden on Stimulus: ‘Never Thought It Would Work This Well’,” The Wall Street Journal, 9/24/2009)

 “After giving a free pass to spend $430,000 of New Hampshire taxpayer money with little to show for it, Carol Shea-Porter's failed stimulus has led to nothing more than a jobless recovery,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Despite numerous promises from Congressional Democrats, there are still 15.1 million Americans out of work. After wasting taxpayer dollars to produce an unimpressive 22 jobs in New Hampshire, middle-class families are still asking one thing: Where are the jobs?”

Carol Shea-Porter and her Democrat colleagues’ failed promises have driven an already-struggling economy further into the ground, wasting billions of taxpayer dollars in the process. Will she wake up? Or will New Hampshire voters have to force her to do so next November?




Daily Grind: The Panic Bloom 

The Panic Bloom
Is the U.S. economy in the midst of a healthy recovery, or is this the one last batch of healthy shoots before it wilts?

And They All Said, "Amen"
A special message from the Heavenly Host Committee to name Obama, "God."

Chronic Depression
With recoveries like this, who needs recessions?



CEI - Nobel Economics Prize Recognizes Success of Liberty 

Statement by Fred L. Smith, Jr., President of the Competitive Enterprise Institute


Washington, D.C., October 13, 2009- The Nobel Prize for Economics was awarded Monday to two economists whose work focused on the success of institutions of liberty.

Statement by Fred L. Smith, Jr., President of the Competitive Enterprise Institute 

Awarding the Economics Nobel Prize in Economics to Elinor Ostrom and Oliver Williamson is a brilliant choice. Their work follows the lead of Ronald Coase (himself a Nobel laureate), who showed that the institutions of liberty extend beyond the market concepts of buying and selling.

Williamson, like Coase, sought to understand the reasons why firms take on the structures that they do. His work is a welcome warning of the dangers that overzealous antitrust regulators can pose to economic growth.

Eilinor Ostrom’s work has focused on the ways in which traditional societies manage commons. Her work makes clear that property rights evolve in response to scarcity. 

CEI’s work on environmental and competition policy relates closely to the works of both these award recipients. Congratulations to both! >Read the full statement on