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Rubens For US Senate - Helping NH Students Prepare for the Future  

 Quality schools are critical to our nation's long-term strength and prosperity. The one-size fits all, big government approach of Senator Shaheen and President Obama is not working. Despite spending more money than most countries, America continues to fall behind our global counterparts. In fact, according to a recent study, the United States has slipped to 30th in math and 23rd in science, (from 24 and 19 respectively in 2009). Another study suggested that "countries with a greater choice of schools provided better educational outcomes than those that offered fewer choices of schools."

Jim Rubens has a long win record on two key education policy goals: school choice and teacher quality - without federal control.

As State Senator, Jim Rubens wrote and lead passage of New Hampshire's charter school law. As Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, Jim Rubens worked to make community college course credits transferable to four-year colleges to help reduce higher education costs. He protected home schoolers from increased regulation. He helped pass state-level student privacy protections consistent with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Jim Rubens sat down with two recent charter school graduates and the principal of North Country Charter Academy. They discuss why a charter school experience benefits a students' educational background and improves personal well being. Please view and share the video below:

Now is the perfect time for you to get involved with the campaign. We have a great group of volunteers who are helping us right now, and we could use your help to do even more.

Can you spare an hour to make phone calls at campaign headquarters? Can you knock on doors with us this weekend? Can you participate in a sign wave? Do you have a good sign location or want to host an event? Please reply to this e-mail or go here.


SEIA Webinars: CA ISO Energy Imbalance Market | What's New with Webinars 


Join Us in August!

CA ISO Energy Imbalance Market – What Does it Mean For Developers?

This Webinar is Public: Open to SEIA members and non-members

Date: Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Time: 4-5 p.m. EDT


The California Independent System Operator (ISO) is expanding its real-time market to include other balancing authorities in the West in its implementation of the Energy Imbalance Market (EIM), which is the automated system that balances electricity supply and demand every five minutes by choosing the least-cost resource to meet the needs of the grid. 

In October of this year, the ISO’s EIM goes “live” with PacifiCorp, serving customers in six states. Both the ISO and PacifiCorp recently received conditional approval of their filings to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and are proceeding with testing and market simulation.  

This webinar will provide an overview of the EIM, the current status of its implementation and a look to the future – including anticipated work following the October start date and an overview of the Transitional Committee which is an advisory body to the ISO Board on EIM issues.  

Attendees will learn:

  • An overview of the EIM
  • The current status of implementation
  • Future Activities regarding the EIM market


Stacey Crowley, Director of Regional Affairs, California Independent System Operator

Don Fuller, Director of Strategic Alliances, California Independent System Operator

Mark Rothleder, Vice President, Market Quality and Renewable IntegrationCalifornia Independent System Operator

Sara Birmingham, Director of Western PolicySEIA (Moderator)

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SEIA Calendar of Events

August 12, 2014 at 4:00 PM EDT

 CA ISO Energy Imbalance Market – What Does it Mean For Developers?

September 9-10, 2014 Solar Power Mid-Atlantic | Atlantic City , NJ
October  1, 2014

SEIA Southeast Federal Lobby Day 

October  20-23, 2014

Solar Power International | Las Vegas, NV

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SNHU - And the winner is... 


And the Winner Is... 


The Center for Women’s Business Advancement at Southern New Hampshire University and our sponsors are pleased to announce the 2014 Tory C. Marandos Entrepreneurial Challenge winners!

Danyelle McCormick and Cristy Martel of Four Paws Inn took home this year’s first place package - $5,000 from the Marandos Family, accounting consulting services from Brayman, Houle, Keating & Albright, legal services from Devine Millimet, and a membership to Epiphanies’ AHA! Tribe. Four Paws Inn is a dog daycare and boarding facility located in Meredith, NH.




The $2,000 second prize from the Thibodeau was awarded to Jen Lutzen from High Street Farmhouse, an American style restaurant located in a turn of the century farmhouse in Goffstown,NH.


The other three finalists received $500 as honorable mentions:

Ann Connor and CS Wurzberger from Wildly Profitable Businesses, which provides business professionals with comprehensive and affordable business advancement tools so they can grow their businesses.



Ken and Shelley Fajans from Road Ink, an on-demand personalized printing company that fills the gap between premade bumper stickers and expensive custom automobile decals.

Cheryl Hajjar and Amy Perreault from Indigo Pixies, multi-cultural fairies that help children build the confidence they need to


NHDP - On Phony Education Tour: Brown Offers Up Empty Promises And Fails To Pay His Bill 

Without financial disclosure, we don’t know who’s paying him.
Without real proposals, we don’t know how he pays for his promises.


Concord, NH—As Scott Brown launches another phony tour and we still don’t know who’s paying him, we now also don’t know how he’s going to pay for his policy promises. The latest: Brown’s empty education plan copies legislation introduced by Senator Jeanne Shaheen, but fails to say how he’ll pay for it. 
“Scott Brown’s so-called education plan is full of empty promises and double-talk. New Hampshire students and their families deserve straight answers from Scott Brown,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain
Legislation introduced by Senator Jeanne Shaheen with Senator Elizabeth Warren, which was debated on the Senate floor last week, would allow students to refinance their loans at lower rates and save families thousands of dollars.  The legislation is paid with the “Buffett Rule,” that asks millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share of taxes, or a tax rate closer to that paid by working people. The bill fell short by only two votes, because Republicans refused to support it.
"Just as Brown has still failed to file his financial disclosure form, which would tell New Hampshire more about his shady business deals, he is failing to say how he’ll pay for his promises, specifically rejecting a proposal to ask millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share so college students pay less for their education,” said McClain.  
In New Hampshire, the Shaheen-Warren plan would've been particularly beneficial; 74% of New Hampshire graduates finish school in debt, on average, about $33,000--the second highest in the country.



SNHU - Expand your QuickBooks Knowledge. 


Expand Your Knowledge!


Now that you have QuickBooks up and running, it's time to master analyzing financial reports and make better financial decisions. The Center for Women's Business Advancement and Southern New Hampshire University staff member, Bryan Bouchard are offering a workshop that will help you master QuickBooks. 

Workshop: Advanced QuickBooks

When: June 17, 2014 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. 

Where: Southern New Hampshire University, 2500 North River Road, Manchester, NH. Webster Hall, room 118

CWBA Members: $15 Not-Yet Members: $25 

Register at