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NH House to Hold Public Hearing on Governor’s Education Funding Amendment 

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien and House Special Committee on Education Funding Chair Lynne Ober today announced a Tuesday, November 22 hearing on Governor Lynch’s proposed education funding amendment. It will begin at 10:00 am in rooms 210-211 of the Legislative Office Building.

Speaker William O’Brien

“We are providing an opportunity for the Governor to offer his education funding language to the full House. We have a common desire to address the issues of the state defining and funding primary and secondary education as soon as possible so that we have a constitutional amendment to offer the voters on the 2012 ballot. It appears the Governor will be unable to attend the November 30 session in which we will be offering his proposed education funding language to the full House. We hope he chooses to join the committee at the public hearing to come and speak on the merits of his constitutional amendment rather than to abdicate his responsibility on an issue he’s pledged to fix since 2004.”

House Special Committee on Education Funding Chair Lynne Ober

“It is important for us to get public input on this proposed language and to allow for committee vetting and then full debate on the floor. We have invited the Governor, Minority Leader Terie Norelli and Senate President Peter Bragdon to attend and testify. The Governor’s proposed language will be posted on the House website today and we will live stream the hearing on the 22nd.”


NH House to Hold Session on November 30 to Vote on Governor’s Education Funding Amendment

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien today announced that the House of Representatives will meet on Wednesday, November 30 to address the education funding amendment proposed by Governor John Lynch.  The Speaker will sponsor an amendment to CACR 14, currently tabled in the House, for the purpose of putting the language of the Governor’s proposed constitutional change before the House for a vote.  Earlier this week, Speaker O’Brien invited Lynch to address the House in support of his amendment, and according to media accounts, the Governor has declined the invitation.

House Speaker William O’Brien

“Right now, we have three different proposed amendments from the House, Senate and Governor to solve the education funding problem and restore local control.  We need to begin to break this logjam and start acting so that we can bring the issue to the voters next year.  The best way to do this is to begin airing out the different plans and taking votes as soon as possible.  A year has gone by and yet the Governor has only now come forward with language that would be his version of a constitutional amendment.  Accordingly, I will be sponsoring the Governor’s language and asking the Majority Leader and Democratic Leader to join me, so that we can give the amendment a full, unbiased hearing.

“If the media reports are accurate, the people of New Hampshire should certainly be disappointed that Governor Lynch has chosen not to address his amendment.  Obviously, given that it is his language, he could make the most forceful case in supporting his solution.  Furthermore, it was equally disappointing to see the Governor suggest that holding a session to address his amendment would cost the state taxpayers.  The State Constitution clearly states that there are no additional payments for this session, so that assertion is simply untrue.

“We hope the Governor will come forward and show some leadership in his last year.  He came into office seven years ago saying he would solve the education funding problem.  This is his chance to tell the House in a debate why his amendment does that.”


"We the People" Founder Jennifer Horn Calls on Governor Lynch to Attend the Special House Session on Education Funding 

Nashua, NH- We the People founder Jennifer Horn released the following statement, calling on Governor John Lynch to address the special House Session on his Education Funding Amendment. 

“Speaker Bill O’Brien has offered Governor Lynch the opportunity to make his case for his proposed Education Funding Amendment to the House of Representatives.  It is unfortunate that Governor Lynch has declined the invitation opting to address it during his State of the State in January.  Education funding is a major problem affecting every New Hampshire community and deserves to be a top priority not just a part of a political speech. Governor Lynch, after 7 years in office, it is time to put a definitive end to the education funding crisis and to face the public on this unresolved matter. Openness and transparency are the qualities of a free government and we must demand it from our leaders. “

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NHDP - Speaker O'Brien: "Education Funding Causes More Problems Than It Solves"

Concord, NH - Speaking to the Union Leader about news that New Hampshire college students have the highest level of debt in the country, Republican House Speaker Bill O'Brien touted the reckless Republican state budget passed earlier this year.  Under his supervision the budget made the largest cut to public higher education in the nation. [Union Leader, 11/08/2011]

This issue shows once again the clear choice that voters will face in November between Republicans who prioritize tax cuts on cigarettes over New Hampshire students and Democrats who are working to improve education, make it more affordable and prepare today's students for tomorrow's economy.
"Only in Speaker O'Brien Tea Party fantasy world does funding education 'cause more problems than it solves.' In reality, New Hampshire's highly skilled workforce is a major draw for businesses creating new jobs in the state.  Not only doesn't the Speaker care that his irresponsible budget has already killed more than 1,500 New Hampshire jobs, he clearly is giving no thought to New Hampshire's workforce of tomorrow and Granite Staters' future job opportunities," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Speaker O'Brien and Republicans in Concord shouldn't be touting their reckless budget, which gave New Hampshire the dubious distinction of being first in the nation in student debt and irresponsible cuts to higher education - neither is anything to be proud of."

In contrast, last week President Obama announced a plan to help students manage the costs of college by consolidating their federal student loans and reducing interest rates, giving over 1 million borrowers more manageable monthly payments.These changes could reduce loan payments by hundreds of dollars each month for many who struggle to manage their student loan debt - including nurses, teachers, public defenders and others in lower-paying jobs.
Additionally, the American Jobs Act proposes $8,700,000 in funding in the next fiscal year for New Hampshire's community colleges, to ensure that these local, bedrock education institutions have the facilities and equipment to address current workforce demands in today's highly technical and growing fields. [White House fact sheet]

"The choice voters will face in November could not be clearer," said Kirstein. "Republicans have mixed up priorities on nearly every issue, putting corporations and special interests first and seniors, students and Middle Class Granite State families last."

Bettencourt statement on Lynh decision not ro seek re-election 

House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt made the following statement upon hearing the news this morning that Governor John Lynch would not be seeking re-election:  

“While Governor Lynch and I have differed on many issues throughout his tenure, those of us involved in public service fully understand the tremendous sacrifice that public office entails and I appreciate his years of service and deep dedication to the State of New Hampshire. His family must also be sincerely thanked for the sacrifices that they have had to make over the past few years. 

Gov. Lynch should also  be commended for his commitment to a constitutional amendment to fix education funding in New Hampshire, for his strong, willing hand to help those in need during our unfortunate natural disasters, and his staunch opposition to a sales or income tax.  Putting politics aside, John Lynch has always tried to do what he felt was in the best interest of the people of New Hampshire."