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Hemingway For NHGOP Chair - Statement on gun ban 


Andrew Hemingway candidate for Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Committee issued the following statement in reaction to the House Rules Committees decision to ban guns in the New Hampshire State House. 
“History has shown us that gun bans do not work- these bans empower criminals and weaken the ability of law-abiding citizens to defend them selves. The decision by the House Rules committee yesterday was reactionary rather than well thought out. To see the Democrat majority use a tragedy like Newtown, Connecticut to advance a political agenda is just what one would expect from the leadership of Speaker Norelli. While the New Hampshire Democrats debate the constitutionality of guns rights the broader discussion should be around mental health and the treatment of the mentally ill in our society."



Concord, NH- On a September campaign stop at the Strawberry Banke Museum in Portsmouth, President Obama and his entourage cost the historic city over $30,000 in police, fire and public works support. When the Portsmouth City Council, by a majority vote, rightfully asked his campaign for reimbursement, the President refused, leaving the city to recover costs that it never expected to have.

"This is the epitome of the fiscal cliff debate in Washington. The President and the Democrat party feel they can spend, spend, spend without any consequence or ownership," said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald. "When the campaign raised hundreds of millions of dollars, this is what we expected they would spend it on. It is unfair to burden the City of Portsmouth and its citizens with such a large bill when they are forced to host events for political candidates. Because this was not an official visit, Obama for America should have appropriately budgeted for these expenses and must settle their debt with Portsmouth."


Obama refuses to pay Portsmouth $30K for campaign visit costs



Statement from Governor-Elect Hassan on Election of Presiding Officers of the New Hampshire Legislature

The Office of Governor-Elect Maggie Hassan

CONCORDGovernor-Elect Maggie Hassan issued the following statement today on the election of Peter Bragdon as President of the New Hampshire Senate and Terie Norelli as Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives:

"I want to extend my congratulations to President Bragdon and Speaker Norelli on their election today. New Hampshire has a wonderful tradition of an all-volunteer citizen legislature where our elected leaders come together to serve the people through commonsense problem solving. Having worked closely with President Bragdon and Speaker Norelli in the legislature, I know they will continue to build on that tradition. I look forward to again working with both of them to listen to voices from both sides of the aisle and from across the state to build a stronger, more innovative New Hampshire and keep our state moving forward."



As GOP Chairman, Entrepreneur in Social Media Technology Will Help Bring State Party Into Next Generation

CONCORD, N.H.Successful businessman and conservative activist Andrew Hemingway today officially launched his candidacy for chairman of the New Hampshire State Republican Committee, promising to bring his proven business acumen in a full-time effort to elect Republicans to state and federal offices in 2014.

“I am running for chairman because I want to see the Republican Party emerge from its recent election disappointments stronger than ever,” Hemingway said. “To achieve our full potential, I believe we need to sharpen our messaging, implement new technologies and rebuild our grassroots infrastructure. My background in business, political activism and elected office makes me uniquely qualified to unite and lead the New Hampshire Republican Party to a brighter, stronger future.”

“History has shown that New Hampshire is a better state when led by Republicans,” Hemingway added. “Our Republican legislative leaders need a state committee that will promote their message effectively. Moreover, the voters deserve a chairman who is not afraid to hold Democrats accountable when they propose harmful legislation. I provide a fresh face and new energy for the task of rebuilding the party. I have examined what went wrong in past election cycles and will work with all Republicans to strengthen our party and restore confidence in the way we do business.”

Andrew Hemingway is a leader in the world of social media and integrating new technologies with political action. Hemingway is the CEO of Digital Acumen, a technology firm specializing in emerging political communications. Hemingway has raised millions of dollars through digital fund raising campaigns for candidates and organizations across America. In 2011, Hemingway organized the first ever Twitter debate for Presidential candidates. As chairman of the New Hampshire GOP, he will transform the technological infrastructure of the state party and utilize new methods to manage the get-out-the-vote program.

Hemingway served as chairman of the Bristol Budget Committee and implemented zero-based budgeting for the town. He was able to cut the town’s budget by 20 percent in his first year and an additional 10 percent the following year. When Hemingway left the board, Bristol’s tax rate was the lowest it has been in more than 40 years.

As the chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire during the 2010 elections, Hemingway transformed the organization into a statewide conservative powerhouse. Hemingway’s leadership of the RLCNH helped elect more than 100 endorsed candidates to the New Hampshire House of Representatives. 

Hemingway also served as New Hampshire state director for Newt Gingrich’s 2012 presidential campaign. During that effort, he also ran the campaign’s digital fundraising operation and successfully raised more than $2 million.

In 2012, Hemingway founded 4RG, a political action committee dedicated to electing Republican governors nationwide.

Hemingway currently serves as the northern regional vice chairman of the New Hampshire Young Republicans.


Gov. Johnson - That sound you hear



Since the election, I’ve been able to spend some time at home in New Mexico, recharge my batteries a bit, and most important, watch what’s going on in Washington, DC – which is really nothing good.


The news is filled with stories about the “looming fiscal cliff”.  Of course, in Washington, their definition of a “cliff” is that government spending will be cut next year by slightly more than $100 billion – IF Congress and the President don’t come to an agreement to cut spending by LESS than that. With a $16 trillion debt and trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, only in Washington would cutting $100 billion be viewed as an impending disaster.

The real disaster – the real “fiscal cliff” – is the one we face if spending ISN’T cut by far more than $100 billion.  There are talking heads on TV saying, with a straight face, that cutting spending by a few small percentage points will devastate the economy. Where were those talking heads when the Democrats and Republicans were conspiring to run up an unsustainable $16 TRILLION national debt.  Who is pointing out the obvious:  That ridiculous levels of spending have already devastated the economy – and that the so-called fiscal cliff is a pothole compared to the real cliff that our Thelma and Louise government is driving us over.

And of course,  the “deals” on the table to prevent those $100 billion in cuts, along with $400 billion in tax increases, look very familiar:  Raise the taxes, and promise to cut the spending.  Sure, the Republicans and Democrats are arguing – at least for the cameras – over what to call the tax increases, but regardless, they’re all talking about solving their problem by taking more of our money.  And the spending cut promises?  As Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush learned the hard way, the taxes go up, but the spending cuts seem to never happen.

And here we go again.  Yes, that sound you hear is the can being kicked down the road.  The politicians will spend the next three weeks posturing and posing and pounding their chests, and then go behind closed doors and cut a deal to once again avoid dealing with the disastrous debt problem.

You and I know that this is exactly what will happen, UNLESS enough voices are raised to say “STOP!”  Stop the games, stop the posturing, and stop the political denial.

I will be one of those voices.  And with your help, we will make them listen.  It would be easy to sit on the sidelines and let this game play out, but that simply isn’t in my nature.  The future of America, the survival of economic freedom, and the liberty that government is destroying are all too important.

We may not have won the election – thanks to the rigged game our two-party duopoly has created, but I would strongly maintain that we won on the issues. More than a million Americans stood up for real liberty, truly smaller government, and bold steps to actually solve the problems the politicians in Washington are today kicking down the road.

It is ironic, but after an election that obviously didn’t change anything, our message has never been more timely nor more important.

As we schedule appearances, campus rallies and media interviews for the critical months to come, your financial support is key.  Your contribution at today keeps our voice in the public debate – and reminds the politicians in Washington that “kicking the can down the road” is not acceptable any longer.

Somebody has to tell the truth, and your support makes it possible for me to do just that.

Go to and keep up the fight for smaller government, an end to absurd spending, and the liberty we must protect from the politicians.

Thank you!


Governor Gary Johnson