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NH Sen. Clark endorsed by education, environmental and equality organizations 

Clark thanks organizations endorsing her re-election campaign

(Portsmouth, NH) Sen. Martha Fuller Clark's campaign released a list of organizations supporting her re-election campaign, reflecting the priorities that have made her, in the words of her hometown newspaper The Portsmouth Herald, "a political legend" and a "liberal icon."

NARAL Pro-Choice New Hampshire has endorsed Sen. Clark's campaign after naming her a "champion of choice" in the Spring. This endorsement is no surprise to those following Sen. Clark's work in Concord over the years. A consistent advocate for women's health and reproductive freedom throughout her career, NARAL NH’s executive director Laura Thibault has called her "always willing to speak up and be a voice for women in the state who don’t have a voice”

Educators have weighed in strongly behind Sen. Clark's re-election campaign with both NEA-NH and AFT-NH standing in solidarity with the veteran lawmaker. Clark, whose political career has been marked by a consistent commitment to primary and secondary public education, has long enjoyed the support of New Hampshire’s teachers. In the last legislative session, Clark championed renewed funding for school building aid and introduced the first legislation designed to restore funding to the state’s university and community college systems – efforts that drove the new funding that allowed for tuition freezes and cuts across New Hampshire’s higher education system.

The State Employees Association (SEIU Local 1984) and the NH AFL-CIO have also endorsed Sen. Martha Fuller Clark‘s re-election campaign. Learning of the SEA's endorsement last month, Clark told New Hampshire Patch said “The 11,000 hardworking people who keep the state government running and work so hard in our town and county offices have again put their faith in me and I won’t let them down if I am returned for another two years in Concord." The state AFL-CIO, meanwhile, represent some of the largest private sector union members in the state, including building trades and commercial employees. 

The Sierra Club, recognizing decades of work defending the Seacoast and Great Bay, have endorsed Sen. Clark. Announcing their endorsements, the Sierra Club eloquently made the case for electing lawmakers like Sen. Clark: "We need to elect leaders who know climate disruption is real, and know we need to act. If we don’t go to the polls, extremists like former House Speaker Bill O’Brien will repeal the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (REGGI) and block sensible energy legislation in the State House in Concord. In Washington, if climate deniers continue to block legislation in Congress and support Big Oil and Coal, smart solutions will see more delays. We cannot let that happen again. Be sure to vote this November, and better yet, get engaged now and bring a friend with you to the polls – it matters!"



MANCHESTER - Following last night's debate, WMUR's James Pindell publicly apologized to Scott Brown on the air and admitted his line of questioning was wrong.

James Pindell
October 30, 2014

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Josh McElveen: Joined now by WMUR Political Scoop's James Pindell, he was on the panel tonight. A lot of people are taking note of an exchange you had with Republican candidate Scott Brown.

James Pindell: That's right. We were talking about the location of Sullivan County. I said that Sullivan County was west of Concord, not north of Concord. The truth is, it's both. So on this point, Scott Brown was right, I was wrong and I apologize to Scott Brown and both campaigns.


Guinta For Congress (CD1) - Is Boston in NH-CD1?  

Shea-Porter's Neglect of Granite Staters Continues

BOSTON - Congresswoman Shea-Porter will visit here tonight as she continues to duck, dodge, and delay any opportunity to speak with Granite Staters.

The Congresswoman will be attending a swanky fundraiser at a private Boston location with Vice President Joe Biden.

What: Carol Shea-Porter Fundraiser with Vice President Joe Biden

When: Today, October 29, 2014

Where: Boston, Massachusetts


Frank Guinta released the following statement:


"While I will be in Merrimack and Bedford today talking to Granite Staters and touring a small business, the Congresswoman will be out of state  at a secret reception with the Vice President. Evidently, the Congresswoman enjoys fundraising in Napa Valley and Boston with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden more than she enjoys holding town halls in New Hampshire. Granite Staters deserve an independent voice for New Hampshire values, not a rubber stamp for President Obama."



POLITICO (08/14/14) - "Nancy Pelosi brings pols, donors to wine country"

WGIR (10/09/14) - "State Senator Lou D'Allesandro criticizes Carol Shea-Porter for not doing more public events around the state"


DNC Response to Polito’s (R-MA) Support for Voter ID Laws that Needlessly Make Voting Harder

Washington, DC - Last night in the Lt. Governors debate in Newton, Republican Karyn Polito reaffirmed her support for controversial Republican voter ID laws that needlessly make voting harder and suppress voter turnout.


In response to Polito’s comments, Pratt Wiley, the Democratic National Committee’s Director of Voter Expansion, released the following statement:


“In Massachusetts this year, Gov. Patrick signed one of the most expansive and modern voting laws in the entire nation – bringing early voting, online voter registration and pre-registration to the Commonwealth.  These improvements are going to bring more citizens into the process, because in Massachusetts we know we solve problems with more democracy, not less. The choice is clear, while Steve Kerrigan is committed to expanding opportunity for all, Karyn Polito is pulling a page from the same cynical Republican playbook that believes that when fewer people vote, they win more elections.”


Franklin Center - Hot on the Trail  

Hot on the trail: drives 2014 election coverage

Voting machines that force you to vote Democrat, candidates stonewalling reporters, 78-year-old grandmas banned from poll observing, labor unions spending tens of millions of dollars in mandatory dues on politics. Clearly, it's been an eventful election season.'s coverage of the midterms serves as a prime example of what we strive to do: Counter the unquestioned narrative of establishment media with local, fact-based stories that otherwise would go untold. 

Read more about our 2014 election coverage


A Note From Our President

Dear Reader,

As we approach the midterm election, I'm reminded of how elections are much more than an opportunity to choose our representatives--though that is critically important. Aside from the pros and cons of candidates, election season gives rise to debates over the influence of money in politics, the integrity of the voting process, and our First Amendment right to criticize and fact-check politicians. 

Just as in past election years, has been on the ground and out in front of the debate. We've covered reports of "calibration issues" in voting machines, exposed the tens of millions of dollars that unions spend on political activities, and examined how ballot initiatives that the local media often overlooks will affect your community.

Best regards,

Jason Stverak
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Watchdog Wire

Bill Clinton Supports Tom Wolf’s Taxing Agenda

Sound bites echoed throughout Pittsburgh on Monday as the notorious former Democratic President Bill Clinton stumped for his party’s Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf.

VIDEO: Sen. Hagan Blasts ‘Out-of-State Billionaires’ for Election Funding

Senator Kay Hagan touted the virtues of grass roots support over "out-of-state billionaires," but she's benefited from more than $37 million in outside spending this election."



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