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Rubens For US Senate - Conway Daily Sun Endorses Rubens  

I was honored to receive the endorsement of the Conway Daily Sun.  In the piece, they call my ideas "new and exciting".and that I have earned the endorsement through my "accompishments and dedication to New Hampshire".  Please click here to read the full piece.

This endorsement, like all the others I have received, speaks to the momentum in my campaign, and that I am the candidate who can beat Jeanne Shaheen and bring Republican principles to Washington.  Please share this with your friends and neighbors.

This weekend I was also endorsed by two of the most knowledgeable and thoughtful Republicans in New Hampshire.  Harold Turner is President/CEO of the H L Turner Group.  He has served on the board of the NH BIA and is currently on the Board of Directors of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  

Gene Van Loan is a Constitutional Scholar and 2013 Lawyer of the Year in New Hampshire.  He has led numerous community organizations from the Easter Seals to the YMCA.  He has been legal counsel for US Senate candidates.  His writing was a consummate rebuttal of the NH Supreme Court's Claremont II decision ordering the legislature to define and fund education adequacy.

I appreciate the support of these thoughtful leaders.  As the name ID gap has tightened over the past month due to the millions of dollars being spent on TV, radio, and digital in support of my candidacy, people are taking a look at which candidate is the most thoughtful, has the boldest solutions, and who has proven themselves for New Hampshire.  I am that candidate and I ask for your support on September 9th.





Finally, I point you to this Washington Post piece profiling my campaign and identifying me as the only candidate in the country seriously talking about corruption in Washington and presenting a solution in the form of campaign finance reform.  It is a message that is resonating with voters in New Hampshire and across the country.  It is time to send someone to Washington who is unhindered by special interest and is allowed to solve the country's big problems.




In Case You Missed It:

Scott Brown: We Need True Leadership To Defeat ISIS

MANCHESTER – On WMUR's CloseUp this morning, Scott Brown emphasized the need to have strong leadership in order to defeat ISIS.

On Friday, Brown called on Congress to pass a bill stripping the citizenship of any Americans fighting alongside ISIS - a measure he had introduced twice during his time in the Senate.

Click here to watch


JOSH MCELVEEN: Let's talk about the issues today and central to that might be the situation with ISIS. Couple schools of thought here, some think that best approach here is to seal our borders off and let the world burn down around us more or less. Others think we have to take the fight to ISIS. You're in the latter camp, which raises the question, to what degree do we go after them?
SCOTT BROWN: Well they beheaded one of our citizens. They want to go down Pennsylvania Ave. and put a flag in the White House and President Obama say they're the JV. No, his own Secretary of Defense says they're real and they’re well-funded and well-armed, and as a matter of fact, we have citizens right now -- I filed a bill four years ago to strip people like that, like that are fighting for and with ISIS right now who have left their citizenship at the door. I’ve filed a bill, I’m going to refile it when I get re-elected it to go down there and make sure we strip that citizenship because they don't deserve the protections and guarantees of a U.S. citizen and the Constitution, they're hiding behind it. To think they can actually use their American passport, fight for ISIS, use their American passport and come into our country, it is not going to happen as long as I’m going to be there. And once again, Senator Shaheen, as a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, has backed those failed policies of President Obama 99% of the time. We need a true independent leadership and a check and balance to those failed policies.
MCELVEEN: What do you think about the immediate problem of ISIS?
BROWN: Finally the President has done what I called for for a while. You need to do targeted air strikes and dismantle their command and control structure, go after their supply lines. We have to work with our Arab League partners and we need to arm the Kurds and have the Iraqis be able to regroup and push back because their goal is to export terrorism around the region and the world. Our goal is to make sure that doesn’t happen. We can put our heads in the sand and call them the JV or we can actually do something. I quite frankly, don't want to see them plant a flag in the White House and I also don’t want to see them continue to murder our citizens.
MCELVEEN: Should every option remain on the table, do you think?
BROWN: In any conflict every option should be on the table. Of course, we are a leader but we are having trouble. I want to run, and I’m running to help restore America to the economic and military power that it once was. 


Garcia For Congress (CD2) - ICYMI: Amnesty? Garcia is against it 



In case you missed it, the New Hampshire Union Leader recently featured this editorial which addresses Gary Lambert’s dishonest claims regarding Marilinda Garcia’s stance on immigration. According to the article:

“In the Republican primary in the 2nd Congressional District, moderate Gary Lambert has been hiding his own lack of substance by misrepresenting Marilinda Garcia's positions.”

The article went on to say “Lambert now charges that Garcia is for amnesty for illegal aliens. He does not know what that means, either. Garcia advocates securing the border and apprehending and deporting those who are streaming over it.

Close observers of this primary are coming to the conclusion that on issue after issue, Gary Lambert has no idea what he is talking about. 

Marilinda Garcia is by far the best candidate in this race. She has the vision, intelligence and integrity to be a great representative in Congress. Republicans will make a big mistake if they let misleading, ignorant attacks deter them from choosing Garcia on Sept. 9.”

To read the full article, please click here.


NHDP - Legal Documents Show Brown Endorsed Outsourcing Strategy

To Distract From His Endorsement of Shipping American Jobs Overseas, Brown Makes Dishonest Attacks About Senator Shaheen 

Manchester, NH-- Scott Brown's signature on legal documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission just two days before announcing his run for Senate, prove absolutely false Brown’s claim that he had no knowledge that a company paying him more than a quarter million dollars, Kadant, Inc., had a record of outsourcing and sending American jobs overseas.
"Scott Brown's signature is on legal documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission endorsing Kadant's strategy of outsourcing jobs to low wage countries like China and Mexico," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. "Either he was falsifying documents filed with the SEC, which would be a crime, or he is trying to avoid responsibility for collecting more than a quarter of a million dollars from a company and has sent American jobs overseas."
The March 12, 2014 document, filed with the SEC, reads: "We pursue a number of strategies to improve our internal growth...using low cost manufacturing bases, such as China and Mexico."  Previous filings with the SEC that also have Brown's signature include the same language and endorsement of outsourcing American jobs.
This is not the first time Scott Brown has tried to claim that he was unaware of or disconnected from the operations of a company that was lining his pockets. Brown was forced to resign in disgrace from his role as an advisor to a shady penny stock company GDSI, a former beauty supply company turned weapons manufacturer whose executives were sued for fraud.   Since losing his reelection campaign in Massachusetts, Scott Brown tried to cash in with that Florida-based company, and he has collected more than a quarter of a million dollars in cash and stock from a company that outsourced American jobs. 
Meanwhile, his attacks against the state of New Hampshire ring hollow. The contract, approved by a majority Republican Executive Council, to modernize the out-of-date food stamp program was with Citibank - not a company in India. Years later, it was discovered that the contractor sub-contracted to a company that sub-contracted to a call center in India, and New Hampshire tried unsuccessfully to end the subcontracting. To say that Jeanne Shaheen outsourced jobs is absolutely false, as explained in the Nashua Telegraph story revealing Brown's lucrative Board role with the outsourcing company. Importantly, Scott Brown continues to ignore the fact that he is profiting from a company that sent American jobs overseas.
"Scott Brown is dead wrong, and what he’s saying has no basis in the facts. He’s just making this up, concocting phony attacks to gain political points for himself. It’s more proof he’ll say anything, and the people of New Hampshire can’t trust him," added McClain.  "Scott Brown tried to deceive the people of New Hampshire today, and he knows it. Kadant outsourced jobs, closed U.S. manufacturing facilities, and Scott Brown is cashing in from the practice." 
Josh McElveen: Let's get to the latest criticism and that's your involvement with the company you're on the board who's business plan includes shipping jobs overseas to minimize costs - outsourcing - and you've been criticized for your involvement signing off on a business plan that does that what's your response?  
Scott Brown: Well first of all that's not the facts.   Five years ago before I was on the board apparently they shifted gears and moved businesses to another country for that country to create jobs in that country. I haven't outsourced any jobs the only person that's outsourced jobs is Senator Shaheen. When she was governor she signed a contract to get our food stamp program moved to India and actually knew about it and did nothing about it.  As a result of the actions of Kadant and I encourage anybody who has any questions to call them, there job numbers have increased over 30% in the United States.
Josh McElveen: So just to be clear, you did not approve any business plan that did ship any jobs—
Scott Brown: No that's happened long before I even got on the board - I've been on the board a year.  It's somewhat laughable and trying to once again deflect from her actual record of actually outsourcing.  So someone who's actually saying, oh outsourcing's terrible - she goes and actually signs a contract that actually outsources food stamp programs to India so let the facts speak for themselves.
Josh McElveen: Any temptation though to resign from the board just to remove any appearance of—
Scott Brown: No it's a great company their job numbers in the United States have gone up 30%. 

Click here to see Kadant's 2013 Annual Report (3/12/14). 

NHDP - ICYMI: Failed CEO Walt Havenstein's Slide Continues as MD Tax Evasion Scandal Reaches it's 60th Day

Report Shows Multiple Campaign Finance Violations

Manchester, NH – This week, failed CEO Walt Havenstein's flailing campaign continued to slide, as he refused to pay the thousands he owes Maryland taxpayers for a 60th day (and counting) and the Attorney General's Office looks into his multiple campaign finance violations.

"Amidst new questions about failed CEO Walt Havenstein's numerous campaign finance violations and after 60 days of ducking responsibility, it's long past time for Havenstein to level with the public on whether he will repay the thousands he owes Maryland taxpayers for cheating on his taxes," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing. 

Earlier this week, the New Hampshire Democratic Party requested that the Attorney General's Office launch an immediate investigation into Havenstein's numerous campaign finance violations, including that he “spent $24,000 before he was legally allowed to, accepted $3,000 from political committees that aren't registered in the state and didn't properly report his campaign donations.” (AP, 8/26/14)
In a desperate effort to deflect attention from Havenstein's ongoing Maryland tax cheating scandal and campaign finance issues, the NHGOP launched a series of reckless attacks, which the Attorney General's Office swiftly dismissed as baseless.
In a letter to the NHGOP, the Attorney General's Office responded, “Because your complaint fails to state any factual allegation that would constitute a violation of the State’s election laws, we decline to open a file.” Or as WMUR's James Pindell tweeted“Shorter NH Associate AG to @NHGOP: You got nothing. Don't waste my time."