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Daily Signal - Senator: Emails Reveal EPA, Green Group in 'Beyond Cozy' Relationship 

The Daily Signal


October 14, 2014

Morning Bell

Senator: Emails Reveal EPA, Green Group in 'Beyond Cozy' Relationship

The top Republican on the Environment and Public Works Committee told The Daily Signal that the Natural Resources Defense Council played an "absolutely inappropriate" role in drafting EPA's new carbon emissions plan.

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Here Are 5 Ways to Get the Deficit Under Control

Daily Policy Focus: The United States is not necessarily doomed to a fate of chronic and growing deficits.

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Obama Administration Plan to Cut Trees in Alaska Halted By Environmentalists

A family-owned timber firm that operates the last significant sawmill in Alaska's Tongass National Forest has won a momentous U.S. Forest Service contract. There's just one problem.

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Watchdog - Radical extremists steal the show People’s Climate March in NYC  


Indigenous, communists, freaks steal show at People’s Climate March in NYC


Billed as the largest climate march in history, more than 1,500 environmentalists groups gathered at the People’s Climate March in a wild afternoon of anti-capitalist theater.

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 Alabama state attorney: Photographing public records for free is ‘stealing’


In what would appear to be a case of government run amuck, at least two state agencies in Alabama won’t let people take pictures of public records as an alternative to paying for copies. One attorney even equating the idea with stealing.

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U.S. taxpayers foot bill for Ohio buggy trail, steamboat

These sound like relatively small projects, but they're costing taxpayers millions. This summer, for instance, the Ohio Department of Transportation awarded $9,746,703 in funding to 12 "transportation alternatives" projects.

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NHDP - NEW CAMPAIGN: NHDP Launches “Big Oil Billionaires for Brown”

Highlighting Brown’s Devotion to Big Oil Special Interests
Brown Votes for Their Tax Breaks, They Fund Brown’s Campaigns

Manchester, NH—The New Hampshire Democratic Party is launching “Big Oil Billionaires for Brown,” a fully integrated campaign to highlight Brown’s special relationship and record of close ties with out-of-state special interests that do not have New Hampshire families’ best interests in mind. This campaign will include earned, paid, and owned media initiatives calling out Scott Brown’s past record and continued relationship with Big Oil special interests.
“There's a reason Big Oil billionaires like the Koch Brothers are spending millions to buy New Hampshire's senate seat for Scott Brown: they want him back in the Senate voting for their interests--not New Hampshire's--just like he did when he was representing Massachusetts. For years Brown delivered for Big Oil by voting to protect their special tax breaks, while they rewarded him with half a million dollars in campaign contributions and ads, and now he's anxious to get back to work for them,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain

“New Hampshire Democrats are making sure Scott Brown gets what he deserves—a hearty endorsement by a group that he has fought for year after year—Big Oil billionaires," added McClain. 
The “Big Oil Billionaires for Brown” campaign will include digital extensions—FacebookTwitter, and an official website—as well as paid digital ads that target persuadable voters in New Hampshire.

Brown’s record of support for Big Oil and Wall Street special interest is long and consistent.
·      Brown voted for tens of billions of dollars in special tax breaks for big oil companies even when it meant voting against reducing the deficit and investing in alternative energy.
·      Brown voted to save tax loopholes for oil and gas companies even when it meant voting against tax deductions for small businesses. 

And Big Oil billionaires have returned the favor.
·      Big Oil has invested big in Scott Brown, rewarding him with nearly a half million dollars in campaign contributions over his career for protecting them.
·      In 2012, only five members of Congress took more money from oil and gas companies than Scott Brown.
·      Big Oil has spent more than $2.3 million on attack ads against Jeanne Shaheen to help their former guardian Scott Brown get back to Senate to work for them. In total, special interest groups have spent and will spend more than $7.8 million against her to date.


New Hampshire's Absentee Senator Refuses To Do Her Job


Concord - Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who hasn't held a town hall meeting in New Hampshire in 723 days, will attend a special interest fundraiser in San Francisco, California today instead of meeting with her constituents. Shaheen has repeatedly refused to hold open and unfettered meetings with Granite Staters.    


"Senator Jeanne Shaheen doesn't respect New Hampshire's tradition of open and accessible government because she is an out of touch Washington politician and an absentee senator. Senator Shaheen is afraid to face her constituents because she knows that she can't defend her record of voting with President Obama 99% of the time," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "Jeanne Shaheen puts Barack Obama first. It's time to replace her with a responsible Republican who will put New Hampshire first."


The Hill reported this week that instead of planning to hold a town hall meeting, Shaheen is making time to attend an exclusive fundraiser at the residence of a prominent lobbyist in Washington's tony Georgetown neighborhood. Contributions range from $1,000 to $2,500 per person to attend.


CEI Today: Let Me Google That For You, an enviro flip-flop, Operation Choke Point, and more 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014
In the News Today


LET ME GOOGLE THAT FOR YOU - RYAN YOUNG The Let Me Google That for You Act

The Commerce Department’s National Technical Information Service doesn’t just charge people for documents that can be found for free with a simple Google search. It also has a staff of 150 and a $66 million budget, which modern technology has rendered completely wasteful.
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> Interview Ryan Young

ENVIRO FLIP FLOP - WILLIAM YEATMAN NRDC Doubles Down on Disingenuous Interpretation of Clean Air Act


Last Friday, 12 Attorneys General filed a lawsuit challenging EPA’s recently proposed greenhouse gas regulations for existing power plants, known as the Clean Power Plan. Putting aside the significant procedural and jurisdictional matters attendant to the case, the meat and potatoes of the AGs’ complaint is that 1990 amendments to the Clean Air Act prohibit EPA from issuing the rule.

In response to a reporter’s query, NRDC’s David Doniger called the lawsuit “laughable.” But NRDC used to make the same argument that is now being advanced by the States. Simply put: NRDC used to argue that EPA doesn’t have the authority to issue the Clean Power Plan. Talk about your all-time flip-flops! > Read more

> Interview William Yeatman


OPERATION CHOKE POINT - IAIN MURRAY "Operation Choke Point" Targets Legal Businesses, Harms American Consumers

A new Competitive Enterprise Institute report digs into a campaign by federal regulatory agencies to shut down businesses that are politically disfavored but perfectly legal, under the pretext of preventing fraud.
> Operation Choke Point: What It Is and Why It Matters

> Interview Iain Murray


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CEI President Lawson Bader



Operation Choke Point
the govt’s helicopter parent

I thought we frowned upon using physical force and intimidation to get our way?

Saturday, 10am ET

General Counsel of @ceidotorg, Sam Kazman on the latest Obamacare court decisions.