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CEI - McCarthy "Wholly Unqualified" To Serve as EPA Administrator, CEI Says 

Nominee Has Misled on Major Regulations and Is Implicated in Email Scandal

WASHINGTON, Mar. 4, 2013 — Gina McCarthy has decades of experience as an environmental bureaucrat, but a number of factors make her wholly unqualified to serve as EPA Administrator, say experts at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. President Barack Obama nominated McCarthy on Monday to succeed Lisa Jackson as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

“As Assistant EPA Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation, Gina McCarthy has implemented radical environmental policies that will put hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work but do little to nothing to improve environmental quality,” said Myron Ebell, Director of the Center for Energy and Environment at CEI.

“McCarthy has regularly tried to conceal the Obama administration’s economically destructive policies by misleading Congress, the public and industry. She has regularly stonewalled congressional requests for crucial information. And she is up to her ears in the Richard Windsor email scandal,” Ebell said.

McCarthy testified under oath to Congress in October 2011 that fuel-economy standards and regulating greenhouse gas emissions are “closely aligned but not related.” Subsequent releases of information reveal McCarthy and the EPA were fully aware – as is everyone else – that regulating greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles is inextricably related to fuel-economy standards. This matters because EPA has statutory authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions but not set CAFE standards for vehicles.

On coal, she told a gathering of industry officials the emissions regulations her office was developing would not require utilities to switch from coal to natural gas in building new power plants, as long as they used best available technology. But the New Source Performance Standards for new power plants released in 2011sets limits natural gas plants can meet but coal plants cannot.

Chris Horner, Senior Fellow at CEI and counsel for its investigation into Jackson’s secret email accounts and efforts to avoid disclosure, said, “There is a real paucity of emails from McCarthy in what we’ve seen so far … so much so it makes one wonder if EPA managed its release of these records with the prospect of her being nominated in mind.

“We know she was Jackson’s chief lieutenant in the ‘war on coal.’ We know she was routinely party to discussions among senior leaders who received emails from the Windsor account. It will be interesting to see if her name appears any more frequently when we receive the next tranche of Richard Windsor emails on Mar. 15.”

“She has, at best, a strained relationship with disclosure and transparency,” said Ebell. “She promised Congress she would deliver additional information during her first confirmation hearing but never did. As assistant administrator, she promised to provide the scientific data and studies EPA has based its new Clean Air Act regulations on, but has not kept her promise. At the very least, the Senate should demand she answer all outstanding questions before it considers her nomination to be EPA Administrator.”

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CEI Today: Peak oil fallacy, Windsorgate ensnares another EPA official, and the myth of UK austerity 


Huffington Post: Belief In Peak Oil Logically Implies Failure Of Alternative Energy

One of the most persistent beliefs among proponents of alternative energy is that we are in danger of running out of fossil fuels. [But this]  ignores the role economics plays in shaping supply and demand, it completely discounts the power of human ingenuity to come up with novel ways to solve problems, and it has been repeatedly refuted by the facts.

Next time you hear a Peak Oil alarmist prophesying doom, calm him down by pointing out that if natural energy resources were to ever run dry, we would already be living in an alternative solar-windmill-algae cheap energy nirvana. > Read the full commentary

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Daily Caller: Windsor Knot Tightens; Another EPA official using private email

Yet another top Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official used a personal email address to conduct government business, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) disclosures reveal.

The email was discovered within a tranche of thousands of emails from Jackson’s alias email account disclosed by the EPA earlier this month in response to a FOIA request by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI).  > Read the Washington Free Beacon story

> Interview a CEI expert

LESSONS FROM BRITISH AUSTERITY  - HANS BADER The Myth Of British Austerity, And Why It Was Concocted


Opposition to spending cuts in America has been based heavily on “the myth of British austerity,” even though “if the British government is practicing austerity it is hard to see,” since government spending still consumes half of Britain’s GDP, and government spending there is virtually unchanged. > Read the full commentary


> Interview Hans Bader

The Wages of Sin Taxes

In his study, The Wages of Sin Taxes, Chris Snowdon reveals that these taxes not only do little to limit the use of “bad” products, they do nothing to reduce societal costs.  > Read more

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CEI Today: Gov't alarmism, National ID, and the Coal Ash Rule in Windsorgate 


The Wages of Sin Taxes

In his study, The Wages of Sin Taxes, Chris Snowdon reveals that these taxes not only do little to limit the use of “bad” products, they do nothing to reduce societal costs.  > Read more

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Scared to Death; How Government Nannies are Creating a Culture of Alarmism

Featuring Angela Logomasini



Date(s) - 02/27/2013
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

The Fund for American Studies

America’s Future Foundation and the Independent Women’s Forum present: Scared to Death; How Government Nannies are Creating a Culture of Alarmism

The panel will cover four diverse topics: Obesity Alarmism, Chemical Alarmism, Environmental and Energy Alarmism and Agriculture Alarmism. > RSVP to the event

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New Green Rules In California Take Safe Chemicals Out Of Use
BPA resin replacements may be more harmful

Lessons in Green Chemistry

NATIONAL ID - DAVID BIER National ID, By Itself, Violates Liberty


As I have pointed out over the past month and The Wall Street Journal’s Danny Yadron noted last week, many members of Congress are looking to impose a mandatory national identification system. Demonstrating that this attempt is gaining momentum, The Washington Post editorialized in favor of a national ID system earlier this month.

Three things to notice about [the Washington Post's] line of reasoning: 1) It presupposes that a restriction of one’s ability to remain anonymous does not “encroach on Americans’ civil liberties”; 2) It cites without evidence that the government’s involvement in the regulation of travel has not violated (in other ways) Americans’ civil liberties; and 3) It assumes that this universal worker ID would remain limited to employment verification. Nothing could be clearer than that each of these arguments is totally false.
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WINDSORGATE  Richard Windsor Makes Her Appearance in Second Batch of EPA E-mails

The Environmental Protection Agency released to Chris Horner of the Competitive Enterprise Institute late in the evening on Friday, 15th February, part of the second of four batches of e-mails that respond to a Freedom of Information Act request.

Many of the e-mails are heavily redacted.  The reason claimed by EPA for most of the redactions is that they are part of the pre-decisional deliberative process and therefore exempt from FOIA.  CEI will be going back to court to challenge many of these redactions as improper and some as laughably so.  The judge will have a lot of fun reading to do.

Two e-mails that were not redacted concern the Coal Ash Rule.

Apparently, putting companies out of business and workers out of jobs adds to the holiday spirit just as much at the EPA as it does at environmental pressure groups. > Read the full commentary

> Interview Myron Ebell


CEI is a non-profit, non-partisan public policy group dedicated to the principles of free enterprise and limited government.  For more information about CEI, please visit our website,, and blogs, and  Follow CEI on Twitter!


#CutWaste: Polluting Our Debt 

Good Afternoon,

Today’s wasteful government project is brought to you by the letters EPA and the number $100 million.  Over the past 10 years, the EPA spent more than $100 million on grants to foreign countries, including China to help with air pollution efforts.

While the President continues to push for higher taxes on hardworking Americans, the federal government is running up trillion dollar deficits and spending taxpayer dollars on wasteful projects. The American people expect the government to eliminate waste, like these foreign EPA grants, instead of raising taxes.

Please share the attached digital flyer of another example of wasteful spending on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #CutWaste.


ALG urges Senate to reject likely nominee McCarthy for EPA administrator

Feb. 20, 2013, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement urging the U.S. Senate to reject likely Obama nominee for EPAadministrator, Gina McCarthy, should she be nominated:

"Gina McCarthy's record of mismanagement working for both the Connecticut and Massachusetts environmental protection agencies, coupled with her desire to tell people and companies how they must conduct their business, does not advise her confirmation. The problem with the EPA is not that it lacks staffing, but that it is out of control.

"The EPA is regulating carbon emissions and stormwater without any guidance in the law. It is engaged in a sue-and-settle racket with radical environmentalist groups to expand its powers via judicial assent. And its regulations threaten America's future ability to develop and utilize natural resources, to grow the economy, and to create jobs. This agency is simply too powerful, and operates outside the law.

"Given Obama's State of the Union threat to continue to pursue unilateral executive actions in lieu of climate change legislation, no nominee to the EPA should be confirmed. Rather, bureaucrats there should have to answer for the destruction they are wreaking on the U.S. economy. Unless and until these harmful regulations are rescinded and the sue and settle racket is torn apart, the agency should be defunded, the bureaucrats that work there furloughed, and the offices they work in sold to pay down the deficit."

To view online:


ALG Nominee Alert, Gina McCarthy, November 2011 at (Note: dated for after she was appointed to Assistant Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation at the EPA)

"Obama and his rogue EPA," By ALG President Bill Wilson, Feb. 14, 2013 at



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