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MANCHESTER Scott Brown released the following statement on today’s news that Senator Shaheen is one of the targets of an ethics complaint relating to the ongoing IRS scandal:
"These are serious allegations against Senator Shaheen. The IRS should never be used to exact political revenge against opponents or groups that you disagree with. Senator Shaheen has an obligation to fully explain her motives in this case, which has left the very real impression  she used the IRS for partisan political purposes."

The Hill reported today that the Center for Competitive Politics is “calling on the Senate ethics committee to examine nine top Democrats, accusing them of pushing the IRS to investigate specific groups … in which they charge that lawmakers tried to get the tax agency to probe outside conservative groups.”


NHDP - Legislative ethics panel rejects Bragdon's claim of 'overbroad' restrictions

Key Point: "[Ethics committee chairman] Gross wrote that the conditions were purposely broadly worded 'to assure that as long as Sen. Bragdon remains in the Senate, his position cannot in any way be used to benefit his employer.'... Gross wrote that Bragdon must accept or reject the committee’s restrictions by 12 noon on Friday."

Union Leader: Legislative ethics panel rejects Bragdon's claim of 'overbroad' restrictions
John DiStaso

CONCORD — The Legislative Ethics Committee has rejected state Sen. Peter Bragdon’s assertion that the panel imposed “overbroad and unnecessary” restrictions on him to avoid potential conflict between his role as an elected official and his job as executive director of the HealthTrust public employees benefits pool.
“The conditions were not offered as a starting point for further negotiations,” ethics committee chairman Martin L. Gross wrote to Bragdon’s attorney, Russell Hilliard, in a letter on Monday that was obtained by the New Hampshire Union Leader on Tuesday, “but rather to afford Senator Bragdon the opportunity to avoid a formal proceeding to consider the two allegations that the Committee’s Preliminary Investigation indicated would be supported by clear and convincing evidence.”
Bragdon’s reaction to the sharply-worded letter was, “No comment at this time. I will be discussing this matter with attorney Hilliard and trying to figure out why I am being treated differently than other legislators who are employed.”
The committee, after clearing Bragdon of any intentional behavior that violated legislative ethics guidelines, told Bragdon that he must agree to “not take part in any official activity that concerns, involves or would have any effect on your employer.”
Bragdon, a Milford Republican, accepted the $180,000-a-year post last summer and then stepped down as state Senate President, but stayed on as a rank-and-file senator.
The committee also told Bragdon that he should not participate in any HealthTrust consideration or decision-making process” on any matter that involves legislative consideration, and he should not participate in any HealthTrust “consideration, decision-making or communications with the state’s regulatory officials who deal with the risk pool.”
Hilliard wrote to the panel last week that the conditions are “overbroad and unnecessary” and asked for clarifications. He wrote, for instance, that some legislation “applies generally to employers and nonprofits such as HealthTrust and not in any particular fashion to HealthTrust.”
But Gross wrote back on Monday, “If Senator Bragdon believes the conditions are unacceptable, and if chooses to remain a member of the Senate, the Committee will go forward by issuing written formal charges and scheduling a hearing to determine the merits of the allegations.”
Gross wrote that the conditions were purposely broadly worded “to assure that as long as Sen. Bragdon remains in the Senate, his position cannot in any way be used to benefit his employer.”
He wrote that the restrictions “are intended to isolate Senator Bragdon from his employer’s relations with the state.”
Gross noted that Bragdon recently filed an “incomplete” declaration under the ethics guidelines, “in which he identified the Medicaid bills as involving a conflict with his employment, but then participated in voting on them. He did this notwithstanding previous assurance to the Committee that he would not participate in any matter involving his employer.”
Gross wrote that Bragdon is allowed to perform “purely ministerial activities” in assisting HealthTrust to comply with proposed legislation or regulations, but may not become involved in meaningful, “prudential decisions concerning its relations with the state.”
Gross wrote that Bragdon must accept or reject the committee’s restrictions by 12 noon on Friday.


NHDP Statement on Ethics Committee Investigation Of Senator Bragdon, Senator Forrester

Concord, NH – New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein, released the following statement on the non-partisan Legislative Ethics Committee decision to investigate Republican state Senator Peter Bragdon hiring by the Local Government center and his appointment of Senator Forrester to a study committee with oversight powers concerning the LGC.

“The facts are clear; Senator Bragdon was in the midst of interviewing for a taxpayer funded, $180,000 a year job with the LGC, when he appointed Senator Jeanie Forrester to a regulatory study committee with jurisdiction over the LGC - an inherent conflict of interest and misuse of power.  When questioned about the timeline of Forrester’s appointment and Bragdon’s hiring – they lied about their conversations and tried to mislead New Hampshire citizens and taxpayers.  And after their dishonest statements were exposed by a right to know request, they refused to give a full accounting of their actions.  Hopefully, Bragdon and Forrester will be far more cooperative with the Ethics Committee investigation than they have been with the voters of New Hampshire.  These shady secretive backroom deals are not what New Hampshire voters expect from their representatives – Bragdon and Forrester owe their constituents an apology for the unmistakable appearance of impropriety.”



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Shea-Porter Has Praised Grayson's "Moral Compass" And Said She Shares His "Values" 


Concord - The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today called on Representative Carol Shea-Porter to denounce Representative Alan Grayson (D-FL) for comparing the tea party to the Klu Klux Klan in an email to supporters (CNN, 10/22/13.)


Representatives Shea-Porter and Grayson are close colleagues in the House of Representatives. At the 2009 liberal Netroots National Conference, Shea-Porter praised Grayson, saying that he is "driven by a moral compass that is wonderful to behold," and that they share "almost all of the same kinds of goals and values." (Click Here For Video Of Shea-Porter Praising Alan Grayson)


"Congressman Alan Grayson's decision to compare fiscally responsible Americans to the Klu Klux Klan is despicable and disgusting. It is outrageous that Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter has embraced Grayson's extreme agenda, praised his 'moral compass' and said that she shares his radical goals and values," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "Given Congresswoman Shea-Porter's close association with Congressman Grayson, she needs to immediately reject his disgraceful behavior and repudiate his hateful political attacks."


ALG's Daily Grind - Lies, damn lies and government promises 

June 21, 2013

Lies, damn lies and government promises

Obama in 2008: "I will provide our intelligence and law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to track and take out the terrorists without undermining our constitution and our freedom."

How could this happen here? County toy gun ban?

Did Calvert County, Maryland institute a toy gun ban?

Dow dumps 500 points after Bernanke announces QE sunset

Why ending quantitative easing may not be such a bad thing.

Gordon: How bureaucrats captured government

"Like reforming the spoils system of the 19th century, dealing with today's incompetent, lazy, and corrupt public employees is a good deal easier said than done. As always with human affairs, self-interest rules."