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Newsmax - Sen. Ayotte: Obama Will Break the Law If He Transfers Gitmo Prisoners 

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Ayotte: Obama Breaks Law If He Transfers Gitmo Prisoners
President Barack Obama may have made a "misguided" campaign promise to close the Guantanamo detention center in Cuba, Sen. Kelly Ayotte says, but if he issues an executive order to bring its prisoners to the United States, the New Hampshire Republican believes he would be "violating the law."
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ALG - Obama appeals 5th Circuit ruling against executive amnesty 


Nov. 10, 2015, Fairfax,Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued thefollowing statement in response to the Obama administration's decisionto appeal the5th Circuit Court of Appeals' ruling overturning the White House'sexecutive amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants with U.S.-born children:


"Obama's decision toappeal the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals' ruling against executive amnesty formillions of illegal immigrants puts the Supreme Court once again in focus inthe debate over Congress' Article I powers.


"The 5th Circuit evenquoted Obama's Nov. 2014 admission that it was the failure of Congress to enactsuch a program that prompted him to 'change the law' in their ruling againsthim. Any plain reading of the Constitution shows the 5th Circuit is correct,that Congress sets the rules for immigration, not the President. Obama had noauthority to issue his amnesty.


"However, the Supreme Courthas failed repeatedly to use a plain reading of the Constitution as itsstandard. Let us hope that the Roberts court takes a reading comprehensionclass before hearing Obama's appeal. If they do, Obama's executive amnesty willbe thrown on the trash heap of history."


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Daily Signal - Court Deals Third Blow to Obama's Amnesty by Executive Action 

The Daily Signal

Nov. 11, 2015

Happy Veterans Day from Washington, D.C., where The Daily Signal honors military sacrifice with several pieces, including a video on how one Iraq War veteran helps comrades in arms once they're home. An expert commentary explains the court ruling meant to halt President Obama's executive amnesty for illegal immigrants. And Melissa Quinn wraps a timely series by showing how reformers want to curb Philadelphia law enforcement's seizure of property to pad budgets. Plus more on racial tensions at U.S. colleges.


Court Deals Third Blow to Obama's Amnesty by Executive Action

The states just won a major battle in the immigration wars with the Obama administration.

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This Iraq War Veteran 'Hunts' and Helps Homeless Vets on the Streets of Los Angeles

"There's commercials out there where troops will be walking down the airport and people will clap, like, 'Thank you for your service,'" Iraq War veteran Joe Leal says. "But what happens after they take the uniform off?"

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Mizzou Proves That Americans Should Not Be Forced Into Racial Categories

The effort to force Americans to self-identify has invaded the entire culture, from school questionnaires to the standard medical forms one fills out at doctors' offices.

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Here's How Reformers Want to Make It Harder to Philadelphia Law Enforcement to Keep Property They've Seized

In Philadelphia, Andrew Jenemann, head of the district's attorney's Public Nuisance Task Force, is making changes to how "real property"—homes, warehouses, and businesses—moves through the forfeiture process, reports Melissa Quinn in the third of her three-part series on civil asset forfeiture.

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Is This the Next Mizzou? As Racial Tensions Rise, Ithaca College President Faces Mounting Criticism

Students and faculty at Ithaca College have mounted a challenge to their own leader following protests over alleged incidents of racism at the small private college.

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Will Paul Ryan's Top Aide Sway the Speaker Against Filibuster Reform?

Republicans in the U.S. Senate who are taking aim at filibuster rules in the upper chamber won't find an ally in House Speaker Paul Ryan, if the speaker's new chief of staff has his way.

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NHGOP Calls On Senate Candidate Hassan To Take Position

Concord - Senator Jeanne Shaheen today flip-flopped on her promise to oppose President Obama's unconstitutional executive orders on immigration by voting to block a stand-alone bill to unravel them. During her 2014 campaign, Shaheen said she "would not support" President Obama's executive orders and voted with Ted Cruz to block them.

"Its clear that Senator Shaheen's pledge to oppose President Obama's unconstitutional executive orders on immigration was nothing more than a phony election year promise. Senator Shaheen's dishonest flip-flop on the president's illegal executive orders is shameful and proves that she deliberalty lied to voters about her actual position on this issue," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn.


Four Senate Democrats - Joe Donnelly (D-IN), Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Claire McCaskill (D-MO) joined with Republicans in the unsuccessful effort to advance the legislation to block the president's executive orders.


The NHGOP also called on unannounced Senate candidate Maggie Hassan - who last weekend called on Congress to pass a homeland security bill (Associated Press, 2/23/15) - to take a position on the bill.

"If likely Senate Candidate Hassan wants to start weighing in on federal legislation, she needs to tell Granite Staters how she would vote on efforts to block the unconstitutional Obama immigration executive orders. Maggie Hassan owes her constituents an answer," said Horn.


During Her 2014 Reelection Campaign, Jeanne Shaheen Voted With Ted Cruz To Block Obama's Immigration Orders (Los Angeles Times, 9/18/2014)  


ALG's Daily Grind - Bush's original sin on executive action 


Dec. 19, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted.

Bush's original sin on executive action
On the six year anniversary of the GM and Chrysler bailout, we reflect on the door to executive action George W. Bush opened for Barack Obama.

Cartoon: The dictator
The United States: The latest banana republic in the Western Hemisphere.

Obama's Cuban announcement slaps Congress in the face
The choice to fund all of the government for the next nine months besides the Department of Homeland Security means that Congress has little recourse to rein in Obama's Cuban bailout.