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ALG's Daily Grind - Should GOP revive judicial filibuster? 


Nov. 10, 2014

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Should GOP revive judicial filibuster?
Conservative leaders: ""The inevitable net result of reviving the judicial filibuster… would be a regime under which nominees submitted by a Republican President would be subject to a 60-vote threshold, whereas a Democrat President's nominees would be subject to a 50-vote threshold."

How Republicans should respond to Reid in the lame-duck session
Rather than also giving the exiled Reid another bite of setting his party's funding priorities for the rest of the fiscal year, Republicans have to demand that a funding bill only go to March.

Crudele: U.S. economic growth is all an illusion
45 percent in exit polls say the economy dictated their vote last Tuesday.


NRSC - Shaheen admits Reid to blame for energy legislation failure 

Good afternoon  –


Democrat Jeanne Shaheen is desperate. After failed attempts to blame Republicans for the defeat of her “most defining piece of legislation,” Jeanne Shaheen now admits that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid killed her energy legislation.


The Hill reports:But even some Democrats have chafed under Reid's refusal to allow votes on GOP-sponsored amendments, which derailed an energy efficiency bill last week and a package of temporary tax cuts this week. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), who faces a competitive race, said Reid should have allowed amendments to the energy bill she sponsored with Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio). "I think it's very disappointing," she said of the floor fight that swallowed her bill. "I think we should vote on amendments. I think that's part of why we're here. When asked if Reid has been overly strict in limiting amendments, Shaheen said, "I think we should allow amendments."


While Jeanne Shaheen is quick to point fingers, she conveniently leaves out the fact that she also backed Reid's efforts to block Keystone amendments. Jeanne Shaheen is trying to have it both ways: telling Granite Staters that she is fighting for them, when the reality is that she helped Reid to destroy her own legislation.


“Jeanne Shaheen has admitted what everyone else knew last week, which is that her energy legislation failed because Harry Reid refuses to allow a vote on the Keystone Pipeline. Even worse, Shaheen joined Harry Reid and Senate Democrats to block common-sense amendments on Keystone, which the majority of Granite Staters support.  The Senate is a dysfunctional mess, thanks to the antics of Harry Reid and Jeanne Shaheen.  Granite Staters deserve better than empty rhetoric and juvenile blame games.” NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen



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Once Again Places Priorities Of Washington Liberals & San Francisco Environmentalist Over New Hampshire Families


Concord -  Senator Jeanne Shaheen last night joined a group of fellow Washington liberals in an all-night push to advance President Obama's extreme job-killing agenda. Her actions come on the heels of her attendance last month at a San Francisco fundraiser at the home of Tom Steyer, a California billionaire and crony of Al Gore's who has pledged to spend $100 million influencing this year's midterm elections and pushing his radical agenda.


"Once again, Senator Shaheen is putting the priorities of President Obama and his radical agenda ahead of the interests of New Hampshire's middle class families," said New Hampshire State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn. "By standing with her fellow Washington liberals at the behest of a San Francisco billionaire, Senator Shaheen is showing just how out-of-touch she really is with New Hampshire."


During her time in the Senate, Shaheen has supported a carbon tax and cap-and-trade - two key priorities of the extreme environmental agenda. One of the nation's leading small business advocates have predicted these two initiatives combined would kill nearly 20,000 New Hampshire jobs, and leader to drastic spikes in gas, electricity and other energy sources.


"Sadly, Granite Staters have come to expect that Senator Shaheen will blindly follow orders from Washington liberals. She has voted 99 percent of the time with President Obama, and cast the tie-breaking vote that gave us Obamacare. Come November, it's time for new leadership," added Horn.






In March 2013, Shaheen Voted In Favor Of Establishing A Carbon Tax:

In March 2013, Shaheen In Favor Of Establishing A Carbon Tax. "Whitehouse, D-R.I., amendment no. 646 that would establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund to allow for legislation that would provide for a fee on carbon pollution and use revenues collected to reduce the deficit." (S. Con. Res. 8, CQ Vote #58: Rejected 41-58: R 0-45; D 39-13; I 2-0, 3/22/13, Shaheen Voted Yea)


A Carbon Tax Would Raise The Price Of Gas And Electricity, And Destroy New Hampshire Jobs: 

A Carbon Tax Could Cost Up To 10,000 Jobs In New Hampshire. "This tax would deal a blow to employment in New Hampshire, with a loss of worker income equivalent to 7,000 to 10,000 jobs in 2013 and 10,000 by 2023." (National Association Of Manufacturers, "Adverse Economic Impacts Of A Carbon Tax In New Hampshire,", Accessed 5/28/13)


A Carbon Tax Could Increase The Price Of Gas In New Hampshire By More Than 20 Cents Per Gallon. "Prices at the pump would jump by more than 20 cents a gallon in 2013." (National Association Of Manufacturers, "Adverse Economic Impacts Of A Carbon Tax In New Hampshire,", Accessed 5/28/13)


A Carbon Tax Could Increase The Cost Of Electricity For New Hampshire Families By 18 Percent. "Households in New Hampshire would see a significant increase in their electricity rates, with an average increase of 18 percent in 2013." (National Association Of Manufacturers, "Adverse Economic Impacts Of A Carbon Tax In New Hampshire,", Accessed 5/28/13)


A Carbon Tax Could Increase The Cost Of Natural Gas By More Than 40 Percent. "The cost of using natural gas would increase by more than 40 percent in 2013, the first year of the carbon tax study, adding to household energy bills and increasing operation costs for many New Hampshire businesses." (National Association Of Manufacturers, "Adverse Economic Impacts Of A Carbon Tax In New Hampshire,", Accessed 5/28/13)


Shaheen Supports Cap-And-Trade:


In 2008, Shaheen Supported The Lieberman-Warner Cap-And-Trade Legislation To Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions By 80 Percent By 2050. "'She supports many of the aims of the Warner-Lieberman bill,' Shaheen spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield said in a statement. 'She supports the goal of cutting carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2050, and in the U.S. Senate will push for a comprehensive plan to achieve that goal that includes economy-wide emissions reductions, aggressive research and development for new energy technologies , work with international partners to achieve global emissions reductions, and incentives for energy efficiency and clean alternative energy sources.'" (John P. Gregg, "N.H. Senators Face Pressure," [White River Junction, VT] Valley News, 6/6/08)

The Bill Shaheen Supported Would Have Increased Energy Costs And Killed New Hampshire Jobs

Lieberman-Warner Would Have Killed As Many As 17,893 New Hampshire Jobs By 2030. "Under L/W, New Hampshire would lose 5,496 to 8,268 jobs in 2020 and 13,442 to 17,893 jobs in 2030 (Figure 2). The primary cause of job losses would be lower industrial output due to higher energy prices, the high cost of complying with required emissions cuts, and greater competition from overseas manufacturers with lower energy costs." (National Association Of Manufacturers, "New Hampshire: Economic Impact On The State From The Lieberman-Warner Proposed Legislation To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions,", Accessed 3/11/14)


Lieberman-Warner Would Cost The Average New Hampshire Household $9,190 In Reduced Income By 2030. "Higher energy process would have rippled impacts on prices throughout the economy and would impose a financial cost on household income reduced by $1,157 to $3,749 per year by 2020 and $5,040 to $9,190 by 2030 (Figure 3)." (National Association Of Manufacturers, "New Hampshire: Economic Impact On The State From The Lieberman-Warner Proposed Legislation To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions,", Accessed 3/11/14)


The Price Of Gasoline In New Hampshire Would Increase By As Much As 144 Percent By 2030 As A Result Of Lieberman-Warner, And Electricity Prices Would Increase By As Much As 81 Percent. "Most energy prices would rise under L/W, particularly coal, oil, and natural gas. The price of gasoline in New Hampshire would increase between 74% and 144% by 2030, while electricity prices would increase by 54% to 81%." (National Association Of Manufacturers, "New Hampshire: Economic Impact On The State From The Lieberman-Warner Proposed Legislation To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions,", Accessed 3/11/14)


ALG's Daily Grind - Will Senate Republicans filibuster the Ryan-Murray budget agreement?


Dec. 16, 2013

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Will Senate Republicans filibuster the Ryan-Murray budget agreement?
Senate Republicans have to decide whether they will allow the Ryan-Murray agreement to move to a vote. Given the controversial provisions in the bill, the requisite for future interparty trust, and Harry Reid's treatment of minority rights over the last several months, the bill's outlook is doubtful.

Obamacare: A death panel for the rule of law 
Obama has shredded the Constitution in favor of the "Easy Button," arbitrarily remaking entire sections of the health care law that deal with its employer mandate, its deductible and co-payment limits, its coverage requirements and — more disturbingly — its power to subsidize health insurance in more than thirty states.

The moral superiority of capitalism
The point is not that capitalists do good things.  The point is that capitalism makes such giving possible.

Strassel: IRS targeting, round two
There is a "growing concern by House Ways and Means Committee investigators that [a new IRS] regulation was reverse-engineered — designed to isolate and shut down the same tea party groups victimized in the first targeting round."


ALG's Daily Grind - Beyond whimper, little Republican response to filibuster demise


Nov. 27, 2013

Beyond whimper, little Republican response to filibuster demise
The GOP's ineffective response to Reid's nuclear option illustrates perfectly why Senate Republicans are receiving so many primary challenges nowadays.

The UN global warming hoax is slowly dying
The real aim is to transfer wealth from the developed nations to those less developed. It was never about saving the Earth from a global warming; that was a lie from start to finish.

Harry Reid kills minority rights in Senate
The minority is now irrelevant.

Schiff: Ben's rocket to nowhere
"A deputy governor of the People's Bank of China said that buying foreign exchange reserves was now no longer in China's national interest. The implication that China may no longer be accumulating U.S. government debt would amount to the 'mother of all tapers' and could create a clear and present danger to the American economy. But the story barely rated a mention in the American media."