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NHDP - Republicans on Executive Council Prove Once Again that NH GOP Has No Credibility on Fiscal Responsibility 

Led By Executive Councilor David Wheeler, Republicans Block Contract for Equipment That’s Critical for Highway Maintenance and Would Save the State Money

Concord, N.H. – Proving once again that New Hampshire Republicans have no credibility on fiscal responsibility, David Wheeler and Republicans on the Executive Council for the second time blocked a contract for equipment that’s critical for highway maintenance and would save the state money.
“It makes zero sense that Republicans would block a contract that would save the state more than $3 million and allow DOT to carry out necessary road maintenance work,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “If Republicans on the Executive Council like David Wheeler need a refresher on the vital work that DOT workers do every day to keep our roads clear and safe, they should simply look out the window."
The Department of Transportation currently rents equipment necessary for “mowing, paving and drainage repairs, culvert repairs, tree cutting and removal, and restoring roads after washouts and State of Emergencies.” The legislature authorized DOT to instead lease the equipment, which would save the state an estimated $3 million

While Councilor Wheeler suggested that DOT buy the equipment outright, the legislature hasn't appropriated the money to do so. Leaving DOT with no choice but to continue with the more-expensive rental contracts. 


Statement: Sen. Morse on USNH Funding Legislation 

The New Hampshire Senate

Majority Office

Concord, NH – Sen. Chuck Morse, R-Salem, released the following statement today following the introduction of legislation that would appropriate an additional $100 million to the University System of New Hampshire:

“I appreciate and share Sen. Fuller Clark’s commitment to creating a well-educated workforce here in New Hampshire, and I look forward to the hearing on her legislation before the Senate Finance Committee later this session.  At that time, I hope she will be willing to discuss with the Committee where she would suggest we cut spending – or which taxes she would propose to raise – in order to finance the $100 million price tag attached to this bill.

“In 2011, the Republican-led legislature closed an $800 million budget deficit left for us by the poor spending habits of prior lawmakers.  As we look ahead to our next budget, we are committed to continuing that same level of fiscal discipline.  In doing so, we will continue to adequately fund both the University System of New Hampshire as well as the Community College System of New Hampshire while working towards reducing college costs for low and middle income students.”


Governor-Elect Hassan Calls for Innovation and Fiscal Responsibility at State Agency Budget Hearings

The Office of Governor-Elect Maggie Hassan

Hassan to Bring People Together to Develop Fiscally Responsible Balanced Budget

CONDORD – Governor-Elect Maggie Hassan called for innovation and fiscal responsibility in approaching the next state budget, and made clear she will bring people together to make the difficult decisions needed to balance the budget while protecting New Hampshire’s priorities during remarks this morning at the opening session of hearings on state agency budget requests for the 2014-2015 fiscal years.

“While we are beginning to see recovery and revenue growth, we will face continued difficult fiscal times in the coming two years,” said Governor-Elect Hassan. “We must be prepared to continue to make tough, fiscally responsible decisions to ensure that we can invest in our priorities, including protecting the health and safety of our citizens and building an innovative economy that will ensure long-term growth.”

Hassan reiterated her call to reverse some of the bad decisions made in the previous budget, including cuts to the university system and community colleges and the laying off of state auditors, but stressed that those decisions can not all be undone at once and that state agencies need to take innovative approaches in tight budget times.

“It is important for all of us to understand that we will not be able to reverse course all at once. We must also remember that innovation is not confined to the private sector. We need to continue innovating in how we provide state services to adapt to economic realities and to reflect changes in how our citizens live and work,” Hassan said.

Hassan said that she will soon send out budget targets to state agencies. The targets will be conservative, she said, representing that the state faces a number of potential challenges, including the possibility of the federal fiscal cliff.  Hassan also made clear that she would advance her reform plan to improve the state budget process, including creating a bipartisan Consensus Revenue Estimating Panel.

“Over the next two months, my team and I will be meeting and working closely with state agencies  to develop a fiscally responsible and balanced state budget, without an income or a sales tax, that lives within our state’s means, but meets our state’s needs to build an innovative future,” Hassan said.

As Governor, Maggie Hassan will work with members of both parties to develop a fiscally responsible balanced budget that protects New Hampshire’s priorities without an income or sales tax. She will work to implement her “Innovate NH” jobs plan, which focuses on building the best workforce in the country, providing tax credits to businesses, and giving businesses technical assistance to help them create jobs. And Hassan will reach out to legislators and citizens across the states to listen to their ideas for how to keep New Hampshire moving forward.


U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta statement on House passage of Sequestration Transparency Act

(WASHINGTON – July 18, 2012)    The House of Representatives today approved H.R. 5872, the Sequestration Transparency Act of 2012 with a strongly bipartisan vote.  The bill would require President Obama to submit a report to Congress 30 days after the date of enactment detailing how the administration plans to implement the budget sequestration cuts required to take place in January 2013.  

Representative Frank Guinta (R, NH-01) issued the following statement after voting for the bill:

“Granite Staters deserve to know how the Obama Administration intends to implement sequestration.  This bill requires administration officials to spell out their plans in detail.  With the very real possibility that many thousands of jobs could be lost as a result of the sequestration process, we need full transparency on this issue.  I voted in April to pass the Sequestration Replacement Conciliation Act, which would protect our Armed Forces while reducing the deficit by $242.8 billion over a decade.  I’ve shown where I stand; I urge the Obama Administration to do likewise.  I also urge the Senate, which has yet to act on this, to join the House in giving citizens the transparency and openness they should expect from their government.”


US Rep Bass: Sequestration Will Cost Jobs in New Hampshire

Calls for bipartisan solution to pending fiscal cliff

WASHINGTON – Congressman Charles F. Bass (NH-02) supported legislation in the House of Representatives today that requires the President to submit a report to Congress outlining how his Administration plans to implement the mandated across-the-board sequestration cuts to defense and nondefense discretionary spending that are set to take effect on January 1st as a result of the failure of the Supercommittee.

If current law is not changed before the end of the year, $109 billion in cuts to defense and other domestic programs will take effect immediately for next year alone.  According to a recent report by the Aerospace Industries Association, New Hampshire could lose an estimated 6,306 jobs in 2013 if the sequester moves forward.

Bass said:

“I wish today’s legislation wasn’t necessary because Congress was able to find a solution to the sequester, but American families and taxpayers deserve to know exactly what the consequences of the sequestration will be on our military and other programs and how the White House plans to implement the cuts, should they occur next year.

“Our nation is facing a dire fiscal cliff at the end of this year that will have a devastating impact on job creation and economic growth unless Congress takes action now.  That’s why I supported the only bipartisan budget plan to be offered earlier this year, modeled after the Simpson-Bowles Commission, that would eliminate the sequester and avoid the fiscal cliff through responsible spending reductions and comprehensive tax reform that would generate new revenue.” 

“New Hampshire and this nation need solutions, and the only way to achieve them is to put partisan posturing aside and to build bipartisan compromise.  If we do not work together to address these problems now, the results will be disastrous for our economy.  I will continue to do everything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

The Sequestration Transparency Act (H.R. 5872) passed the House this afternoon by a vote of 414 to 2 and now awaits action in the Senate.