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ALG files FOIL request to NY state AG on wage prosecution release 


Oct. 20, 2014, Fairfax, Va.—New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed a suit against a franchise restaurant operator alleging under-payment of employee wages issuing a release announcing the prosecution on October 16, which included a statement from union organizing activist Kendall Fells of the organization Fast Food Forward.   Americans for Limited Government filed a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request with the state Attorney Generals' office on October 20, 2014, seeking communications between the Office and Fells who was quoted in the political campaign style release. Nathan Mehrens, president of Americans for Limited Government, announced the FOIL request stating:


 "The New York State Attorney General's inclusion of union organizing activist Kendall Fells of the organization Fast Food Forward in a press release announcing a lawsuit for alleged under-payment of employee wages raises the question of whether the action is advocacy or law enforcement.


"If Fells was part of the AG's investigative team and privy to legal actions before they became public, this taints the investigation with the stench of labor union organizing politics.


"To discover whether the relationship between Fells and the New York AG's office tarnishes the activities of that office, Americans for Limited Government has filed a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request asking for all records of communication between any officer or employee in the Office of the Attorney General and Kendall Fells regarding the Attorney General's suit specific to the prosecution encompassed by the New York state AG's press release, as well as their communications regarding any other subject.


"The people of New York have the right to assume that the law is being prosecuted evenly, and that undue political influences are not tarnishing its prosecution.


"Unfortunately, the press release issued by the state's Attorney General announcing a lawsuit and including an advocacy group's comment lead a reasonable person to believe that there was collusion which may not have been lawful or ethical.  It is our hope that the FOIL request will erase any questions in this matter."


To view online:




"A.G. Schneiderman Sues Papa John's Franchisee For Underpaying More Than 400 Delivery Workers; Seeking More Than $2 Million," Oct. 16, 2014 at


Freedom of Information Law Request to NYS Attorney General's Office, Americans for Limited Government, Oct. 20, 2014 at


Information page on FOIL request, Oct. 20, 2014 at 


Americans for Limited Government is a non-partisan, nationwide network committed to advancing free market reforms, private property rights and core American liberties. For more information on ALG please visit our website at


ALG's Daily Grind - Why the end of QE produced lower interest rates 


Oct. 21, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted.

Why the end of QE produced lower interest rates
Interest rates are down year over year, yet the Fed has been tapering its bond purchases the whole time.

Cartoon: Ebola czar to the rescue
Obama appoints a czar to combat the outbreak.

ALG files FOIL request to NY state AG on wage prosecution release
ALG's Mehrens: "The New York State Attorney General's inclusion of union organizing activist Kendall Fells of the organization Fast Food Forward in a press release announcing a lawsuit for alleged under-payment of employee wages raises the question of whether the action is advocacy or law enforcement." Government case implodes as its former lawyers allege fraud against Holder DOJ
Sierra Pacific Industries. based on DOJ disclosures from former attorneys there: "The United States presented false evidence to the Defendants and the Court [and] advanced arguments to the Court premised on that false evidence or for which material evidence had been withheld."


Daily Signal - Sharyl Attkisson Exclusive: Hillary Clinton's Former Chief of Staff No Stranger to Allegations of Withholding Public Documents 

The Daily Signal


October 15, 2014

Morning Bell

Hillary Clinton's Former Chief of Staff No Stranger to Allegations of Withholding Public Documents

A career public servant speaks exclusively to The Daily Signal's Sharyl Attkisson about her encounters with a former Clinton White House lawyer who would later become Hillary Clinton's chief of staff at the State Department -- and a key figure under scrutiny for overseeing a Benghazi document review.

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Hey, Defense Department: Focus on ISIS, Not Climate Change

Daily Policy Focus: As world leaders remain locked in on the threat of ISIS, the U.S. Department of Defense laid out its plan to fight a different battle.

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Why Is Obama Hitting GOP for Not Caring About Hispanics When His Actions Show He Doesn't Care?

President Obama has once again warned Republicans that they will be committing political "suicide" if they do not legalize millions of illegal immigrants.

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Concord - The New Hampshire Republican State Committee sent the following Right to Know request to Governor Maggie Hassan today regarding her potential knowledge about the electric utility crisis facing New Hampshire this winter.


The Honorable Maggie Hassan

Governor of New Hampshire

State House

107 North Main Street

Concord, New Hampshire 03301


Dear Governor Hassan,


This is a request under the New Hampshire Right To Know Law (RSA 91-A.)


I formally request that you provide me with all records containing any and all communication between your office, Office of Energy and Planning and the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (PUC) regarding the approved winter rate hikes requested by Liberty Utilities, Unitil Corporation and the New Hampshire Electric Co-Op. This includes any written or electronic communications from you and your staff and New Hampshire Public Utilities Commissioners Ignatius, Scott and Honigberg, their staff and their legal counsel.


In the past, you have asserted that New Hampshire's Right to Know Law does not apply to you as governor. Our attorneys can find no such exemption in the law. Should you decline to provide any requested communications, please provide the specific provision under RSA 91-A that exempts such public records from the Right to Know Law.


According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, the New Hampshire PUC "approved a 99 percent winter rate hike requested by Liberty Utilities." Further, the New Hampshire Electric Co-op has stated that "its power rates will rise 29 percent, and Unitil [Corporation] says it will go up 84 percent."


News media outlets across New England have reported on the serious hardship to be faced by New Hampshire residents in the coming winter season.  Already, the PUC has received numerous complaints and requests for assistance, according to PUC Consumer Affairs Division Director Amanda Noonan. In a recentarticle by the Concord Monitor, Noonan said, "People are concerned about how they are going to manage this and whether they have any options.  It's a huge increase for them." In addition, the PUC expects that "higher electric rates will take a toll on the state's low income residents," according to Shannon Nolin, who oversees the Community Action Agency's Electric Assistance Program.


New Hampshire communities and businesses are bracing themselves for the coming energy crisis. For example, the Concord YMCA anticipates that it will have to pay 50 percent more for electricity this winter, forcing this non-profit organization to seek new revenue streams in order to maintain programs vital to the community,according to the Concord Monitor.


Further, there are growing fears that New Hampshire and all of New England could face rolling blackouts this winter,according to ISO New England. It goes without saying that this is an unthinkable disaster, and many lives will be in very serious danger should the predicted blackouts occur.


It's abundantly clear that New Hampshire is on the brink of an across the board energy crisis this winter. Working class families, already struggling to make ends meet as a result of the gas tax hike you signed into law earlier this year, will be forced to make a choice between safely heating their homes and putting food on their table. This is a very perilous choice for New Hampshire families to make, considering that the Farmer's Almanacpredicts this winter to be "another article blast with above-normal snowfall."


To date, you have yet to make public statements regarding the forthcoming utility cost crisis this winter. At the annual New Hampshire energy summit, you were given the opportunity to prepare Granite State residents for the upcoming energy crisis, and you chose to ignore the problem, saying that "it's helpful to think of energy efficiency as a source of energy itself." These comments do nothing to address the crisis faced by New Hampshire families and businesses, and serve as an incredible insult to Granite Staters who will be in danger during the upcoming winter season.


As such, I respectfully submit that you release all communications regarding the electricity rate hikes approved by the PUC, and any rate hikes that are pending before the PUC and have yet to become public domain. Granite State residents have the right to know whether you were aware of the forthcoming energy crisis, did nothing about it and deflected questions regarding it, or if you were simply asleep at the wheel on this issue. Either way, New Hampshire residents deserve better than a governor who will leave them out in the cold.




Jennifer Horn

Chairman, New Hampshire Republican State Committee


ALG's Daily Grind - Unrepentant Justice Department caught in reporter targeting scheme 


Sept. 22, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted.

Unrepentant Justice Department caught in reporter targeting scheme
The Justice Department. Documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) reveal that the DOJ engaged in a coordinated effort with the far-left Soros goon squad, Media Matters, to target then-Daily Caller reporter Matt Boyle.

Housing collapse autopsy: A case of too little, too late
An analysis of the collapse and the claims of those who say it might have been prevented. Obamacare's numbers game
"It seems the administration had been exaggerating the number of people enrolled in ObamaCare to the tune of about 700,000. We're shocked! Shocked!"