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CEI Today: Europe's carbon compensation fund, immigration, and genetically engineered food


Low-Skilled Immigrant Workers Are Vital Contributors To The Economy


The Republican National Committee reformed its immigration platform this month to favor a new guest worker program. Unfortunately, the party still seems unwilling to accept permanent low-skilled immigrants. These workers are critical to America’s future competitiveness, yet they have received little GOP attention compared to high-skilled workers from Asia to whom Mitt Romney is promising green cards. The disparate treatment stems from a fundamentally flawed view of the economy. > Read the full commentary on

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Forbes: Labeling Of Genetically Engineered Foods Is A Losing Proposition


As Joe Six-pack munches Fritos and popcorn during the opening games of the NFL season, does he care what variety of corn was used to make them? Should he? Should the government require labels that tell him?


Most rational people would say no. But California’s Proposition 37, which will appear on the state’s ballot in November, would create just such a requirement. Supporters claim it is a simple measure designed to provide useful information to consumers about so-called genetically engineered (“GE”) foods. It is not, and the deceptive measure fails every test, from science and economics to law and common sense.

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EUROPE'S CARBON COMPENSATION FUND - MARLO LEWIS EU Gropes — in Vain — for Carbon Price Sweet Spot


Two stories reprinted in Climatewire today provide a funny reminder that politicians can’t set the ‘right’ price even when the ‘commodity’ is carbon and the goal is saving the planet.


On Tuesday, Norway decided to follow European Union (EU) policy and establish a carbon ‘compensation fund.’ The program will bribe pay some 80 energy-intensive firms $90 million not to move their operations overseas. The government contends that without such payments, the EU Emission Trading System (ETS), adopted to implement the Kyoto Protocol, will trigger (or accelerate) the flight of capital, jobs, and emissions abroad.  > Read the full commentary on

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Author: Journalists 'Cover Energy And Environment Subjects As Liberal Activists,' E-Mails Show

Liberals claim to support transparency in government - until conservatives start finding shady things through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

New York Times bestselling author, litigator, and Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow Chris Horner has been filing such FOIAs for years and has turned up Obama's "true plan" for cap-and-trade, a close relationship between an energy official and a Solyndra director - and more. Horner's quest for public information, labeled as "criminal" by one Obama agency head, will be detailed in his upcoming book, "The Liberal War on Transparency." > Read the article by Julia Seymore


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