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CEI Today: Fracking & jobs, minimum wage & women, and Human Achievement Hour

Monday, March 31, 2014
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Las Vegas Review-Journal

The natural gas and oil shale revolution — despite obstacles to drilling offshore and on federal land — has almost single-handedly driven the economic recovery the president is taking credit for.

William Yeatman, an energy policy expert with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told Mr. Markay: “It represents the difference between an industry which exists of its own accord, providing goods and services that people actually want to buy, and an industry that exists only by the grace of government, which acts to mandate demand and subsidize supply.”
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Daily Caller

All raising the minimum wage is going to do is keep women at home, counters Aloysius Hogan, a senior research fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

“There are jobs that are going to be lost and it’s the women who will be losing them,” he told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Hogan continued, “Who is losing out by increasing the minimum wage? It is the lower wage workers. And who are they losing out to? The unionized higher skilled workers.”
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: In observance of #HAH2014, let's show we can achieve even more with another Great American Energy Renaissance


Innovation should be celebrated, not kept in the dark. Keep the lights on for human achievement on Saturday! #HAH2014


@WesleyGoodman: Why celebrate #HAH2014 tonight? It's not about turning up the lights. It's bc we tell a better story about the human spirit than #EarthHour

@Drews_Views: Don't sit in the dark feeling guilty during #EarthHour, celebrate Human Achievement Hour instead:… @ceidotorg #HAH2014

The Global IP Center ‏@globalIPcenter: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." #HAH2014 HAPPENING NOW

@kerpen: We're enthusiastically observing #HAH2014 in the Kerpen house!

@JGunlock: My morning flight reminded me of tomorrow's human achievement hour. Thanks, Wright brothers! #HAH2014 @ceidotorg

"Turn ON the lights & do something constructive for the planet." @JRubinBlogger

Human Achievement Hour makes @harperbulletin column!


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The Measure of Human Achievement with  Marian Tupy & Matt Ridley





FrackNation goes to Europe 


FrackNation, the "pro-fracking" documentary, is going on its first European tour with screenings in prestigious locations in three European capitals.

The documentary will be screened at the European Parliament in Brussels on Monday Feb 10th, at the UK Parliament in London on Feb 11th and "Muranów" Cinema in Warsaw, Poland on Feb 13th.
FrackNation director Phelim McAleer will be present and will take questions after each screening.

FrackNation, which was praised by The New York Times as "meticulously researched and provocative", debunked many of the claims made by anti-fracking activists. Through interviews with scientists and asking campaigners difficult questions FrackNation showed that fracking did not make water go on fire, did not cause dangerous earthquakes and has never contaminated water.

As McAleer probes these claims and the motivations behind them - he becomes the victim of gun threats, malicious 911 calls and bogus lawsuits.

McAleer, an Irish film maker now based in Los Angeles, said he is delighted that Europeans will have a chance to hear the truth about fracking - without scaremongering or exaggeration.

"FrackNation has adopted a journalistic approach to the fracking controversy. We listen to people's stories and allegations but then, like all journalists should do, we ask for the independent scientific evidence. "

McAleer said FrackNation's investigations had uncovered almost no scientific evidence to support the most dramatic claims of anti-fracking campaigners.

He said he was pleased to bring FrackNation to Europe just as interest in the issue was increasing.
"It is a big story in the UK - much of it fed by disinformation - and it's a big story in Brussels and Poland."

McAleer said he was particularly pleased to bring FrackNation to Poland which is currently dependent upon Russia for its energy needs.

"I come from Ireland I know what it means to have a large dominant neighbor next door and the problems that can bring. Shale gas offers a huge opportunity for Poland to be truly independent. I want to hear from Polish people how they feel about fracking and bring them the truth so that they make up their mind based on facts, not fiction."

In an indication of how important this issue is in Poland, The Warsaw screening is being promoted by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

FrackNation was co-directed by Magdalena Segieda, a native of Poland, who said she was hoping that her country will benefit from the opportunity that shale gas offers, the same way US has done.

FrackNation was bought and premiered on AXS TV in 2013. AXS TV is owned by a maverick billionaire Mark Cuban. FrackNation was financed through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. It raised $212,000 in 60 days and was one of the most successful documentary campaigns ever funded through Kickstarter.

FrackNation schedule:

Mon, Feb 10th
Start: 6:00pm
ASP Room A1E2
European Parliament
Rue Wiertz 60, 1047 Bruxelles

Tue, Feb 11th
Start: 1:30pm
Committee Room 5
Palace of Westminster
London SW1A 0AA
United Kingdom

Wed, Feb 13th
Start: 5:00pm (registration), 6:00pm (movie)
Cinema "Muranów"
5 Gen. Władysława Andersa St,
Warsaw, Poland



"Festival is now soulless", say filmmakers.

The directors of FrackNation, a "pro-fracking" documentary have slammed the organizers of the Frozen River Film Festival in Minnesota after they cancelled a screening of the film following pressure from environmentalists.

FrackNation had been accepted by the Frozen River Film Festival for a screening on Sunday but organizers announced at the weekend that they were canceling the screening - the first such cancellation in the festival's nine year history.

FrackNation Director Phelim McAleer said the cancellation was censorship and an attack on diversity.

"The film festival organizers seem to hate alternative points of view, they seem to want to quash diversity. They seem to be scared of the truth," he said.

The festival organizers gave a number of contradictory reasons for the cancellation. They told local newspaper Winona Daily News that they had done so after pressure from their partner film festival Mountain Film in Telluride and the Sundance Film Festival.

The organizers also said they were promised a representative of the film would be present for a Q&A.

However FrackNation Co-Director's Phelim McAleer, Ann McElhinney and Magdalena Segieda said no such arrangement had been agreed and that emails with the organizers would show this to be inaccurate.

"Basically the Frozen River Film Festival organizers have given in to bullying and taken the easy way out and censored a film that might offend environmental elites who think they know best. These people are cultural censors and don't want the truth about fracking to be shown to audiences," said McAleer.

Speaking to the Winona Daily News festival Board Chairman Mike Kennedy said the film festival had "searched their soul" and decided to cancel the film.

McAleer said this was evidence that the Frozen River Film Festival is a "soulless" film festival where no dissent or diversity is allowed".

FrackNation goes behind the extreme allegations of anti-fracking activists and tries to find the scientific basis for their claims. The documentary reveals that there is almost no scientific basis behind the claims of contamination and asks why so many people are pursuing multimillion dollar lawsuits against companies.

The New York Times described FrackNation as "methodically researched and provocative" and Variety magazine, the show business bible, describes the film as a "briskly paced mischievous pic".

McAleer, an Irish journalist, is threatened and becomes the victim of bogus 911 calls because he asks the difficult questions of anti-fracking activists. FrackNation was funded through a hugely successful online crowdfunding campaign. Using Kickstarter, a crowdfunding website, FrackNation raised $212,000 from over 3300 people. It was one of the most successful Kickstarter documentary campaigns ever.


ALG's Daily Grind - Good news for 2014: A domestic energy revolution is underway in the USA


Jan. 3, 2014

Good news for 2014: A domestic energy revolution is underway in the USA
The gains powered by innovative hydraulic fracturing (or "fracking") techniques are driving down energy prices nationwide and creating desperately needed jobs at a time when America's work force participation has shrunk to a 35-year low.

Eleven state attorneys general stand for the rule of law
The United States is a nation of laws and the actions of 11 state attorneys general to uphold the law should not be noteworthy. However, in today's environment, where the president believes he can wave a magic wand and dispense with the letter of the law, it is praiseworthy that the following attorneys general are doing what's right and taking a stand.

Messaging versus reality
One hopes "messaging" dies in 2014. It is rotting the country from the inside out like an ambrosia beetle whose name is so sweet but ultimately kills the trees it invades.

Lopez: Who could hate student achievement?
Hispanic Leadership Fund President Mario Lopez highlights the success of alternative education in Hartford, Connecticut's Capital Prep magnet school, a school with a 97 percent graduation rate, and how even that could somehow draw criticism from the education establishment.


ALG's Daily Grind - 2014: How to achieve Obama's 'breakthrough' year 


Jan. 2, 2014

2014: How to achieve Obama's 'breakthrough' year
Obama's "breakthrough" year is within Congress' power to achieve — all that's required is the repudiation of his agenda and a reversal of the conventional "bipartisan" wisdom that's dominated D.C. policymaking for decades.

Cartoon: "The Hangover"

Defusing the explosive conversation on fracking 
A fracking conversation shouldn't be explosive. Today's hydraulic fracturing is really benign, American technology that is ecologically sound and economically advantageous.

Buchanan: Freedom produces inequality
Patrick Buchanan makes the case that freedom with economic inequality is far better than tyranny where all are equally enslaved.