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NH Council of Churches - December 31 E-lert 

New Hampshire Council of Churches E-News
December 31, 2013 

World Religion Day Panel
MLK Day of Service
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Greater Concord Interfaith Council

World Religion Day Panel

Reflecting on the Words and Life of  

Martin Luther King Jr.

Love, Elimination of Prejudice & Doing Good Deeds

January 19, 2014


Unitarian Universalist Church of Concord

274 Pleasant St, Concord, NH 03301


MLK Day Concord Day of Service

Come out and give of yourself for others.  

Show our pride in Concord.


"Everyone can be great, because  

everyone can serve"

January 20, 2014

Meet at 9:00am

Concordia Lutheran Church

215 North Main St., Concord, NH   

Call (603) 224-0277 for more information or to RSVP


New Hampshire Council of Churches 
125 Airport Road                                 PO Box 1087 
Concord, NH  03301                Concord NH  03302
Office hours:  Monday through Thursday, 9-3

NH Council of Churches Newsletter December E-lert 

New Hampshire Council of Churches

New Hampshire Council of Churches E-News
December 20, 2013  

21st Century COmmunity Learning
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The New Hampshire
Department of Education's
21st Century Community Learning
Center Program
     This 2014 competition for an anticipated $1.3 million in funding. The program's purpose is to raise student academic achievement through the creation and expansion of community learning centers during out of school time hours that provide students with academic enrichment opportunities as well as additional activities designed to complement their regular academic program.  All schools with a minimum of 30% of the student population identified as recipients of the free/reduced lunch program by October 2013 are eligible to apply.   Middle and high schools are eligible if the majority of the feeder elementary schools meet the eligibility criteria.  Priority points will be awarded to priority and focus schools.


Applicants for 21st
     CCLC funds must demonstrate collaboration between a local educational agency (LEA) and one or more community-based organizations (CBOs), faith based organizations (FBOs) or other public or private entities and must primarily serve students who attend schools with a high concentration of economically disadvantaged students.  The lead agency may be the school, district, CBO, FBO or other organization but must always partner with an eligible school. A timeline is included below.

Please RSVP to attend the Bidders Conference

using the information provided in the timeline below.


For more information please contact Suzanne Birdsall at (603) 520-6263, or Christina MacDonald at (603) 271-7306,



Month, Year


December 2013

Superintendents, Title I Managers, Community and Faith Based Organization Directors notified of Bidders Conference and Competition Timeline


January 3, 2014

RSVP for the Bidders Conference at: 


January 7, 2014


Snow Date:

January 9, 2014

Bidders Conference:

NH Department of Education

101 Pleasant Street

Londergan Hall- Room 15

Concord, NH

9:30-11:30  AM - New Applicants (all are welcome)

1:00-2:30 PM Current Grantees Reapplying (all are welcome)


2014 RFP Posted on NH Department of Education Website

January 24, 2014

Submit "Intent to Apply" via: 


March 14, 2014

Application Deadline


March-April 2014

Peer Review of Applications


May 16, 2014

21st CCLC Grant Award Notification


July 1, 2014

Awards Commence



New Hampshire Council of Churches 
125 Airport Road                                 PO Box 1087 
Concord, NH  03301                Concord NH  03302
Office hours:  Monday through Thursday, 9-3

NH Council of Churches E-lert, November 13 

New Hampshire Council of Churches

New Hampshire Council of Churches
November 13 2013 

Nov. 24 Preach In Sunday
Oppose the SAFT Act
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"...that all may all be one." 
John 17:21





   Recent Op Ed from Rev. Jonathan Hopkins

  President, NH Council of Churches


           I have always been against the death penalty. Since I was a kid it just didn't make any sense to me. We are going to kill someone so we can show that killing people is wrong? As I grew up and studied the issue more I realized that there was no statistical evidence to say that the death penalty actually prevents crimes. I also began to learn that some people have received the death penalty only to be found innocent by DNA evidence. It would be a travesty if we killed an innocent person. It also cost more to kill someone then to keep them in prison for the rest of their lives. For all these reasons and some others I believe that the death penalty simply does not make sense. Even though I am a pastor I never had a particular religious view about this issue.

                But that has changed recently. I have come to see not the religious implications but the spiritual issues involved when we decide to take a human life. God does not desire a continuation of violence through retribution. In my own faith tradition I have come to see how God sets out to do away with retaliatory violence. Consider that after Cain killed Able God forbid anyone to touch Cain. The Bible actually reduces the use of death as away to settle scores. Not to mention that as a Christian it was the state sanctioned death penalty that killed Jesus.

                On November 24th, Christ the King Sunday, there will be a preach in supported by Bishop Peter Anthony Libasci of the Roman Catholic diocese, Bishop Rob Hirschfeld Episcopalians, Bishop James Hazelwood (my Bishop) of the New England Synod of the ELCA, and Rev. Gary Schulte conference ministry of the United Church of Christ. On that day we will talk about the spiritual issues involved when addressing the death penalty. How the use of retaliatory violence only continues the cycle. The need for redemption, forgiveness, healing, compassion, and reconciliation are all spiritual truths that should help us to come to conclusions about the death penalty.

                In 2014 we have a chance in NH to be the 19th state to abolish the death penalty. We have a chance to do away with an expensive, non effective, non spiritual way of fighting crime. We have a chance to send a real message that violence in any form is never the answers to the problems we face.




Oppose the SAFT Act 
National Call-In Day to Congress on
November 13



The Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement (SAFE) Act (H.R. 2278) is an immigration reform bill pending in the United States House. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops opposes the SAFE Act for several reasons, including because it would place faith-based charities and Good Samaritans at risk of criminal prosecution.

  • Provisions in the SAFE Act would criminalize religious leaders and houses of worship that provide humanitarian assistance to all persons regardless of immigration status.
  • The Act would permit state and local law enforcement officers, untrained in federal immigration law, to issue an immigration hold and detain an individual indefinitely, resulting in prolonged detention for United States citizens and lawful permanent residents.
  • The detention policy proposed in the SAFE Act calls for an increase in the number of detention facilities, an increase in the population to be detained, and an increase in funding for state and local governments to detain individuals in local jails. These proposals would lead to an increased cost to taxpayers nearing $1 billion/year.

How to Take Action:

  • Participate in the Justice for Immigrants National Call-In Day to Congress on Wednesday, November 13 by calling 1-855-589-5698. On that day, callers dialing into the toll-free number will hear a short recording instructing them to give the following message to their member of Congress: "Support a path to citizenship and oppose the SAFE Act." After the recording, callers will then be prompted to enter their zip code on their telephone keypad and will be connected directly to their Representative's Washington office.
  • If you are not available to call on November 13, contact your Representative directly to oppose the SAFE Act. To find your Representative, visit and enter your zip code in the box on the top right corner.



New Hampshire Council of Churches 
125 Airport Road                                 PO Box 1087 
Concord, NH  03301                Concord NH  03302
Office hours:  Monday through Thursday, 9-3

NH Bible Society - Special Event with Rev. Dr. James Forbes 

The New Hampshire Bible Society,
New Hampshire Council of Churches and
Bread For the World
invite you to attend a day of workshops on combating hunger and preaching in Advent on Nov. 2, in Concord.

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Advent Preaching Workshop November 2, at Grace Capital Church



November 2, 2013, 9:30am to 3:30pm, Cost: $15 


Please register now! 

  Grace Capitol Church, Pembroke

Co-sponsored by The NH Bible Society/NH Council of Churches/Bread for the World.

The Rev. Dr. James Forbes, Keynote speaker  

Rev. Forbes is a former professor at Union Seminary and Senior Pastor at The Riverside Church, NYC.   

The program and workshops will close with an ecumenical service by Pastor Jonathan Hopkins. 

Program Schedule and Information 

 Buy Now Click on the PayPal button to register now  


Questions? Please give us a call at 603.224.1352 

The New Hampshire Bible Society
125 Airport Road                                 PO Box 1087 
Concord, NH  03301                Concord NH  03302
Office hours:  Monday through Thursday, 9-3

The New Hampshire Council of Churches 
125 Airport Road                                 PO Box 1087 
Concord, NH  03301                Concord NH  03302
Office hours:  Monday through Thursday, 9-3

NHCC - E-news September 27 

New Hampshire Council of Churches E-News
September 27, 2013 

Rev. Dr. James Forbes
Medicaid Expansion
Faith and Innovation Summit
End The Death Penalty program
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Bread for the Body and Soul

  Hunger Awareness + Preaching in Advent 
a day of Workshops and Worship with The Rev. Dr. James Forbes former professor Union Seminary, distinguished Pastor Emeritus Riverside Church, NYC and President, Healing the Nation.  Register now!
November 2, 2013

9:30 am - 3:30 pm

  Grace Capitol Church, Pembroke
Registration fee: $15 

Co-sponsored by
The NH Bible Society
NH Council of Churches
Bread for the World

More information here. 

Medicaid Expansion

     We are reaching a critical point in the fight for Medicaid Expansion.  Having heard testimony and gathered data, the Medicaid Expansion Study Commission now is deliberating.  They are expected to vote on their recommendations at the end of September or in early October.  Their final report is due by October 15. 

     We need to do everything we can to make Medicaid Expansion a reality.  In that spirit, the Rockingham County Democrats will hold a visibility in Hampton on Saturday, September 28 to call on State Senator Nancy Stiles to support Medicaid Expansion.  The visibility will be held from 11:00 am to 12:00 noon by the Bandstand/Gazebo on Route 1 (Lafayette Road), just south of the intersection with Route 27 (near the Old Salt Restaurant).  There will be signs there, but feel free to make and bring your own.

     Senator Stiles, who lives in Hampton, is a key vote on the Medicaid Expansion Study Commission.  It's essential that she hear loud and clear from the public about the need for Medicaid Expansion. 

     We need a big turnout.  Please plan to attend and bring as many people as you can.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

     Let's win this fight for the people of New Hampshire!

Larry Drake, chair

Rockingham County Democratic Committee

Tel: 603-373-8517 

Faith and Innovation Summit at
Rivier University -- Friday, October 4

     A one-day Faith and Innovation Summit, recognizing a new generation of faith leaders will be held on Friday, Oct. 4 at Rivier University, 420 South Main Street in Nashua, N.H.

Experience dynamic and passionate talks by some of the most pioneering innovators in the faith-based world, as well as practical seminars on the major technological issues facing organizations and individuals.  

     Speakers include Erik Goldschmidt, Director of the Church in the 21st Century Center at Boston College; Mikel Steadman of Christian Life Fellowship; Errik Anderson, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at biotech firm Adimab; Paul Reynolds, CEO of FableVision; New England based artist Jennifer Lamontagne; Associate Editor of The Jesuit Post Sam Sawyer; and more. Workshops will be held on social media, public relations, fundraising and going mobile.

     Registration opens at 9 a.m. and the Summit begins at 9:30 a.m. The $25 registration fee includes lunch. For event details, including a full list of speakers, and online registration, visit  

End the Death Penalty in NH in 2014
     An evening of information,
education and inspiration
Free and open to the public-Thursday, October 10
Featured speaker, Kirk Bloodsworth, Director of Advocacy and Witness to Innocence. Mr. Bloodsworth is an honorably discharged US Marine, who after 9 years in prison--2 years on death row--is the first person in the US to be exonerated by DNA testing.
Social time and light refreshment, 6:30
Main event, 7:00pm
University of NH, Memorial Bldg, Strafford Room 240
83 Main St, Durham, NH
Please,  More info here.

New Hampshire Council of Churches 
125 Airport Road                                 PO Box 1087 
Concord, NH  03301                Concord NH  03302
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