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CONCORD – Senator Jeanne Shaheen this week announced that after decades of supporting traditional marriage, she has flip-flopped her position and come out in favor of same-sex marriage - only after it became law in New Hampshire. Shaheen joins other Granite State Democrats, including Governor John Lynch, who have caved into pressure from the radical left of their Party, and changed their stance on the issue.


As Governor, Shaheen “condemned” same-sex marriages and clearly stated that she believed that marriage should only “exist between a man and a woman.” She also rejected civil unions, and vocally opposed Vermont’s first in the nation civil union law.


“After having clearly opposed same-sex marriage and civil unions for decades, Jeanne Shaheen is ‘pulling a Lynch’ and caving into pressure from the radical left of her Party. This is another example of how unprincipled, deceitful and dishonest the New Hampshire Democrat Party has become,” said NHGOP Communications Director Ryan Williams. “New Hampshire voters are now beginning to realize that the Democrats are more than willing to say one thing during the election season and then break their word once they are in office.”


Governor Lynch had also opposed same-sex marriage during his campaigns for office before signing legislation on Wednesday that legalized it.





Jeanne Shaheen Has Been A Strong Opponent Of Same-Sex Marriage:


  • Jeanne Shaheen “condemned” same-sex marriage: “Gov.JeanneShaheenyesterday condemned homosexualmarriages. ‘I believe that marital unions should exist between men and women,’Shaheentold reporters, when asked how she felt about the civil unions law.” (Union Leader, 4/27/00)


Jeanne Shaheen Opposed Civil Unions:


  • Jeanne Shaheen Opposed Vermont’s Civil Unions Law: "I don't support Vermont's law,"Shaheensaid.(Union Leader, 4/27/00)


  • Shaheen Reaffirmed Her Opposition To Civil Unions: “Shaheenhad said in April that she did not support the Vermont law and felt thatmarriageshould be reserved for a man and a woman.” (Union Leader, 10/27/00)


This Week, Shaheen Flip-Flopped Her Position On Same-Sex Marriage And Defended Governor Lynch’s Flip-Flop:


  • Shaheen Now Supports Same-Sex Marriage: "I congratulate Governor Lynch and the state legislature on advancing a marriage equality bill that also protects religious freedom. New Hampshire has a long history of leadership on issues of civil rights and equality, and I'm proud our state continues to lead the way in ending discrimination with this bill signing today." (Shaheen Press Release, 6/3/09)


Governor Lynch Had Clearly Opposed Same-Sex Marriage Before Legalizing It This Week:


  • Governor Lynch Opposed Same-Sex Marriage: “I think the word marriage is reserved for a marriage between a man and a woman.." (Union Leader, 4/16/09)




CONCORD – Today, former New Hampshire Governor and Republican State Committee Chairman John H. Sununu released the following statement on Governor Lynch breaking his word and legalizing same-sex marriage:


“Up until the very last minute I had hoped that Governor Lynch would keep his word and veto the same-sex marriage bill. Unfortunately the Governor has let down the people of New Hampshire by making a calculated political decision and failing to honor his commitment.


“What makes this situation even more disappointing is that the Senate had to break their rules to get this bill to the Governor’s desk. This makes it tainted legislation all around.”



CPR-Action - Reacts to Governor Lynch signing Gay Marriage Bill 

Says Voters Will Not Soon Forget His Misleading Them

Concord – Today, CPR-Action Executive Director, Kevin Smith, issued the
following statement regarding Governor Lynch signing the gay marriage bill
into law:

"By signing the gay 'marriage' bill into law today, Governor Lynch has
officially gone back on his promise to oppose same-sex marriage as both a
candidate and as Governor. The Governor evidently has no problem
misleading the voters of this state, while giving into the outside special
interests pushing this radical agenda."

Smith added, "In one fell swoop of the pen, the Governor managed to not
only sign an unpopular piece of legislation, but did so while breaking his
trust with the citizens of this state - a move we are confident that the
voters will not soon forget."


CPR-Action - Reacts to Passage of HB73 

Says process of passinggay marriagewas tainted from the very beginning


Concord – Today, CPR-Action Executive Director, Kevin Smith,made the following statement regarding the legislature's approval ofHB73:


"It isno surprise that the legislature finally passed the last piece to the gay marriage bill today. Afterall, when you take 12 votes on five iterationsof the same issue, you're bound to get it passed sooner or later. If only the Celtics and Bruinsgot to re-do each oftheir last Game 7's as many times as this legisalture has, they probably would've eventually won as well."


Smith added, "The process in which the legisalture has rammed this legislation through from the very beginning reeks of backroom deals and a subversionof the legislative process. It has certainly tainted the validity of the gay 'marriage' bill in minds of many citizens."



House Republican Alliance - Letter Sent to Speaker of the House Terie Norelli

Attached is a press release sent to Speaker of the House Terie Norelli today
from the House Republican Alliance.