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OurAmericanInitiative - We are ready to light the fuse 

Four states, four Live Free campus events, and I have good news to report: From what I have seen and heard this week, America’s young people are ready to enlist in the Liberty movement.
In Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Missouri, hundreds of students turned out to Our America’s events, and they came loaded with great questions, great energy and an exciting desire to mobilize for smaller government and bigger freedom.  Next week, we go to New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Utah -- and I fully expect to see the same energy and excitement.  
Photo provided by Melissa Bowen.
Why does it matter that these young people will take time away from exams and papers and fun to show up in an auditorium and talk about liberty?  It matters because America, as always, is changing.  It is changing as new attitudes, new faces and new understanding of the costs of a big, intrusive government begin to have an impact on the “system”.  
Just this week, a Pew Poll showed, for the first time in their surveys, that a majority of Americans support legalizing marijuana.  Gallup, who has been asking Americans about legalization since 1969, when more than 80% of Americans opposed it, has found a similar shift.  On marriage equality, even members of that most stubborn institution, the U.S. Senate, are “evolving” at a steady pace, with even so-called conservatives expressing support for gay marriage.  That was unthinkable a few short years ago.
I personally don’t believe these are isolated issues.  As I travel the country, I am seeing these shifts as part of a larger recognition that individual freedom and liberty cannot be entrusted to the government. Young people, especially, see that -- regardless of personal opinions -- government cannot and should not choose which Americans enjoy individual rights.
Increasingly, they see that, if left to its own devices, government will produce the kind of hypocrisy that embraces alcohol use while criminalizing marijuana.  They understand that, if we let it, government will pry its way into every aspect of our personal lives, from our cell phones to our bank accounts to our computers.  And they understand that a national debt approaching $17 trillion is a greater threat to their futures than Iran or North Korea will ever be.
The Our America Initiative exists to give voice to these and other issues -- and to plant a flag around which Americans can rally on behalf of smaller government, greater liberty and real economic freedom.  Believe me, millions of Americans are ready to rally.  But they need leadership and they need organization to turn their attitudes into action.  That is precisely what the Our America Initiative is offering.
But...organizing a nationwide campus tour is no small task.  It takes time, it takes people, and yes, it takes money.  Posters and brochures have to be printed.  Radio ads have to be produced and placed.  News coverage has to be coordinated.  The same goes for our other activities, such as the Liberty Strategy Conference we are hosting in Salt Lake City next week and media tours to Washington DC and New York later this month.
Your support is critical.  If you haven’t, I wish you could join me at one of our campus events. You would see what I am seeing:  Liberty is a rocket just waiting to be ignited. Your contribution at Our America Initiative is the match that will light the fuse.
I hope I can count on your help.  With your financial support of the Our America Initiative, we can take the message of smaller government and greater freedom directly to the millions of Americans who are fed up with the status quo and ready to get to work changing it.
Have a great weekend, and stay tuned for more reports from the great events we will be hosting next week!
Thanks, as always, for your friendship and support.
Gov. Gary Johnson
Honorary Chairman
Our America Initiative
P.S.   To see more photos from our Live Free events, visit my Facebook page.

Heritage - Update on Obamacare Costs, Marriage Debate, & Immigration 

The Dangerous Allure of Medicaid Expansion
How will your state fare if your governor chooses to expand Medicare? A few states would save money when the federal government kicks in their share, but most would lose money. Regardless of whether the state or federal government pays, the massive increase in spending will ultimately be borne by you, the taxpayer. Read analyst Drew Gonshorowski's analysis of the impacts of expansion on your state in his blog post. And, check out how your own state will fare.


Obamacare Drives Up Health Care Prices
The first cost estimate of Obamacare came in at $898 billion, but after the law was passed the government revised the cost to a figure nearly double that, or $1.85 trillion. On the third anniversary of the passage of the health care law analyst Alyene Senger explains in her blog post the increasing costs and what we're likely to face in the future. Even thought the worst tax increases and mandates don't go into effect until next year, Heritage created a collection of infographics that depict the impacts Americans are already feeling because of this new law. 



Heritage's Marriage Expert Debates Piers Morgan 
Ryan Anderson, co-author of the book "What is Marriage," debated Piers Morgan and Suze Orman on CNN. Watch Anderson as he maintains his composure and sticks to the facts while facing a hostile host and studio audience. Learn his arguments by reading  "What You Need to Know About Marriage."


What is the Definition of Amnesty in the Immigration Debate?
Americans recognize the vital importance of lawful immigration in part because it brings important economic and cultural benefits to the country and to the immigrants. Congress should encourage lawful immigration and discourage amnesty, which discourages respect for the law, treats law-breakers better than law-followers, and encourages future unlawful immigration. Learn more about the history of amnesty programs and what immigration policies actually work by reading Heritage Senior Vice President David Addington's Backgrounder, Encouraging Lawful Immigration and Discouraging Unlawful Immigration.


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NHDP - Kelly Ayotte Latest US Senator to Flip-Flop on Marriage, Still Supports Discriminatory Federal Laws

Why are Bradley, Guinta, & O'Brien hiding? Will they oppose future efforts to overturn NH's equality law?


Concord - Amidst pressure from the New Hampshire Democratic Party and the majority of Granite Staters, U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte flip-flopped on her support for overturning New Hampshire's marriage equality law.  While running for office Ayotte had promised the extreme right wing Cornerstone Action organization she would "help with any effort to get out law back on the right place on this." [Cornerstone Action Debate 2010] But on Thursday she changed her position saying "this is a matter for the states" and "New Hampshire's already made that decision and I respect that decision."  [NHPR, 3/28/2013]


"While we are thrilled to see Kelly Ayotte finally flip-flopping on New Hampshire's state marriage equality law, the question now is will other New Hampshire Republicans follow suit?  Does Jennifer Horn plan to amend the NHGOP's party platform?  Will Jeb Bradley, Frank Guinta, and Bill O'Brien pledge to oppose future efforts to overturn New Hampshire's law?" asked Harrell Kirstein, New Hampshire Democratic Party's communications director.  "Or will they continue to stand with the far right wing and radical conservative organizations that would deny equal rights to loving New Hampshire families."


Ayotte continues to support the discriminatory 'DOMA' law that denies New Hampshire families equal protection at the federal level. [NHPR, 3/28/2013, WMUR, 3/27/2013]  Jeb Bradley voted against marriage equality as at a state senator in Concord, and voted for a constitutional amendment against marriage equality while in still Congress. [HB436 Roll Call; Roll Call 387]  Frank Guinta also voted against marriage equality while in Washington.[Concord Monitor, 11/4/2012]  As Speaker, Bill O'Brien led numerous unsuccessful attempts to repeal New Hampshire's marriage equality law. [Nashua Telegraph, 11/11/2012]


Public opinion polls continue to show overwhelming support for marriage equality both in New Hampshire and across the nation. [UNH Survey Center; Washington Post, 3/2013]


NHDP - NH Sen Pierce Action Alert: Stand up for Equality! 

Dear Friend:
As the Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments this week on marriage equality, Republican leaders Kelly Ayotte, Frank Guinta, Jeb Bradley, and Bill O'Brien continue to oppose marriage equality.  



In 2009, I was proud to work with members of both parties to pass marriage equality in New Hampshire.  And since then, the people of New Hampshire have stood for fairness and equality time and again.  Unfortunately, Republican leaders have lurched so far to the right they are out of touch with the majority of New Hampshire citizens and even the majority of their own party.  





Take action today!  Sign our petition urging Kelly Ayotte, Frank Guinta, Jeb Bradley, and Bill O'Brien to stand with the majority of Granter Staters and support equality for all.  



Thank you,

Senator David Pierce



P.S. - After you sign our petition will you forward it to a friend and share on Facebook and Twitter?


NHDP - Kelly Ayotte, NHGOP Lurch to Right of National Republicans

Democrats Call on NH Republicans to Support Equal Rights for all NH Citizens


Concord - As the Supreme Court of the United States begins hearing oral arguments on marriage equality, national Republicans have scrambled to fall in line with the majority of Americans and support equal rights for all.  Unfortunately, the New Hampshire Republican Party led by Senator Kelly Ayotte has maintained its out of touch position seeking to deny equal protection to New Hampshire citizens based solely on who they love.


Not only is the New Hampshire Republican State Committee's opposition to equal rights listed in the official Party Platform that was ratified by the delegate members of NHGOP, but New Hampshire Republican leaders have actively sought to deny equality to Granite Staters. []

·         Senator Kelly Ayotte refuses to support equal rights, has promised to help repeal New Hampshire's marriage equality law and opposes repeal of discriminatory federal statues.  [Youtube

·         As a member of Congress Frank Guinta backed an effort to ban same-sex marriages. [Concord Monitor, 11/4/2012]

·         Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley voted against equal marriage rights both in Concord [HB436 Roll Call] and Washington.  He even voted in favor of enshrining inequality in the United States' Constitution. [Roll Call 387]

·         As House Speaker Bill O'Brien made repealing marriage equality a legislative priority for House Republicans.  [Nashua Telegraph,11/11/2012]


"Today I am calling on New Hampshire Republicans to join with the majority of Granite Staters and the Democratic Party in supporting equal marriage rights," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley.  "Unfortunately New Hampshire Republicans have lurched so far to the right they are out of touch not just with the majority of Americans, but even with members of their own party nationally.  This is further evidence that the NHGOP has lost any connection to traditional New Hampshire values in its desire to become the face and voice of the Tea Party and radical social conservatives."


Numerous public opinion polls show that the majority of Granite Staters and Americans support marriage equality. [UNH Survey Center; Washington Post, 3/2013]