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NHDP - ICYMI: NH Senate GOP Budget Continue to Cut Critical Economic Priorities 

Concord, N.H. – Despite New Hampshire Senate Republicans’ rhetoric, the truth is their budget continues to cut critical priorities and would undermine the state’s ability to lay the foundation of a new generation of economic growth.

Ignoring calls from the business community, Senate Republicans voted against continuing the state’s successful bipartisan Medicaid expansion program and against moving forward with commuter rail from Boston to Nashua and Manchester.

The Senate Republican budget also includes cuts to community-based mental health services and substance misuse treatment.

And even with these cuts, it's not clear how Senate Republicans will balance their plan without fiscally irresponsible budget gimmicks. 

See coverage roundup below:

AP: N.H. Senate committee rejects $4 million for commuter rail study

A push to extend commuter rail from Boston into New Hampshire hit a snag Thursday when a state Senate committee rejected plans to spend $4 million to study the expansion.

The vote fell along party lines, with Republicans on the Senate Capital Budget Committee rejecting the proposal and Democrats championing it.

… The $4 million was initially included in Gov. Maggie Hassan's capital budget for an environmental and engineering assessment of the project. 

… Hassan said expanding rail would attract more workers and families and better connect New Hampshire to the rest of the region. Democratic Sens. Molly Kelly of Keene and Lou D'Allesandro of Manchester agreed.

"We are talking about investing so that we can bring in greater economic development and stability," Kelly said.

She referenced earlier testimony in support of rail from an executive at Dyn, a Manchester-based technology company. Bringing rail into New Hampshire could better help companies like Dyn attract young workers from Boston, she said.

"We're trying to balance what we need today and what we need tomorrow," Kelly said. "What I heard from the gentleman from Dyn is that we would need (rail) today." [Full story]

Union Leader: “D’Allesandro argued the program is working as planned”

D’Allesandro attempted to continue Medicaid expansion beyond December 2016, restore funding for the state’s drug czar, extend the Certificate of Need health facility board two years, and give home- and community-based health service providers a rate increase, but was thwarted 4-2 by the Republican majority.

… D’Allesandro argued the program is working as planned, with fewer uninsured people using hospital services and emergency rooms, while reducing uncompensated care for hospitals.

“We put this program in place and it is working,” he said. “We ought to keep it in place.”

… Senate budget writers also restored funding to the mental health system the House had reduced, but told health and human service officials to take the money from new services the state will have to provide to meet a legal settlement on the state’s mental health system. [Full story]

Daily News of Newburyport: NH Senate Democrats oppose funding cuts

With the town and region suffering a plague of drug use and related deaths, New Hampshire Senate Democrats this week took their Republican colleagues to task for cutting the proposed funding for the state Office of Substance Use Disorders and Behavioral Health.

According to a press release from two senators on the Senate Finance Committee, if the cuts are not restored, it will harm the state from both a public safety and economic standpoint.

“This office funds a key position that ensures that we are strengthening our treatment and prevention efforts (in) a common-sense way to ensure that the state is responding effectively to the substance misuse epidemic,” said District 7 Sen. Andrew Hosmer, from the Lakes Region.

“All session long, we have seen the outcry from our communities for help dealing with this epidemic,” said Manchester Democrat Lou D’Allesandro, “and funding in this area should be a priority for all senators, not one that is open to cuts that go beyond the House (of Representatives’) draconian budget.” [Full story]


NRSC - Maggie Hassan Is Against School Vouchers



Maggie Hassan Is Against School Vouchers

WASHINGTON – With the school year coming to a close, the NRSC is starting a series reminding voters that elitist Governor Maggie Hassan opposes school vouchers which would enable students to attend the school that fits them best.  

“Every child should be able to attend the school that fits them best, but Maggie Hassan disagrees as she voted against school vouchers,” said NRSC spokesman Jahan Wilcox. “Hassan’s elitist view that big government should dictate which school each child attends is fundamentally wrong.”  


In May 2006, The New Hampshire State Senate Approved Legislation That Would Create A Scholarship Foundation To Provide School Vouchers For Low-Income Families. “Low-income families would be eligible for vouchers to send their children to better schools under a plan approved by the state Senate on Thursday. The bill calls for spending $250,000 to start a quasi-private foundation that would solicit donations for scholarships that low-income families could use for tuition at private schools or public schools outside their district. It also would streamline state funding for existing charter schools and provide $400,000 in startup money for new ones. Several Senate Democrats said as much as they supported those provisions, they could not vote for a bill that included vouchers.” (“Senate Approves School Vouchers,” The Associated Press, 5/5/06)

The Legislation Established A Quasi-Private Foundation To Collect Donations For Scholarships. “The bill calls for spending $250,000 to start a quasi-private foundation that would solicit donations for scholarships that low-income families could use for tuition at private schools or public schools outside their district. It also would streamline state funding for existing charter schools and provide $400,000 in startup money for new ones. Several Senate Democrats said as much as they supported those provisions, they could not vote for a bill that included vouchers.” (“Senate Approves School Vouchers,” The Associated Press, 5/5/06)

In May 2006, Hassan Voted Against Legislation That Would Appropriate $250,000 To Create A Public-Private Foundation To Provide Scholarships For New Hampshire Students For Private Or Public Schools. “An Act relative to distribution of state aid to charter schools and relative to funding for charter schools.” (H.B. 76, Roll Call Vote #124, Motion To Pass Adopted 15-8, 5/4/06, Hassan Voted Nay; Senate Journal 14, 5/4/06, pg. 579)


FreeKeeneNews - Hassan Confronted Publicly For Several Minutes at Keene State Graduation

VIDEO: Hassan Confronted for Several Minutes on Cannabis Hypocrisy

This afternoon the hypocrite governor of New Hampshire spoke at Keene State College’s 2015 graduation ceremony.  Maggie Hassan, the boss of the state’s executive branch, is likely to veto the cannabis decrim bill if it makes it through the NH senate.  It already passed the NH house with a supermajority of votes.  It’s clear that decriminalization is what the people of New Hampshire want (it’s also the humane choice), but Hassan throws her loyalty into the camp of the police and cares not one bit about the lives that continue to be ruined because of her inhumane war on pot.

Oh, and to make her position even more outrageous, it turns out she herself has used cannabis in her college days.  That raging hypocrisy didn’t stop her from showing up at Keene State College and acting like she actually gives a damn about the very same students that her police regularly threaten and harass over victimless crimes like cannabis and alcohol possession.  Rich Paul and I went down to KSC today to confront her on these things and were accompanied by local education activist Ed Bryans who was upset with Hassan’s veto of the anti-common core bill. We found her at the end of the commencement and had plenty of time to give her a hard time while she was unable to leave, much to the dismay of a few of her sycophants. Here’s the video.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have questions or would like to interview an activist,
Ian Freeman


Cornerstone - Governor Hassan Vetoes Family Focused SB 101 

Cornerstone Action

Today Governor Hassan vetoed SB101 prohibiting the department of education and the state board of education from implementing the common core standards in any school or school district in this state.

Parents showed up in large numbers to support SB101 giving numerous reasons why Common Core is not working in their local schools. 
SB101 was needed because there is still confusion in districts where parents are being told that their schools must adopt the standards or risk losing funding. It then becomes difficult for parents who want to lobby their elected school board members to use standards they feel are superior to Common Core.  SB101 would have helped parents move their local schools towards better quality academic standards.
The Veto by Governor Hassan misses another opportunity to stand with the parents in NH as they seek to make improvements to their local school districts.

Executive Director Bryan McCormack commented, "SB 101 was a common sense piece of legislation. It provided parents with the legal reference needed to make the choices they see as best for their children. It is sad that the Governor has ruled in favor of federal overreach and in opposition to parental choice."


NHDP Statement on Governor Hassan’s Bipartisan Plan to Provide Nursing Homes a Rate Increase

Concord, N.H. – New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement on Governor Hassan’s bipartisan plan to provide a rate increase to New Hampshire nursing homes:
“While Jeanie Forrester was busy with her dishonest political grandstanding, Governor Hassan, DHHS and the House Finance Committee worked together to develop a bipartisan solution that will provide nursing homes a rate increase while maintaining a balanced budget.”
“Forrester was clearly more concerned with scoring political points than actually reaching a workable solution as she pushed a fiscally irresponsible bill that increased nursing home rates without identifying a way to pay for them.”
“As the Senate continues to develop its budget, Republican Senators need to follow the example of Governor Hassan and the bipartisan legislators on the House Finance Committee who were able to put politics aside and get results for the people of New Hampshire.”