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Concord – Despite her public attacks against outside money groups, Governor Maggie Hassan’s campaign this week posted b-roll video on its campaign YouTube account for third party groups to use in ads. NH1 News reports that the stock footage was posted on Sunday.
“Governor Hassan obviously posted this stock footage for liberal special interest groups to use in third party ads. The governor has been caught red-handed giving dark money groups the green light to begin flooding New Hampshire's airwaves,” said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "The Governor can’t have it both ways by publicly attacking outside political groups while quietly welcoming their support. If Governor Hassan actually cares about limiting the influence of Super PACs, she needs to put her money where her mouth is and join Senator Ayotte in signing the same People’s Pledge that Senators Elizabeth Warren and Jeanne Shaheen signed.”
Governor Hassan has a disgraceful history of breaking campaign finance laws. In 2014, the New Hampshire Department of Justice forced her to return $33,000 in illegal campaign contributions.







Concord – Following Secretary Hillary Clinton’s humiliating defeat last night, the Washington Post declared her top New Hampshire supporters Governor Maggie Hassan and Senator Jeanne Shaheen as two of the biggest “losers” of the primary.
“The sitting governor and the state's Democratic senator were high-profile endorsers and surrogates for Clinton in New Hampshire. Didn't matter. Like, at all. Which provides yet further evidence that endorsements are, almost always, meaningless in the context of a presidential primary process,” wrote the Post.
“Governor Hassan and Senator Shaheen enthusiastically endorsed Hillary Clinton and threw the weight of their political machines behind her disastrous candidacy. Last night’s results are an enormous embarrassment for the governor and the senator and raise serious questions about Hassan’s political operation as she runs for higher officer,” said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. 






CONCORD – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today following Governor Maggie Hassan’s final State of the State address.
“It comes as no surprise that Governor Gridlock Maggie Hassan’s State of the State speech was short on substance and long on rhetoric, given that Hassan’s time in Concord has been marked by her lack of leadership and failure to address the challenges facing New Hampshire today. As she was paying lip service to bipartisanship, Governor Hassan must have forgotten how her failed veto and summer of gridlock put funding for critical services at risk. While touting business innovation and our state’s competitiveness, Hassan must have forgotten how New Hampshire’s economic recovery and job growth have been stalled and sluggish because of her tax and spend policies.”
“Governor Hassan is so eager to abandon New Hampshire for Harry Reid and Washington Democrats that she has completely failed to do her job in Concord. Granite Staters deserve better from their Governor, and they will remember her dismal record this November.”





NRSC - Despite Criticism, Hassan Won’t Deny “Stealth Campaign” 

Last week, Maggie Hassan was criticized by Politico, National Journal, the Washington Free Beacon, and a Union Leader Editorial for the overwhelming lack of substance in her campaign:

  • Politico: "[Hassan] refused to touch any question that veered toward even remotely treacherous territory..."
  • National Journal: "Hassan repeated some variation of [her talking points] 10 times...It opens Hassan to criticism that she’s running a generic campaign and is looking to ride Hillary Clinton’s coattails to Capitol Hill."
  • Washington Free Beacon: “New Hampshire Democrat Maggie Hassan is taking heat for running a lackadaisical campaign for the U.S. Senate.”
  • Union Leader: “Is getting straight answers out of Hassan about as likely as getting specifics from a Magic 8-Ball? Ask again later.”

But that didn’t stop Hassan from sticking to the script this weekend when asked  why she is running a “stealth campaign.”

Unsurprisingly, Hassan sticks to silence, and doesn’t acknowledge the question.

In addition to continuing her practice of silence, a staffer at the public event attempts to block access to the attendee asking questions.




AmericaRising - Maggie Hassan Gives Most Scripted Interview Of 2016 

New Hampshire governor and senate candidate Maggie Hassan gave a rare full-length interview to D.C.-based Politico, but instead of informing voters about her record and positions, her scripted and robotic answers became the focus of the story:

“Governor Hassan took a break from ignoring the press to givean interview so robotic it would make one of the droids from Star Wars blush (if they could). By regurgitating staleplatitudes in response to questions about her record and major policy issues,Governor Hassan showed she cares more about her political career than articulatinga vision for New Hampshire. If Governor Hassan doesn’t come up with some real answerssoon, it’s unlikely Granite State voters will send a walking talking point tothe U.S. Senate.” –Amelia Chassé,America Rising PAC press secretary

Maggie Hassan Gives Most Scripted Interview Of 2016

New Hampshire governor Maggie Hassan has avoided full-length interviews in the months since announcing her U.S. senate campaign, and the handful of times she spoke to reporters during her campaign launch were characterized by scripted, robotic answers.

But Hassan’s handlers evidently realized that she would have to talk to the media at some point and made a move to shore up her Washington, D.C. establishment credentials by giving her first full-length interview to Politico.

Unfortunately for Hassan, it didn’t go much better than her interviews with New Hampshire press. Even after months of running for national office, Hassan was still unprepared to talk about major issues in the race:

But Hassan also hewed relentlessly to talking points and political bromides about a Washington that’s “rigged” against the people. “What this race will be about is whether we’re going to continue to have a senator who just protects special interests,” Hassan said. “Or whether we’re going to have a senator, me, who will stand up for the people of New Hampshire.”

She repeated some variation of that 10 times. The strategy, of course, denies her opponents fodder for attacks. But it opens Hassan to criticism that she’s running a generic campaign and is looking to ride Hillary Clinton’s coattails to Capitol Hill.

(It’s worth noting that those “coattails” are questionable given Bernie Sanders is currently beating Hillary Clinton by large margins in most New Hampshire polls.)

By the end of the interview, Hassan was literally repeating talking points over and over to avoid answering questions:

“What’s really important to me is that we have fiscally responsible balanced budgets,” she said. 

As if on cue, she repeated nearly the exact same answer to two follow-up questions.

Asked three different ways about her controversial veto last year of the state budget over business taxes, a move that had critics calling her “Governor Gridlock,” Hassan stuck painstakingly to her script.

If Hassan can’t or won’t provide substantive answers to basic questions about her record or major policy issues, why exactly is she running for senate?