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CSNH takes out full page UL ad on Hassan's Gitmo position 


If Governor Maggie Hassan supports closing Gitmo, Granite Staters deserve to know where she would send the terrorists


MANCHESTER - Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire took out a full page advertisement in the New Hampshire Union Leader today - calling on Governor Maggie Hassan to fully explain her position on closing the Guantanamo Bay detention facility (also known as Gitmo).

**More images of the newspaper advertisement can be provided upon request**

While there are currently over 100 dangerous individuals still at Gitmo, President Barack Obama vowed on Thursday to continue his push to close it despite delays. A review of possible U.S. sites for the prisoners is part of the plan the White House and Pentagon have been drafting for months, but it has been reported that facilities on the East Coast are being considered.

In addition, the Defense Department announced on Monday that five Yemeni nationals were released from Gitmo, including an Al Qaeda terrorist who reportedly had close ties to Osama bin Laden. According to the Pentagon, they were transferred to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 
Governor Maggie Hassan told the New Hampshire Union Leader in an interview last month that "she would consider closing the Guantanamo Bay military prison," but she has not elaborated further on the issue since.

Organizations like ours have been pressing Governor Hassan for weeks to explain what she believes we should do with Gitmo detainees if the facility is closed. Considering how important this issue is to the safety and security of all Americans, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire even caught up with the governor hoping she would finally be able to give an in-depth explanation to her position, but she refused to answer questions.

Derek Dufresne of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released the following statement;

"Some of the most dangerous individuals in the world currently reside at Gitmo. Especially after last week's terrorist attacks in Paris, Granite Staters are rightly concerned about the Obama Administration's plan to eventually close the facility. Those concerns are heightened further given reports that the Pentagon is considering prisoner relocation areas only hours from the New Hampshire border.

"If Governor Maggie Hassan truly supports closing Gitmo, it stands to reason that she also must have developed a position on what we should do with the more than one hundred dangerous detainees still being held there. It is beyond time for her fully convey that plan to Granite Staters."



Facing Mounting Criticism, Hassan Waffles Stance On Accepting Refugees

Concord – Days after the barbaric Paris terrorist attacks, Governor Hassan released a statement saying “more facts” were needed before taking action, despite public reports that one of the men responsible posed as a Syrian refugee in order to enter Europe. Only hours later, Hassan reluctantly took a stand on the issue, calling for a halt to any further Syrian refugees. 
Despite her liberal record, Hassan has since come under fire from her own party for her position. Feeling political pressure from her Washington allies, Hassan was forced to backpedal and explain her unclear stance on the Syrian refugee crisis, emphasizing that her opposition to Syrian refugees was only temporary and that the government should work quickly to resume bringing in refugees after a speedy review. In a call with other governors, Hassan explained that all she really wants is more communication.
“Governor Hassan is clearly unsure of her own position on this important national security issue, and her inconsistency is extremely troubling,” said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. “The governor has once again revealed she lacks the leadership, competence and ability to represent New Hampshire in the United States Senate and tackle serious issues. Granite Staters deserve leaders that will take a clear stand on the problems we face as a country, not a politically-calculating politician that is more concerned with keeping her liberal Washington allies happy than keeping New Hampshire safe.”


Nashua Telegraph supports Legislature’s approach to Heroin Crisis 

ICYMI:Telegraph supports Legislature’s approach to Heroin Crisis


11/15 – Nashua Telegraph:


Wooden wisdom for NH’s problem

Telegraph Editorial

'Be quick, but don't hurry," legendary UCLA college basketball coach John Wooden often told his players.

The man knew what he was talking about: He won 10 national championships in 12 years, and during one stretch, UCLA rattled off seven titles in a row.

And while Coach Wooden may have been referring to action on the hardwood, New Hampshire's governor and legislators could also take a measure of guidance from the "Wizard of Westwood."

Gov. Maggie Hassan successfully pushed through the Executive Council a call for a special session of the legislature to address a set of new measures she has proposed to help combat the number of heroin and fentanyl overdose deaths plaguing the state. That strikes us as a wise plan, and the session will take place next week. Quick, decisive action by state leaders is needed to address the crisis and, frankly, should have been taken some time ago.

Hassan's proposal includes the creation of additional drug courts and new penalties related to the distribution of fentanyl to equal those of heroin - both bipartisan-supported policies. There is also a pitch for a new position in the Department of Justice to solely focus on drug-related crimes.

Hassan has called for legislators to expedite the bills during the special session itself.

"There is no reason to wait to take these common-sense steps, and I will continue pushing for and working with the legislature and stakeholders from all sectors on a comprehensive, bipartisan package that supports law enforcement, improves prevention, treatment and recovery, and strengthens our efforts to help save lives and combat the most pressing public health and safety challenge facing our state," the governor said in a statement.

But while the meeting next week happened quickly, that doesn't mean it's time to hurry.

And that's why a Republican proposal to establish a 26-member commission to vet Hassan's proposals and report to legislative leaders at the start of the next session, around Jan. 6, makes sense.

Because when you hurry, you make mistakes, and when you're talking about a crisis that has already killed hundreds in the state this year, mistakes caused by inattention or attempts to gain a political advantage are unacceptable.

Hassan is right that the state is in crisis. It has been for years now, and rushing through laws to create drug courts and change criminal penalties won't stop anyone from grabbing a needle tomorrow.

House Majority Leader Richard Hinch, R-Merrimack, had the right idea in his response to Hassan's plan.

"These are complex issues with huge consequences," he said. "By assembling this group of legislators who are experts in their respective policy areas, and putting together a process by which they work with external stakeholders, we believe we have a better chance of not just having good legislation, but having the best legislation we can, given what we know at this time."

The key words there being "complex" and "huge consequences." He's right, and it's best not to hurry through a good idea without taking the time to make sure it's also a sound idea.





Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding Hillary Clinton laughing at a male questioner’s comment that he wanted to strangle presidential candidate Carly Fiorina at a town hall in Derry:
“Hillary Clinton should know that it is completely inappropriate and offensive to laugh at or excuse sexist jokes about violence against women. Top supporters of Clinton’s presidential campaign in New Hampshire should immediately denounce her sexist tolerance of these outrageous comments. Granite Staters deserve to know that Senator Shaheen and Governor Hassan do not agree with or condone jokes about domestic violence against women and they should make that abundantly clear.”
Click here to watch the full video.



Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement on Governor Maggie Hassan releasing substance abuse legislation while traveling out of state to raise money for her United States Senate Campaign:
“Governor Hassan failed to show up for work today so that she could travel to high dollar fundraisers for her United States Senate campaign in New York and Washington. Instead of focusing her full attention on addressing the substance abuse crisis here in New Hampshire, the governor is putting out press releases to distract from her out of state political travel.
“Fortunately New Hampshire voters are smart enough to see through Governor Hassan’s political gamesmanship and understand that her Administration has already failed to provide effective leadership on the state’s heroin epidemic. New Hampshire deserves a fulltime executive, and Governor Hassan’s absence proves that she isn’t doing enough to address this life or death crisis.”