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Party Violated Federal Elections Campaign Act


Concord - Citing a "series of reporting errors" and multiple violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) has fined the New Hampshire Democrat Party $4,375. The FEC fine follows actions taken last year by the New Hampshire Department of Justice against Governor Maggie Hassan's reelection campaign after it accepted $33,000 in illegal campaign contributions


"Governor Hassan and the New Hampshire Democrat Party have exhibited a troubling pattern of illegal behavior and a complete disregard for state and federal campaign finance regulations. As the senior Democrat elected official in New Hampshire, Governor Hassan needs to take responsibility for this unethical conduct and explain why her political operation continues to break the law," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn.


The Department of Justice forced Hassan to return all of her illegal campaign contributions to the big money, special interest political action committees that were attempting to buy influence over her administration.



NRSC - Gov Hassan Skipped Work For Out Of State Fundraisers 



WASHINGTON – After skipping work last week for fundraisers in Kentucky and Texas, Democrat Maggie Hassan is back in the Granite State. According to reports Hassan was spotted in Kentucky and Texas over the past few days.  

As the Associated Press reports:

“Hassan Spent Part Of Thursday And Friday In Louisville, Kentucky, And Will Attend Another Event In Dallas On Saturday.” (Hassan Travels For Democratic Governors Association Events, The Associated Press, 05/02/15)

Notably, Hassan’s budget called for a taxpayer funded chief operating officer (COO), which would ensure that someone is running New Hampshire while she hangs out with liberal donors.

“It’s not even campaign season and Maggie Hassan is already skipping work to attend out of state fundraisers,” said NRSC spokesman Jahan Wilcox.  “With Hassan plotting her pathway out of New Hampshire, it’s no wonder she requested a taxpayer funded COO to run the state.”


Governor Hassan’s Budget Proposes Spending $1.4 Million To Establish An Office For A New Chief Operating Officer. “Hassan’s budget also includes nearly $1.4 million over two years to pay for a chief operating officer and two staff members, and to establish an ‘innovation fund’ intended to make government more efficient.” (Kathleen Ronayne, “N.H. Still Weighing Support For Casino,” The Associated Press, 2/18/15) 

The Union Leader Called Hassan’s Proposal “Absurd” And “Ridiculous.” “This even beats her political pandering of including in the same budget $4 million that the state does not have to study a pie-in-the-sky railroad line that is also going nowhere fast. In fact, people who sincerely believe in the train idea should be furious with Hassan for lumping their train in with the absurd COO position… And now Gov. Hassan wants to create an unelected chief operating officer to operate the state while she does what, exactly? The idea is ridiculous.” (Editorial, “Maggie’s Folly: A COO For NH? Not A Good Notion,” Union Leader, 2/21/15) 


NRSC - Maggie Hassan gets a BIG endorsement from … Nancy Pelosi? 





Good Morning,

Tonight, Maggie Hassan will celebrate her 2014 election with one of the most unpopular politicians in the country - Nancy Pelosi. Not exactly the type of endorsement most politicians would want to promote. 

It’s clear that Hassan is more interested in hobnobbing with Washington liberals than being an effective governor. After all, she already proposed hiring an unelected bureaucrat to run New Hampshire so she can spend more time with Nancy Pelosi. 

Since Hassan has Nancy Pelosi’s stamp of approval it is worth asking her if she agrees with Nancy Pelosi that… 

We Have To Pass ObamaCare To Find Out What’s In It

It’s Almost A False Argument To Say We Have A Spending Problem

Obama Has Never Done Anything For Political Reasons"

ObamaCare Is Lowering Costs And The Deficit"

"ObamaCare Will Lower Everyone’s Rates

"ObamaCare’s Implementation Is “Fabulous


NHDP - ICYMI: Seacoast Online: “Gov. Hassan pushes to fund taking care of roads” 

Key Point: “We need to make the Senate understand what the effect would be… If we keep putting (projects like these) off, it just gets more and more expensive,” Governor Hassan said.
Seacoast Online: “Gov. Hassan pushes to fund taking care of roads”
GREENLAND — “This is impressive in the wrong way,” said Gov. Maggie Hassan Thursday morning as she joined several New Hampshire Department of Transportation workers in surveying the degradation on Breakfast Hill Road in Greenland and Route 33 in Stratham.
Hassan visited NHDOT Shed No. 610 in Rye, one of 86 in the state. Hassan said she “must have driven by thousands of times,” without knowing the shed was there. She met with workers and then took a brief tour of some of the sites where the DOT hopes to get paving projects underway this year.
NHDOT Director of Operations Bill Janelle told the governor that if the House-approved budget were to pass the Senate and be signed, the money would simply not be there for the badly needed paving projects on the Seacoast. According to Janelle, both the portions of Route 33 they visited and Breakfast Hill Road haven’t been paved in 10 years.
“It needs to be done. This is the right time. It makes sense economically to pave it on a routine cycle,” Janelle told Hassan.
According to Hassan, the budget cuts made by the House would include $5 million from the winter maintenance budget, and $42 million from the NHDOT as a whole.
“That’s just ridiculous after the winter we’ve had,” she said, adding that such cuts have an economic “ripple effect” on New Hampshire. “It puts us in a downward spiral rather than the smart, strategic investing we should be doing.”
“We need to make the Senate understand what the effect would be,” she added.
Hassan praised the DOT workers’ hard work over the winter, thanking them for the long hours they put in keeping the area’s roads clear.
…“If we keep putting (projects like these) off, it just gets more and more expensive,” she said. “And in the meantime, New Hampshire drivers are driving on roads that are less and less safe.” [Full article]

NH GOP - Urgent Second Amendment Issue 


Governor Maggie Hassan has threatened to veto bipartisan legislation that would reform New Hampshire concealed carry laws.

Law abiding Granite Staters already have the right to carry, but need to ask permission to carry in their cars, under a jacket, or in a purse. Too often, local officials deny or delay permits for no good reason. This commonsense legislation would address this problem and ensure that Granite Staters have the basic right to self-defense.


Maggie's motives are clear - she is trying to cozy up to radical, out of state, big money gun control groups that want to restrict our Second Amendment rights. She is desperate to get her hands on the millions of dollars that gun grabbers like liberal New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will funnel into her campaign coffers as she plots a run for the United States Senate.


Maggie's gun control allies have already spent millions in New Hampshire, and intend to spend even more. Even worse, these discredited groups have held events in our state to push their radical agenda that have honored thugs, murderers and terrorists including the Boston Marathon bomber.

We need your help to fight Maggie's dangerous gun control allies and elect more pro-Second Amendment Republicans in 2016. Please click here to help us by contributing $50, $75 or $100.




Jennifer Horn

New Hampshire Republican State Committee