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Gov. Hassan Let’s Franken Mail her list because NH and MN are so alike…


Manchester, NH -- In a very unique attempt to make a few dollars off Governor Maggie Hassan’s donors, Minnesota US Liberal Senator Al Franken sent an email blast to individuals on Maggie Hassan’s email list, drawing a questionable comparison between New Hampshire and Minnesota.  The email in its entirety is below, but it reads in part:


 New Hampshire and Minnesota have some things in common…

“ ...In both our states, the people have clearly said that they want a government that works. Maggie Hassan knows how to make that happen in Concord.”


Minnesota and New Hampshire are actually quite different.  Minnesota has a 6.875 sales tax, more for areas where it is levied additionally at the county and city level.  Minnesota has an income tax that starts at 5.35% and stretches as high as 9.85 percent for those making $153,000.


“By the looks of the tax structure of our two states, I’d say that our profiles don’t look at a lot alike,” said Andrew Hemingway, NH Republican Gubernatorial candidate. “There are certainly a lot of people who would like to see a broad-based tax in New Hampshire and one has to wonder why Governor Hassan would allow this promotion to compare the two.  We do want a Government that works, the Senator is right there.  But I’d argue against he and Governor Hassan, that New Hampshire--staring a budget crisis in the face--doesn’t have a government working right.”


Al Franken was elected in a controversial race in 2008.


“Al Franken is easily one of the most liberal members in either body of Congress.  I have been saying that the company you choose to keep can say a lot about a politician, Governor Hassan’s decision to help Senator Franken says a lot to me about her,”  Hemingway concluded.

Full text of Franken/Hassan email below.


Al Franken - U.S. Senator, Minnesota

Dear Jeff,


New Hampshire and Minnesota have some things in common -- the people in both states dislike rampant partisanship, demand competence and integrity from their public officials, and both deal with cold winters by bundling up and playing pond hockey.


In both our states, the people have clearly said that they want a government that works. Maggie Hassan knows how to make that happen in Concord. I know how to do it in the Senate. But neither of us can accomplish much on our own.


Team Franken is always looking for top talent, and that includes you. The fastest, easiest way for us to stay in touch is through these emails, but I want to respect your inbox -- if you’d rather not join our team, just click here and you won’t hear from me again.


I've got a tough race this year. And while Republicans haven’t settled on a candidate, the Koch brothers, the RNC, and a new super PAC are already attacking me. I’m going to need good people on my team, both before and long after this November’s election. I hope I can count on your support.


Thanks for reading, I hope to email you again soon.





Manchester, N.H. – Incumbent Governor Maggie Hassan filed for re-election yesterday, the same day Republican Andrew Hemingway stood with dozens of supporters to submit his papers to challenge her in November. The difference was clear in their filing statements as Hemingway discussed lowering health care costs, improving education and growing the economy, and the Governor touted her expansion of government and a gas tax increase.


“She cited the bi-partisan support for the two-year budget, freezing state college tuition, doubling the research and development tax credit, providing health care to 50,000 poor adults and raising the gas tax to fix the state’s roads and bridges as hallmarks of her first term.” –  Hassan, Hemingway file for NH governor's race by Gary Rayno, Union Leader, June 13, 2012 (View article here)


“When you brag about raising taxes on families already struggling in a stagnant economy, and the massive expansion of Obamacare as your hallmarks, I’d say you’ve demonstrated the difference between the two of us,” Hemingway said.


In addition, Governor Hassan claims credit for a Republican Senate budget and a freeze in the state college tuition.  The college tuition freeze came from the University System of New Hampshire Board, not the Governor.


University System of NH board votes to freeze in-state tuition for two years, Nashua Telegraph, June 29, 2013  (View article here)  


“In addition to touting the two things that will do damage to our economy, Governor Hassan took credit for a budget created by the Republican Senate and a tuition freeze by a board she doesn’t sit on.  I think it’s clear the reality is that Maggie Hassan has no accomplishments of her own worth bragging about,” Hemingway concluded.


NHDP - ICYMI: Nashua Telegraph: "Hassan made the correct choice" on Turkey

Granite State Business Owner Tom Blais: "It’s huge to go"

Key Quotes: 
Nashua Telegraph Editorial: The Governor "chose the more responsible of the choices that were before her. Now that the decision has been made, the important thing is that everyone have a safe trip and that they build the kind of relationships with their Turkish counterparts that open doors and result in an increase in trade for businesses seeking new trading partners."
And Tom Blais, President and owner of ROKON, told NHPR: "This is what people don’t understand the most. It’s huge to go. Particularly if you’re a small business. Big business has a lot more reach. But small business, a critical ingredient is credibility. When we travel with the governor, whether it was with Steve Merrill years ago, or Governor Hassan, we’re allowed to get in the room with critical decision-makers in these countries that we wouldn’t ordinarily get into." 
Nashua Telegraph Editorial: Hassan made the correct choice


Gov. Maggie Hassan a few months ago issued a ban on out-of-state travel for state employees in response to April budget revenues that came in much lower than anticipated.
The executive order signed by the governor also banned equipment purchases from the general fund and imposed a freeze on hiring.
Those seemed like prudent things to do in an effort to shore up the state’s financial position – or at least not make it any worse.
Then, Hassan went forward with plans to take a state-sanctioned trip to Turkey.
Predictably, Republicans were beside themselves and accused the governor of not living up to the terms of her own executive order.
[...] But that doesn’t mean the governor should have canceled the trade mission. 
[...] she chose the more responsible of the choices that were before her.
Now that the decision has been made, the important thing is that everyone have a safe trip and that they build the kind of relationships with their Turkish counterparts that open doors and result in an increase in trade for businesses seeking new trading partners.
NHPR: The Currency: Who's Going On The Turkey Trade Mission, And Why They Say It Matters
One of those companies that signed up is Rochester-based ROKON.  And they make motorcycles unlike anything you’ve ever seen. [...] Tom Blais is President and owner of ROKON.  He says international trade is important to the company’s success. [...]

Q: Businesses going on the trade mission have to pay their own way, and I also understand a fee to the state.  So why not just go on your own?  Is there a benefit to having a state dignitary like Governor Hassan coming along?

A: This is what people don’t understand the most.  It’s huge to go.  Particularly if you’re a small business.  Big business has a lot more reach.  But small business, a critical ingredient is credibility.  When we travel with the governor, whether it was with Steve Merrill years ago, or Governor Hassan, we’re allowed to get in the room with critical decision-makers in these countries that we wouldn’t ordinarily get into.  The state is able to connect with the right groups.  In this case, we’re going with a Turkish businesspersons’ group called TUSKON.  And their reach across Turkey is legendary.  So our ability to connect with TUSKON, with the credibility angle from the state, particularly with Governor Hassan, allows us to get in the room—I’m going to meet the head of Search and Rescue, for the entire country of Turkey.  That would not happen.  And to be able to meet with the largest manufacturer of ATVs in Turkey, that probably wouldn’t happen.  These are big deals for small business. And I encourage other small business in New Hampshire to make this effort.  I know it’s time consuming, I know it’s expensive.  But it pays off.”

Read more



Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement on Governor Maggie Hassan filing for re-election:


"Maggie Hassan's reckless and hypocritical tenure as governor negates her campaign promises of fiscal responsibility.  She ignores emergency policies in place, because of her blind pursuit of a big-government agenda, by taking Democrat lobbyists on a taxpayer-funded vacation to pay them back for raising campaign cash for her with Vice President Biden.  Hassan openly embraces ObamaCare and other failed policies hurting residents in New Hampshire but championed by Democrats in Washington so that she can use her corner office in Concord to court special interest group support for a 2016 Senate campaign.  Maggie Hassan isn't working for the people of the Granite State and it's time replace her with a responsible Republican this fall."




As a candidate, Maggie Hassan promised to be a fiscally responsible governor committed to balanced budgets


"The former three-term senator from Exeter also pledged to be a fiscally responsible governor who would veto any sales or income tax and commit herself to a balanced budget." (Kathryn Marchocki, "Hassan promises state won't 'turn our back' on its people," New Hampshire Union Leader, 10/26/11)


As Governor, Hassan has failed miserably to manage the New Hampshire budget and has ignored the spending precedent set by Governor John Lynch


"A hiring freeze put in place five years ago by Governor John Lynch is doing little to prevent state agencies from filling their vacant positions, as the Governor's Office has issued 436 waivers so far this Fiscal Year. Governor Maggie Hassan has not denied a single request to waive the hiring freeze in her first six months in office." (New Hampshire Watchdog, 6/13/2013)


Because of her reckless management of state finances, Hassan was forced to issue an Executive Order directing a freeze in generally funded hiring, equipment, purchasing and out-of-state travel


"The state will freeze hiring, equipment purchases and out-of-state travel paid for with general funds after the Joint Legislative Fiscal Committee approved Gov. Maggie Hassan's executive order" (Gary Rayno, "State spending freeze locked in," New Hampshire Union Leader, 05/22/2014)


Unfortunately for New Hampshire residents, Governor Hassan believes that the spending freeze applies to everyone but herself, and demonstrates tremendous hypocrisy in preparing to take a taxpayer-funded vacation to turkey with Democrat lobbyists next week


"Gov. Maggie Hassan is going forward with her long-planned trade mission to Turkey despite the state revenue dip that prompted her to freeze out-of-state travel. She makes an exception for her trip, saying it is worth the money even now. That position is undermined by the very figures her administration uses to promote the trip....There simply is no urgent need for the state to spend scarce tax dollars on a trade mission with the state's budget in such bad shape." (Editorial, "Hassan's trip: Quit it cold turkey," New Hampshire Union Leader, 06/02/2014)


Even worse, Hassan's trip is political payback in the form of a paid vacation for one of one of her top supporters, Democrat lobbyist Jim Demers, who hosted a fundraiser for her campaign with Vice President Biden at his home in 2013


"Vice President Joe Biden plans to raise campaign cash for the Democratic leader of the first-in-the-nation primary state.  The White House says Biden will appear at an Aug. 22 fundraiser in Maine for New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan, who faces re-election next year. The event is at Democratic lobbyist Jim Demers' home." ("Biden to raise money for NH Gov Hassan," Associated Press, 08/05/2013)


"The delegation of business representatives headed for Turkey includes...former state representative and lobbyist Jim Demers, president and CEO at Demers and Blaisdell" (Dave Solomon, "GOP, conservative group take aim at Hassan over trip," New Hampshire Union Leader, 06/03/2014)


FreeKeeneNews - Hassan Challenged in Primary by National Talk Show Host 

Free Keene founder calls her out on cannabis issue.
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Freeman Challenges Hassan in Democratic Primary

As of Thursday morning, nationally syndicated talk show host Ian Freeman has thrown his hat into the ring for governor of NH in a primary challenge to incumbent Maggie Hassan. In addition to being a registered democrat, Freeman is a co-chair of the New Hampshire Liberty Party. Freeman openly challenges Hassan on her inhumane continuation of the insane “War on Drugs”, especially the war on cannabis users. On Freeman’s campaign info page, he states,

If Maggie were a true democrat, she’d care about the little guy, but yet her state police continue to put the little guy behind bars for victimless crimes like cannabis possession. As governor, I’ll pardon all victimless criminals as one of my first acts.

Freeman also supports NH seceding from the United States as well as equal ballot access for all candidates. Regarding Freeman’s positions on other issues, please see the NH Liberty Party platform. Or, contact the candidate directly with any questions or media requests at 603-513-2449 or ian at