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NH Rep Edelblut Appeals to Gov. Hassan to Nullify Gun Free Zones 


Concord—Representative Frank Edelblut (R-Wilton) has called upon  Governor Hassan to follow the lead of six other of the nation’s governors by moving to nullify the requirement that recruiting offices remain “gun free zones,” allowing National Guardsmen to be armed and able to protect themselves.


“Military recruiting centers in New Hampshire have long be designated ‘gun free zones.’ Of course, we know that this means that law-abiding citizens and military personnel obey the law but criminals, intent on violence, have no regard for the law.  This is what played out in the tragedy at the Tennessee military recruiting office last week,” wrote Edelblut in his letter to the governor.


“It has come to my attention that a number of New Hampshire citizens have had to take it upon themselves to protect our brave service men and women who serve in these facilities.  The governors of six states have effectively nullified the requirement that recruiting offices remain ‘gun free zones,’ allowing National Guardsmen to be armed and to protect themselves,” he added.


“I would request that you act likewise, and permit our brave service men and women who serve in New Hampshire military recruiting centers to arm themselves,” concluded Edelblut.




NH Senators disappointed in Hassan veto of tax fairness bill 

Concord, NH – Senators Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro) and Andy Sanborn (R-Bedford) today expressed their disappointment in Governor Hassan’s decision to veto a bill protecting New Hampshire start-ups from taxes on phantom income.


“I’m disappointed that Governor Hassan would veto a bill to protect New Hampshire companies from paying taxes on phantom income. That’s why the bipartisan Commission to Study Business Taxes recommended correcting this provision in 2011,” Bradley said. “This tax is not on profits or capital gains, but on the potential increase in shareholder value. This bill eliminates a huge disincentive for start-ups here in New Hampshire. Hundreds of good jobs are at stake, and we want a tax code that attracts start-ups to our state.”


HB 550 would clarify that a New Hampshire business would not be subject to Business Profits Tax simply because it went public, attracting investment and raising the perceived value of its stock. Under the NH Department of Revenue Administration’s current interpretation of the tax code, growing businesses could owe millions in higher taxes, even though they haven’t received any additional business income to pay those taxes.


“Whether it’s attacking out of state businesses who create good jobs in New Hampshire, or blocking repeal of this unfair tax on phantom income, Governor Hassan seems to think business owners are the enemy,” Sanborn added. “Entrepreneurs take risks, create jobs, and will help revive the New Hampshire economy, if the Governor would give them the chance.”




NH House Majority Whip Responds to Governor’s Veto of HB550 Tax Reform

CONCORD – House Majority Whip Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) offered the following statement relative to Governor Hassan’s veto of HB550, a bill that would limit the inclusion in the business profits tax of the net increase due to certain sales or exchanges of an interest or beneficial interest in a business organization.


“In today’s 21st century economy, we should be mindful that you can go from a start-up in a garage to a billion dollar company in short order. We should not be inhibiting these innovators from looking at New Hampshire as an option. We need to attract and retain them.”


“HB550 is pro-active, pro-business, and pro-jobs. It makes us more competitive. It says New Hampshire is listening to the concerns of our business community and will not penalize growth and innovation. These are all issues I told my constituents I’d support. I’m disappointed by the Governor’s veto and we will certainly be working to override it.”





Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement on Governor Hassan's veto of a tax reform bill that would have helped New Hampshire companies grown and create jobs:


"Once again, Governor Hassan has put good paying jobs at risk by ignoring the concerns voiced by Granite State employers. At a time when New Hampshire job growth is falling behind both the national average and the rate in Massachusetts, Governor Hassan should be doing everything within her power to help business jump-start our economy. The governor continues to remind Granite Staters that she is out of touch with the priorities of the New Hampshire business community and unwilling to support pro-growth policies that are needed to create more good paying jobs." 





Citizens For A Strong NH - Gov Hassan vetoes tax reform bill 


(July 20, 2015) -  This afternoon, Governor Maggie Hassan vetoed SB 550, a tax reform bill. The legislation, if signed into law, would have given important business profits tax clarification that would have kept jobs in the Granite State.

Her veto was despite a report found in Friday's Portsmouth Herald, which said New Hampshire's job growth "remains on a disappointing path," falling behind both the national average and growth in Massachusetts.

Governor Hassan has since said that she "might consider the change" as a part of the budget process.

Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:

"With Governor Maggie Hassan's willingness to consider these tax changes as a part of the budget process, she has shown that she is well aware of the positive implications it would have on New Hampshire small businesses. Instead, once again, she is trying to use it as a political chit to manipulate the budget process simply to further her own political career.

"Granite Staters are well aware that under Governor Hassan's failed leadership, our state is on a dangerous path where New Hampshire job growth is falling behind both the national average and growth in Massachusetts. Despite numerous reports that depict concerning implications for families in our state, our governor has once again refused to embrace bipartisan solutions that would move New Hampshire forward."