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NHDP Statement on Governor Maggie Hassan’s Inauguration 

CONCORD, NH – New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement on Governor Maggie Hassan’s inauguration for a second term as New Hampshire’s 81st Governor:

“Today, as she was sworn in for her second term, Governor Hassan pledged to continue fighting for the priorities that will support small businesses, expand opportunity for middle class families, and move our economy forward.

“New Hampshire Democrats are inspired by Governor Hassan’s vision for a future where we continue to hold down the cost of higher education, maintain our commitment to ensuring access to quality, affordable health care, and finally raise the minimum wage for hard-working Granite Staters.

“Governor Hassan has proven that she knows how to bring together members of both parties to get results for our people and economy, and Granite Staters know that we are in good hands under the Governor’s strong bipartisan leadership.”



NH Senate Republicans encourage Governor Hassan to control state spending 

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office

Not the time for business tax increases


Concord, NH – Senate President Chuck Morse (R-Salem) and Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro) issued the following statements regarding Governor Hassan’s request to the Legislative Fiscal Committee to cut state spending:


Morse: “We are pleased that Governor Hassan is bringing forward spending cuts to begin to address New Hampshire's growing budget deficit. Revenues for this year have come in slightly above the budget plan. The real problem is the overspending that has taken place since the Legislature passed a responsible budget in 2013. I hope the Governor continues to encourage her state agencies to keep their budgets conservative. “


Bradley: “The Legislature will come in under budget again this year, and will continue to find additional savings in its budget. But I remain concerned that today's proposed cuts don't go far enough.  The Governor should direct her department heads to spend less.  I’m also troubled that the Governor is clearly opening the door to higher business taxes, just as New Hampshire’s economy is starting to move out of neutral.”


NHDP - Statement on Governor Maggie Hassan's Re-Election Victory 

Manchester, NH - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement on tonight's re-election victory for Governor Maggie Hassan:

“Tonight's results confirm that Granite Staters support Governor Hassan's proven record of bipartisan leadership that's moving New Hampshire in the right direction. The Granite State will be in good hands as Governor Hassan continues to reach out across party lines to deliver results for our people, businesses and economy, and move our state forward."

“Following the hyper-partisan era of Bill O'Brien's disastrous budget cuts to higher education, public safety, and infrastructure, Governor Hassan worked tirelessly across the aisle to put our state back on the right track by responsibly balancing our state's budget without a sales or income tax, freezing tuition for in-state colleges, expanding access to affordable, quality health care for 50,000 Granite Staters and passing a bipartisan transportation plan that's fixing our roads and bridges. Governor Hassan will continue working to build an economy that works for everyone in New Hampshire.”

NRTW - Put the heat on Maggie Hassan  

As you know, today in New Hampshire, tens of thousands of workers are forced to pay tribute to a union boss or be fired.

And that’s just plain wrong.

But with freedom, jobs and economic prosperity potentially all at stake this election year in New Hampshire, it’s vital your next Governor oppose forced unionism.

That’s why our friends at New England Citizens for Right to Work sent your candidates for Governor and state legislature a survey on the forced-unionism issue, asking them to support a state Right to Work law and pledge 100% opposition to forced unionism.

The issue is simple: No worker should ever be forced to pay tribute to a union boss just to get or keep a job.

Now, I have both good and bad news to report in the race for Governor.

The good news is, one of your candidates -- Republican Walt Havenstein -- has returned his Candidate Survey pledging 100% opposition to forced unionism.

Walt Havenstein has staked out his position in favor of a state Right to Work law –- and complete opposition to forced unionism.

But there’s bad news too.

You see, the other gubernatorial candidate -- Democrat incumbent Maggie Hassan -- has, thus far, refused to return her Candidate Survey.

Sadly, Democrat incumbent Maggie Hassan’s pro-forced- unionism position is no secret.

In fact, while serving in the State Senate, Maggie Hassan voted to KILL a limited Right to Work bill for state employees.

And unless something happens, I’m afraid she’ll continue to put the interests of the union bosses above those of the working men and women of the Granite State.

It’s absolutely vital you put the heat on Maggie Hassan today and insist she come around on the forced-unionism issue.

You see, a state Right to Work law would end Big Labor’s power to compel workers in New Hampshire to pay for the “privilege” of getting jobs and taking care of their families.

That’s a HUGE reason all of your candidates should support the passage of Right to Work.

Here’s another: A state Right to Work law would also give a huge boost to the New Hampshire economy.

The fact is, the economic story could not be clearer:

*** Private sector employment jumped 15.3% over the last decade in Right to Work states -- nearly THREE TIMES the rate in New Hampshire;

*** Real private sector employee pay and benefits grew 16% in Right to Work states from 2003 to 2013 -- compared to just 6.4% in New Hampshire;

*** From 2003 to 2013, real manufacturing GDP increased by 26.2% in Right to Work states -- nearly double the rate of forced-unionism New Hampshire.

It’s not hard to see why Right to Work states have such a huge advantage over forced-unionism states.

PHH Fantus, the nation’s longtime leading business relocation firm, reported that half of all businesses automatically eliminate non-Right to Work states like New Hampshire when considering relocation or expansion.

And those jobs going to Right to Work states are good, high-paying jobs.

George Mason University’s Nobel Prize-winning economics department found that families in Right to Work states average $2,800 more in purchasing power than families in non-Right to Work states.

A more recent study conducted by Dr. Barry Poulson -- a past president of the North American Economics and Finance Association and economics professor at the University of Colorado -- showed even more striking results.

Dr. Poulson found that families in Right to Work states have nearly $4,300 more purchasing power than families in non-Right to Work states.

Until politicians in Concord are willing to stand up to the union bosses, New Hampshirites will not be able to enjoy those benefits that come with a Right to Work law.

That’s why it’s vital you put the heat on Democrat incumbent Maggie Hassan and insist she come out in opposition to forced unionism AT ONCE.

You see, right now is the time that politicians are listening most closely to the folks back home -- while they are candidates, rather than safely in office.

But with the November 4 General Election rapidly approaching, there isn’t much time.

Here’s how you can help

1) Put the heat on Democrat incumbent Maggie Hassan. Demand she stop kowtowing to the union bosses and instead answer her Right to Work Candidate Survey in complete opposition to forced unionism;

2) Contact Republican candidate Walt Havenstein and thank him for taking a stand against forced unionism and pledging to support a New Hampshire Right to Work law;

3) Chip in with a contribution (if you can) to help National Right to Work and New England Citizens for Right to Work reach as many Right to Work supporters as possible in New Hampshire.

With so much on the line this year, we’re really stretching our budgets to help keep Right to Work supporters informed about which of their candidates stand with them and which stand with the union boss elite.

So, if you can help financially, I’d really appreciate it.

Whatever you can do -- $250, $100, $75, $50 or $25 -- will help.

But most importantly, please do all you can to hold your politicians accountable. Insist that ALL of your candidates take a public stand in opposition to forced unionism.

Demand Maggie Hassan do an about-face on compulsory unionism and return her Candidate Survey in 100% opposition to the union bosses’ radical, forced-dues agenda at once.


NH Senate Republicans - ICYMI: Governor Hassan is ignoring growing problems in her administration 

NH Journal Masthead.jpg

By Sen. Sharon Carson and Rep. Lynne Ober- Oct 22, 2014 

It is long past time for Governor Maggie Hassan to take responsibility for the growing problems in her Administration, and get state government under control.


We found out last week that Hassan missed her budget taret by $7.3 million, not including raiding $15 million from the surplus left over from the last Republican budget. That means that she missed her budget target by $22 million, even as state revenues continue to come in on target. New Hampshire’s slowly improving economy can’t keep up with Hassan’s rate of spending.


The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently reported that it’s on track to overspend $40 million this year. As a result of this overspending, and the Governor’s budget shortfall, she is now asking other state departments to find $30 million in spending cuts. On Hassan’s watch, the state’s finances are falling apart.


Our Rainy Day Fund is down to just $9 million, barely enough to cover two days of state government. Hassan opposed efforts to build it back up.


The New Hampshire Retirement System is dangerously underfunded, and will need to come up with $5 billion to cover unfunded liabilities. Hassan opposes any meaningful reform.


Bond rating agencies have noticed these threats, and this year downgraded the outlook on New Hampshire bonds from stable to negative. If our bond rating deteriorates any further, taxpayers will be forced to pay more to finance capital construction projects.


Mistreatment of rank and file employees from agency management is so rampant that state employees urged the Legislature to pass a bill restoring professional standards to state government, which passed the House with large bipartisan support, was amended and passed by the Senate. But Hassan vetoed it, and the House failed to override her veto.


The Sununu Youth Service Center is in turmoil. This leaves both the children incarcerated there and the local community at risk. This year, one of the buildings burned to the ground, yet the Hassan Administration is at a loss to explain what happened to the public. The Legislature crafted a bipartisan agreement to bring oversight to this rogue agency. Hassan vetoed it, and then launched a campaign to convince House Democrats to sustain her veto.


Maggie Hassan has gutted New Hampshire’s campaign finance system, launching a scheme to bring in unlimited special interest PAC donations to fund her re-election effort. She was forced to return $22,000 in illegal donations, but opened the floodgates to literally unlimited PAC spending in future elections.


She continues to blame the Republican Legislature elected in 2010 for all of her problems, and repeatedly criticized the Senate Republican budget that eventually became the basis of our current budget. Yet now, she tries to take credit for that same budget.


Although she continues to claim that her Administration doesn’t have a spending problem, even as she scrambles to cut spending, a quick look at September revenues shows that the state has collected $2.4 million more than planned for the First Quarter of FY15. How can she say there isn’t a spending problem when revenues are on track?


Time and again, Hassan chooses partisanship games over governing. She calls Republicans names, while claiming to be a bipartisan problem solver. Time and again, Hassan has refused to admit the failures of her Administration.


The Hassan Administration has many growing problems, but we’re not going to see any improvement until the Governor herself steps up and finally takes some responsibility.


Sen. Sharon Carson, R-Londonderry, chairs the Senate Executive Departments and Administration Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee. Rep. Lynne Ober, R-Hudson, serves on the House Finance Committee.