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NHDP Applauds Governor Hassan For Managing The Budget To A $62 Million Surplus 







CONCORD, N.H. - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement applauding Governor Hassan for managing the fiscal year 2015 budget to a $62 million surplus:


“Thanks to Governor Hassan’s strong fiscally responsible budget management and the hard work of state agencies, New Hampshire finished the fiscal year with a $62 million surplus and more than doubled the state's Rainy Day Fund. Now, it's time for members of both parties to continue working under the Governor's leadership to build on this strong economic progress."


"There is still more work to do, including re-authorizing Medicaid expansion and combatting the state's substance abuse crisis, and Granite Staters know that Governor Hassan will continue working to bring people together to get results for our state's people and small businesses."





Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement on the resignation of Jack Wozmak, Governor Maggie Hassan’s failed drug czar:
“Jack Wozmak’s tenure as Governor Maggie Hassan’s drug czar was marked by a troubling pattern of ineptitude and ineffectiveness. Under Governor Hassan’s leadership, Mr. Wozmak refused to work with local officials and repeatedly failed to reach out to the physicians and members of New Hampshire’s law enforcement community who are on the front lines of combating our state’s heroin epidemic,” said New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Jennifer Horn. “Given the seriousness of New Hampshire’s substance abuse crisis, Governor Hassan should have already replaced Mr. Wozmak with a competent person who could have done a better job. Granite Staters expect state government to be well-managed, and it’s clear that Governor Hassan’s focus on her distracting United States Senate campaign is hindering her ability to address this emergency.”
In an interview with Foster’s Daily Democrat (10/11/15),the President of the New Hampshire Medical Society called for “greater leadership” from the Hassan Administration on New Hampshire’s devastating heroin epidemic. Dr. Lukas Kolm also said that embattled Hassan Administration drug czar Jack Wozmak has failed to reach out to New Hampshire’s physicians.
This news followed earlier reports that Governor Hassan’s drug czar also failed to contact top law enforcement officials in New Hampshire’s biggest towns and cities.
Hassan’s office also lost track of a $12 million federal grant to combat substance abuse. Governor Hassan also vetoed a budget that included a 75% increase in state funding to address the heroin epidemic.





Sununu For Governor - Statement on resignation of NH's Drug Czar 



EXETER, NH - Today, Executive Councilor Chris Sununu, a Republican candidate for Governor, issued the following statement regarding the resignation of New Hampshire's drug czar, Jack Wozmak.

"I, along with many others, previously expressed concerns with Mr. Wozmak's performance and ability to understand the enormity of the opioid problem in New Hampshire. Therefore, I view today's news as a fresh opportunity to install a more capable leader in the executive branch, who will better assess the challenges, be able to coordinate vital programs and resources, and develop new and effective means for addressing the issue of addiction that is plaguing our state.
"Approximately 400 lives were lost to drug overdoses last year - nearly 200 more than the prior two years. A problem of this magnitude requires determined leadership. I'm committed to reversing this trend, and I will continue to reach out to and work with families, providers, law enforcement, and state agencies to rid New Hampshire of its opioid epidemic."





Strong NH - Opinion: "Maggie Hassan is a Droid from the Dark Side" 


By: Derek Dufresne in today's New Hampshire Union Leader


"You pick up the phone to hear yet another pollster. Like many Granite Staters, you oblige and begin answering. The nice young man or woman on the other end of the call eventually asks you something like this: "If you had to choose between a generic Republican or a generic Democrat, which would you choose?"
"I consistently find this question one of the most difficult to answer. What is a generic candidate? Does such a vague, robotic candidate even exist outside the local movie theater? Is there actually a politician whose doppelganger is a Dark Side version of the Star Wars droid built by Anakin Skywalker?
"Yes, there is. And you don't have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to find her. You only have to drive to Concord and locate Governor Maggie Hassan, which truthfully might be just as difficult.
"Hassan is the epitome of a Capital Hill robot who has been reprogrammed by her masters to accomplish what she's been told to do.
"While she once promised to have New Hampshire's best interests at heart, like C-3PO, Maggie's memory must have been erased. Unlike those of her metallic twin, her new Washington taskmasters aren't as benevolent. DC insiders began the arduous process of reprogramming our governor months ago with the campaign protocol they hope will eventually get her to the U.S. Senate."






Hassan Bragged About Breaking Fundraising Records Only To Be Outraised
Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding reports that Governor Hassan prematurely gloated about breaking fundraising records but was outraised by Kelly Ayotte:
“Initial quarter fundraising for one of Harry Reid’s top recruits should have been record-setting as Governor Hassan might have hoped, but it’s clear that these numbers are deeply underwhelming for a campaign desperate to manufacture the appearance of enthusiasm. The governor’s incompetent campaign made a rookie mistake by gloating about their fundraising numbers and were embarrassed by the news that she was outraised by her more serious competitor. Unfortunately for her candidacy’s chances, she has brought the same incompetence and ineptitude Granite Staters have come to expect from her governor’s office to her campaign.”