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Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement on Governor Maggie Hassan's state of the state address:


"Governor Maggie Hassan offered no new ideas or real proposals to move New Hampshire forward and create more economic opportunity for middle class families. She missed an important opportunity to layout a bold vision for the future of our state and instead used this speech to lay the groundwork for her support of a disastrous gas tax increase.


"A gas tax hike during tough economic times will punish working families, hurt small businesses and kill jobs. Granite Staters shouldn't be forced to pay more at the pump simply because Governor Hassan is unwilling to do her job and look for ways to control spending and eliminate government waste and inefficiency. She continues to remind voters that she lacks the commitment to fiscal discipline that they expect from their governor."


Gubernatorial Andrew Hemingway Releases Statement on Maggie Hassan's State of the State

Manchester, NH – Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Hemingway released the following statement in response to Governor Maggie Hassan’s State of the State Address:

“Governor Hassan successfully spoke for nearly an hour without mentioning one accomplishment of her administration. Using the words “solution and innovative” repeatedly does not unto itself mean you have achieved or even proposed an innovative solution. The people of New Hampshire are smarter than that.

“Governor Hassan gave a lot of lip service to the business community, yet every policy she proposed would harm the very community she is praising. Study after study has proven that a hike to the minimum wage harms exactly the people it is trying to help. Increasing the minimum wage causes jobs loss, it drives more people to welfare, it drives up state budgets and raises the cost of doing business. The people harmed the most?  Minorities and women.

“Where exactly are her solutions? She failed to even mention the serious problem with our healthcare situation here in New Hampshire, even though it is arguably one of the largest concerns of our citizens.  22,000 people were kicked off their insurance thanks to Hassan-supported Obamacare; 12 hospitals were removed from the network for anyone on the Exchange, or anyone with individual insurance from Anthem; Anthem is the ONLY provider approved for the Exchange.  Where is her plan to bring more insurance providers into the state?

“On education, Governor Hassan praised Common Core.  This bureaucratic mess lowers existing state standards and replaces parents with bureaucrats. Common Core  is not right for NH. We have increased our spending on education by over a billion dollars in the past decade; our enrollment is down and our education has not improved.  Governor Hassan believes differently than me.  She thinks more government control is the solution to everything, I think individual freedom is.”

“We very much are in need of certain transportation improvements for our roads and bridges.  I agree with the Governor there.  But she failed to tell us how we can pay for that. Just as she failed to tell us how we can pay for her expanded natural gas pipeline, or extending broadband internet. A good idea is only a good idea if you tell us how to make that idea a reality.  Governor Hassan didn’t do that.

“Our Governor says absolutely nothing. She maintains the status quo, because as her record has shown, she has no solutions.  This ‘do nothing’ leadership is doing nothing to improve things for students, patients or workers.” –Andrew Hemingway, Candidate for NH Governor


Andrew Hemingway Announces his Candidacy for Governor 

Hemingway Launches Campaign Before Crowd in Manchester


Manchester, N.H. –New Hampshire native and tech entrepreneur Andrew Hemingway announced tonight that he will challenge Maggie Hassan for the Governor’s seat in November. Andrew made the announcement before a crowd of approximately 130 people at The Yard Restaurant in Manchester.


“I’m running for Governor because I believe our state motto is more than a fancy marketing tool, it’s a statement of principal,” Hemingway told the group of supporters.  “New Hampshire’s economy has been stuck in neutral for ten years and Maggie Hassan wants to maintain the status quo.  Of the thirty-four thousand businesses in the state, thirty-three thousand of them are the small Main Street businesses.  These hard-working families are bearing the brunt of ‘The Status Quo Governor’s’ failed policies.”


Hemingway continued, "Lobbyists, Crony Corporations, and the Federal Government have co-opted New Hampshire’s Corner office, and Maggie Hassan is unwilling to challenge these forces.  It’s time that we bring new ideas.”


Andrew announced a Solutions First platform for his campaign, where he will focus on Students First, Patients First and Workers First.

Andrew will be releasing a series of policy proposals over the course of the spring as his campaign develops.  “As Governor, I will challenge the status quo with innovative ideas and solutions to the state’s biggest problems.  As a candidate, I will show you exactly how I can do that.” he said.

For more information on Andrew and his candidacy for Governor, go to his website at


Citizens Report: Shea-Porter the 'Great Pretender,' thank you Chris Sununu, and more...

Rep. Shea-Porter continues to hide from her constituency: Her "town hall meeting" was a farce

Last Saturday morning, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter was scheduled to host what she called a "town hall meeting" in Dover at Maple Suites Senior Living Community. Sadly though,the event was anything but a public forum. Instead, it wasa scripted, tightly-controlled event where she made sure to avoid those who might disagree with her. 


In response, Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement on Saturday afternoon:

"While we were hopeful this morning that Rep. Carol Shea-Porter would finally be hosting her first town hall meeting, today's event was no public forum. In order to attend the event, individuals were told they needed to pre-register themselves and the questions they planned on asking. At the meeting itself, video cameras were not allowed inside. This is disheartening both for transparency purposes and for anyone who couldn't attend the event especially considering the dangerous driving conditions caused by today's bad weather. Furthermore, those protesting outside were forced to leave the premises because it was against the 'corporate policies' of the venue her meeting was held at.

"Granite Staters deserve a representative who cares about the opinions of all her constituents and allows for real town hall meetings where all views can be expressed. Once again, we still wait to hear form Rep. Carol Shea-Porter on when she will actually hold her first real town hall meeting. Granite Staters deserve better."


The follow-up from our experience at Rep. Shea-Porter's town hall meeting was covered by the New Hampshire Journal, which you can read by clicking HERE, and by blogger Kimberly Morin, which you can read by clicking HERE. 

The Great Pretender

While video cameras were banned from Rep. Carol Shea-Porter's town hall, we were able to document that this was certainly not a real forum, but rather a 'pretend' meeting. We used this footage to create a web video titled, The Great Pretender.

Click HERE to watch the web video. Please share it with your friends and family via email and social media.

Are they missing? Demand that Senator Shaheen, Rep. Shea-Porter, and Rep. Kuster hold town hall meetings

We at Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire are committed to standing up for Granite State values, which is why we, like you, are not willing to accept the fact that Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter and Rep. Annie Kuster are hiding from their constituents because of Obamacare.

You can help demand a town hall meeting by sharing THIS image on your Facebook wall or Tweeting it to your followers.

In addition, we encourage you to call their New Hampshire offices as well:

Senator Jeanne Shaheen: 603-647-7500

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter: 603-641-9536

Rep. Annie Kuster: 603-226-1002

A lone voice on the Executive Council is willing to ask the tough questions

On Friday, the Union Leader published an editorial describing a $1.2 million renewable energy grant for a solar project in Peterborough under consideration by the Executive Council. 
While we currently have four sitting Executive Councilors, only one, Chris Sununu, was willing to ask tough questions despite criticism he received from Governor Hassan. Per her comments during the meeting, she instead believes that it is the Executive Council's job to "support" those asking for state money instead of looking out for the taxpayer. As the Union Leader asserts, the Governor couldn't be more wrong.
Click HERE to read the Union Leader's full editorial.

Thank you Councilor Sununu for fighting for taxpayers. Shame on Governor Hassan and her liberal allies on the Executive Council who instead believe it is their job to "rubber-stamp these renewable energy contracts that the people are funding involuntarily."


Laugh of the week    
Here's some humor for your Friday afternoon. Have a great weekend, Granite Staters! 



Josiah Bartlett Center - What’s Noteworthy Here is the Governor’s Chutzpah 

Weekly Update from the
Josiah Bartlett Center

Keeping you up to date on our latest research
on the issues impacting New Hampshire

What's Noteworthy Here is the Governor's Chutzpah

The governor would like to spend state revenues directly for scholarships to be used at any approved school, public or private in the state. At the same time, in the same term, she is arguing that legislation that does the same thing is an unconstitutional breach that must be stopped. Rarely has any leader been so directly and perfectly contradictory.

In her budget address just eleven months ago, Gov. Hassan proposed spending $4 million from the state treasury directly to pay for “need-based scholarships that can be used at both public and private colleges.” This is not an unreasonable program. To allow lower-income students access to greater educational opportunity, the governor wants to target limited dollars to them. Rather than dictate a list of specific providers, the governor believes students and their parents should choose from any licensed school, public or private, religious or secular, in-state or out-of-state to develop the best educational option for that specific student....Click here to keep reading