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Concord - Following news of United States Senator Kelly Ayotte's visit to Guantanamo Bay, New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn asked Governor Maggie Hassan where she stands on closing the facility and what should be done with the terrorists there:
"While Kelly Ayotte continues to lead the fight against the Obama Administration's dangerous efforts to shut down Guantanamo and transfer terrorists to the US, Governor Hassan has signaled her openness to closing Guantanamo Bay. But she has yet to answer where she stands on transferring dangerous detainees to American soil. Given Governor Hassan's openness to supporting President Obama's plan to close Guantanamo, New Hampshire voters deserve to know whether she'd also sign on to transfer dangerous terrorists to our homeland." 


FROM: Jennifer Horn, NHGOP Chairman
TO: Interested Parties
RE: Maggie Hassan's Terrible Campaign Kickoff
DATE: October 22, 2015
The first two weeks of Governor Hassan's campaign for Senate have been marked by negative headlines, embarrassing gaffes and a daily struggle to stay on message.
Negative Headlines
While the governor's fledgling campaign is doing its best to convince voters she isn't just another partisan Democrat incapable of separating herself from Washington party bosses, a consistent barrage of negative headlines aren't doing her any favors.
  • The governor's first official day as a Senate candidate was overshadowed by her admission of support for President Obama's disastrous nuclear deal with Iran. Polls show that while the Iran deal may have survived the test of Washington, it is widely unpopular with the American people.
    • Hassan's vote to block legislation to prevent sanctuary cities in New Hampshire eerily mirrored national Democrats' vote to block similar legislation and provided Granite Staters with a preview of just how she would vote as a United States Senator - in lockstep with her party and against the state's best interests.
Hassan may try to hide from her out-of-touch views, but her extreme record will come back to haunt her campaign for higher office.
Campaign Gaffes
The candidate's words and her campaign's actions are telling two different stories, demonstrating her shameless hypocrisy and willingness to do anything to get to Washington.
  • Governor Hassan launched her campaign by promoting the value of bipartisanship and working together, but proceeded to launch personal attacks on the family life of her opponent by citing a widely discredited satirical blog on Twitter (@Maggie_Hassan).
  • The governor's campaign was immediately mocked by national press for using a sexist satire blog which describes itself as a "vile socialist anti-Christian propaganda blog". The article promoted by Governor Hassan referred to Senator Kelly Ayotte as a "girl-guy," and was repeatedly defended by her campaign, despite its offensive, insulting and inaccurate content.
Struggling To Stay On Message
In as many weeks, Governor Hassan has been forced two separate times to denounce attacks on New Hampshire's political tradition by top Democrat surrogates.
  • Last week, Harry Reid insulted New Hampshire's status as the First-in-the-Nation presidential primary state, forcing his handpicked Senate candidate, Governor Hassan, to call for an apology for his offensive remarks. It has been widely reported that Harry Reid personally recruited the governor to run for United States Senate and his political operation has spent $550,000 on her behalf. She has refused to say whether she will continue to rely on his financial support and political backing.
  • Later that same week, fellow Hillary Clinton endorser Howard Dean insulted New Hampshire's Secretary of State Bill Gardner, requiring yet another denunciation from Governor Hassan.
The governor has had trouble separating herself from Washington Democrats and has continued to reveal herself as just another party line vote after coming out in favor of overwhelmingly unpopular national policies. Her campaign kickoff has been marked by consistent setbacks, particularly her inability to flee from her extreme record, and she has shown herself to be just as incompetent a campaigner as governor.

NRSC - Hassan is Wishing for a DeLorean Right About Now … 


Good morning, and happy Back to the Future Day!

In the classic 80s film series, Doc Brown and Marty McFly time travel to today’s date before going back in time to undo misdeeds in the past.

It got us wondering... If Maggie Hassan took a ride in Doc’s DeLorean, which moments in history would she undo?

Maybe she'd try to go back and rewrite her fiscally irresponsible record of hiking up taxes and spending that's made life more expensive in New Hampshire. That would take a lot of trips...

On Back to the Future Day, Hassan’s probably wishing she could go back and rewrite history to change her fiscally irresponsible record that has failed to move New Hampshire forward. Too bad it's just a movie. 



As A State Senator, Hassan Voted To Kill Commonsense Legislation That Would Have Blocked Sanctuary Cities In NH

Concord - This afternoon, Senate Democrats blocked legislation to crack down on sanctuary cities that shield known illegal immigrants with criminal histories. In 2008, then-state Senator Maggie Hassan voted to kill legislation that would have blocked any effort to promote sanctuary city policies in New Hampshire and protect illegal immigrants convicted of violent crimes.
As reported by CNN, "The subject gained national attention in July when 32-year-old Kate Steinle was murdered in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant. Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez had been deported five times and previously convicted of seven other felonies but was released by San Francisco authorities after drug charges were dropped. The release came despite a request form U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for Lopez-Sanchez to be detained."
The bill has been endorsed by the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, the National Association of Police Organizations, and the National Sheriffs' Association, in addition to victims' rights organizations. 
"Governor Hassan has demonstrated that she is willing to put her political considerations ahead of public safety concerns by opposing legislation that would penalize sanctuary cities," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "When illegal immigrants commit violent crimes in our country, they need to be arrested and immediately deported. Local officials should not provide these convicted criminals with a safe haven by promoting sanctuary city policies that ignore federal laws. Governor Hassan's support for sanctuary cities shows how extreme and out-of-touch her views are with New Hampshire's commonsense values."
In 2008, then-state Senator Maggie Hassan voted to kill SB 353, a bill that "provides that the state of New Hampshire and its political subdivisions shall not serve as a sanctuary for illegal aliens and requires state and local law enforcement agencies to enforce immigration laws to the extent authorized by federal law." Full text of the bill can be found by clicking here


Executive Councilor David Wheeler Calls Nomination 'Disturbing'
"NH Dem Senate Candidate's Judicial Nominations Criticized"
Bill McMorris
October 16, 2015
New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan tapped a public defender with a history of trying to get child rapists off on technicalities for a vacant judgeship.
Manchester public defender Dorothy Graham, whom Hassan nominated to the Superior Court, has twice attempted to reduce the sentences of child rapists on technicalities and, in one case, a "clerical error." She took those cases all the way to the New Hampshire Supreme Court with mixed success.
In 2011, she appealed the 2009 conviction of Hector Ortiz, who was sentenced to 25 to 50 years in prison for repeatedly raping and sexually assaulting his girlfriend's daughter.
"The pediatrician who examined the victim testified that he examined her 'to evaluate her for an allegation of sexual abuse.' The victim 'was about 10 years old' at the time. The pediatrician asked the victim if the defendant 'had put his penis inside her; she said yes.' He asked her 'if this had happened before, and she shyly said yes,'" the decision says.
She attempted to reduce his sentence to 10 years, citing a clerical error that led the judge to misread his punishment and also argued to waive the testimony of a retired detective. Graham did not dispute that Ortiz was guilty of the offenses. The Supreme Court affirmed the sentence and dismissed Graham's arguments.
Ortiz was not the only convicted child rapist Graham assisted.
She challenged a kidnapping charge against a man convicted of attempting to sexually assault a 7-year-old girl he lured away from her driveway. Daniel Casanova, then 37, was convicted in 2011 of attempted sexual assault and attempted kidnapping charges and was sentenced to between 10 and 20 years in prison.
Graham, then an assistant appellate defender in the Concord office, argued that it was unclear whether Casanova meant to "penetrate" or merely touch the child "for sexual gratification." The Supreme Court dismissed that claim, though agreed to dismiss the kidnapping charge by merging it into the sexual assault conviction. His sentence was not reduced.
Graham, who now serves as the managing attorney at the Manchester public defender's office, did not return request for comment.
Graham's history of defending child rapists caught the attention of Executive Council Republican member David Wheeler, one of five councilors responsible for approving judicial nominations. While he said he is sympathetic to the necessity of public defenders and that they do not get to pick and choose their clients, he saw Graham's pursuit of dismissals over "technicalities" as "disturbing.
"This is something that is very disturbing information and we need to look into it a bit further. The way I understand the facts is that this appeal was more of a minor technicality. If I was a defense attorney, my conscience wouldn't be able to handle that," Wheeler told the Washington Free Beacon. "The difference on [Graham's] case is whether the defendant's rights were violated in a serious way or whether it was really her trying to get a guilty person out of a penalty for his heinous crime."
Hassan nominated Graham and five other lower court judges and lawyers to important state posts on Oct. 6. She praised the public defender and her colleagues for their "experience, character and integrity."
"They have each demonstrated an unyielding commitment to public service and justice, while possessing the temperament and character needed to be an effective judge," she said in a press release.
Hassan's office did not return request for comment.
The nominations were vetted by a commission run by the New Hampshire Bar Association. Commission co-chairs Emily Rice and James Rosenberg did not respond to inquiries about whether the commission was aware of Graham's involvement in the child rape cases.
All judicial nominees must be approved by the 5 member New Hampshire Executive Council, which is made up of three Republicans and two Democrats.
Republican councilor Joseph Kenney said that they were caught off guard by Hassan's handling of judicial nominations. She gave the council no advanced notice of her choices, breaking from the traditional nomination process. Kenney said that the council has not yet been able to thoroughly vet the nominees, but will change that when Graham and her other potential appointees testify before the council on Monday.
"Quite frankly, we were caught off guard last Wednesday. We found out when she put forth a press release," Kenney told the Washington Free Beacon. "I would be inclined to slow down the process and review each applicant and give the public their due process to find out who these nominees are."
Neither of the two council Democrats returned requests for comment.
Graham will appear before the executive council on Monday. The council will issue its decision as soon as Wednesday.