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Governor's Decision To Use State House Office In Political Ad Raises Ethical Questions


Concord - The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today filed a Right-To-Know request regarding Governor Maggie Hassan's corner office campaign ad shoot.


This week, Hassan released her first ad for her re-election campaign. The entire ad was shot in Hassan's taxpayer-funded, State House office in Concord. State law prohibits public employees from using government property for "electioneering."


The full request is below:


The Honorable Maggie Hassan

Governor of New Hampshire

State House

107 North Main Street

Concord, New Hampshire03301


Dear Governor Hassan,


This is a request under the New Hampshire Right To Know Law (RSA 91-A.)


On behalf of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee I am writing to formally request that you provide me with all records from your office regarding your recent political ad shoot in your State House office. This request includes, but is not limited to schedule information to determine when the ad was shot, documentation regarding any state employees who may have worked on this shoot and any emails or communications from your staff about this political ad.


Under New Hampshire law (RSA 659:44-A) public employees are prohibited from electioneering "while in the performance of his or her official duties or use government property, including, but not limited to, telephones, facsimile machines, vehicles, and computers, for electioneering." Any person who violates this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor crime. Participating in the production of a partisan political ad in the governor's office would certainly fit the definition of "electioneering."


Your ethically questionable decision to use the sacred confines of the corner office as a political prop in your first partisan campaign is extremely troubling. It also raises questions about what other types of political activities you are conducting in the governor's State House suite.  


If members of your taxpayer-funded staff helped set up this ad shoot, it would be a violation of state law. It's likely that your official staff had a hand in the production of this ad given that many of your former campaign aids hold patronage positions in the governor's office. This includes your 2012 campaign consultant Pamela Walsh, who now draws a publicly funded paycheck as your chief of staff.


The use of official offices in political ads has generated significant controversy and serious ethical questions in recent years. Congressional ethics rules forbid the use of federal office space for political and campaign activity, meaning that congressmen and senators are barred from shooting campaign ads in their district offices or in the United States Capitol.


In 2012, President Obama was sharply criticized by government watchdog groups for using the West Wing of the White House in a series of campaign ads. ABC News reported at the time that Meredith McGehee, policy director of the Campaign Legal Center, said it "an unwise politicization of the highest office in the land."


"I find it a bit disturbing that he would do it in the West Wing office," McGehee said. "Filming in a West Wing office - it may not be precedent-setting but that doesn't mean it's the right thing to do."


Granite Staters expecttheir governor to use his or her time in the corner office to do the people's business, not political businesses. You decision to shoot a partisan campaign ad in your official office adds to the ethical concerns that havealready been generated by your illegal fundraising scandal. Accepting tens of thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contributions and deciding to blur the line between your official duties and campaign activities raises serious questions about your integrity.


Pursuant to the guiding statutes, please respond to this request within five (5) days of receipt. If you deny any part of this request, or this entire request, please cite eachspecific exemption you feel justifies the refusal to release the information and notify me of appeal procedures available to me under the law.


Thank your for your attention to this important matter.




Jennifer Horn


New Hampshire Republican State Committee


NHDP - NHGOP, Jennifer Horn Feign Ethical Outrage to Score Political Points 

Horn Forgets She was Called out for Campaign Finance Violations and Hypocrisy by Grant Bosse, Who Himself Now Does Political Consulting from his Government Job

Manchester, NH – The feigned ethical outrage from the New Hampshire Republican Party and its Chair Jennifer Horn, who owes $92,184.67 in unpaid taxes from 2008-2009, flies in the face of Horn’s years of campaign finance violations and hypocrisy, as fellow Republican Grant Bosse has pointed out at length.
Not to mention that Bosse’s righteous indignation is nearly as laughable as Horn’s, as he now does political consulting for candidate Dan Innis while also working in a government job as the Senate Majority Caucus Director.
“Nobody could possibly take Jennifer Horn or any member of the New Hampshire Republican Party seriously when it comes to their manufactured ethical outrage,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley. “Between not paying her taxes and her questionable campaign finance actions, Horn’s credibility on ethical questions is even worse than her record of winning elections.”
Horn’s recent phony outrage over campaign finance reform contradicts her numerous questionable campaign finance practices as a candidate, including using a D.C.-based non-profit to help raise funds for her struggling and cash-starved campaign in violation of IRS rules.
As a candidate Horn also displayed remarkable hypocrisy, repeatedly criticizing other candidates for practices she herself exploited.
After calling on her primary opponent State Senator Bob Clegg to return contributions he had received from state lobbyists, it surfaced that Horn had accepted nearly two times as much money from lobbyists as Clegg had.
Horn also tried to claim that Clegg was “trying to buy the election” by loaning his campaign $250,000. The only problem was that she too loaned her campaign money, to the tune of $175,000 for the primary.
“The voters of New Hampshire will see right through the New Hampshire Republican Party’s desperate attempt to change the subject from the fact that their candidates, like failed CEO Walt Havenstein and conservative activist Andrew Hemingway, would implement the same failed Bill O’Brien/Koch Brothers agenda that would hurt our middle class and take our state backwards,” added Buckley.

NH Senators seek answers on state spending 

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office

Morse, Odell call on Hassan to open the books


Concord, NH – Senators Bob Odell and Chuck Morse issued the following statements concerning New Hampshire’s July revenue report, and Governor Hassan’s call to reopen revenue estimates for FY 2015:


Senate Ways and Means Chair Bob Odell (R-New London) said, “Our conservative and realistic revenue projections hit the target for the first year of this budget, and were within 2% in the previous budget.  I’m proud of the fact that the numbers show that the Republican Senate does a remarkably accurate job of estimating revenue growth for our State.  The other key piece to a balanced budget however is spending.  By how much did state agencies overspend their budgets last year?”


Senate President Chuck Morse (R-Salem) reiterated Senator Forrester’s concerns voiced earlier this week, “I am deeply concerned about our level of state spending and keeping our budget balanced.  Governor Hassan tells us state agencies overspent their budgets, but can’t say by how much.  Spending for 2014 is being hidden from the Legislature. Why? I urge Governor Hassan to share a spending update for 2014 to make sure we keep our budget balanced and our taxpayers protected.”




*The FY 2014-15 Budget adopted by the Legislature and signed into law by Governor Hassan anticipated changes in New Hampshire’s business taxes, and built those changes into the official revenue estimates. Those estimates were within $3 million for FY14.


*This is the first time in at least a decade that the Department of Administrative Services has failed to produce the monthly revenue plan for the second year of the budget. The monthly revenue plan is based on the revenue estimates included in the FY 2014-15 Budget, which was signed by Governor Hassan more than 13 months ago. The Lynch Administration was able to provide the monthly revenue plan on time in FY 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2013.


*Senate Finance Chair Jeanie Forrester (R-Meredith) requested a month ago today that the Fiscal Committee schedule a comprehensive state spending update.



Hassan Has Now Returned $33,000 in Illegal Contributions Since Scandal Broke  


Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement on Governor Maggie Hassan returning $9,000 in illegal campaign donations from the Plumbers and Steamfitters PAC. This comes after Attorney General Joe Foster forced Hassan to return $24,000 in contributions from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC last week. 


"Governor Hassan has engaged in a troubling pattern of illegal behavior that has damaged her credibility and raised serious ethical questions about her administration. Once again she has been caught red-handed taking thousands of dollars in illegal contributions and putting the concerns of the special interests that are funding her campaign ahead of New Hampshire's interests. 


"The dark ethical cloud hanging over the Hassan Administration has undermined public confidence in state government and called Governor Hassan's integrity into question. It's time for the governor to come clean by disclosing any further illegal donations she may have received and immediately releasing her campaign finance reports.


"New Hampshire deserves a governor who isn't bought and sold by big unions who are trying to push their job killing agenda and impose the controversial Northern Pass project on the North Country. It's time to replace Governor Hassan with a responsible Republican who will put New Hampshire first."  


NH Sen. Martha Fuller Clark to join Governor Hassan for Farm-to-Plate Bill Signing 

Senator Martha Fuller Clark (D-Portsmouth) will join Governor Maggie Hassan and NH Commissioner of Agriculture Lorraine Merrill on Friday, August 8th at the Tilton Farmers’ Market as the governor signs Sen. Clark’s Farm-to-Plate legislation. The signing will occur as part of  celebrating National and NH Farmers Market Week, and kicking off August Eat Local NH Month. 

WHO:             Governor Maggie Hassan, Sen. Martha Fuller Clark

WHAT:            Bill Signing for Clark’s Farm-to-Plate legislation

WHEN:           2:40PM August 8th, 2014

WHERE:        Tanger Outlets, 120 Laconian Road, Tilton, NH