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NRSC - NH Gov Hassan Seeks Bureaucrat To Run New Hampshire 


WASHINGTON – With Governor Maggie Hassan proposing a full-time Chief Operating Officer (COO) to run New Hampshire, the NRSC released the following web video:




“It’s pretty sneaky that Maggie Hassan would ask taxpayers to fund an unelected COO bureaucrat to run New Hampshire so she can focus on her Senate campaign,” said NRSC spokesman Jahan Wilcox. “Hassan’s absurd request reiterates that she’s more focused on herself and getting a promotion to Washington, than being an effective Governor.”


Governor Hassan’s Budget Proposes Spending $1.4 Million To Establish An Office For A New Chief Operating Officer. “Hassan’s budget also includes nearly $1.4 million over two years to pay for a chief operating officer and two staff members, and to establish an ‘innovation fund’ intended to make government more efficient.” (Kathleen Ronayne, “N.H. Still Weighing Support For Casino,” The Associated Press, 2/18/15)

The Union Leader Called Hassan’s Proposal “Absurd” And “Ridiculous.” “This even beats her political pandering of including in the same budget $4 million that the state does not have to study a pie-in-the-sky railroad line that is also going nowhere fast. In fact, people who sincerely believe in the train idea should be furious with Hassan for lumping their train in with the absurd COO position… And now Gov. Hassan wants to create an unelected chief operating officer to operate the state while she does what, exactly? The idea is ridiculous.” (Editorial, “Maggie’s Folly: A COO For NH? Not A Good Notion,”
Union Leader, 2/21/15)

The Union Leader: “…The Governor Is The State’s Chief Operating Officer. If We Were To Fund This New Position, We Should Stop Paying The Governor.” (Editorial, “Maggie’s Folly: A COO For NH? Not A Good Notion,
Union Leader, 2/21/15)


NRSC - Hassan ’s Budget Requests Bureaucrat To Run NH So She Can Run For Senate 


Governor Hassan’s Budget Requests Bureaucrat To Run New Hampshire So She Can Run For Senate

WASHINGTON – In a sly effort to spend more time plotting her campaign for Senate, Governor Maggie Hassan recently submitted a budget which outsourced her duties as New Hampshire’s CEO.

“Governor Hassan’s request for a taxpayer funded CEO to run New Hampshire is an admission that she’s either incapable of being Governor or wants to spend more time planning her Senate campaign,” said NRSC spokesman Jahan Wilcox. “If Hassan can’t do her job now, then why should New Hampshire families send her to Washington?”


NEW HAMPSHIRE UNION LEADER:  “[Charles] Arlinghaus was particularly critical of Hassan's proposal to hire a chief operating officer for the state. ‘The governor is the state's chief operating officer. If we hire someone to do that, we need to stop paying her,’ he said.” (Tim Buckland, State Budget Plan Greeted As Mixed Bag, Union Leader, 02/15/15)

PORTSMOUTH HERALD:  “All of this brings me to the most disturbing part of Gov. Hassan’s budget, the ‘hiring’ of a chief operating officer. This is not a hiring, but the outsourcing of the responsibilities that belong with the governor of New Hampshire. This proposal of a ‘state CEO’ is not only insulting to the people of New Hampshire, but a clear indication why our economic future is in the wrong hands. Gov. Hassan is not only admitting she is ill-equipped to handle the duties of governor, but that she is publicly abdicating those very duties she sought and was elected to fulfill. How can we expect our governor to lead us in the right direction if she is unwilling to take responsibility for the daily tasks she was elected to perform? Maybe New Hampshire should worry less about hiring a ‘state CEO,’ and more about electing a governor who understands that she is the ‘state CEO.’” (Jeff Chidster, Guest Columnist, Outsourcing The New Hampshire Governorship, Seacoast Online, 02/15/15)



NH Senators Forrester, Morse comment on defeat of Governor Hassan budget bill 

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office

(CONCORD) Senate Finance Committee Chair Jeanie Forrester (R-Meredith) issued the following statement on the Committee voting down the Governor’s request for budget cuts from the Legislative and Judicial Branches:


“For almost a year, I have been asking Governor Hassan to share with the Legislature information on the spending problems within New Hampshire agencies. With revenues running ahead of projections, it was essential that we address spending proactively. Instead, the Governor kept the problem to herself, tried to blame it on revenues even as they exceeded our targets, and finally came forward with this package of cuts to branches that are controlling their spending.”


“The Governor would have raided dedicated funds and taken money from branches that are living within their budgets, yet would barely scratch the surface of the $58 million overspending problem. As such, the Finance Committee voted down this bill.”


Senate President Chuck Morse (R-Salem) added the following statement:


“The Legislature continues to manage its budget, and it is now time for the Governor to manage her state agencies spending problems. She needs to stop raiding dedicated funds and trying to take money away from other branches of government that are meeting their Constitutional obligation to live within their means.”


Citizens For A Strong NH - ICYMI: Dufresne: Hassan does not believe in being accessible or accountable 





By: Derek Dufresne


"The people of New Hampshire expect and deserve the office of the governor to be as open and accessible as possible." 


- Gov. Maggie Hassan 


Sounds logical, right? In fact, it actually seems like government transparency is one of the few areas in modern politics where all Granite Staters, regardless of ideology, could find common ground. Gov. Maggie Hassan is correct in her premise that the people of New Hampshire deserve two things: openness and accessibility. However, despite the aforementioned quote from the governor being predominantly displayed in the opening paragraph of her taxpayer-funded website, our state's chief executive has failed to meet even her own two parameters necessary for transparency.


Read the opinion column in its entirety at the by clicking here.



Concord - The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today posted a job listing for Governor Maggie Hassan's proposed "Chief Operating Officer" position on Craig's List. Applicants must be able to "do the governor's job while she pursues other political opportunities."

"New Hampshire voters elected Maggie Hassan to manage state government - not to hire a highly paid bureaucrat to do her job while she runs for United States Senate. Our state deserves a full time governor in the corner office instead of a self-centered politician like Maggie Hassan who is solely focused on her political ambitions," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn.

Click Here To Read The Full Chief Operating Officer Job Listing 

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