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NRSC - ICYMI: Hassan’s Superior Court nominee has “a history of trying to get child rapists off on technicalities” 


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The Washington Free Beacon reports this morning that Manchester public defender Dorothy Graham, a Maggie Hassan nominee for the New Hampshire Superior Court, “has twice attempted to reduce the sentences of child rapists on technicalities." In the October 6th press release announcing the nominees, Hassan said that each “demonstrated an unyielding commitment to public service and justice.”


Hassan’s release also notes, “all six nominations are subject to Executive Council approval.” Graham is expected to appear before the executive council on Monday

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NH Dem Senate Candidate’s Judicial Nominations Criticized
By: Bill McMorrisOctober 16, 2015

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan tapped a public defender with a history of trying to get child rapists off on technicalities for a vacant judgeship.

Manchester public defender Dorothy Graham, whom Hassan nominated to the Superior Court, has twice attempted to reduce the sentences of child rapists on technicalities and, in one case, a “clerical error.” She took those cases all the way to the New Hampshire Supreme Court with mixed success.

In 2011, she appealed the 2009 conviction of Hector Ortiz, who was sentenced to 25 to 50 years in prison for repeatedly raping and sexually assaulting his girlfriend’s daughter.

“The pediatrician who examined the victim testified that he examined her ‘to evaluate her for an allegation of sexual abuse.’ The victim ‘was about 10 years old’ at the time. The pediatrician asked the victim if the defendant ‘had put his penis inside her; she said yes.’ He asked her ‘if this had happened before, and she shyly said yes,’” the decision says.

She attempted to reduce his sentence to 10 years, citing a clerical error that led the judge to misread his punishment and also argued to waive the testimony of a retired detective. Graham did not dispute that Ortiz was guilty of the offenses. The Supreme Court affirmed the sentence and dismissed Graham’s arguments.

Ortiz was not the only convicted child rapist Graham assisted.

She challenged a kidnapping charge against a man convicted of attempting to sexually assault a 7-year-old girl he lured away from her driveway. Daniel Casanova, then 37, was convicted in 2011 of attempted sexual assault and attempted kidnapping charges and was sentenced to between 10 and 20 years in prison.

Graham, then an assistant appellate defender in the Concord office, argued that it was unclear whether Casanova meant to “penetrate” or merely touch the child “for sexual gratification.” The Supreme Court dismissed that claim, though agreed to dismiss the kidnapping charge by merging it into the sexual assault conviction. His sentence was not reduced.

Hassan nominated Graham and five other lower court judges and lawyers to important state posts on Oct. 6. She praised the public defender and her colleagues for their “experience, character and integrity.”




Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding comments made by Senator Harry Reid disparaging New Hampshire's residents and first-in-the-nation presidential primary:
"As disgraced former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's handpicked candidate for the United States Senate, Governor Hassan should immediately denounce these harmful comments against New Hampshire's residents and first-in-the-nation presidential primary. New Hampshire's role as the first primary state is a bipartisan tradition and it is deeply troubling that the governor would rely on the financial backing of a Washington politician who openly advocates against it. Governor Hassan owes Granite Staters an explanation as to why she is counting on the political support of someone who insults her constituents and disparages New Hampshire's early state status. Since Harry Reid is clearly no fan of New Hampshire's political tradition, Governor Hassan should demand his political operation stop meddling in New Hampshire elections and refuse any future support for her United States Senate campaign."
In July, Politico reported that Harry Reid personally recruited Maggie Hassan to run for the United States Senate. Harry Reid's Senate Majority PAC has spent heavily in support of her United States Senate campaign, and just last week, Harry Reid's political arm, the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, endorsed her for Senate.


Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding Governor Hassan's phony call for Senator Reid to apologize for his comments disparaging New Hampshire's residents and first-in-the-nation presidential primary:
"It is hypocritical for Governor Hassan to call for disgraced former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to apologize for smearing our first-in-the-nation primary while continuing to welcome his strong support for her United States Senate campaign. Senator Reid personally recruited Governor Hassan to abandon her current job to run for higher office, and his Senate Majority PAC has already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on dishonest ads on her behalf. The governor should immediately demand that Harry Reid remove his ads supporting her candidacy and tell his Washington political machine to stay out of our Senate race. The importance of New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation presidential primary goes beyond politics, and Governor Hassan's continued reliance on his political support to advance her career says more than her transparent and politically-motivated call for an apology."


Hassan Continues To Defend Incompetent Drug Czar After Revelations of Continued Mismanagement
Concord - In an interview WMUR-TV yesterday, Governor Hassan defended her embattled drug czar Jack Wozmak and lashed out at the New Hampshire Medical Society for criticizing her administration's lack of leadership on the state's drug epidemic. Medical Society President Dr. Lukas Kolm told Foster's Daily Democrat earlier this week that he would like to see "greater leadership at the state level" on the heroin crisis and said that Mr. Wozmak had failed to "reach out to physicians."
Governor Hassan fired back by dismissing Dr. Kolm's concerns about her drug czar's lack of contact with the Medical Society and criticized New Hampshire doctors for "pushing back" against her agenda.
"Governor Hassan's drug czar has a well-documented history of mishandling relationships with substance abuse prevention stakeholders, and it is unacceptable that the governor has turned a blind eye to public revelations of his incompetence and mismanagement," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "It is unfortunate that instead of working to establish a productive working relationship with the medical community, Governor Hassan would rather go on television to air out her disagreements with top New Hampshire physicians. The governor's focus should be fixing the numerous problems within her own administration instead of her distracting United States Senate campaign that has hindered her ability to address New Hampshire's growing heroin epidemic."
Senators Sam Cataldo (R-Farmington) and Andy Sanborn (R-Bedford) have both called on Governor Hassan to take responsibility for the failures of her response to the drug crisis and replace Mr. Wozmak with a competent and focused individual.


Concord - Yesterday, Iran broadcast images of its underground missile facilities after violating international agreements with its illegal test of long range missiles that could threaten American lives. President Obama's deal with Iran has come under fire as a majority of Americans understandably do not trust Iran to abide by its terms. Despite its overwhelming unpopularity and clear evidence that Iran cannot be trusted, Governor Hassan continues to support President Obama's dangerous deal with Iran.
"Iran's blatant disregard for the United States, the United Nations and the international community proves that we are not dealing with a responsible or trustworthy actor, and Governor Hassan's continued support for President Obama's deal with Iran shows that she is just as woefully naïve and foolish as he is," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "The governor's desire to march in lockstep with President Obama is shameful, and the clear evidence that Iran cannot be trusted is alarming and demonstrates the foolishness of the Obama-Hassan foreign policy. Governor Hassan is clearly unprepared to effectively confront the threats facing our nation and unfit to represent New Hampshire in the United States Senate."
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