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America Rising PAC - More Bad News For Hassan’s ObamaCare Boondoggle 

Good morning-

Yesterday's surprise announcement that an insurance co-op is dropping off of New Hampshire's ObamaCare exchange due to high costs means Gov. Hassan has broken yet another promise about the failed health care law. Just last year she pledged the insurer would improve options and affordability - false and false. Details below:

“Governor Hassan’s support for ObamaCare has resulted in broken promise after broken promise, yet she continues to prioritize her Party’s failed agenda over New Hampshire citizens who are losing their coverage and paying punishingly high costs. This latest ObamaCare failure exposes Governor Hassan’s utter lack of leadership and solutions for Granite Staters.” --Amelia Chassé, America Rising PAC press secretary

More Bad News For Hassan’s ObamaCare Boondoggle

A health insurance co-op that had been one of just a handful of ObamaCare providers in New Hampshire suddenly bailed this week, citing the punishingly high costs of the federal health care law that has been plagued by rising costs and declining coverage options. 

New Hampshire Public Radio reported on Wednesday:

One of the five insurance companies on the federal health exchange in New Hampshire is unexpectedly backing out early this year. The CEO of Maine-based co-op Community Health Options says costs have simply gotten too high for them to continue.

Governor Maggie Hassan has been a stanch supporter of ObamaCare through scandal after scandal, expressing zero concern when providers announced premium hikes earlier this year.

But Hassan may have trouble explaining this latest mess to Granite Staters, given she praised Community Health Options joining the exchange as “fantastic news” that would “improve affordability and increase choices” in a 2014 statement:

 ‘Today’s announcement that two additional carriers plan to offer coverage on New Hampshire’s Health Insurance Marketplace in 2015 is fantastic news that will improve affordability and increase choices for all New Hampshire citizens. Bringing additional competition to our Health Insurance Marketplace is a critical component of our effort to bring quality, affordable health coverage to all Granite Staters, and with five carriers now planning to offer coverage in 2015, we have taken an important step toward improving the health and financial well-being of our people.

Just over a year later, the exact opposite is true; Granite Staters have fewer choices and higher costs, just in time for the holidays.




Puzzled”; “Perplexed”; “Confusion”; “Enormous Disconnect”; “Rolling The Dice”

Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding Governor Hassan’s changing and confusing position on the Kinder Morgan pipeline detailed in the Keene Sentinel:
“Even after three years in the corner office, Governor Hassan has yet to make her position on the Kinder Morgan pipeline clear to affected residents. The governor refused to take a public stand on the issue until she was shamed into it following the lead of Kelly Ayotte, and even since then she has failed to be honest and forthcoming about the true nature of her position. Granite Staters expect their governor to be more than a dithering politician who leads from behind and avoids confronting the tough issues we face as a state and nation. Regardless of one’s opinion on the proposed pipeline, New Hampshire deserves a leader, not another aimless politician who follows the political currents of the day.”
Keene Sentinel: “Members Of The N.H. Municipal Pipeline Coalition, Who Are Fighting The Pipeline, Say They’re Puzzled By The Statement Gov. Maggie Hassan Gave Last Week…They Said Were Led To Believe She Wouldn’t Oppose The Project, And Were Perplexed When They Saw Media Reports That Suggested She Had.” “In the meantime, members of the N.H. Municipal Pipeline Coalition, who are fighting the pipeline, say they’re puzzled by the statement Gov. Maggie Hassan gave last week expressing conditional opposition to the project. They said were led to believe she wouldn’t oppose the project, and were perplexed when they saw media reports that suggested she had.” (Meghan Foley, "Pipeline opponents puzzled by leaders’ words, actions about proposed project," Keene Sentinel, 12/10/15)
  • “Hassan’s Office Has Tried To Clear Up The Confusion, But In Doing So, They Haven’t Use The Word ‘Opposed’ To Describe The Governor’s Stance.” (Meghan Foley, "Pipeline opponents puzzled by leaders’ words, actions about proposed project," Keene Sentinel, 12/10/15)

  • “Brookline Town Administrator Tad Putney, Who Was At The Meeting, Said The Coalition Members There Asked Hassan To Oppose The Pipeline Outright, And She Declined.” (Meghan Foley, "Pipeline opponents puzzled by leaders’ words, actions about proposed project," Keene Sentinel, 12/10/15)

  • “John Kieley, Who Represents Temple On The Commission, Also Attended The Meeting With The Governor. He, Too, Was Perplexed By Hassan’s Statement, Which Was Reiterated In A News Release From Her Office On Dec. 4.” (Meghan Foley, "Pipeline opponents puzzled by leaders’ words, actions about proposed project," Keene Sentinel, 12/10/15)

  • “He Said There Is An ‘Enormous Disconnect’ Between What Hassan Has Consistently Said To Coalition Members, Including At The Dec. 2 Meeting, And What Was Reported By Media On Dec. 3.” (Meghan Foley, "Pipeline opponents puzzled by leaders’ words, actions about proposed project," Keene Sentinel, 12/10/15)

  • “By Letting The Approval Proceedings Run Their Course, Hassan Is ‘Rolling The Dice,’ He Said, And ‘Thousands Of People In Southern New Hampshire Directly Affect By This Aren’t Willing To Roll The Dice.’” (Meghan Foley, "Pipeline opponents puzzled by leaders’ words, actions about proposed project," Keene Sentinel, 12/10/15)
NHPR: “During A Conference Call With Constituents, Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte Said She Opposes The Project Because Her Questions Haven’t Been Adequately Answered…And Then Wednesday Came Statements Of Opposition From Representative Ann Mclane Kuster And Governor Maggie Hassan.” (Sam Evans-Brown, "Within 24 Hours, Ayotte, Kuster, and Hassan Come Out Against Kinder Morgan Pipeline," NHPR, 12/3/15)



Concord – According to the Wall Street Journal, “Iran conducted its second ballistic missile launch since forging a landmark nuclear agreement with global powers this summer, U.S. officials said Tuesday, posing a new set of questions about the White House’s ability to implement the deal.”
This is not the first time Iran has violated international agreements with its illegal test of missiles that could threaten American lives. In October, the White House said that “the U.S. has ‘strong indications’ that Iran violated United Nations Security Council resolutions” with a similar ballistic missile test.
President Obama’s deal with Iran has come under fire as a majority of Americans understandably do not trust Iran to abide by its terms. Despite its overwhelming unpopularity and clear evidence that Iran cannot be trusted to adhere to the terms of international security agreements, Governor Hassan continues to support President Obama’s dangerous deal with Iran.
“Iran’s blatant disregard for international security agreements proves that we are not dealing with a responsible or trustworthy actor, and Governor Hassan’s continued support for President Obama’s dangerous deal with Iran shows that she is just as woefully naïve and foolish as he is,” said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. “The governor’s willingness to march in lockstep with President Obama on this critical issue is deeply alarming, and the overwhelming evidence that Iran cannot be trusted demonstrates the foolishness of the Obama-Hassan foreign policy. Governor Hassan is clearly unprepared to effectively confront the threats facing our nation and unfit to represent New Hampshire in the United States Senate.”

NRSC - ICYMI: Editorial Blasts Hassan for Parrot Politicking 



Today’s Union Leader editorial blasted Maggie Hassan for her pattern of parroting Senator Ayotte’s position on many issues.

Read more:

Following the leader: Hassan campaigns in Ayotte's shadow
New Hampshire Union Leader

It’s easy to predict where Maggie Hassan will stand on controversial issues.

Just read Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s press releases, and wait a day.

Ayotte was among the first to call for suspension of the Syrian refugee program until adequate screening could be provided.

Hassan, running against Ayotte, fumbled over her position before coming to the same conclusion. Facing immense backlash from her liberal base, Hassan has since tried to temper her support for pausing the refugee program.

On issues that cut across party lines, Hassan is running in Ayotte’s shadow.


Strong NH: Your Weekly E-Newsletter 


Hassan Still Silent on Gitmo
Despite the fact that there are still currently over 100 dangerous individuals at Gitmo, as we told you about in our last e-newsletter, President Barack Obama has vowed to continue efforts to close it.

The Defense Department announced last month that five Yemeni nationals were released from Gitmo, including an Al Qaeda terrorist who reportedly had close ties to Osama bin Laden. According to the Pentagon, they were transferred to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  Just this week, Sen. Kelly Ayotte said that the recent release of Gitmo detainees occurred just four-and-a-half hours after French officials raided the Bataclan to stop an attack there. 

Governor Maggie Hassan told the New Hampshire Union Leader in an interview in October that "she would consider closing the Guantanamo Bay military prison," but she has not elaborated further on the issue since. Last month, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire took out a full page advertisement in the New Hampshire Union Leader calling on Governor Maggie Hassan to fully explain her position on closing the Gitmo. Regrettably, she has refused to do so.

Given new revelations that the five dangerous Gitmo detainees who were were released last month were sent to the UAE just hours after the attacks in Paris, Granite Staters are rightly concerned about the Obama Administration's plan to eventually close the facility. Those concerns are heightened further given reports that the Pentagon is considering relocation areas for other detainees only hours from the New Hampshire border.

Our organization has been asking Governor Maggie Hassan for months for a full explanation of what she would do with the more than one hundred dangerous detainees still being held at Gitmo. Whether she supports releasing them to other countries or moving them to facilities in the United Staters, given the dangerous times we live in, Granite Staters have been more than patient waiting to hear what Governor Hassan's plan truly is.
Union Leader Editorial: "The Medicaid Lie"
The New Hampshire Union Leader's editorial this Friday rightfully called on Democrats in the New Hampshire State Senate to "concentrate on the real problem" regarding the state's ongoing heroin epidemic, "and stop using it as an excuse to push Medicaid expansion."

If you have not read the editorial, we encourage you to click HERE to read it.

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