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Hassan's Hometown Paper Knocks Reckless Budget Veto
"Governor Hassan was repeatedly urged to put New Hampshire first by signing the Legislature's fiscally responsible budget. The governor ignored warnings from health care advocates, leading public officials and even her hometown paper. It's time for Governor Hassan to admit that her politically-motivated budget veto was a reckless mistake that left significant funding increases for critical state services in limbo for far too long." - NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn
Please see excerpts from today's Portsmouth Herald editorial below:
"Gov. Hassan's needless budget impasse comes to an end"
Portsmouth Herald
September 18, 2015
On June 24, the day before New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan vetoed the budget, we urged her to reconsider.
After holding back-to-back editorial board meetings with the Democratic governor and Republican Senate leaders, we concluded that the two sides were largely in accord on their spending priorities and that the minor differences between them could easily be worked out to protect increased funding for important state programs.
Given the state's dangerous opiate abuse epidemic we were particularly concerned about delaying a major increase in funding for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation programs. Also hanging in the balance were road and highway projects along with raises for home health care workers, who had not seen an increase in more than a decade.
At the time we even suggested a way to break the impasse:
"A possible compromise would be putting in a sunset clause, similar to the clauses in the 2010 cigarette tax cut and the 2012 Medicaid expansion laws, which would require the tax cuts to be reauthorized at some future date, presumably because they are working," we wrote in our editorial. "The cigarette tax cut was repealed due to a sunset clause when it was proven to be a loser. We expect Medicaid expansion will be reauthorized because it's a winner."
Now, nearly three months later, this is precisely what the governor and Legislature have done.
One lesson we hope the governor takes away from this experience is to be careful that her rhetoric doesn't overstate reality. Back in June, before her budget veto, the governor said she wanted to work with Republicans to reach a compromise. But at the same time she publicly described Republican budget writers as "dishonest," as using "gimmicks," and making "false promises." Questioning your political opponents' honesty and integrity is not a good way to win friends and influence people.


Concord - Today Governor Hassan endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, one of the chief proponents of President Obama's deal with Iran. Governor Hassan has yet to take a public stand on the Iran deal, hiding behind the now resolved budget crisis:
"For months, Governor Hassan has dodged questions regarding her position on President Obama's deal with Iran, hiding behind the chaos she created with her reckless veto of the state operating budget," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "Fortunately, the Legislature overrode the governor's irresponsible veto, and now she has no good excuse to continue avoiding taking a stand on one of the most important issues facing our country today. Hillary Clinton is one of the chief proponents of President Obama's deal with Iran, and by endorsing her for president, Governor Hassan is implicitly endorsing this disastrous deal. The governor should immediately clarify her position on the Iran deal if she disagrees with Hillary Clinton."

WMUR: "Gov. Maggie Hassan Tuesday
 Weighed In On The Iran Nuclear Weapons Deal Struck By The Obama Administration, Saying...She Wants To Hear More About The 'Full Details And Implications Of The Agreement.'" "Gov. Maggie Hassan Tuesday weighed in on the Iran nuclear weapons deal struck by the Obama administration, saying through a spokesman while she is focused on state issues, particularly the budget, 'like all Americans' she wants to hear more about the 'full details and implications of the agreement.'" (John DiStaso, "Hassan weighs in, noncommittal, on Iran deal," WMUR, 7/14/15)

WMUR: "Her Office's Twitter Post And Comment...On The Iran Deal Were Her First Commentaries Related To U.S. Foreign Policy As Governor" "Her office's Twitter post and comment Tuesday on the Iran deal were her first commentaries related to U.S. foreign policy as governor, heightening speculation about her political plans. The governor has been mentioned as a leading potential candidate to face Republican U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte in 2016." (John DiStaso, "Hassan weighs in, noncommittal, on Iran deal," WMUR, 7/14/15)


Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding Governor Hassan making New Hampshire history as the first governor to have their veto of the state budget overridden:
"The Legislature's unprecedented override of Governor Hassan's irresponsible veto of the state operating budget veto is not only an historic embarrassment but could have been easily prevented had the governor simply worked with legislative leadership in the first place. Unfortunately for Granite Staters, Governor Hassan has poisoned Concord with Washington-style gridlock and hyper-partisanship. It's time for the governor to come clean and admit that New Hampshire's summer of fiscal uncertainty could have been avoided had she put her own political ambition aside and worked across the aisle."
NHPR: "This Marks The First Time A Budget Veto Has Ever Been Overridden In New Hampshire." (Paige Sutherland, "Budget Compromise Becomes Law, Ending Months of Partisan Stalemate," NHPR, 9/16/15)



Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding Governor Hassan's endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President:
"Governor Hassan's support for Hillary Clinton is the latest in a string of establishment endorsements by Democrat Party insiders attempting to coronate Washington's handpicked candidate. This is a desperate attempt by the Hillary Clinton campaign to manufacture phony momentum as her numbers continue to plummet in New Hampshire and nationally. The efforts by New Hampshire Democrat Party leaders to force an unpopular candidate on Granite State voters does a disservice to New Hampshire's First-in-the-Nation presidential primary's grassroots tradition. It's clear that the fix is in for Hillary Clinton and DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and DNC Vice Chairman Raymond Buckley are in the bag for Hillary Clinton and doing everything possible to limit Democrat debates."
Just today, a WBUR poll showed Hillary Clinton losing to Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire, the sixth straight poll with the same results.

Strong NH - Hassan's Budget Veto Gets Overridden


Hassan Called For Legislature To Override Her Own Veto Days After CSNH's Latest Ad  

MANCHESTER - In a 24-0 vote in the State Senate and a 291-63 vote in the State House, the legislature passed SB 9 this afternoon to move a budget compromise bill forward. After signing SB 9 into law, in a historic move, the governor called on Democrats to join Republicans and override her own veto, which they did in the State Senate (Vote total: HB 1: 22-0 and HB 2: 22-0) and in the State House (Vote total: HB 1: 321-25 and HB 2: 326-21).

Governor Hassan was feeling immense pressure from Granite Staters over countless negative consequences caused by a summer-long budget stalemate and continuing resolution that was necessary because of her veto.

In addition to funding issues pertaining to New Hampshire state parks, hospitals, and home healthcare, Governor Maggie Hassan's veto was hurting the Granite State's ability to combat a growing heroin epidemic. Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire highlighted the heroin issue with an ad that received both local and national press coverage.

While the budget compromise was far from perfect, Governor Hassan was unable to force through harmful policies such mandatory re-authorization of Obamacare's Medicaid expansion, a hike in the state's vehicle registration fee, or an increase in the cigarette tax. She also had to concede and support much needed business tax cuts that Republicans have been fighting for.
Derek Dufresne of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released the following statement;

"Granite Staters have been suffering as a result of Governor Maggie Hassan's budget veto all summer. Just as former Governor John Lynch predicted, there were drastic consequences that will be felt for some time to come. Fortunately, Governor Hassan was finally forced to make a historic move and call for an override of her own budget veto. While the compromise budget passed by the legislature was far from perfect, it was a testament to the power of New Hampshire citizens and organizations who became increasingly vocal about the detrimental impact her stonewalling was having on the state.

"We are pleased to see New Hampshire's current budget debate come to a close, but it was a shame to watch it mirror that of a dysfunctional Washington with continuing resolutions and months of inaction. We hope Governor Hassan's Potomac fever has passed, but considering her track record this summer, we find it highly unlikely."