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Chris Sununu (EC- 3) - Statement On Hassan Drug Czar’s Failure To Communicate With Manchester Officials

Concord – Today Executive Councilor Chris Sununu issued the following statement on the failure of the Hassan Administration’s Drug Czar to communicate with Manchester officials. In an interview with WMUR yesterday, Mayor Ted Gatsas said that “communication has not been there” from the Hassan Administration on the response to the growing heroin epidemic.  


“After watching his interview on WMUR last night, I called Mayor Gatsas to ask him about his comments regarding the lack of communication from the Hassan Administration on combating substance abuse.  Mayor Gatsas confirmed that Governor Hassan’s drug czar has failed to meet with him or even pick up the phone and call his office.


“Governor Hassan’s drug czar has been on the job for over six months now, and it is extremely troubling that he has not reached out to the mayor of our state’s largest city.  Mayor Gatsas is on the front lines fighting Manchester’s heroin epidemic on a daily basis. The Hassan Administration’s designated substance abuse staffer should be in constant contact with the mayor’s office to offer whatever help he can provide.


“The lack of communication between local officials and Governor Hassan’s drug czar is the latest example of a disappointing pattern of mismanagement on substance abuse issues. I am deeply troubled by this situation and recent revelations that the governor’s office was unaware that New Hampshire is receiving a $12 million federal grant to combat substance abuse. I also believe that the governor made a serious mistake by vetoing the state budget that included an immediate 75% increase in substance abuse funding. 


"Lives are on the line, and the Hassan Administration needs to take responsibility for these mistakes and ensure that they don’t happen again. It’s time for the governor’s office to work closely with local officials to ensure the state is doing everything possible to combat this crisis.”



Executive Council District 3 consists of the following cities and towns: Atkinson, Brentwood, Chester, Danville, Derry, East Kingston, Epping, Exeter, Fremont, Greenland, Hampstead, Hampton, Hampton Falls, Kensington, Kingston, New Castle, Newfields, Newington, Newmarket, Newton, North Hampton, Nottingham, Pelham, Plaistow, Portsmouth, Raymond, Rye, Salem, Sandown, Seabrook, South Hampton, Stratham, and Windham.



Concord - The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today called on likely Senate candidate Maggie Hassan to denounce President Obama's disastrous deal with Iran that will threaten Israel's security. 


On Friday, NH1 News reported that Governor Hassan weighed in for the first time on international issues as she gears up to use the corner office as a stepping stone for a United States Senate campaign. Hassan issued a statement on her official twitter account claiming that she "fully supports the State of Israel and its right to exist."


"Governor Hassan cannot credibly claim she supports Israel if she refuses to condemn President Obama's reckless deal that will allow the Iranian regime to develop a nuclear weapon in the future. This irresponsible agreement will not only undermine our strong alliance with Israel, but also jeopardize our national security," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "If Governor Hassan is going to continue to explore a campaign for United States Senate and claim to support Israel, she has a responsibility to speak out against the Obama Administration's reckless Iran agenda. Granite Staters have a right to know if likely Senate candidate Hassan is willing to march in lock step with President Obama as he pushes disastrous foreign policies that will make our world a more dangerous place to live."


In March, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Congress and vigorously denounced President Obama's proposed deal with Iran. Today, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that President Obama's Iran deal was a "historic mistake for the world."




NRSC - WMUR: Sununu Criticizes Hassan Over Heroin Grant 



Sununu Criticizes Hassan Over Heroin Grant
Josh McElveen
July 13, 2015

It's still a mystery whether Gov. Maggie Hassan will run for U.S. Senate or re-election to the governor's office, but one potential challenger is taking aim at her.

Republican executive councilor Chris Sununu is criticizing Hassan for apparently being in the dark over millions of federal dollars geared toward fighting the heroin problem.

When the governor of Vermont celebrated a $12 million federal grant last week to help wage the war on heroin, it was also learned that New Hampshire would be getting the same money for the same purpose.

But Sununu is quick to point out that while Vermont is already building partnerships with that money, Hassan's office didn't learn about it until News 9 asked about it.

"If you don't know funds like this are coming, what else don't you know is coming?" Sununu said. "What else aren't you engaging the law enforcement community on?"

Sununu said the state must take an active approach on the heroin problem, and that includes planning what to do with the grant money.

"This is real money that can have real effects," he said. "You do need to plan. You don't just figure out on a dime how this money is going to be spent at the last minute."

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NHDP - Baseless NHGOP Attacks Should Be Targeted Instead At Walker, Christie and Ayotte 






Concord, N.H. – While Governor Hassan remains focused on fighting for a responsible budget that meets the needs of New Hampshire, the Republican Party has launched baseless attacks against the Governor that should instead be targeted at Republicans like Scott Walker, Chris Christie, and Kelly Ayotte.

Terrified about Kelly Ayotte’s vulnerable re-election, the New Hampshire Republican Party is attacking the Governor, claiming that she might “selfishly” decide to run for Senate, despite the fact that while state legislators are on vacation for the month of July, Governor Hassan remains ready to negotiate a fiscally responsible budget compromise.

Meanwhile, sitting Republican governors Scott Walker and Chris Christie have abandoned their states to run for president, leaving behind budget deficits and plummeting bond ratings to advance their own political ambition. And Kelly Ayotte continues traveling the country to promote herself as a vice presidential candidate while her own re-election is severely at risk.

“Sitting Republican governors Scott Walker and Chris Christie will not be happy to hear that Jennifer Horn and the New Hampshire Republican Party are slamming them for spending roughly half of their time out-of-state promoting their own political ambition instead of solving mounting problems at home,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “While New Hampshire plays host to sitting Republican governors who have ignored their home states to run for president, Governor Hassan is actually doing her job, working to pass a responsible budget that meets the needs of New Hampshire."

Yahoo reports, “So far Christie has spent more than 40 percent of his second term, which began in 2014, outside of New Jersey. Much of that travel was for trips to help lay the groundwork for a national campaign.”

Politifact also found that Scott Walker spent “less than half, or an average of 14 nights per month, in Wisconsin.”

Not to mention that Kelly Ayotte has engaged in significant national political travel as part of her Veepstakes tour, traveling to Mitt Romney’s Utah retreat that WMUR’s John DiStaso described as “a veritable “Who’s Who” of Republican political insiders,” and making not one but two political trips to California in as many weeks.



NH Sen Bradley praises support of workers’ comp reform 

CONCORD, NH – A critical bill aimed at reducing the cost of workers’ compensation was signed into law this week.


Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro), prime sponsor of the bill, released the following statement on SB 133 becoming law.


“New Hampshire businesses are burdened by high energy costs, high business taxes and high workers’ compensation costs which have continued to stifle job and economic growth in our state.  This legislation, SB 133, is the first workers compensation reform measure that has passed in years, and takes a significant step towards reforming and reducing the high cost of workers’ comp borne by our state’s small business owners,” said Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro).


“We need to keep working to address the high cost of doing business in New Hampshire by reducing business taxes, health care costs, and energy costs as part of a multi-faceted approach to restoring business competitiveness.”


Chapter 210: SB 133-FN—Final Version



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