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NH Senators seek answers on state spending 

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office

Morse, Odell call on Hassan to open the books


Concord, NH – Senators Bob Odell and Chuck Morse issued the following statements concerning New Hampshire’s July revenue report, and Governor Hassan’s call to reopen revenue estimates for FY 2015:


Senate Ways and Means Chair Bob Odell (R-New London) said, “Our conservative and realistic revenue projections hit the target for the first year of this budget, and were within 2% in the previous budget.  I’m proud of the fact that the numbers show that the Republican Senate does a remarkably accurate job of estimating revenue growth for our State.  The other key piece to a balanced budget however is spending.  By how much did state agencies overspend their budgets last year?”


Senate President Chuck Morse (R-Salem) reiterated Senator Forrester’s concerns voiced earlier this week, “I am deeply concerned about our level of state spending and keeping our budget balanced.  Governor Hassan tells us state agencies overspent their budgets, but can’t say by how much.  Spending for 2014 is being hidden from the Legislature. Why? I urge Governor Hassan to share a spending update for 2014 to make sure we keep our budget balanced and our taxpayers protected.”




*The FY 2014-15 Budget adopted by the Legislature and signed into law by Governor Hassan anticipated changes in New Hampshire’s business taxes, and built those changes into the official revenue estimates. Those estimates were within $3 million for FY14.


*This is the first time in at least a decade that the Department of Administrative Services has failed to produce the monthly revenue plan for the second year of the budget. The monthly revenue plan is based on the revenue estimates included in the FY 2014-15 Budget, which was signed by Governor Hassan more than 13 months ago. The Lynch Administration was able to provide the monthly revenue plan on time in FY 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2013.


*Senate Finance Chair Jeanie Forrester (R-Meredith) requested a month ago today that the Fiscal Committee schedule a comprehensive state spending update.



Hassan Has Now Returned $33,000 in Illegal Contributions Since Scandal Broke  


Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement on Governor Maggie Hassan returning $9,000 in illegal campaign donations from the Plumbers and Steamfitters PAC. This comes after Attorney General Joe Foster forced Hassan to return $24,000 in contributions from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC last week. 


"Governor Hassan has engaged in a troubling pattern of illegal behavior that has damaged her credibility and raised serious ethical questions about her administration. Once again she has been caught red-handed taking thousands of dollars in illegal contributions and putting the concerns of the special interests that are funding her campaign ahead of New Hampshire's interests. 


"The dark ethical cloud hanging over the Hassan Administration has undermined public confidence in state government and called Governor Hassan's integrity into question. It's time for the governor to come clean by disclosing any further illegal donations she may have received and immediately releasing her campaign finance reports.


"New Hampshire deserves a governor who isn't bought and sold by big unions who are trying to push their job killing agenda and impose the controversial Northern Pass project on the North Country. It's time to replace Governor Hassan with a responsible Republican who will put New Hampshire first."  


NH Sen. Martha Fuller Clark to join Governor Hassan for Farm-to-Plate Bill Signing 

Senator Martha Fuller Clark (D-Portsmouth) will join Governor Maggie Hassan and NH Commissioner of Agriculture Lorraine Merrill on Friday, August 8th at the Tilton Farmers’ Market as the governor signs Sen. Clark’s Farm-to-Plate legislation. The signing will occur as part of  celebrating National and NH Farmers Market Week, and kicking off August Eat Local NH Month. 

WHO:             Governor Maggie Hassan, Sen. Martha Fuller Clark

WHAT:            Bill Signing for Clark’s Farm-to-Plate legislation

WHEN:           2:40PM August 8th, 2014

WHERE:        Tanger Outlets, 120 Laconian Road, Tilton, NH


NH Sen Forrester calls on Hassan to report on state spending 

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office

Governor starts budget process in the dark, and possibly in the red 

Concord, NH – Senate Finance Committee Chair Jeanie Forrester (R-Meredith) today issued the following statement as Gov. Hassan instructed departments heads to begin the FY16-17 budget process. 

“It’s been more than a month since we closed the books on Fiscal 2014, but we still don’t know how much money our state agencies spent. That’s unacceptable. I renew my request for the Governor to provide a comprehensive update on state spending by department so that we can know the size of the budget problem we’re facing. Otherwise, we’re starting the next budget process in the dark, and possibly in the red.” 

The Nashua Telegraph reported on June 8th “state agency heads have already told Gov. Maggie Hassan and legislative leaders that they aren’t going to make their target to return $50 million of unspent money to the treasury.” 

Fiscal Year 2014 ended on June 30th

Forrester first requested an update on state spending on July 7th.



Weeks of Bad News for Maggie Hassan in Wake of Campaign Finance Scandal


Nashua Telegraph: "Disturbing...that unions thought there was something to be gained from making the contribution" "As troublesome as it is that Hassan accepted the $25,000 check in violation of campaign law, there's something even more disturbing: The idea that the unions thought there was something to begained from making the contribution at all." (Editorial, "NH donations blur distinctions," Nashua Telegraph, 8/5/2014)


Telegraph: "Some in the North Country believe the electrical workers were attempting to sway the governor's position on the Northern Pass transmission lines, a controversial proposal that would run through the state and carry power from Canada to Connecticut. Thus far, Hassan has said most of the line should be buried, but $25,000 is an amount that could, conceivably, change a politician's mind, even if she only got to keep $1,000 of it." (Editorial, "NH donations blur distinctions," Nashua Telegraph, 8/5/2014)


Telegraph: "It's fair to ask whether, having shown a willingness to take the big bucks from unions (or corporations), the governor or any politician of either party is in a position to say no when the donor calls and asks for support on a certain issue.  It's a safe bet they're at least going to take the call." (Editorial, "NH donations blur distinctions," Nashua Telegraph, 8/5/2014) 


New Hampshire Union Leader: "The people...deserve an explanation" "The AG's office needs to explain why Hassan can keep illegal donations and why the PACs were allowed to get away with making them. The people (and other campaigns) deserve an explanation so they know which illegal donations this attorney general will allow candidates to keep, which must be returned, and which will draw no punishment." (Editorial, "Dirty money? Hassan keeps felony donations," New Hampshire Union Leader 8/5/2014)


Union Leader: "None of the three union PACs was registered legally under state law when it donated to Hassan's campaign. Each one happened to donate to Hassan on the same day despite not being legally registered, then happened to remember to registerdays later. Though state law requires PACs to register with the state before spending $500 or more, Foster did not order all of the donations returned. Why not?" (Editorial, "Dirty money? Hassan keeps felony donations," New Hampshire Union Leader 8/5/2014)


Union Leader: "Foster himself determined on Friday that Gov. Hassan was the recipient of three union PAC donations made in violation of the law. He let her keep two and part of a third. As for the PACs, he sent them "cease and desist" letters, which merely declare "Don't do it again until you're legal," Rice said. But the PACs were already legal when the letters were sent, so there was no penalty for violating a state law that classifies any violation as a felony. (Editorial, "Dirty money? Hassan keeps felony donations," New Hampshire Union Leader 8/5/2014)


Concord Monitor: "A threat against the very nature of democracy" "The idea that an elected official can be bought and sold in America amounts to a threat against the very nature of democracy. That is where the anxiety of the electorate resides when it comes to political fundraising." (Editorial, "The Problems of Money and Perception," Concord Monitor 7/23/2014)


Monitor: "When legal clarity regarding fund-raising is absent, however, the way a candidate or official interprets the law becomes important to voters. That is the slippery slope upon which Gov. Maggie Hassan finds herself..." (Editorial, "The Problemsof Money and Perception," Concord Monitor 7/23/2014)


Monitor: "Hassan has a perception problem on her hands. A campaign's broad interpretation of campaign finance laws is akin to a child hearing only what he or she wants to hear, and the political damage can be significant." (Editorial, "The Problems of Money and Perception," Concord Monitor 7/23/2014)


Monitor: "[I]t's possible that concerns about influence could enter the picture, and suddenly $25,000 has bought the campaign nothing but legal problems, anxiety for supporters and fuel for opponents who can spin the Hassan campaign's interpretation of law into something much more sinister." (Editorial, "The Problems of Money and Perception," Concord Monitor 7/23/2014)