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Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement in response to Governor Maggie Hassan's attempt to blame the failed ObamaCare rollout on Republicans:


"Governor Hassan's ridiculous attempt to make excuses for the failed rollout of ObamaCare in New Hampshire ignores that fact that it has been an unmitigated disaster in every state. Granite State Republicans have fought to limit the devastating impact of ObamaCare on doctors, patients and job creators while the governor has ignored the will of her constituents and enthusiastically embraced the president's health care debacle. Instead of passing the buck and blaming others, Governor Hassan should stand up for New Hampshire and demand that President Obama delay the law for individuals as he has for big businesses."


NH Senate President Chuck Morse Statement on Gov. Hassan’s Call for a Special Session

Concord, NH – Senate President Chuck Morse, R-Salem, issued the following statement today after Gov. Hassan announced her intention to call the legislature into special session to address the issue of Medicaid Expansion:

“I applaud the Medicaid Commission for their diligent work over the last few months, but it is important to recognize that this report is just the first step.  To be clear, significant work remains to take the recommendations of the commission and turn them into a bill that can pass both bodies of the legislature.

“I am pleased that the commission’s final report touches on a number of items that will be of critical importance to the Senate, such as recommending the use of private insurance, the importance of obtaining necessary federal waivers prior to the start of any program, and the need to protect New Hampshire taxpayers from future liabilities.  These principles represent the common ground that I am hopeful may allow us to reach a bipartisan solution on this complex issue.  I look forward to working with the Governor, the House, and other interested parties to design a program that will adhere to these values and accomplish our shared goal of increasing access to high quality health insurance for New Hampshire’s low-income population. 

“Through ongoing conversations, legislative committee hearings, and a public comment period, I believe we can design a program that will not only increase access to care but also improve health care outcomes and the quality of life for thousands of New Hampshire’s low-income residents.”

Background note:  The legislature is expected to meet to introduce legislation on November 7 with public hearings to occur the week of November 12-14.  The legislature is expected to meet again the following week to vote on a bill. 


Public Policy Polling Media Alert: Shaheen, Hassan lead for reelection

PPP's newest New Hampshire poll finds Jeanne Shaheen in a pretty strong long as Scott Brown doesn't come across the border to challenge her.

Shaheen has a 49/42 approval rating and leads all of her New Hampshire based potential challengers by double digits. She's up 10 on Charlie Bass at 51/41, 17 on Jim Rubens at 50/33, 19 on Karen Testerman at 50/31, and 22 on Dan Innis at 52/30. She also leads former New Hampshire Senator/Florida Senate candidate Bob Smith 51/35.

The only Republican who really comes close to Shaheen is Brown, who she leads just 48/44. Brown at least breaks even on his favorability in the state at 40%, good numbers in comparison to for instance Bass who's at 28/47. At any rate it looks like Shaheen is in a good place barring the unlikely Brown candidacy.

In a stronger position than Shaheen though is Governor Maggie Hassan. She has a 51/33 approval rating, that's little different from 50/33 in April. That indicates her numbers haven't worn off after the honeymoon from her first getting into office. In addition to strong popularity with Democrats, Hassan's at 50/33 with independents and gets 17% crossover support from Republicans compared to Shaheen's 12%.

Hassan leads her B list set of potential GOP opponents by anywhere from 15 to 17 points. She's up 49/34 on Brad Cook, 49/33 on Chuck Morse, and 49/32 on both George Lambert and Andy Sanborn. None of those Republicans have greater than 31% name recognition so they certainly have room to grow, but Hassan is pushing up pretty closer to that 50% mark.

Kelly Ayotte's approval rating this month is 41/45, pretty similar to the 44/46 we found in the immediate aftermath of her unpopular vote against Manchin/Toomey back in April. 46% of voters in the state say Ayotte's vote makes it less likely they'll vote to reelect her the next time she's up, compared to only 18% who consider it to be a positive. That's a reflection of 78/15 support for expanded background checks in the state, including 93% of Democrats, 74% of independents, and 66% of Republicans. Ayotte certainly won't be a pushover though. In a hypothetical contest with the popular Governor Hassan she leads 45/44.

Other notes from New Hampshire:

-Barack Obama's approval rating has dropped a net 10 points in the state compared to April, from +6 then at 52/46 to -4 now at 46/50. His decline with independents- from 52/46 to 44/50- pretty well mirrors the overall shift.

-Support for gay marriage in the state is pretty steady at 55/32. Only 17% of voters say its being legal there has had a negative impact on their lives with 22% saying it's been a positive and 61% saying it hasn't affected them one way or the other.

-Reflecting how closely divided the state is overall right now, 44% of voters say they'd vote Democratic if there was a legislative election today to 43% who'd vote Republican. Independents go Democratic by a similarly close 37/36 spread.

This analysis is also available on our website:


I’m not attaching the full results because the file is so large, but you can see those here:


NHDP - ICYMI: UNH/WMUR Poll Shows NH Approves of Gov. Hassan's Work for NH

WMUR: Poll: Job approval ratings rise for Hassan
"A new poll shows that Gov. Maggie Hassan's approval ratings are up. The WMUR Granite State Poll shows that Hassan's job approval rating is at 58 percent, a 7-point increase in the past three months. Eighteen percent said they disapprove of the job she's doing."
Portsmouth Herald: Poll: Gov. Hassan remains popular
"DURHAM, N.H. (AP) — A new poll shows New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan enjoying a high approval rating, while two of her potential challengers remain largely unknown. The WMUR Granite State poll shows 58 percent of New Hampshire adults approve of the job Hassan is doing just after six months after she took office. Forty-five percent said the first-term Democrat should be re-elected next year, 25 percent said they'd prefer someone else and 30 percent said they were unsure."
Concord Monitor: New UNH poll: Most approve of Hassan; Legislature also popular
"Gov. Maggie Hassan remains popular more than six months after taking office, with 58 percent of New Hampshire residents saying they approve of the job she’s doing, according to a new poll from the University of New Hampshire Survey Center...In the new poll, 45 percent of residents said they believe Hassan should win a second term next year. Only 25 percent said they’d prefer someone else as governor, and 30 percent said they didn’t know."


Kevin Landrigan, @Klandrigan
UNH-WMUR poll says Gov. Maggie Hassan popular (58-18), should get second term (45-24), GOP foes unknown. . #nhpolitics
Ben Leubsdorf, @BenLeubsdorf
UNH polls for #NHgov approval at this point: Hassan 58/18 (+40, 7/13), Lynch 61/12 (+49, 7/05), Benson 53/25 (+28, 6/03). #NHpolitics
Dante Scala, @Graniteprof
@BenLeubsdorf Almost as many Republicans approve of Hassan as disapprove. …
Dante Scala, @Graniteprof
@BenLeubsdorf The “Hassan’s weakened because gambling didn’t pass” meme just went POOF. …

NHDP -ICYMI - Poll: Job approval ratings rise for Hassan

WMUR - Poll: Job approval ratings rise for Hassan
July 31, 2013

Hassan job approval
MANCHESTER, N.H. —A new poll shows that Gov. Maggie Hassan's approval ratings are up.
The WMUR Granite State Poll shows that Hassan's job approval rating is at 58 percent, a 7-point increase in the past three months. Eighteen percent said they disapprove of the job she's doing.
The poll was conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, which interviewed 516 randomly selected New Hampshire adults over landline and cellphone from July 18-29. The poll has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 4.3 percentage points.
About 45 percent of those surveyed said they think Hassan should be re-elected. Although that number is below 50 percent, just 25 percent said they want someone else, while the rest said they don't know.
The poll also took an early look at potential Republican challengers. When asked about state Sens. Chuck Morse, of Salem, and Andy Sanborn, of Bedford, more than 80 percent said they didn't know who they were.
Hassan had similar numbers a year ago, and her recognition didn't really increase until she won the office.
"New Hampshire typically elects a governor for their second term," said Andy Smith of the UNH Survey Center. "There have only been two times in the last century when a governor has not been elected to a second term, and I think she's in pretty good shape, despite going into what should be a good Republican year next year."
One possible Republican challenger won't be running against Hassan. Kevin Smith, who ran for governor last year, is reportedly going to become town manager in Londonderry.

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