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Concord - The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today launched an online petition urging Governor Hassan to arm the New Hampshire National Guard. Since the deadly attack at a military recruitment center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, seven states' governors have ordered their respective National Guards to arm themselves.


"The outrageous attack in Chattanooga has raised serious questions about the safety of our men and woman in uniform serving at recruitment stations. As the Commander-in-Chief of the New Hampshire National Guard, Governor Hassan should follow the example set by seven other governors and immediately allow our Guardsmen to arm and defend themselves," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn.


"We train and arm the men and women of our military to fight for our freedoms on foreign soil. Clearly, they should be able to arm and defend themselves on domestic soil. It's time for Governor Hassan to put politics aside and do the right thing for our Guardsmen."


Since the deadly terrorist attack in Chattanooga, Governor Hassan has come under mounting pressure to act and arm the National Guard. Recently, former National Guardsman Senator Scott Brown urged Governor Hassan to arm the New Hampshire National Guard. The governors of Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin have already taken measures to ensure their states' guardsmen are able to defend themselves. In the absence of action from Governor Hassan, citizen patriots have taken to guarding military recruitment centers on their own.


The online petition urging Governor Hassan to arm the New Hampshire National Guard can be found here or by visiting




NH House leadership response to Gov. Hassan Going to the Press First with Budget Proposal

The following is a response from House leadership to Governor Maggie Hassan’s press conference held this morning at the State House in Concord:


“It is unfortunate that Governor Hassan, rather than sitting down with legislative leaders to have a substantive discussion about her proposal, has chosen instead to hold a press event, inviting only members of her own party.  That clearly demonstrates a lack of bipartisanship and the people of New Hampshire deserve better than someone governing via press conference,” said House Majority Whip Richard Hinch (R-Merrimack).”


“We only received a copy of the proposal after the governor’s press conference had started. At first glance these seem to be nothing more than warmed over proposals that have already been floated and rejected.  Perhaps the governor’s time would be more wisely spent discussing these matters with legislators in person rather than trying to negotiate these important issues through a press conference,” Rep. Hinch added.


House Speaker Shawn Jasper  said that Republicans continue to stand by the responsible budget that was sent to the governor.  “It funds our state’s priorities in education, social services and transportation without raising taxes or fees, while making New Hampshire more competitive in retaining and recruiting companies that would create jobs and boost our economy.  Our budget also addressed the most pressing public safety money that would deal with the heroin epidemic currently gripping our state,” said Speaker Jasper.



NH House Members Petition Governor Hassan to Rescind Policy Prohibiting 

Concord—More the sixty members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives are calling upon Governor Maggie Hassan to allow members of the New Hampshire National Guard to carry firearms openly or concealed, except under specific direction.


In their letter to the governor delivered today, the lawmakers pointed out that current standing orders, regulations, or policies denies members of the Guard the right of self-protection enjoyed by all citizens of New Hampshire.  “Due to the multi-dimensional threat posed to our nation and our state by various terror groups, including radical Islamic Jihadists, it is our firm opinion that it is imprudent to continue to refuse New Hampshire National Guard personnel their right to arm themselves at their own discretion.”


The letter comes on the heels of the recent military reserve and recruiting stations assassinations in Chattanooga, TN.  Several other states have already implemented a similar policy.


“Therefore, we the undersigned, as current members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, are urging you to immediately rescind any and all standing orders, regulations, policies and practices that would prohibit New Hampshire National Guard personnel in good standing from carrying personal firearms at their own discretion, either openly or concealed.  We need to allow New Hampshire’s military guardians the best and most effective way to counter the threat to our state and their safety.”


The letter was also sent to Major General William N. Reddell III, the Adjutant General of the New Hampshire National Guard.


NH Senators Morse, Forrester statement on Governor’s compromise budget proposal  

Hassan proposed $3 in tax increases for every dollar of tax relief.

Concord, NH – Governor Maggie Hassan today announced a possible budget compromise during a press conference.

Senate President Chuck Morse (R-Salem) and Senate Finance Chair Jeanie Forrester (R-Meredith) released a statement following the announcement.

“I am disappointed to learn of this compromise through a press conference, which strikes me as a political stunt, regardless, I will continue to meet and work towards a budget solution for the State of New Hampshire,” said Morse.

“I am encouraged that the Governor agrees with us that high business taxes are a problem and she’s ready to make New Hampshire better than 48th highest in the nation.  It is concerning, however, that her proposal also increases spending by about $100 million, and adds $100 million in new taxes and revenues,” said Senate President Chuck Morse (R-Salem).

“Her proposal appears to increase $3 in taxes on New Hampshire citizens for every $1 in cuts made to business taxes, we don’t think that’s a formula that works for working families,” said Senate Finance Chair Jeanie Forrester (R-Meredith).

“The budget we produced is a balanced proposal that makes responsible business tax reductions, without increasing taxes on families in our state.  The budget lawmakers agreed to increase funding for drug and alcohol treatment by 75%, while also addressing critical needs of our state, including education, safety, infrastructure, the elderly, and resources for individuals with developmental disabilities. The Governor’s reckless veto has put these important programs at risk,” added Forrester.

“We need to continue working towards a compromise that lives within our means and does not raise taxes on our citizens in addition to properly funding the resources that address the needs of our state’s most vulnerable citizens and provides the foundation for a stronger business economy.  That budget already exists and the best way forward is to override the Governor’s veto on September 16th,” said Forrester.




Drug Czar Had No Plan Less Than 24 Hours Before Hassan's Office Released Recommendations


Concord - The Union Leader today reports that John Wozmak, Governor Maggie Hassan's embattled drug czar, failed to present any plans to combat the state's heroin epidemic at a Monday meeting with top Manchester officials. Less than 24 hours later, Hassan's office released a set of hastily prepared, boilerplate recommendations that they claimed were the result of months of work from Mr. Wozmak.


"The fact that Governor Hassan's embattled drug czar didn't even mention a substance abuse plan to top Manchester officials raises questions whether Mr. Wozmak's recommendations are a serious proposal or simply political camouflage designed to distract from the Hassan Administration's failed leadership," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "After six months on the job, Governor Hassan's drug czar should have been in regular contact with Manchester law enforcement officials to ask for their ideas before releasing any recommendations. It's clear that the state's response to the heroin epidemic has been inadequate and that Governor Hassan's office has dropped the ball on numerous occasions." 


According to the Union Leader, "no mention of an imminent release of a plan" was made at an hour-long Monday meeting with Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas and Police Chief Nick Willard.


"That left us all a little bit concerned about where to go and whether we need to develop our own plan," Mayor Gatsas told the Union Leader.


The Hassan Administration has faced increasing criticism in recent weeks for its lackluster response to the heroin epidemic. Last week, WMUR reported that Hassan's office didn't know that New Hampshire had been awarded a $12.5 million federal grant to combat substance abuse. 



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