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Our America Renews Debate Lawsuit 

In January, Gallup released results from a number of polls that, when combined, showed 42% of Americans identify themselves as political independents. Only 25% consider themselves Republicans, and 31% Democrats. In other words, independents outnumber Republicans and Democrats by a wide margin.
Yet, in 2012 and the past several presidential elections, when it came time for nationally televised presidential debates, only the Republican and Democrat candidates were on the stage.  
The Our America Initiative believes that is just wrong. If you agree, go to Our America's Debate Challenge today and help us fight to put Liberty on the debate stage in 2016.
If you understand the truth about the Commission on Presidential Debates, which has an exclusive contract with the news media to monopolize presidential general election debates, it is not surprising that only the Republican and Democrat candidates are allowed to appear before millions of Americans in what are indisputably the most important events of any presidential election.  
It’s not surprising because, despite its official-sounding name, the debate commission is actually a private organization owned and operated by the two “major” parties. That’s right. The organization that controls the debates was created by the Republican and Democratic national committees -- for the mutually beneficial purpose of creating the impression that their candidates are the only real choices for President of the United States.
As candidates in 2012, Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) and I challenged this unfair duopoly in Federal Court, and that case has still not been decided. With the 2016 election approaching, the Our America Initiative is renewing this legal challenge to a rigged system by refiling the lawsuit in a different venue: Washington, DC. Our legal team is confident that moving the case to the nation’s capital will dramatically increase the pressure on the courts to act.
Even with a great deal of volunteer legal support, this crucial legal challenge is expensive. To get the necessary work done and paperwork filed in a timely manner, Our America must raise $30,000 by March 15. We don’t have big corporate “sponsors” like the ones who pay the Debate Commission’s legal costs. Rather, we only have supporters like you -- supporters who understand the importance of putting Liberty on the debate stage in 2016.  
I’m counting on you to make sure we have the $30,000 we must have by March 15.  Please go to Our America's Debate Challenge today and contribute what you can to this vital effort.  $10, $25, $100 or more will go a long way toward making sure the 2016 debates are not controlled by just the Republicans and Democrats. 
Our demand is simple:  If a candidate for President, regardless of party, qualifies for enough states’ ballots to be elected in the Electoral College, that candidate will be included in the debates.  No arbitrary polling thresholds designed to exclude lesser-known, but qualified, candidates. In 2012, had our proposal been in place, there would have been four candidates in the debates, not just the Republican and Democrat -- and America would have seen real choices.
Simple fairness is clearly on our side, but winning that fairness in Court means taking on the huge special interests who have the money and motivation to protect the status quo. We can’t win without your help. Please go to Our America today and help make certain we have the funds to take the fight to the next level.
Opening the presidential debate process to other qualified candidates will change the political landscape in America -- and we all know that the landscape MUST change.  This is our chance, and I welcome your support.
Thank you!
Gov. Gary Johnson
Honorary Chairman
P.S.  Time is of the essence.  Our America must raise at least $30,000 by March 15 to mount this renewed legal challenge in time for 2016.


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OurAmericanInitiative - Join Gov. Gary Johnson for a live Tweet Chat Tuesday 



Are you on Twitter?  Are there issues you would like to “chat” about?  If so, I hope you will join me Tuesday evening, February 11, for a live Tweet Chat.  I will be on Twitter for an hour beginning at 9:30 p.m. ET / 6:30 PT, and will respond to as many Tweets and questions as time allows.  


My personal Twitter handle is @GovGaryJohnson, and we will be using the hashtag: #GovGary.


From health care reform to the NSA to yet another federal debt ceiling “crisis”, there is much to talk about -- and it is my hope that opportunities such as Tuesday night’s Tweet Chat will help to bring a true small government, liberty perspective to these and other critical debates.


I hope you will join me.  With more than 122,000 Twitter followers, I look forward to reaching a wide audience. If you don’t have a Twitter account, just go to and create one. It’s easy.


This chat is only one of the many activities the Our America Initiative sponsors to help give individual freedom, real spending restraint and smaller government the voices they deserve as the politicians and policy-makers make decisions that impact each and every one of us.


Your support of Our America Initaitive makes these efforts possible. With the new year underway and critical policy decisions to be made, your support is more important than ever.  Please take a moment to go to Our America and make a contribution, large or small, that will help restore liberty to the national agenda.


Thanks, and I look forward to “chatting” Tuesday night.



Gov. Gary Johnson

Honorary Chairman


P.S. ICYMI, during my recent visit to New York City, I appeared on a number of national news programs.  If you missed them, go to Our America’s  News page and take a look.





January 28, 2014, New York, NY -- Former New Mexico Governor and 2012 presidential candidate Gary Johnson released the following statement in response to President Obama’s State of the Union address:


“Since President Obama’s State of the Union speech last year, the national debt has increased by more than $700 billion.  Millions of Americans are or will soon see their insurance cancelled, altered or rendered substantially more expensive -- and their health care choices now made by the government.  And when it comes to civil liberties and fundamental freedoms, Americans are today more fearful of their own government than of outside threats.


“These are realities that no rhetoric can disguise. The President spoke of building “new ladders of opportunity”. As long as our President and the Congress continue to add to the burden of debt on every American and continue to make us less free, the ladder of opportunity will just become more and more difficult to climb.  


“Americans don’t need a speech to know that the state of the Union is precarious, and will remain so until politicians of both parties abandon the failed idea that the federal government can somehow spend and manipulate us into prosperity and real opportunity.


“We’ve tried the approach of addressing the nation’s challenges with more government, more programs, and dollars we don’t have.  The President’s speech tonight suggested more of the same. I believe America is ready to try something different, like less government, less debt and more freedom to build our own ladders of opportunity.”


About Governor Gary Johnson: A two-term governor of New Mexico from 1995-2003, Gary Johnson has been a consistent advocate for limited, efficient government and personal liberty. As the Libertarian candidate for President in 2012, he received more votes than any Libertarian candidate in history. An outspoken pro-Constitution libertarian, Johnson opposes American involvement in foreign conflicts with no clear U.S. interest. He opposes the failed multi-billion dollar war on drugs and demands greater transparency at the Federal Reserve. Johnson advocates cutting federal spending dramatically to achieve a balanced budget and make government live within its means without raising taxes. He believes real job creation and economic opportunity can be best achieved through smaller government and less regulation. The National Review rated Johnson as "#1" in job creation as governor. An avid skier and bicyclist, he has reached the highest peaks on six of the seven continents, including Mount Everest.


OUR America Initiative seeks to broaden the parameters of the public policy debate in the national arena. We look to enlighten Americans about civil liberties, free enterprise, limited government, and the traditional American values of freedom and liberty. It is our aim to increase discussion and involvement regarding all-important issues of the day.


OurAmericanInitiative - A great year for Liberty 



I believe 2014 will be a great year for Liberty.


Why? First, America has never been more fed up with big government. From learning of the NSA’s abuses to experiencing the realities of government-run healthcare, Americans of all political persuasions are feeling the force of government in their personal lives like never before.


The result is that Americans are entering the New Year -- which happens to be an election year -- ready to try something that has been seriously neglected in recent years: Freedom from government that does too much and costs too much.


The other reason I believe 2014 will be a great year for Liberty is YOU, and thousands like you who know that change doesn’t happen without effort. We have a historic opportunity in 2014 to put the brakes on out-of-control government and remind the American people -- and the politicians -- that the strength of our nation lies not in government, but in the freedom to pursue dreams, live our lives without unnecessary interference, and seize the opportunities that only a free market can provide.


In the weeks and months ahead, with your support, the Our America Initiative will mobilize activists in every state, produce videos such as this, and take a long overdue conversation about Liberty to the the news media and the social media universe.  


As Our America’s Honorary Chairman, I’m counting on you to help me make 2014 the year when the politicians can no longer push freedom aside in their determination to make government bigger and to control our lives.  


Your contribution of $5, $25, $100 or more today at Our America will make it possible for us to kick off 2014 with the impact that Liberty deserves.  I’m excited about the year ahead, and excited to have your support. The time is NOW.


Thank you, and Best Wishes for a happy, prosperous, and FREE 2014!



Gov. Gary Johnson

Honorary Chairman




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OurAmericanInitiative - It’s not about a website 



I don’t know about you, but I’m growing a bit tired of news stories about the daily status of the government’s Affordable Care Act website.  The website isn’t the problem!  


Sure, the fact that hundreds of millions of our tax dollars were spent to build a website that doesn’t work is important -- and a glaring example of what happens when the government tries to do something that is better left to the private sector.  


But as I have said in several media interviews recently, the website is just the tip of the iceberg.The REAL problem is the government takeover of healthcare that it represents.Let’s not forget, the politicians justified President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, on two basic claims: First, it would make healthcare more affordable, and second, it would make it more accessible. 


As is now becoming clear, they lied. Many of us knew at the time that the math simply didn’t add up, and more importantly, we knew that putting the government squarely in the middle of any marketplace will NOT reduce costs or improve services.  But now, as the realities of cancelled insurance policies, higher premiums for new policies, and the growing list of private healthcare providers who are not going to participate set in, the rest of America is seeing the truth.


Even young people, who are key to making the President’s economic redistribution plan work, are seeing through the scheme. Just this week, a poll conducted by Harvard University found that only 1 in 5 “Millennials” plan to sign up for insurance under the new law.  No surprise there. With premiums inflated to subsidize older Americans, and a penalty that is less than the cost of coverage, why would anyone expect them to sign up?


When government makes promises it cannot keep, people get hurt.  Just look at Detroit, where bankruptcy and the consequences thereof are now real.  When all is said and done, the Affordable Care Act is nothing more than a massive promise that the government cannot keep -- and now tens of millions of Americans are seeing the cost of that promise first-hand.


What those Americans need to understand now is that there ARE ways to reduce healthcare costs and make it accessible to more people. Instead of government mandates, we need freedom from government interference. “Blow the lid off supply”, as I frequently say, and the marketplace will provide better service at lower costs.  And for those who truly need assistance, get the federal bureaucrats out of the way and allow the states to innovate and tailor programs for their specific needs.  As a Governor, I found that Medicaid costs could be cut significantly without sacrificing care.  


Through the Our America Initiative, we are highlighting these free market, innovative approaches. We have held events and even a Google Hangout to bring together health care experts and free market advocates to explore alternatives to Obamacare that will, in fact, reduce costs and increase care.


This is a conversation that MUST take place, but on a truly national scale.  You can help us kick off that conversation by going to and making a contribution -- large or small -- that will allow us to reach those millions of Americans who are just now seeing the harsh reality of the government’s healthcare takeover. As we reach out to those Americans with real alternatives, I am confident they will join us in demanding that the government stop making promises it can’t keep.


The time is NOW.  


Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Governor Gary Johnson

Honorary Chairman




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