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NHDP - After Failed CEO Walt Havenstein Gets -26 Point "Christie Bounce," Walt Touts Endorsement of Failed Pres. Candidate & Outsourcer Mitt Romney 

From economic failure Governor Chris Christie to job outsourcer Mitt Romney, Walt is reinforcing why his economic vision is wrong for the Granite State

Manchester, NH – As failed CEO Walt Havenstein touts his endorsement today from two-time failed presidential candidate and job-outsourcer Mitt Romney, their similar records of implementing disastrous economic strategies that shed jobs reinforce why Havenstein’s economic vision would take the Granite State in the wrong direction.

“Granite Staters should be worried that Havenstein is touting an endorsement from Mitt Romney, who helped pioneer the destructive model of shipping jobs overseas to pad corporate profits,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing. "Just like Walt, who said he’d deny the benefits of the ACA to 50,000 hard-working Granite Staters after cashing in on the law as CEO of SAIC, Romney's career at Bain Capital shows that he too put profits over principles and people." 

"It's clear that Havenstein is desperate to talk about anything other than his own failed economy strategy that drove SAIC into the ground, shed thousands of jobs, and cost the company millions of dollars, as he left suddenly under a cloud of fraud and scandal. But by touting the endorsement of failed Governor Chris Christie, who’s state is currently tied for 48th in private-sector job creation, and job-outsourcer Mitt Romney, Walt Havenstein is only underscoring that his economic policies would hurt middle class families and take our state in the wrong direction,” continued Lesswing.


MANCHESTER - Today, the Brown campaign released a new web video featuring Governor Romney’s endorsement of Scott Brown. The video, titled "Unity," showcases Romney and Brown rallying together with hundreds of Republicans and supporters at the Scamman Bittersweet Farm in Stratham.
During his remarks, Romney zeroes in on Senator Jeanne Shaheen's record of voting with President Obama 99 percent of the time. Romney declares, “Washington is not a place where New Hampshire wants to play a game of 'Simon says.' She is the 'Simon says' senator. We don’t need that.  We need an independent senator.”
Saying that people across New Hampshire know the “stakes are high,” Brown adds that, “A unified party after the primary, along with those good independents and good Democrats who are just fed up, is Senator Shaheen’s worst nightmare.” Brown goes on to say that once elected, he will be, “Nobody’s yes man. Nobody’s rubberstamp,” and concludes by saying, “Let the change begin right here in New Hampshire.”

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And so I’m proud to be here today to endorse someone who I know well
A terrific American, an independent voice, an independent thinker
Not someone who will go to Washington and rubber-stamp everything that comes down the pike
Instead he will stand up for the people of New Hampshire and for what he believes
SUPPORTER: We feel he is our best Republican to win this race and bring a Republican majority to the U.S. Senate
SUPPORTER:  We need leaders, we need leaders like that
That’s why we are backing Scott
We need real leaders
ROMNEY: We are really at a crossroads
People are having a hard time
The President and his agenda has not helped
And at the same time we have lost a lot of the esteem and influence we had around the world
Because instead of shaping events as a nation, we have become the victim of circumstance

But the people of New Hampshire have a chance to vote on what they think of the president’s agenda
And they’ll do that by saying what they will about the president’s number one supporter Jeanne Shaheen
She votes with the President 99 percent of the time
Washington is not a place where New Hampshire wants to play a game of ‘Simon Says’
She’s the ‘Simon Says’ senator
We don’t need that, we need an independent senator
The next United States Senator from New Hampshire, Scott Brown
BROWN: All across New Hampshire, Republicans are coming together in this race because they know that the stakes are high
A unified party after the primary, along with those good independents and good Democrats who are just fed up is Senator Shaheen’s worst nightmare
Should I have the honor of being your senator I’ll promise you this
I’ll answer only to you, the people of New Hampshire and no one else
I will be nobody’s yes man
Nobody’s rubberstamp
I will give the job all that is in me
I will not forget who sent me there and who is counting on me
We know that unity can make a huge difference
I say let the change begin right here in New Hampshire


STRATHAM - Scott Brown will deliver the following remarks at the Scamman Bittersweet Farm in Stratham immediately following Governor Mitt Romney's endorsement. The remarks are prepared for delivery and embargoed until the speech is delivered:
Thank you, Governor, for your friendship and for your support.  It’s good to have you back here in New Hampshire.

You have a lot of friends in our state.  I’m proud to be one of them.  And I am honored to accept your endorsement for my campaign for the United States Senate.

Doug and Stella Scamman, President Morse, Susan Duprey, Governor Sununu and all the others here – thank you for being in my corner.

New Hampshire knows Mitt Romney well, and not just because he won the presidential primary here.

We know him as the upright and capable man we wish were president right now.  Mitt Romney fought the good fight in 2012, and he’s here today to help us win that fight in 2014.

This is the man who, a couple of years ago, was warning that Obamacare was built on false promises, and would be a disaster.   

This is the candidate who called out Barack Obama on a bad economy that in two years has not gotten any better. 

And this is a man who understands that without American leadership things unravel in the world. 

The innocent suffer, the sacrifices of our troops are squandered, the threats to our security multiply, just as we are seeing right now in the sixth year of this presidency.

That’s all history now, and regrets don’t change anything.  The crucial thing this year is to take back the United States Senate – and I say let that change begin right now in New Hampshire.

Two more years of Barack Obama does not have to mean two more years of rubber-stamp “yes” votes for his big government agenda.

In the September primary and on Election Day in November, voters across New Hampshire can send the clearest possible message: The Obama-Shaheen agenda ends right here, right now.

This election is America’s last chance to pass judgment on the performance of President Obama.

He’s not on the ballot, but his biggest supporter in the Senate is Jeanne Shaheen, and the President needs her back.  He’s counting on her votes, and she’s counting on yours." 

Senator Shaheen is a nice person – she is just not the independent voice that she promised to be and that New Hampshire expects and needs.  She cast the deciding vote that gave us Obamacare."  

She votes more for the Obama agenda than even Harry Reid does.  If we’re ever going to hold this President accountable, we have to hold Senator Shaheen accountable."  

The chance won’t come again, so let’s take it right now and turn this country around.

All across New Hampshire, Republicans are coming together in this race because we know the stakes are high.

And we know that unity can make all the difference.  It’s the base we build on, as we reach out to all the independent-minded people of New Hampshire.

Believe me: a unified Republican Party is Senator Shaheen’s worst nightmare.

In every part of our state, I’m going to speak to people of every background.  I’m going to ask for everyone’s vote, and I’m going to do my best to earn it.

And should I have the honor of being your senator, I promise you this.  I will answer only to you, the people of New Hampshire.  I’m nobody’s yes man. 

Every day that I serve, I will give the job all that is in me.  I won’t forget who sent me and who is counting on me.  And I will strive every day to make New Hampshire proud.  


Emily's List - Romney for Brown? Bqhatevwr

Mitt Romney is endorsing Scott Brown today, and it’s probably because they have a lot in common. Both were overwhelmingly rejected by Massachusetts voters in 2012, and both are deeply out of touch with New Hampshire women and families.


Brown can try to paint himself as a moderate all he wants, but by embracing an endorsement from last cycle’s flag bearer for the GOP’s anti-woman and family agenda, he’s made it clear that he’s not serious about engaging with New Hampshire voters.


For the record, Romney lost New Hampshire, too. So Brown’s on track to lose all the same states as Mitt Romney did, just one state at a time.




The Boston Globe: In reversal, Brown hails his backing by Romney

By Joshua Miller


Somewhere between Massachusetts and New Hampshire and between 2012 and 2014, Scott Brown went from keeping Mitt Romney at arm’s length to bringing him in for a full embrace.

In an e-mail to supporters Tuesday, topped with a picture of them smiling together, Brown wrote that Romney would formally endorse his campaign for US Senate in New Hampshire next week at an Independence Day kickoff.

“Right now, I know a lot of you feel the same way I do: Our country would be in much better shape if Governor Romney were in the White House today,” Brown wrote.

This strong show of support is a departure from the way Brown talked about Romney when he was running for reelection to the US Senate in Massachusetts in 2012. Then, Brown cautiously calibrated his support for Romney, a White House hopeful at the time.

But vying to unseat US Senator Jeanne Shaheen this year, Brown is playing up his connection to the former Massachusetts governor, something that Republicans see as potentially helpful to his bid in the Granite State.

The new tactic underscores the vastly different political climate Brown faces in this year’s election than in his unsuccessful contest against Democrat Elizabeth Warren.

Obama beat Romney by 23 percentage points in Massachusetts in 2012.



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