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Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today announced that the party's fundraiser featuring Governor Mitt Romney has sold out. The event will take place tomorrow in Wolfeboro.


"We are grateful that Governor Romney decided to headline one of his first fundraisers since the election for the New Hampshire Republican Party. Ticket sales have exceeded our expectations and helped us raise the resources that we will need to compete with the Democrats," said Horn. "New Hampshire Republicans are energized and enthusiastic about the upcoming elections, and we thank Governor Romney for helping us build a strong party that will elect fiscally responsible candidates in 2014."


Jeb Bradley For NH Senate - An Evening with Mitt Romney 

Dear Friends,

I hope you can come to this great event in the Lakes Region and assist the NHGOP.



Mike and Irene Appe cordially invite you to a special reception to support the New Hampshire Republican State Committee featuring:

Governor Mitt Romney


You may reserve tickets for this event online at or RSVP by email to and enter “Appe Event” in the subject line of your email.

If you are unable to attend, but would like to contribute to the NHGOP campaign, please make your secure contribution online at

Event co-hosts:

Marc Bourgeois

Senator Jeb Bradley

Beverly Bruce

Jackie Eastwood

George Elkins

Jennifer Horn

Doug Magee

Jim Merrill

Stephen Meyers

Tom Rath

Paul & Deb Zimmerman

Sponsorship levels include:

VIP - $1,500: Two VIP reception tickets

Gold - $1,000: One VIP reception ticket

Silver - $500: Two general reception tickets

Bronze - $250: Single general reception ticket


All sponsors will receive acknowledgments in the event program.

 Dress for the event is “Summer Business Casual”



The Home of Mike and Irene Appe

144 Springfield Point Road

Wolfeboro, NH 03894

Date & Time:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

5:30pm – 7:30pm


NHDP - When Will NHGOP Chair Demand an Investigation into NHGOP Employee David Chesley?

When Will NHGOP Chair Demand an Investigation into NHGOP Employee David Chesley and Top Staffer for the Romney Campaign in NH?
Concord – New Hampshire Republicans are stooping to a new low in partisan hypocrisy.  This morning the NHGOP alleged individuals who while living and working in New Hampshire exercised their constitutional right to vote were committing voter fraud. But that is exactly what multiple Romney campaign staffers and other GOP operatives did last fall.  One Republican staffer was even housed by the NHGOP’s current employee and political director.
“How long before Jennifer Horn demands an investigation into her own political director for in her words, ‘aiding and abetting individuals who are undermining New Hampshire law?’” asked New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  “Even for the desperate NHGOP, these false and misleading attacks are a pathetic new low given that their own employee was engaged in the exact same behavior.  They should apologize to all the individuals they falsely accused today and to the voters of New Hampshire for their shameful stunt.”
Last fall, Mitt Romney’s top staffer in New Hampshire, Phil Valenziano  voted from an address in Manchester.  Currently he is the political director for Republican Iowa Governor Terry Barnstead according to his social media page.  Another  Republican staffer Marian Ward voted from an address in Concord where she was living with the  New Hampshire Republican State Committee’s current political Director David Chesley. 
Just like other US citizens over the age of 18 who move to New Hampshire for their job, campaign workers have the right to vote where they are living and domiciled on Election Day.  In New Hampshire, a US citizen over the age of 18 is eligible to vote where they are domiciled: “that one place where a person, more than any other place, has established a physical presence and manifests an intent to maintain a single continuous presence." [RSA 654:12
“This pathetic ploy is merely the latest dishonest attack on voting rights and voting laws by New Hampshire Republicans – a mirror of the attacks mounted by the irresponsible Bill O’Brien and Jeb Bradley led legislature that voters rejected last fall,” continued Kirstein.   “Republicans think that making it harder for New Hampshire citizens to cast a ballot and attacking those who do will help them during the next election.  But in the United States of America the people choose their elected representatives, politicians don’t choose their voters.”

Romney Liberty Coalition Director and NHGOP State Senate Campaign Manager Marian Ward Voted in New Hampshire in 2012, Now Lives in Arkansas

·         Marian Lynn Ward voted with the mailing address PO BOX 64, Great Falls, VA 22066-0064.  She registered at the home of David Chesley at 65 Clinton Street in Concord, NH 03301. [Concord City Clerk’s Voter Checklist]

·         Ward was employed both as the NHGOP’s Liberty Outreach Director and as the campaign manager for Phil Greazzo’s state senate campaign. [LinkedIn, accessed 7/24/2013]

·         Ward currently lives in Littlerock, Arkansas. [LinkedIn, accessed 7/24/2013]

·         Chesley is listed as the NHGOP’s Political Director and Senior Advisor, and listed the Clinton Street address in 2012 on a federal disclosure to the FEC by the Bass campaign. [, accessed 7/24/2013;]
Romney State Director Voted in New Hampshire in 2012, Now Works for Iowa GOP

·         Phil Valenziano voted in New Hampshire last fall after registering at 16 Sagamore St in Manchester, NH 03104.
·         Valenziano is now Political Director at The Branstad Committee in Iowa, and served as the Romney campaign’s state director in New Hampshire last fall.  [LinkedIn, accessed 7/24//2013]

NH GOP - Weekly Newsletter 

Dear Friends,

It's been an exciting week at the NHGOP - on Wednesday we announced that our 2012 Presidential Nominee, Gov. Mitt Romney, will be in NH on August 6th to host a fundraiser for the party on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee. 

We are honored that Governor Romney has chosen NH for one of his first events since the election and we look forward to giving him a warm welcome.  With your help, we will raise the funds we need to get principled Republicans elected to office and return fiscal sanity to Concord and Washington.  You can reserve your ticket to join Gov. Romney by using the link below - I hope I see you there!

Best Wishes, 


An Evening with Gov. Mitt Romney


Join the NHGOP for an Evening with Gov. Mitt Romney


Tuesday, August 6th 



You can purchase tickets here starting for $100/each


The event will be held in the Lakes Region near Romney's summer home in Wolfeboro. 


Further event details, including location, will be released soon.

Any questions contact Matt Slater at 603-225-9341 or email



ICYMI: Jennifer Horn: Hassan's leadership failures on full display in budget process


Gov. Maggie Hassan has been quick to take credit for the passage of the bipartisan state budget. However, a review of the budget process shows that her dubious claims of providing fiscal leadership do not reflect reality. 


The No. 1 priority for the governor is to develop a balanced, fiscally sound budget proposal to kick off the budget season. Unfortunately, she presented an unaffordable plan in February that increased state spending by $1 billion - a 10 percent increase over the previous budget. Her proposal included numerous taxes and spending increases and a delay in important business tax reforms passed last session by Republicans. Her budget was "balanced" with $80 million in non-existent casino fees, a plan that was rejected by the Democrat-controlled House.


See Chairman Horn's full op-ed here.



ICYMI: Sen. Sharon Carson named Henry Toll Fellow (Eagle Tribune: 7/10)

Sen. Sharon M. Carson, R-Londonderry, is one of 48 state policymakers from across the country selected as a Council of State Governments' Henry Toll Fellow for the Class of 2013.



Union Leader: Delaying Obamacare: An admission of deep flaws (UL: 7/9)

Obamacare is a 906-page law that has generated - so far - at least 10,000 pages of federal regulations to direct the activity in one-seventh of the U.S. economy. And some people are surprised that it is too complex to be implemented on schedule?




Concord - The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today announced that 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will headline a party fundraiser on August 6th. The event will be held in the Lakes Region near Romney's summer home in Wolfeboro.


"New Hampshire has always been a special place for Governor Romney. It's the state where he launched his presidential campaign, where he spends time with his family every summer, and it's a place where he will always have many friends and loyal supporters." said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "We are thrilled that Governor Romney has agreed to host one of his first fundraisers since the election for our party and help New Hampshire Republicans restore fiscal sanity to Concord and Washington."


Tickets for the event will start at $100 and will be available through  Further event details, including the location, will be released later this week. The fundraiser will be a private event and closed to the media.