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Daily Signal - Obama's Executive Actions on Guns Are All Politics

The Daily Signal

Jan. 6, 2016

Good morning from the nation's capital, where President Obama announced executive actions to restrict gun ownership. Heritage Foundation legal expert John Malcolm argues Obama must work with Congress if he wants to change gun laws, while Genevieve Wood says the plan is feel-good politics. Melissa Quinn reports on the Obama administration's wary approach to the armed protest in Oregon. Josh Siegel covers the open hostility between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and Middle East expert Jim Phillips explores the administration's role.


Obama's Executive Actions on Guns Are All Politics

President Obama is back to the "look, look, we're doing something" strategy—as opposed to working with Congress on measures that actually would be effective, such as a real analysis of how our country treats those suffering from mental health issues.

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Why Obamacare Is on the Road to Repeal

Three years into its implementation, the internal contradictions and weaknesses of Obamacare are multiplying.

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Obama's Executive Fiat on Gun Control

Many law-abiding citizens choose to exercise their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves and their families. They should not be prevented from doing so by ill-conceived and possibly unlawful policies.

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Obama's Passive Acceptance of Iranian Provocations Helps Fuel Rising Iranian-Saudi Tensions

Iran's radical regime once again has violated its legal obligation to respect and protect foreign diplomats and embassies, as it did when it launched politically motivated attacks on the U.S. Embassy in 1979 and the British Embassy in 2011.

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Why Federal Law Enforcement Is Taking a 'Wait and See' Approach to the Oregon Protesters

Americans remembering the deadly confrontations at Waco, Texas, and Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in the early 1990s are likely to see a different response from law enforcement officers monitoring protesters at a federal building in Oregon, former federal officials say.

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How the Latest Middle East Crisis Complicates Iran Nuclear Deal, Syrian War

The breakdown in relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran complicates life for the United States, which has staked its hope for peace in the Middle East on these two rival powers playing nice.

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WDLNH's Chairwoman Denied Pistol License 






The Women's Defense League of NH stands behind our chairman, Michelle Levell, who was recently denied her Pistol Revolver License renewal. You can read her story on our website

Her local chief refused to renew her license even after a complete and accurate application was submitted with three references. 

Chiefs of police are able to make arbitrary and subjective decisions to issue licenses because the basis for determining suitability is undefined in state statute.

New Hampshire's license statute has origins in efforts to limit firearms ownership by women and minorities during the Amoskeag Mills strike in the 1920s. This discrimination continues today. During public hearings for SB 116, we heard numerous people testify that their chief denied their Pistol Revolver licenses for capricious reasons.

Earlier this year the New Hampshire legislature passed Senate Bill 116, a bill that would have defined suitability and ended nearly 100 years of discrimination. However, Governor Maggie Hassan vetoed the bill and in September the senate failed to overturn the veto.

There is one more opportunity to end this state-sanctioned discrimination.

House Bill 582, with language identical to SB 116, will come before the New Hampshire House in early January, shortly after they open the 2016 legislative session. Discrimination in any century is abhorrent and must end. We urge our NH state representatives and senators to finally end this practice, and allow the clear definition of "suitability" and common sense to prevail.


Newsmax - Christie's Anti-Gun Positions Pose Problem in NH

Gun advocates in New Jersey say Chris Christie is no friend of gun freedom, and have joined organizations like the NRA that have given the tough-talking governor low marks for his support of the Second Amendment.

Last week, reported that Christie is drawing fire for not following through on his promise to appoint a commission to ensure the state's laws "do not infringe on New Jerseyans' constitutional rights."

Christie vowed on June 30, one day before announcing he was running for president, to form the New Jersey Firearm Purchase and Permitting Study Commission. But little has happened since then.

The NRA has already expressed disappointment with Christie, giving him a "C" grade on its gun-rights report card. Meanwhile, the pro-gun control Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has given his New Jersey an "A-."

Christie remains low in national polls, garnering just 2 percent in some national surveys. But his campaign got a boost over the holiday weekend when the New Hampshire Union Leader endorsed him.

New Hampshire is known as a staunchly pro-Second Amendment state and Christie’s track record is weak.

Fox News Channel's "Special Report" anchor Bret Baier recently reported that Christie entered politics in the 1990s citing his desire to control guns.

Baier cited a 1993 Star-Ledger article quoting Christie during his campaign for state Senate as saying, "The issue that has motivated me to get into this race is the recent attempt by certain Republican legislators to repeal New Jersey's ban on assault weapons."

Christie told Fox he doesn’t remember taking the position.

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DNC - New Video: "We Collectively Are Answerable To Those Families"

Once again this week, President Obama addressed the nation after a tragic shooting and issued a call to action for Congress to do something to protect our children, families and communities from gun violence.  “We collectively are answerable to those families who lose their loved ones because of our inaction.”


Republicans, though, don’t find themselves in the same position.


Watch our new video here:


NHDP Statement on Legislature Standing with Governor Hassan Against NHGOP’s Radical Gun Bill Opposed By Law Enforcement





Concord, N.H. – New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair released the following statement after the legislature sustained Governor Hassan’s veto of the New Hampshire Republican Party’s radical gun bill that’s strongly opposed by law enforcement officers:
“Republicans in the New Hampshire House and Senate have shown once again that their priorities are backward as they continue to try to enact a radical gun bill that is strongly opposed by law enforcement officers and 71% of Granite Staters. We thank Governor Hassan and Democrats in the legislature for again taking a strong stand to support law enforcement and public safety.”