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PackingNH - Renny Cushing's Election Law Complaint Dismissed by Attorney General 

Representative Renny Cushing, D– Rockingham 21, filed an election law complaint against Packing NH with the NH Attorney General’s office on February 25, 2015.  A copy of the complaint was not provided to PackingNH; however, it is believed that, based on its original filing, Mr. Cushing asserted PackingNH was prohibited from making independent expenditures.   On October 30, 2014, PackingNH sent mailers in opposition to Cushing and incumbent Democrats Ed Butler and Steven Shurtleff.

In a SeacoastOnLine article dated November 6, 2014, two days after Election Day, Cushing complained that the mailer paid for by PackingNH was “crazy” and "made-up stuff “.  He added that “...the timing of the mailer’s delivery didn’t allow him a chance to publicly refute the claims. “

Cushing was forced into a recount after he tied with Republican challenger Ken Sheffert.  During that recount, Cushing gained four votes on Sheffert due to the fact “the four votes came from ballots Sheffert challenged because they contained irregular or incomplete marks...Secretary of State Bill Gardner ruled those votes counted for Cushing.”

Consistent with and pursuant to NH RSA 664:3-I, PackingNH submitted an amended registration on November 12, 2014 along with its final statement of receipts and expenditures.  Copies of both were sent to the Attorney General’s office yesterday evening and, following a telephone conversation with the Attorney General’s office this morning, the complaint against PackingNH will be dismissed.

During his testimony last Thursday before the House Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety in support of universal background checks for firearms, Cushing thanked PackingNH for elevating the issue of firearms to his attention.  PackingNH is pleased to have been of service.


NHDP - Radical GOP Gun Bill Has Been Opposed by Law Enforcement, Members of Own Party 

Senator Morse and Then-Senator Gatsas Opposed 2004 Bill Eliminating Local Licensing Process to Carry Concealed Weapons
Concord, N.H. – Today, the New Hampshire State Senate will vote on a radical bill that would eliminate the 92-year-old local licensing process to carry concealed weapons.
The measure is not only opposed by the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police, but has also been opposed by several prominent New Hampshire Republicans, including Senate President Chuck Morse and then-Senator Ted Gatsas, who both voted against SB 454, a comparable 2004 bill.
“It’s telling that on the day Governor Hassan presents her budget to lay the foundation of a new generation of economic growth, Senate Republicans are focused on repealing a 92-year-old licensing requirement for concealed weapons over the opposition of the law enforcement community,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Press Secretary Aaron Jacobs.   
“Instead of fixating on this measure that the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police says would hurt our public safety, Senate Republicans should join Governor Hassan in working to solve problems and get results for New Hampshire’s people, businesses, and economy,” added Jacobs.

Citizens For A Strong NH - NH Senate passes Constitutional Carry 


SB 116 passes with a vote of 14-9. 

Derek Dufresne


(February 12, 2015) - The New Hampshire State Senate voted this afternoon to pass SB 116, legislation commonly referred to as Constitutional Carry. The bill, which would "repeal the license requirement for carrying a concealed pistol or revolver," was confirmed with a vote of 14-9.

If the bill becomes law, New Hampshire would join Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming and Vermont as states not requiring a license to carry a concealed weapon. In addition to being a Constitutional Carry sate, Vermont, our neighbor to the west, has been regarded as the safest state in the nation.

Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:


"The Second Amendment is a right and Granite Staters are fiercely protective of it. With their votes, it is clear a majority of our State Senators join with us in believing it is wrong for law-abiding gun owners to be saddled with an onerous requirement limiting that right.

"We strongly commend the State Senate for their commonsense decision today to pass SB 116. Their action moves New Hampshire step closer towards a day where lawful individuals do not have to seek out a government permission slip act on a right the Constitution clearly dictates."

Source: National Review Online: Vermont: Safe and happy and armed to the teeth

WDLNH Letter to NH Senate 






SB 116 - Women's Defense League letter to NH Senate

The Legislative Committee of the Women's Defense League sent the following letter to New Hampshire Senators in support of SB 116.

We fully expect each Senator's support to bring women's rights into the 21st century.

Dear Senators,

We’d like to introduce ourselves.  We are the Women’s Defense League of NewHampshire and we represent members in every one of your districts.  We provide women opportunities to learn practical self-defense skills while defending 2nd Amendment rights.  We are an education, training and legislative organization that is specific to New Hampshire.  We are a non-partisan, non-political organization except when it comes to our right to self-defense.

We are writing you today to urge your support of SB 116.  As women, we know that the majority of women choose to concealed carry for obvious reasons.  We believe that current New Hampshire law violates women’s rights by forcing women to fill out an application; get references; pay a fee; and be subjected to the discretionary profiling of her local Chief of Police.  Worse, and even dangerous, is the fact that a woman who might be subject of stalking has to lock herself in her home and wait for as many as 14 days before she can legally leave her home with the ability to protect herself.

The current pistol license laws are are a result of racism in the early 1920s; sadly, they have now morphed into anti-women’s rights laws that impede women from protecting themselves outside the home.

Many of you have purported your support for equal rights for women.  We expect that you will indeed support SB 116 as it is truly a pro-choice, pro-women’s rights bill.  Not only does it allow women the choice of actually getting a license or not but it allows women to freely exercise their rights to defend themselves and their families. 

SB 116 does not trump federal law as some have claimed.  Only those who are legally allowed to purchase and possess firearms will be able to do so, as it is today.  It does not allow minors to concealed carry without the express written permission of their parents as has been claimed, nor does it cost the state of New Hampshire $900,000 in revenue.  That number is not verifiable nor is it even relatively close to the under $300,000 that the permit and licensing division claims as revenue. 

SB 116 does not put the law out of balance as others have claimed.  What is does is finally balance women’s rights and brings them into the 21st century.

If you are truly a supporter of women’s rights, we expect that you’ll be in support of SB 116.  We are looking forward to your ‘YEA’ vote on a motion of ought-to-pass with no amendments on this bill.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with us directly, please contact or

We will see you at the State House and thank you for all of your hard work.

Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire
Legislative Committee 


Citizens For A Strong NH - Constitutional Carry advances in NH 


New Hampshire State Senate's Judiciary Committee Advances "Constitutional Carry"

Committee recommends SB 116 to the full State Senate for consideration with a 3-1 vote.
(February 3, 2015) - The New Hampshire State Senate's Judiciary Committee voted 3-1 today to recommend SB 116 to the full State Senate. Commonly referred to as "Constitutional Carry," this legislation would "repeal the license requirement for carrying a concealed pistol or revolver." 

Senators Sharon Carson, Sam Cataldo, and Gary Daniels voted in support of SB 116. Senator Davie Pierce was the lone vote against it as Senator Betty Lasky was absent for the vote.

The bill now heads to the full State Senate for their consideration. 

If the bill passes both chambers and becomes law, New Hampshire would join Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming and Vermont as states not requiring a license to carry a concealed weapon.

Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:


"Vermont, our neighbor to the west, has long had a similar Constitutional Carry law on their books and their state has been regarded as the safest in the nation. New Hampshire should follow suit. It is time to finally remove this onerous requirement and support law-abiding gun owners. The Second Amendment is a right. Legislators shouldn't require lawful individuals to have to get a government permission slip to act on it.

"We strongly commend Senators Carson, Cataldo, and Daniels for supporting constitutional carry this afternoon with their vote to recommend SB 116. Once taken up by the full State Senate, we hope a vast majority of their colleagues will join with them to help pass the legislation and send it to the New Hampshire House."

Source: National Review Online: Vermont: Safe and happy and armed to the teeth