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Second Amendment Sisters - NH, Leadership Change

SAS-NH Leadership Change

Change is inevitable and welcomed here in New Hampshire, like our coming spring. Kate Muller, who since September 2008 has been a very effective State Coordinator for the Second Amendment Sisters has decided to focus her efforts on her new town of Goffstown and be supportive to the rest of the area coordinators. According to Kate “It's been my pleasure to serve as SAS-NH State Coordinator. It has been an amazing five years learning, teaching, and making dear friends with the women of SAS. Now that my dear friend Margot is taking over as State Coordinator I can focus on my first love, training more women to safely handle and shoot firearms. I am looking forward to lots range time with SAS.”

Effective immediately, Margot Keyes has assumed the position of State Coordinator for New Hampshire. In her whirlwind three years with SAS, Margot has gone from Member, to Epsom Area Coordinator, to NRA Basic Pistol Instructor and the Registration Coordinator for all of the NH ladies’ shoots, to now becoming the State Coordinator. She has been heavily involved in the ladies’ monthly shoots and basic pistol instruction, while at times also attending gun shows and presenting testimony to our House and Senate on behalf of SAS.

Margot welcomes this challenge saying, “We are constantly growing our membership and especially our leadership lately. I brought three new area coordinators to SAS just this month and their help has been invaluable. I would not take on this responsibility without knowing my fellow coordinators and sisters are here to support me. We have many sisters who are involved in various ways, so there is always someone to help keep our right to bear arms alive. I am looking forward to continuing to keep New Hampshire a well-organized, member-appreciative, and 2A-active state.”

Here are Margot and Kate, friends for over 10 years, teaching at a local pistol club.


ALG's Daily Grind - Defund Holder's gun bracelet scheme


April 9, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted.

Defund Holder's gun bracelet scheme
The Obama Administration wants to spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to develop a wrist band that has a computer chip which corresponds like a lock and key with a computer chip in a corresponding gun.

Paying too much at the grocery store and at the pump? You can thank the Fed
Since 2000, household median income measured by the Census Bureau has only averaged 1.77 percent growth. In the meantime, the prices of staples like food and energy have been skyrocketing — at 6.8 percent and 16.18 percent, respectively.

Perry and Biggs: The '77 cents on the dollar' myth about women's pay
"Then there is the issue of marriage and children. The BLS reports that single women who have never married earned 96 percent of men's earnings in 2012. The supposed pay gap appears when marriage and children enter the picture."

Apr102014 - Gun confiscation bill exposed 

Activists blow cover on gun confiscation bill

A bill that passed the Vermont House without controversy is now in doubt after gun-rights advocates exposed provisions allowing police to take guns during domestic disputes.

“It’s a highly illegal confiscation bill,” Gun Owners of Vermont president Ed Cutler told Vermont Watchdog.

Read more about bill H.735

NLRB complains Black Friday protesters went too far

Labor union members and protesters who stormed a Michigan Walmart on “Black Friday” in 2012 have landed in hot water with the National Labor Relations Board.

The NLRB has filed a complaint against Our Walmart, a so-called “workers center” group that organizes protests and claims to represent employees at the national big-box retailer, and the United Food and Commercial Workers labor union, which funds Our Walmart’s activities.

Read more here

Latest on Education

School safety report shows better grades

Anti-bullying bills dominated the education headlines from the 2014 legislative session, yet an annual state report card on school safety shows student behavior is down on the list of disciplinary issues registered by Minnesota’s publicly funded schools.

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No connection between spending and student outcome - study

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Second Amendment Sisters Opposed NH SB 244, As Amended 

Concord, NH, March 22, 2014

On Thursday, March 20, 2014, the NH Senate Committee on Judiciary passed out of committee SB 244, amended into “AN ACT establishing a procedure for the annulment of a mental health record and establishing a commission to study mental health and firearms.”  As introduced, SB 244 would have directed the State of New Hampshire to report the names of any persons adjudicated incompetent or found legally to suffer from some form of mental illness – as well as those for whom a guardian had been appointed – to the FBI’s National Criminal Instant Background Check System (NICS), whether or not they were contemplating or had attempted the purchase of a firearm.
The bill as introduced met with fierce opposition by the mental health community, persons and groups concerned with privacy and, of course, those who believe that in the fundament natural right to defense of oneself, family and property.  Based on the last of those points, SAS testified in opposition to the original SB 244.
The version passed on Thursday sought to achieve compromise through: 1) an attempt to create a path for annulment of mental health records at the state level; and, 2) the creation of a commission to “study mental health and firearms.” 
While SAS supports creating a path to restoring the 2nd amendment rights by annulling certain mental health records, we remain opposed to any proposal that would conflate the issues of mental illness and firearm ownership. 
The Second Amendment Sisters believe that mental illness is a disease, not a crime, and those who would stigmatize the mentally ill in pursuit of a political agenda create a slippery slope from which few would remain unharmed or unsullied.

Honorable Jennifer Coffey
National Director of Legislative Affairs
Second Amendment Sisters, Inc.
SAS Phone: 877-271-6216


NH House Republican Leader Statement on House Action on HB1264 Gun Control

CONCORD - House Republican Leader Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett) offered the following statement following House action on HB 1264, a bill originally intended to address concealed carry permit rules for out-of-staters, but via an amendment, was changed to a study commission with a politically charged focus. The bill was tabled by a vote of 186-150.

House Republican Leader Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett)

“A simple bill with good intentions was targeted by anti-second amendment advocates in the legislature as a vehicle for their agenda. The bill, as amended, was a dramatic departure from the intent of the original bill and is clearly an attempt to further the discussion on universal background checks and scrutiny on gun owners. The House, just over a month ago, already dismissed HB1589, a bill that sought to study similar issues. The bill was defeated by an overwhelming bipartisan majority, 242-118.”

“Clearly the procedural questions that were raised during the debate were enough to convince a bipartisan majority of the House that HB 1264 should not move forward. The House has rules and procedures by which we should operate and many members thought this was the wrong bill brought about the wrong way.”

“This is another demonstration that the majority of New Hampshire House members respect the Second Amendment and the rights of gun owners.”