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Women's Defense League of NH - New Poll Results in NH on SB 116 




NH Supports SB 116 and the End of State-Sanctioned Discrimination

The Women's Defense League of New Hampshire (The League) conducted our first state-wide poll and finds overwhelming support for making pistol licenses optional.
Contrary to an April 9-13, 2015 Public Policy Poll (PPP) widely cited by NH Democrat legislators and Governor Maggie Hassan, when given the background of NH’s pistol license statute, WDL found that over 71% of NH voters oppose the current statute giving local law enforcement the unilateral authority to decide who is and is not “suitable” to discreetly carry a loaded firearm.
Understanding that NH’s pistol license was enacted in 1923 to legally discriminate against NH’s ethnic minorities – primarily Irish, Italian and French-Canadian – and emerging private trade unions like the United Textile workers, The League believed that if NH citizens understood that chapter in NH history, they would oppose its continued existence. 
The survey results prove that New Hampshire voters, regardless of party affiliation, overwhelmingly disapprove of the current pistol license law and believe the state-sanctioned discrimination that has been allowed for almost 100 years must end.
As we have previously stated, The League does not believe that Governor Hassan knew of the discrimination that has occurred thanks to the current pistol license law and we know that the Governor would prefer to vote how the majority of her constituents would want her to.
The League will be holding a press conference Tuesday, May 26th at NOON in the lobby of the Legislative Office Building to discuss the results of the poll and to provide the details of those results.
Women's Defense League of New Hampshire


NH GOP - Urgent Second Amendment Issue 


Governor Maggie Hassan has threatened to veto bipartisan legislation that would reform New Hampshire concealed carry laws.

Law abiding Granite Staters already have the right to carry, but need to ask permission to carry in their cars, under a jacket, or in a purse. Too often, local officials deny or delay permits for no good reason. This commonsense legislation would address this problem and ensure that Granite Staters have the basic right to self-defense.


Maggie's motives are clear - she is trying to cozy up to radical, out of state, big money gun control groups that want to restrict our Second Amendment rights. She is desperate to get her hands on the millions of dollars that gun grabbers like liberal New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will funnel into her campaign coffers as she plots a run for the United States Senate.


Maggie's gun control allies have already spent millions in New Hampshire, and intend to spend even more. Even worse, these discredited groups have held events in our state to push their radical agenda that have honored thugs, murderers and terrorists including the Boston Marathon bomber.

We need your help to fight Maggie's dangerous gun control allies and elect more pro-Second Amendment Republicans in 2016. Please click here to help us by contributing $50, $75 or $100.




Jennifer Horn

New Hampshire Republican State Committee


Women's Defense League of NH - SB 116 Passes the House 





The Women's Defense League statement on the passage of SB 116 in the House

The Women's Defense League applauds the passage of SB 116, aka 'Constitutional Carry',  by the New Hampshire House today.

This is another step forward for bringing women's rights into the 21st century and an end to nearly 100 years of state-sanctioned discrimination against ethnic and racial minorities.

We understand Governor Hassan met with an organization funded by out-of-state gun control extremist Michael Bloomberg and claims she will veto the bill but we believe the Governor will be fair and balanced and meet with the Women's Defense League as we've already requested.

Governor Hassan cannot know the discrimination that is occurring against women and other minorities in the Granite State but we do know she's an ardent defender of women's rights.

We look forward to speaking with her on this topic in the near future.

Citizens For A Strong NH - NH House passes Constitutional Carry 


Governor Hassan has already 'Gone Washington.' Issues veto threat on common sense legislation supported by both New Hampshire chambers.

(April 29, 2015) - The New Hampshire State House voted today to adopt SB 116, legislation commonly referred to as Constitutional Carry. The bill, which would "repeal the license requirement for carrying a concealed pistol or revolver," was confirmed with a vote of 212 - 150. It was previously approved by the New Hampshire State Senate with a vote of 14-9.

If the bill were to become law, New Hampshire would join Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming and Vermont as states not requiring a license to carry a concealed weapon. In addition to being a Constitutional Carry sate, Vermont, our neighbor to the west, has been regarded as the safest state in the nation.

Just prior to today's vote in the New Hampshire House, Governor Maggie Hassan announced that she would veto SB 116.

Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:


"A majority in both the New Hampshire State Senate and State House have now proven to their constituents that they stand with them in fierce protection of their Second Amendment rights. Granite States believe that law-abiding gun owners should not be saddled with onerous requirements limiting their rights, and we commend both chambers for recognizing that.

"While today's vote moves New Hampshire another step closer towards a day where lawful individuals do not have to seek out a government permission slip to act on a right the Constitution clearly dictates, it already appears that Governor Maggie Hassan plans to put up a roadblock in front of progress. We are incredibly disappointed in our governor's decision to once again put her own political career and the voices of liberal extremists in Washington D.C. ahead of her New Hampshire constituents."

Source: National Review Online: Vermont: Safe and happy and armed to the teeth




PackingNH - Renny Cushing's Election Law Complaint Dismissed by Attorney General 

Representative Renny Cushing, D– Rockingham 21, filed an election law complaint against Packing NH with the NH Attorney General’s office on February 25, 2015.  A copy of the complaint was not provided to PackingNH; however, it is believed that, based on its original filing, Mr. Cushing asserted PackingNH was prohibited from making independent expenditures.   On October 30, 2014, PackingNH sent mailers in opposition to Cushing and incumbent Democrats Ed Butler and Steven Shurtleff.

In a SeacoastOnLine article dated November 6, 2014, two days after Election Day, Cushing complained that the mailer paid for by PackingNH was “crazy” and "made-up stuff “.  He added that “...the timing of the mailer’s delivery didn’t allow him a chance to publicly refute the claims. “

Cushing was forced into a recount after he tied with Republican challenger Ken Sheffert.  During that recount, Cushing gained four votes on Sheffert due to the fact “the four votes came from ballots Sheffert challenged because they contained irregular or incomplete marks...Secretary of State Bill Gardner ruled those votes counted for Cushing.”

Consistent with and pursuant to NH RSA 664:3-I, PackingNH submitted an amended registration on November 12, 2014 along with its final statement of receipts and expenditures.  Copies of both were sent to the Attorney General’s office yesterday evening and, following a telephone conversation with the Attorney General’s office this morning, the complaint against PackingNH will be dismissed.

During his testimony last Thursday before the House Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety in support of universal background checks for firearms, Cushing thanked PackingNH for elevating the issue of firearms to his attention.  PackingNH is pleased to have been of service.