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Gov. Jindal: Religious Liberty Created America 

Gov. Jindal: Religious Liberty Created America

Governor Jindal appeared on Simon Conway’s radio show earlier today where he talked about the fight for religious liberty.

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Governor Jindal:

This situation is gravely, gravely concerning. I’m proud that in Louisiana we have a Religious Freedom Restoration Act. We’re one of nineteen states other than Indiana and Arkansas--the two states in the news today that already have this law. Let’s understand the context of this. America did not create religious liberty. Religious liberty created America. 

It is a foundational freedom and right. Without religious liberty rights, there would be no freedom of speech, freedom association. Government should never step in and tell Christians that they have to choose between making a living and their Christian values. 

This is nothing new. It’s not a new fight. Our Founding Fathers knew firsthand about government choking religious liberty. They knew what they were doing. This is not something where we can say things have changed. This was a fundamental part of the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, written specifically for instances like this.

Let’s talk very specifically about what’s happening. The Left loves to throw out hypotheticals with a lot of misinformation in the media about alleged discrimination. I’m against discrimination, obviously, but let’s talk about what’s really happening today. Government is requiring Christians to participate in gay marriage ceremonies that often times contradict their religious beliefs. Here in America, we shouldn't force those with sincerely held religious beliefs to participate in ceremonies they don’t want to. That’s the real discrimination.

This isn't hypothetical. This isn't made up. We’re talking about florists, we’re talking about bakers, we’re talking about photographers that have had to choose between closing their businesses, paying huge fines or violating their sincerely-held religious beliefs, and I think this is a grave, grave concern. 

It’s ironic it’s happening during Holy Week and the days leading up to Good Friday and Easter Sunday--at a time when we as Christians are praying and reflecting on what Christ did for us on the Cross and how he rose again three days later. 

But make no mistake about it, there has been a lot of misinformation in the media, a lot on the Left want to hide what this is really about. This is about Christians. We shouldn't have to choose between our faith and operating our businesses. 



CEI Today: Farewell to Leonard Liggio, Obamacare & affordability, hate speech, and more 

Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014
In the News Today




CNBC: Obamacare and affordability—not as connected as you think

Neither the ACA nor the administration's implementation of it supports the notion that "affordability" trumps other aspects of the law, even when the administration could have chosen to promote affordability instead, as the four examples below indicate. 
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> Interview Tom Haynes, founder and president of TBP Solutions, a health-care insurance broker. Haynes is also a board member at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.


CNSNews: Most Democrats Back ‘Hate Speech’ Ban in Poll;
Conservatism Equated with Hate
51 percent of Democrats support banning “hate speech,” while only 21 percent oppose such a ban, in a recent You.Gov poll.  This is disturbing because to many liberals, commonplace conservative views qualify as “hate speech.”  > Read more

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Dec082013 - Website wishes WI Gov. Walker dead 



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Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn called on Congresswoman Annie Kuster to denounce State Representative Peter Sullivan (D-Manchester) for using sexist language and imagery against Second District Congressional candidate Marilinda Garcia. In a series of tweets yesterday, Sullivan attacked Garcia by comparing her to reality TV star Kim Kardashian (NH Journal, 10/25/13) 


"For too long women in our society have been judged by their appearance rather than their accomplishments and made subject to the ignorant assaults of men like Peter Sullivan. If our daughters are to have any chance of pursuing their dreams in a society that is free of fabricated limitations and unjust personal assaults then so-called leaders like Representative Annie Kuster must call upon her fellow Democrats to put an end to their offensive and chauvinistic rhetoric."



Concord, NH- New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn delivered the following letter today to Speaker Terie Norelli's office in response to Rep. Timothy Horrigan's remarks:

Dear Speaker Norelli,

On behalf of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee, I am writing to formally request that you immediately denounce the hateful and divisive comments made by a member of your caucus and reprimand him for his continued pattern of inappropriate behavior.  

The New Hampshire Union Leader (2/1/2013) reports that Representative Timothy Horrigan (D-Durham) made outrageously offensive remarks on his Twitter account that “expressed hope that former Vice President Dick Cheney would shoot conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.” Representative Horrigan’s comments mirror a similarly offensive statement that resulted in his resignation in 2010 about former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin being “even more dangerous” dead than alive.

Representative Horrigan’s disgusting comments have no place in our political discourse and his pattern of shocking behavior disgraces the House Democratic Caucus. There is simply no excuse for an elected official to repeatedly and publicly fantasize about the displeasure, and even death, of others.

As the leader of the Democratic Caucus and Speaker, it is your responsibility to publicly condemn these hateful statements and discipline Rep. Horrigan in order to uphold the integrity of the House of Representatives. A failure to denounce his comments will serve as a sign that the Democratic House Leadership is willing to tolerate this type of reprehensible behavior.

I look forward to your immediate response to this pressing matter.



Jennifer Horn

Chairman, New Hampshire Republican State Committee