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NHDP - FACT CHECK: Fox News Misleads NH in Blatant Effort to Prop Up Former Employee's Campaign 

NHDP: Faux Documentary's Partisan Rhetoric Parrots Brown Campaign, Ignores Facts

Manchester, NH—Fox News is coming to the defense of former employee Scott Brown in an obvious attempt to prop up his campaign. Yesterday evening, Fox News ran a "documentary" focusing on the impacts of the ACA on New Hampshire, which was full of partisan rhetoric that echoes Scott Brown's attacks, ignoring the facts and actual reality of what's happening on the ground.  It's no coincidence that Fox began production on this piece while Brown was still on their payroll, and while a prominent Fox employee publicly acknowledged a pending Brown Senate bid.
"It's no coincidence that Fox aired a 'documentary' parroting Scott Brown's misleading ACA attacks just three months before Election Day," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. "This is a blatant attempt to prop up their former employee's campaign, full of half-truths and misleading rhetoric on the ACA that we've come to expect from people who are dead-set on repealing the law and desperate to get back into the U.S. Senate."

Click here to get the facts on the ACA in New Hampshire.


NHDP - ICYMI: N.H. Health Insurance Market Likely To Expand Next Year

This morning on NHPR's program The Exchange, Laura Knoy, Garry Rayno, and Dean Spiliotes discussed how the New Hampshire health insurance market is likely to expand with the addition of Minuteman Health in 2015 and Harvard Pilgrim and potentially three Medicaid Managed Care Companies (MCOs) in 2016.

Concord Monitor: Minute Man Health plans to offer broad N.H. network on marketplace in 2015
Key Point: “We are pleased that marketplace customers are likely to have more choices in 2015 than they do today,” he said, noting that Harvard Pilgrim Health Care officials have also said that company plans to sell policies on the marketplace next year.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Business leaders from across the state got their first chance Wednesday to say hello to someone who very much wants to be their friend.

Tom Policelli, CEO of Minuteman Health, came to Concord for a brief speech and meet-and-greet at the headquarters of the New Hampshire Hospital Association.

He stood behind a podium decked in his company’s signature orange signs with a logo meant to resemble spray-painted graffiti. It’s the same marketing materials the company uses in Massachusetts, and it will be the look of Minuteman Health in New Hampshire, too.

“It’s almost blinding, which is fine. We’re here to disrupt things. We’re not here to be subtle,” Policelli said.

The Massachusetts-based insurance cooperative has applied for a license to operate in New Hampshire selling policies both on and off the state’s marketplace for 2015. The state Department of Insurance has almost finished reviewing the application, according to a statement from Commissioner Roger Sevigny.

“We are pleased that marketplace customers are likely to have more choices in 2015 than they do today,” he said, noting that Harvard Pilgrim Health Care officials have also said that company plans to sell policies on the marketplace next year.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is the only company selling plans on the marketplace for 2014.

That monopoly and some other factors mean “right now, New Hampshire looks like a lot of opportunity,” Policelli said.

“New Hampshire has historically been a difficult market for carriers. Carriers have come in, had a rough time and left,” he said.

“But right now New Hampshire is so heavily consolidated, there’s a real opportunity for a value-oriented carrier to come in and present another opportunity,” Policelli said. “Do we think we are going to have 80 percent market share anytime soon? No, we don’t. Can we present an alternative that will be attractive to many people in the state? We believe we will.”

The company received $80 million for start-up costs and initial loss coverage as part of the Affordable Care Act to launch in Massachusetts and an additional $76 million to launch in New Hampshire.

Anthem raised the ire of many residents, politicians and local officials in New Hampshire by excluding 10 of the state’s 26 hospitals from its network for the new marketplace plans.

Policelli said Minuteman is still negotiating with providers in New Hampshire over membership on its network when it does launch, but it is committed to operating with a broad network.

“Our goal is to speak with every single one and try to get them all in on terms that will work with them and our members,” he said. “If the conversations in which we’re engaged now work out, we believe we will hit a competitive price point and have a broader network."


NH House Republican Alliance statement on Healthcare Exchanges

CONCORD – The House Republican Alliance (HRA) today issued at statement on the second passage creating a state exchange for Obamacare implementation.  HB 544, will allow the state to create and fund a state based exchange for Obamacare.
“The state's well known expertise in developing complex computer systems challenges that of the federal government and their implementation of Obamacare.  The transition to Medicaid Managed Care was delayed repeatedly due to IT problems.  We cannot expect that the detailed system required to operate a full- featured state exchange can quickly and cost effectively be implemented in the near future without high costs,  headaches and problems for our citizens,” Stated Carol McGuire- Epsom.
“Without the state exchange in place, the government cannot enforce the tax from Obamacare on residents and businesses for not having health insurance coverage.  Those who voted to pass HB544 put their constitutents in the crosshairs of the federal government,” stated Dan Itse- Fremont.


Josiah Bartlett Center - Tax Reform and NH Obamacare Exchange Enrollments

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Josiah Bartlett Center

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on the issues impacting New Hampshire

Changing Taxes Should Not Make the State More Money

Rep. David Hess wants to tax me but at least he’s going about it the right way. Too often tax reform is a sneaky way of raising taxes. New Hampshire’s history of recent tax reforms shows it doesn’t have to be. Tax reform, simplification, and loophole elimination often fail at the state and federal level because the politicians use reform as a guise to increase revenues. Rep. Hess isn’t and should be applauded for that whether you like his proposal or not...Click here to keep reading.


November Obamacare Exchange Numbers Released

Only 1300 NH residents signed up

"The end result is that though Obamacare was designed to improve access to affordable healthcare, the majority of New Hampshire residents buying health insurance through the exchanges likely doing so either because their existing plan was canceled, or because they did not want to have insurance and are now required to have it."  Click here to keep reading.

Curious where your Tax Dollars Go?
NHOpenGov is the Center's government transparency project detailing every last transaction made by the state since 2008. We update our data on a regular basis and have more than 3.5 million transactions in our database. Help us to find government waste! Click here to start looking.

House Republican Conference - VIDEO RELEASE: Stray Cats and Dogs 

The stories from continue to roll in at an alarming rate. As we have all seen, millions of Americans continue to receive notices informing them that their current insurance plans will no longer be offered under Obamacare. The House Republican Conference has compiled a short video: