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HCHR - Olympia Snowe's Defection on the 'Baucus Bill' Committee Vote May Cost Her 

Developing Story: Olympia Snowe's defection on the 'Baucus bill' committee vote may cost her more than her post on the Senate commerce committee later this year.

Bloggers' reactions on the right have ranged from 'no surprise' to melt down her phones to express her disappointment - and one clever suggestion involving rock salt.

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HCHR - Snowe-Melt in Forecast For Top Commerce Perch

Developing Story: Snowe-melt in forecast for top commerce perch

Sen. Olympia Snowe may lose out on her shot at the top Republican seat on the Senate commerce committee if she votes for health care reform, committee members say.

Republicans on the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee are reportedly threatening to vote against Snowe’s bid for the seat, about to be vacated by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (Texas).

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HCHR - Senate Finance Committee is Set to Vote on Health Care Reform Bill Tuesday 

Developing Story: The Senate Finance Committee is set to vote on an $829 billion health care reform bill Tuesday.

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HCHR - Speaker Pelosi Squashes Transparency

Developing Story: Nancy Pelosi is squashing efforts to have bills like the massive, 1,000 page health care reform effort published for 72 hours before any vote is taken.

Democrats want this transparency measure stopped so that they can slide their efforts to lard bills with their favorite provisions without the public getting any opportunity to have a say about their underhanded efforts.

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HCHR - Doctors For Obama Picks Audience, Distributes White Jackets!

Developing Story: The New York times is reporting that the group that assisted Team Obama to round up the Doctors for his white-coat audience was once called “Doctors For Obama” during the late campaign.   The White House also assisted in distributing white jackets as props.
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Developing Story: On Monday the Obama administration featured a gaggle of white-coated doctors rallying in support of Obamacare but it appears that Obama’s team was a bit out of its depth in arranging the handpicked cadre of physicians. As it happened, the president’s advance team accidentally invited a doctor that has long been opposed to Obamacare.   
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