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ALG's Daily Grind - Are we in another housing bubble? 


Jan. 6, 2014

Are we in another housing bubble?
According the Case Shiller Home Price Index, home values are up 13.6 percent year over year as of October. Meanwhile, wages have been flat. How long can it last?

Global warmists trapped in Antarctic ice were frozen by flawed assumptions
Russian ship trapped in Antarctic ice. Various ice-breakers from other nations have attempted to free it, but to no avail. The ship is encased in tons of floating sea ice.

Pritchard: Reinhart and Rogoff warn of 'savings tax' and mass write-offs as West's debt hits 200-year high
"The paper said policy elites in the West are still clinging to the illusion that rich countries are different from poorer regions and can therefore chip away at their debts with a blend of austerity cuts, growth, and tinkering ('forbearance')."


ALG's Daily Grind - Is a housing recovery at hand? 

May 29, 2013

Is a housing recovery at hand?

Volume remains low even as prices rise off the bottom.

Only Nixon

If only Nixon could go to China, then only Obama…

Bakken or Green River:  Two irreconcilable visions

The state of North Dakota has now passed Alaska to become the second largest oil producing state in the nation.

Lee: When Even Barney Frank Sings The Praises Of Free Markets, We Must Listen

Frank on Durbin Amendment to Dodd-Frank: "I believe that a free market approach in this area will be better for the economy and all concerned parties than the current system."


Josiah Bartlett Center - The Incomplete Budget, RGGI, and Housing Data 

Weekly Update from the
Josiah Bartlett Center

Keeping you up to date on our latest research
on the issues impacting New Hampshire

The governor’s budget address last week, while surprisingly incomplete, did reveal some troubling trends as well as a few pieces of good news. There are a lot of details we can’t figure out until she finishes the budget detail (which was due last Friday) but we do have a sense of the priorities she has set.

The governor is required by law to present a budget no later than February 15 of her first year in office. The components of that budget are spelled out by law but they boil down to one document which is the numbers – a sort of giant spreadsheet – that becomes House Bill 1 and a second document which includes all the explanations and legal language – a narrative document that explains the spreadsheet – that becomes House Bill 2... Click here to keep reading.



The State's Checkbook Online

Ever wonder how and where New Hampshire spends your tax dollars? Look no further than, an open government project of the Center. We now have more than 3.5 Million transactions detailing how every last dollar was spent from the past 4 1/2 years. Help us find government waste! Click here to start looking.


Changes in Greenhouse Gas Program are All About Money

Lowering the Cap About Money, not the Environment

Five years in, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative isn’t working out the way its supporters said it would, and they want to make drastic changes to the program in order to get state revenues flowing again... Click here to keep reading.


The NH Housing Market in January

Slight Uptick in Foreclosures, Sales Fall

According to the foreclosure tracking firm RealtyTrac, 512 New Hampshire residential properties received foreclosure notices in January. While this is an increase from the 405 in December, the number of filings seen last month is substantially lower than the 2012 monthly average. Click here to keep reading.


ALG's Daily Grind - Republicans have to be All-In on Cutting Deficit

Jan. 7, 2013

Republicans have to be All-In on Cutting Deficit

While Republican face a classic damned if you do and damned if you don't scenario on the fiscal cliff, their only exit strategy now is to behave like the limited government elected officials who they promised voters they were going to be

Obama's Blunders: The Housing Market

OK, so we're still waiting for housing to recover from the late 2000s collapse. That's what got us into the mess, will it ever get us out?

The EPA's bad sci-fi movie

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli successfully beats back an EPA attempt to regulate water as a "pollutant" under the terms of the Clean Water Act.

Thrush and Epstein: Obama's debt problem

"The staggering national debt - up about 60 percent from the $10 trillion Obama inherited when he took office in January 2009 - is the single biggest blemish on Obama's record, even if the rapid descent into red began under President George W. Bush."


ALG's Daily Grind - Will housing lead the 'recovery?' 

Nov. 30, 2012

Will housing lead the 'recovery?'

No one should really expect a robust economic recovery until a commensurate recovery is seen in the housing market and, more broadly, in credit markets.

Cartoon: Inheriting the Mess

Who will Obama blame now?

Congressional Republicans were elected to defend limited government

As pressure mounts on House Republicans from inside the beltway media sources to violate the principles they enumerated in their campaign, it would be wise for them to go back in time a few months and review their campaign websites. 

Brenner: The 1930s All Over Again?

"Then, as today, societies were uncertain about which model of society to strive for and how to repair monetary systems. Societies bet on the wrong ideas; we may be committing similar mistakes now."