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CEI Today: Legal Immigration, Sunshine Week, CEI at CPAC, and more! 


March 20 Hill Briefing: Getting Legal Immigration Right

The immigration debate in Washington needs to move past the current illegal immigration problem to the future. If Congress is to seriously consider comprehensive immigration reform, it must address America’s broken legal immigration system. The system is beset by arbitrary restrictions, time constraints, and quotas. Real reform must address these issues.


SUNSHINE WEEK - Chris Horner Administration Brags About FOIA; CEI Experience Tells Different Story

This week is "Sunshine Week," a national initiative dedicated to open government. In the spirit of the occasion, the White House is publishing a series of posts demonstrating "the Obama Administration's continued commitment to open and accessible government." Interestingly, Monday's post focused on "progress made improving the administration of the FOIA [Freedom of Information Act]."


As detailed here, CEI is currently receiving tranches of emails from the EPA as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request (and subsequent lawsuit) targeting emails from now-former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson's alias "Richard Windsor" email account. Most of the emails we have received are heavily redacted.


CEI at CPAC - MARCH 14 - 16

CEI is a co-sponsor of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), March 14-16 near Washington, D.C. CEI scholars will participate in four CPAC panels and other events.







CEI is a non-profit, non-partisan public policy group dedicated to the principles of free enterprise and limited government.  For more information about CEI, please visit our website,, and blogs, and  Follow CEI on Twitter!


CEI Today: EPA's FOIA stonewalling, immigration opponents, and Exxon Mobil's carbon tax 


Washington Examiner: Think tank says EPA helps friends' FOIAs, while foes' are delayed or blocked

Environmental Protection Agency officials are making an "on-going practice" of "near-immediate turnaround to provide records to environmentalist pressure groups," while imposing "starkly disparate treatment of groups with different perspectives but which are otherwise similarly situated," a conservative think tank charges today in a unusually lengthy Freedom of Information Act request."

In the 21-page request, Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Christopher C. Horner said "the public particularly deserves to know whether EPA is singling out groups it does not perceive as friendly to EPA's agenda for discriminatory treatment, in the form of denying fee waivers, placing a barrier to access at minimum to delay and possibly denying access to public records."
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USA Today:
The third side of the immigration debate

Viewed from afar, America's immigration debate appears to center on two groups: liberals whose primary concern is the welfare of immigrants and conservatives whose primary concern is ending illegal immigration.

But there is a third element that has inserted itself into the conversation: those who oppose immigration -- legal and illegal.

This group is led by three major anti-immigration organizations: Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), NumbersUSA and Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). Their work on immigration has led major news media to often label them "conservative." Yet the reality is that these groups do not share conservatives' interest in ending illegal immigration, if doing so might mean more legal immigration.
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CARBON TAX - MYRON EBELL Exxon Mobil’s Carbon Tax Follies

It was a busy week for promoting and opposing a carbon tax.  Two studies on the economic effects of a carbon tax that draw opposite conclusions were released by the National Association of Manufacturers and the Brookings Institution.  Kevin Hassett, Ph.D., director of economic policy studies at the “pro-business” American Enterprise Institute, continued his advocacy of a carbon tax at a Resources for the Future forum.  And most interestingly, former EPA Administrator William K. Reilly, said at a conference that, “The strongest advocate on our task force for a carbon tax was ExxonMobil.  I had previously thought that was a public relations thing — I didn’t think they were quite interested in it.” > Read the full commentary

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CEI is a non-profit, non-partisan public policy group dedicated to the principles of free enterprise and limited government.  For more information about CEI, please visit our website,, and blogs, and  Follow CEI on Twitter!


NH DHHS - New Report on Survey of Immigrants and Work Safety

Concord, NH – A new report is now available on a survey of immigrants in

New Hampshire and occupational health and work safety. A total of 366

individuals were asked about their jobs, injuries and illnesses, healthcare

related to these injuries and illnesses, and working conditions in general.

Twenty-nine reported being injured at work and most had never heard of

workers’ compensation.

“With the increase in immigrants in New Hampshire it is important to

understand how their experience may be different when it comes to public

health issues such as workplace safety and health,” said Dr. José Montero,

Director of Public Health at the New Hampshire Department of Health and

Human Services (DHHS). “Little data exists about occupational injury and

illness by race, ethnicity, or language so we felt it was important to

conduct this survey. This information will help inform future health

policies and programs.”

Data for the study were collected on race, ethnicity, language, level of

education, age, gender and work experience and conditions. The

questionnaires were administered in the New Hampshire Coalition for

Occupational Safety and Health (NH COSH) worker safety and health trainings

in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes. The surveys were

conducted by NH COSH staff and staff from the DHHS Division of Public

Health Services, Occupational Health Surveillance Program (OHSP). The

report was prepared by OHSP in partnership with NH COSH and the DHHS Office

of Minority Health and Refugee Affairs.

To read the entire report, go to


48 Hours Until Thousands of Obama Protesters Converge on all State Capitols 

February 13, 2013 (MMD Newswire) -- Over 20,000 people have signed up online to attend the National Protests Against Obama (NPAO) in all 50 state capitals in 48 hours through both ALIPAC's Facebook event page and website Despite the recently documented censorship efforts by Facebook, the number of protesters planning to muster is growing rapidly!

Peaceful and racially inclusive picket style protests will take place on public sidewalks at all 50 American state capitols this Saturday, February 16, from 11am to 1pm in respective time zones.

Protest address locations and more information can be found on the Facebook invite page at

Online activists are spreading the word and encouraging like-minded citizens to join using e-mails, social media, online communities, and calls to talk radio shows.

The attendance ranks are swelling despite the fact Facebook has been caught red handed blocking ads promoting the protests, allowing pro Obama activists to deface the NPAO event page, and blocking the main event page from the search results of the Facebook search engine.

"More Americans are quickly learning that both the main stream and social media are acting as extensions of Obama's totalitarian, dictatorial, and nation dividing regime," said William Gheen, the primary NPAO organizer and President of ALIPAC. "We are proud to see so many Americans standing up and speaking out against these abuses of our political and financial systems, our citizens, our Republic, and our entire Bill of Rights."

The NPAO rallies are designed to take place legally, picket style, without permits, to test if Americans still have the right to both peacefully assemble and the right to petition government for redress of grievances. Some recent gun rights protests that sought permits were placed in locations where their attendees could not be seen by the public or lawmakers.

Protesters will be citing a host of valid concerns and complaints regarding Barack Obama's policies such as unprecedented spending and debt, Amnesty for illegal aliens orders by fiat, attempts to restrict gun rights, attacks on free speech on the web, the purchase of thousands of assault rifles for the Mexican mafia via Fast and Furious, the ridiculous cover story released during Benghazigate, the unconstitutional appointments to the Labor Board, the suspension of Habeas Corpus rights through the NDAA, and many more policy issues not related to Obama's race.

Talk radio show hosts and members of the American media are encouraged to inform more Americans about these protests before they occur and to attend these protests to speak with participants.

Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)


Historic National Protests Against Obama Planned in 50 States on February 16

February 11, 2013 (MMD Newswire) -- Americans who oppose the destructive policies of Barack Obama will converge on all 50 state capitals this coming weekend, Saturday, February 16, from 11am to 1pm. In each respective time zone, unprecedented picket style, friendly flash mob style protests will be conducted on public sidewalks outside of state capitol buildings.

Patriotic American protesters will put the American rights of free speech, freedom to assemble, and freedom to petition our government for redress of grievances to the test. Crowds will gather without permits to picket in motion for two hours on public sidewalks within sight of our state seats of government and onlooking vehicular traffic.

Protesters will simply march in a circuit carrying American and state flags, or carrying signs protesting Obama's stance on a wide coalition of issues. All peaceful and racially inclusive organizations and American citizens who oppose Obama are welcome to attend.

A few of the issues protesters will address are Obama's unconstitutional Amnesty for illegal aliens decree, support for Amnesty legislation, support for the NDAA, efforts to curtail gun rights, out of control spending and debt, Obamacare, the Fast and Furious Scandal, Benghazi Gate, and much more!

For a complete listing of protest locations in your state and historic protest updates please visit our Facebook event page at:

Those that do not use Facebook, can sign up for updates at

These national protests are being supported by many groups and leaders with the core organizing being done by William Gheen, President of the national organization widely known in the media as Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC).

"It is time for Americans to have an unfiltered and healthy expression of their dissatisfaction with Barack Obama, and to do so in a way that both exercises our diminishing freedoms while also educating citizens and lawmakers about our valid concerns about Obama's destructive policies," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC.

For more information or to schedule interviews in advance of the protests, please visit