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Concord - Today, the New Hampshire Republican State Committee launched robocalls and a web campaign regarding Governor Hassan's reckless mismanagement of the New Hampshire budget and highlighting her past support for a disastrous income tax: 


"Governor Hassan has completely failed to properly manage the New Hampshire state budget," said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn. "She clearly cannot get her own administration's spending under control and it's clear that new taxes will be the only option given her recklessness. With Governor Hassan's past support for an income tax, New Hampshire's middle class should be gravely concerned about what's in store for a second Hassan term. It's time to replace Maggie Hassan with Walt Havenstein, a responsible Republican who understands how to balance a budget, create jobs and grow our state's economy - and will never support an income tax."


The transcript of the robocall is below:


"Hi, this is Emily. Even though New Hampshire is facing a budget shortfall, Governor Hassan's administration has requested an 18 percent spending increase for the next fiscal year. There's no way to meet Hassan's demands with existing revenues, and the only solution will be to raise taxes. Given her history of repeated support for an income tax in our state, it's clear that she will need an income tax to pay for her lavish spending. Keep New Hampshire income tax free by calling Governor Hassan at 271-2121 to say that the spending must stop! Paid for by the New Hampshire Republican State Committee, Robert Scott, Treasurer."




Hassan refused to support a State Constitutional Amendment to ban an income tax. "National taxpayer groups are being invited to join New Hampshire's debate over a proposed state constitutional ban of an income tax... Hassan is opposed."(John Toole, "NH Debate On Income Tax Heats Up," The Eagle-Tribune, 9/23/12)


"She also opposes a constitutional amendment that would prohibit an income tax In New Hampshire."(Sarah Brubeck, "Health Care Key Issue For N.H. Gov. Candidate Hassan," Valley News, 10/20/12)


Hassan admits that there are circumstances under which she would support an income tax. ""I would only support an income tax if it repeals the statewide property tax" (Lara Bricker, "Hassan takes issue with mailers," Portsmouth Herald, 11/1/02)


NH HRA comments on efforts to extend Massachusetts income tax to New Hampshire

The House Republican Alliance issued the following statement in response to news that Massachusetts will attempt to levy a 5.2% income tax on New Hampshire small business owners, as reported in yesterday’s New Hampshire Sunday News.

 “Massachusetts’ attempt to undermine the New Hampshire Advantage of not having an income tax is yet another outrageous overreach that we must come together to stop immediately.  Moreover, it should be a warning to everyone of what happens when a state government starts spending beyond its means and constantly needs to look for new ways to pay for their profligacy,” said Rep. Bill O’Brien, Mont Vernon.

 “Last year, the House passed a budget that grew government by 10% before the Senate was able to bring a fiscal reality check to the process.  That type of budgeting would put New Hampshire in exactly the situation where states such as Massachusetts so often find themselves, looking to raise taxes on anyone and everyone possible to pay for reckless spending.  New Hampshire small business owners who will get hit by Massachusetts income tax are now the best example of why it’s so critical to elect fiscally responsible leaders to the Legislature this November. We will be working hard to bring jobs and our young people back to New Hampshire and Massachusetts should not be reaching into New Hampshire to take those gains away.”


NHDP - Gov O'Malley (D-MD) Join me in New Hampshire!

Dear Friend: 

I want you to be the first to know that I will be joining you on November 16 in Manchester at the 2013 Jefferson Jackson Dinner. 

Last year, when I was in New Hampshire campaigning for both Governor Maggie Hassan and President Obama, your candidates were hard at work talking to voters, raising crucial funds, and spreading their message across the state. I am so happy that all of that hard work paid off, and that I will be sharing the stage on November 16 with Governor Hassan, Senator Shaheen, Congresswoman Shea-Porter, and Congresswoman Kuster! 
  Click here to join me November 16 at the 2013 Jefferson Jackson Dinner.

In Concord and in Washington, New Hampshire Democrats are leading the way with their plans to grow the economy, create good-paying jobs, and expand opportunity for hard-working Granite State families.  
That’s what we’ve been doing over the last seven years in Maryland as well -- making better choices and achieving better results. Even though we experienced shrinking revenues as a result of the national recession, we stayed focused on investing in critical priorities like education, infrastructure, and innovation. As a result of those investments, we are seeing results.  Maryland is a national leader in schools, median income, holding down the cost of college tuition, and innovation and entrepreneurship.

In Maryland, we have also focused on equal rights, inclusion, and respect for the dignity of every individual. That's why we embraced forward-looking policies like a state level DREAM Act and marriage equality. 
I’m coming to New Hampshire to share this message of results, and to stand with New Hampshire Democrats as we continue the important work that needs to be done and to help re-elect your outstanding leaders in 2014. 

I look forward to meeting you on November 16 at the Jefferson Jackson Dinner. 


Martin O’Malley
Governor of Maryland



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Long Shot Candidate O'Malley Responsible For $9.5 Billion In Tax Hikes Since Taking Office


Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today on Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley keynoting the New Hampshire Democrats annual dinner.


"Its sad that the only speaker New Hampshire Democrats could attract for their annual dinner is a desperate, self promoting, third tier presidential hopeful with a disastrous tax-and-spend record.


"During his abysmal terms in office, Governor Martin O'Malley implemented crushing new regulations, job-killing policies and $9.5 billion in new taxes. He even raised his state income tax and punished working families with a disastrous gas tax hike.


"By honoring a liberal, income tax supporting extremist at their annual dinner, Democrats have proven that they are widely out of step with New Hampshire's fiscally responsible values. Martin O'Malley's disastrous jobs record and reckless agenda reminds Granite Staters that it's important to elect a fiscally responsible Republican governor in 2014 who will preserve the New Hampshire Advantage."




Washington Examiner: Gov. Martin O'Malley rings up $9.5 billion in new taxes (6/11/2013)


NH House Republicans Comment on Senate Amendment Blocking DRA From Taxing Businesses Based on Tipped Employees 

CONCORD - Today House Republican Leader Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett) and Rep. Pat Abrami (R-Stratham) offered the following comments following the hearing on a Senate proposed amendment that would block the Department of Revenue Administration from being able to use tips received by employees in their calculation of Business Enterprise Tax owed by businesses.

House Republican Leader Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett)

“I’m hopeful that the Department of Revenue Administration would not try to seek new and interesting ways to circumvent the legislative process to reach into the pockets of our small business owners. A clear reading of existing statutes prohibits this type of taxation The livelihoods of many restaurateurs and their employees are at stake. This amendment is good for business and our State’s hospitality industry. I’m happy the Senate is working to address this issue, and we will work to ensure the House concurs with this amendment.”

Rep. Pat Abrami (R-Stratham), House Ways & Means Committee

“Our State’s business community would appreciate transparency and predictability in how taxes are assessed. In this instance, it appears as if the DRA has taken it upon themselves to reinterpret their rules. The State’s hospitality industry employs tens of thousands of people. Without this amendment, each one of these employees is subject to becoming an increased tax burden to their employers. If we’re looking to help our job creators in this recovering economy, we need to step in and prevent the DRA’s new nickel-and-diming scheme.”