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ALG's Daily Grind - Are we due for another recession? 


July 14, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted.

Are we due for another recession?
To get back to the Fed's original low-end prediction for 2.8 percent growth for the year — since we actually shrank at 2.9 percent in the first quarter — the economy will need to grow an average of 4.7 percent each quarter for the next three quarters. Good luck with that.

Time for new thinking on ag subsidy fight
The obvious response to agricultural subsidies — get rid of them — sounds right to the ear, but in practice this approach has run up against a buzz saw from members representing many of the very red states that have formed the core of conservative support in Congress.

Big Green's lethal agenda
The outstanding presentations at this Ninth International Conference on Climate Change clearly demonstrate that activist climate science is increasingly devoid of evidence, increasingly removed from the scientific method – and yet is increasingly being used to devise, justify and impose policies, laws, and regulations that govern our lives.

Evans-Pritchard: Portugal banking crisis sends tremors through Europe
"A mounting crisis at one of Portugal's biggest banks and signs of a deepening economic slowdown in Europe have sent tremors through financial markets, triggering a sharp fall on European bourses and a flight to safety across the world."


ALG's Daily Grind - The launching of freedom: America's DNA 


July 4, 2014

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The launching of freedom: America's DNA
Americans have the wrong idea about the 4th of July. 

Cartoon: We hold these truths
Every person has a right to live freely.

Koren: Your Fourth of July barbecue is going to cost more than last year's
"The price of an average summer cookout is up 5.4 percent compared with last year, according to a survey released Tuesday by the American Farm Bureau Federation."


ALG's Daily Grind - Does McCarthy win for House Majority Leader spell end of Ex-Im Bank?


June 20, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted.

Does McCarthy win for House Majority Leader spell end of Ex-Im Bank?
Ahead of the June 18 House Majority Leader election, House Majority Whip Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) promised members not to force the bank's reauthorization due up in September to the floor for a vote.

McCarthy's victory a testimony to his hard work not ideology
Those who want to make this internal election into an establishment versus tea party battle have a hard time explaining away Rep. Tom Graves' nomination of McCarthy in the race. 

The faux populism of Hillary Clinton
If Clinton expects anyone to believe she is a middle class outsider, she has little faith in the people she intends to govern. 

LA Times: Commerce Dept. reports inflation jumps 0.4 percent as costs rise for food, energy, other items
"Food prices were up 0.7 percent in May, the biggest increase since August 2011. Higher gas and electricity prices led energy costs to rise 0.9 percent."


Watchdog - Are pre-dawn raids standard in WI? 

Are armed pre-dawn raids now standard in WI?


John Chisholm, The Milwaukee Democrat who launched a secret John Doe investigation into conservatives, suggests that these raids are just a figment of imagination, while some disagree.


Did the pre-dawn raids really happen?

Hidden consequence of Seattle minimum wage hike

It’s easy enough to discuss what could happen under a controversial policy, but it’s a little more difficult to provide evidence after enactment to prove a claim.

A recent receipt shows that citizens who park in Seattle are paying the price. To deal with the higher wage, enacted on Jan. 1, Masterpark is charging customers an additional 99 cents per parking day, a surcharge that comes on top of all other taxes and fees.

Read more and let us know what you think?

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Natural gas wins big in FL, trumps EPA rules

Thanks to natural gas, two of Florida’s largest energy providers appear to be one step ahead of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s latest assault on coal-fired power plants.

Should donors be elected as appointees?

In Virginia, both Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Gov. Bob McDonnell admit to electing donors to appointees for their campaigns. They state that this is just business as usual.

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AUFC - NEW VIDEO: 'Senator Ayotte: Give New Hampshire a Raise. Give America a Raise' 

Watch It Here:

Washington DC – After 4 weeks and 35 events in 22 States with local small business owners, faith and labor leaders, mayors, state representatives, and minimum wage workers struggling to survive on $15,000 a year, Americans United for Change’s ‘Give America a Raise’ bus tour accomplished its mission: making clear to voters in key states which of their Representatives in Congress are willing to help lift millions of working Americans out of poverty by raising the minimum wage to $10.10 -- and which ones are taking their orders from the Tea Party and the billionaire Koch Brothers. 

With the backdrop of a 45’ long, 16 ton anti-poverty billboard on wheels and with invaluable support from NH Citizens Alliance for Action, AFSCME, and Granite State Progress, the  bus tour made a stops in Nashua to call on Senator Kelly Ayotte to help boost New Hampshire’s economy and help hard working Granite Staters climb one rung closer to the middle class.

Sadly, when given the chance on April 30, Senator Ayotte toed the Tea Party line and voted to squash even having a debate on H.R. 1010.  Ayotte didn’t even want to hear the facts that raising the minimum wage would increase wages for 113,000 workers in New Hampshire by $143,575,000 if the minimum wage is raised to $10.10, and that this wage increase would generate $90,883,000 of economic activity in the Granite State.

Ayotte’s refusal to listen to the clear majority of Granite Staters that want to see the minimum wage raised is why Americans United for Change is releasing new video today with highlights from the ‘Give America a Raise’ tour stop in New Hampshire.   Watch it here:

If Ayotte Won’t Listen to Granite Staters, Will She Listen to Fellow Republicans?
Cracks are forming in the Republican wall of opposition to raising the minimum wage with former GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Tim Pawlenty all recently coming out in favor of increasing it.

Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change: “Senator Ayotte claims to be focused on jobs, but she turned her back on generating over 90 million dollars in economic activity in New Hampshire alone and creating tens of thousands of jobs nationally.   Ayotte claims to be a fiscally responsible lawmaker, but she just passed up a golden opportunity to save taxpayers $46 billion by dramatically cutting down on the need for food stamps.  Meanwhile, Ayotte is a reliable vote for more tax breaks for millionaires and for minimum tax responsibility for corporations that outsource U.S. jobs.”

“But the Harkin-Miller $10.10 bill is not just an anti-poverty and fiscally responsible bill, it’s also a jobs bill.  30 million people with more money to spend on goods and services means businesses will need to hire more workers to meet the demand.  Decades’ worth of research done after previous minimum wage increases shows nothing but net economic benefits as a result, which is why so many successful business leaders and over 600 economists are calling on Congress to raise it again now.  Minimum wage workers include child care providers, janitors, and nursing assistants and are 35 years old on average. According to MIT, the living wage in Nashua is $21,422 a year to be able to afford housing, medical care, transportation and food. If full-time New Hampshire workers made $10.10 an hour, they’d earn $21,008 a year.”

“On the road, we met with many small business owners who are on the forefront of this movement and didn’t wait for Congress to act – who are proving Tea Party rhetoric wrong: that you can pay your workers a fair wage and still be successful.  One by one they said, ‘It’s common sense, the current minimum wage will get you minimum work and a higher minimum wage gets you less turnover and more productivity.’  Businesses need customers to survive, so why won’t Senator Ayotte help create more of them: by raising the minimum wage and putting more money in the pockets of 30 million consumers.”