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Bradley For NH Senate - Liberal Democrats are Attacking My Record 

Dear Friends:

Today my Democrat opponent attacked me in a letter to the editor for standing by my pro-jobs, pro-taxpayer principles.

He attacked me for supporting business legislation requested by a large employer in Conway, for working for pension reform that reduces the unfunded pension liability and protects property taxpayers across NH, and for supporting more educational choice and opportunities for parents and students. 

I am proud of my record.  I have led efforts to kill tax and fee increases introduced by the liberals the Senate, I have worked to reduce the regulatory burden on our state’s businesses and entrepreneurs, and I have taken on some of the most difficult issues facing our state, like pension reform, and supported a free-market based solution to make healthcare more affordable and accessible in New Hampshire -- without putting the financial burden on taxpayers.

Help me send a message to all those running for office in the New Hampshire State House that we can't afford the Democrat’s job killing and expensive agenda.  

Increasingly NH is viewed nationally as having an unfriendly business climate because of policies supported by my opponent. Policies I have fought against for the last 4 years as Majority Leader in the NH Senate.

Visit my website today and request a lawn sign or consider making a financial contribution.

Together we can fight off these job killing policies and make the 2014 election about growing jobs and protecting taxpayers. 


Jeb Bradley




MANCHESTER – This morning on WGIR's New Hampshire Today with Jack Heath, Senate Republican Majority Leader Jeb Bradley endorsed Scott Brown. Describing him as a ​"​live free or die​ type of guy" ​with strong New Hampshire ties, Bradley cited Brown’s commitment to getting our economy going, keeping taxes low and solving our nation’s energy problems.

 Click here to listen to the audio 

JACK HEATH: Before I let you go, yesterday, Senator Kelly Ayotte, former Executive Councilor Ray Wieczorek, two former Governors Craig Benson, Steve Merrill all stood and endorsed Scott Brown. That contested GOP primary in Nashua. Are you going to if asked, are you going to jump on this bandwagon and endorse Scott Brown, yes or no?
SENATOR JEB BRADLEY: I think Scott’s doing a really good job and he’s a good friend and I haven’t talked to him in a few weeks, I’ve been pretty myself, but that’s certainly where I’m headed. I think that we need to bring voices like Scott Brown to Washington to protect taxpayers, to try to grow our economy, and to solve our nation’s problems, and I think that Scott’s, anybody that meets him really likes him, first of all, he’s a very down to earth guy. I don’t think that anybody that I’ve talked to is worried about the fact that he is from Massachusetts and now has moved back to New Hampshire, because guess what, he was born here. He acts like he’s been here all his life. I think he’s got New Hampshire values, he’s a live free or die type of guy, he’ll bring that to Washington and I think that’s what we need to get our economy going, to solve energy problems that we have in this country, and to deal with our health care issue, and to have strength in foreign policy. You know, the issue that you keep talking about, the VA health care system that has failed veterans in the United States over the last few years, someone like Scott Brown is just not going to waste any time. He’ll get in, roll up his sleeves, and say we got to fix this.
HEATH: Sounds like a Bradley endorsement to me.
BRADLEY: I guess so, doesn’t it.  


Jeb Bradley For NH Senate - Invitation to an Event Supporting Russell Prescott 

Bowl. Socialize. Tailgate. Have Fun!

Join us for the inaugural

Prescott for State Senate

New England Tailgate Party!


Sunday, December 1, 2013

4:00- 7:00 p.m.

6 Columbus Ave.; Exeter

Suggested donation: $30/person. Kids 13 and under are free!

Includes bowling, buffet dinner, and one drink ticket per adult


“I promise, no speeches; and no politics!

Just football on 10 HDTVs, free bowling,

darts and pool for adults, and hanging out

with fellow area business and community

leaders. Dress casually; have delicious

tailgate-style food, courtesy of Shooters

Pub; and root for New England during

their playoff drive.” - Russell Prescott


Payment can be made at the door or by mailing your check to

Russell Prescott for NH Senate, 8 Farm Road, Kingston, NH 03848.


For more information about this event or to RSVP, please call Jordan

Osgood at (207) 807-7283 or e-mail


Jeb Bradley For NH Senate - A New Hampshire Plan, Not a Washington Plan 

Dear Friends,

As you might know, today began a two week special legislative session to address the issue of health care for low-income New Hampshire residents.  If you have paid attention to the State House lately, you know this a policy question that has consumed much of our time this year, and rightfully so.

The question of Medicaid expansion was among the most contentious issues discussed during this year’s budget negotiations.  Back in May, Senate Republicans removed the Medicaid provisions from the budget because we knew that passing them could have resulted in uncontrolled spending and lead the state to an income tax. 

With that provision removed, Senate Republicans led the way in passing a balanced budget with no new taxes, no new fees, and limited spending.  We are proud that our budget lived up to our conservative principles and passed both bodies of the legislature on a nearly unanimous vote.

As we did earlier this year, we continue to believe that growing the Medicaid entitlement and accepting a Washington one-size fits all plan, will break our budget and lead to a broad based tax.  For that reason, Senate Republicans will continue to oppose Medicaid Expansion during the special session.

Instead, as leaders, we believe it is the responsibility of Senate Republicans to offer a viable plan for how we can work through the private market to attain coverage for low-income residents who struggle to afford health insurance coverage.  

To meet that responsibility, we were proud today to introduce legislation that will increase access to private insurance coverage for upwards of 58,000 low-income New Hampshire residents.  By maximizing available federal dollars, we believe we can provide better coverage for these citizens than would be offered under Medicaid and can do so through a program design that will provide rock solid protections for New Hampshire taxpayers.

Moreover, unlike Medicaid Expansion, our private option plan will not grow government.

Unlike Medicaid Expansion, our private option plan will not leave taxpayers on the hook for millions of dollars in new costs over the next ten years.

 And unlike Medicaid Expansion, our private option plan will offer a hand-up and a path towards personal growth, as opposed to a hand-out and an extension of the entitlement culture.

          We are pleased that the state’s largest newspaper, the New Hampshire Union Leader, has recognized our proposal because of the health care reforms it includes (link the italics portion to here:  Through the public hearing process and at multiple public events Republican Senators will be holding across the state over the next few weeks, we hope you will take the opportunity to learn more about our plan.  We truly believe that legislation like what we introduced today – a New Hampshire plan, not a Washington plan – could be the model for health care reform, and we are excited that once again New Hampshire and the Republican Party will be leading the way.

Please join me in talking to your family, friends and colleagues about the merits of this plan, and we look forward to working with all of you to enact this proposal into law later this month.




       Chuck Morse                                              Jeb Bradley

President, NH Senate                           Majority Leader, NH Senate


NHDP - Flashback: Bradley Casts New England's Lone Yes Vote Banning Marriage Equality

Concord - In case you missed it, or have forgotten, as a member of Congress Jeb Bradley was the only Representative from New England to vote for a constitutional ban on marriage equality.  "However, because court rulings have threatened the legitimacy of DOMA by allowing same-sex marriages, I believe we should protect traditional marriage by ensuring that marriage is defined as between one man and one woman," said Bradley defending his discriminatory vote.

"As a member of  Congress Jeb Bradley represented the far right instead of New Hampshire's traditional values of fairness and equality.  Nearly seven years later and after being rejected by New Hampshire voters twice, nothing has changed.  Now a state Senator Bradley is still representing the far right wing and still opposing equality for thousands of loving New Hampshire families," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein. 

In Concord, Bradley voted against New Hampshire's historic marriage equality law, continuing to oppose equal rights for Granite State LGBT families. [HB436 Roll Call]  Numerous public opinion polls show that the majority of Granite Staters and Americans support marriage equality. [UNH Survey Center; Washington Post, 3/2013]

"Jeb Bradley is so far to the right he is out of touch not just with the majority of New Hampshire voters, but even with many members of his own party nationally who now support marriage equality for all," added Kirstein.

Associated Press: Bradley Casts New England's Lone Yes Vote on Gay Marriage Measure
July 19, 2006
LENGTH: 171 words
Republican U.S. Rep. Jeb Bradley of New Hampshire was the only New Englander to vote for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage Tuesday.

The House rejected the proposed amendment by a vote of 236-187 with one member voting "present," 47 short of the two-thirds majority needed to advance the proposal.

Rep. Charles Bass, R-N.H., voted against the measure, as did the House members from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine and Vermont.

Bradley echoed other supporters who argued that Congress must step in to stop judges who have ruled in favor of gay marriages.

"I support the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), signed into law by President Clinton in 1996, which was intended to ensure that same-sex marriages would not be recognized under federal law," Bradley said in a statement.

"However, because court rulings have threatened the legitimacy of DOMA by allowing same-sex marriages, I believe we should protect traditional marriage by ensuring that marriage is defined as between one man and one woman," he said.