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Martin For US Senate - News Conference demands Jennifer Horn resign as GOP Chairman!

Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin demands that Jennifer Horn resign as Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party


Andy says the IRS effectively “controls” Horn as long as the federal government has a lien on Horn’s property.


“Horn should make full disclosure of any and all of her agreements, files, and correspondence with the IRS,” Andy says. “New Hampshire Republicans undermine public respect for the party when they allow a tax cheat to serve as their leader”


Andy says Horn is effectively a “white collar criminal”


Andy says “I am not usually one for conspiracy theories, but Horn has been defending Obama for years. I wonder why?”


Andy is starting to alert presidential candidates to be aware of and beware of Horn’s IRS lien problems. “A picture of Horn with a candidate could prove very embarrassing,” Andy says


Andy charges that Horn is also making a mockery of the GOP’s by-laws, by openly supporting Scott Brown, who is known in Washington as “Barack Obama’s favorite Republican senator”


(Manchester, NH) (July 28, 2014) 


Dear Republican:


A “fiduciary” is a person who holds a position of trust. Republican Party officials are fiduciaries. They are supposed to administer the party and enforce/obey the by-laws faithfully and impartially.


Thursday afternoon I will be in Keene to hold a news conference demanding that Jennifer Horn resign as head of the New Hampshire Republican Party. There are two independent reasons why Horn is unfit to lead our party.


First, for the past six (6!) years Horn and her husband have apparently failed to pay their IRS taxes. Now Horn may try to make excuses for her failure to pay taxes. But the reality is I know why she didn't pay them. Horn diverted IRS funds into her own political campaigns. Diversion of federal taxes to personal use makes Horn a white collar criminal.


Horn refuses to get a paying job to pay her taxes. Instead she works for “free” as unpaid chairman of the party. Or is she diverting money, again?


I am not much for conspiracy theories but here is a conspiracy theory for you to chew on. Horn owes the IRS money. As we know from the IRS “tea party” scandals, the IRS has become very political under Obama. The IRS can civilly or criminally prosecute you or enforce a lien. You’ve probably seen the ads on TV by people who advertise they can help you deal with the awesome power of the IRS. So the reality is that Horn is at the mercy of Obama’s IRS as long as she owes the IRS back taxes.


Does Horn have a “deal” with the IRS to make payments? We don’t know. All we know is that the federal government still claims unpaid taxes from Horn. Taxes she diverted to personal purposes.


Do we really want to have a tax cheat at the head of our party? Is this the best New Hampshire Republicans can do?


The second reason why Horn must be removed is that Horn does not think the party’s by-laws apply to her. Her abuses of her position as chairman have damaged and will continue to damage the party. She has refused to act with the total impartiality required by the by-law of the NHGOP. Both Jim Rubens and Bob Smith have complained in their own ways about Horn’s lack of impartiality in the primary.


I am going to be alerting presidential candidates to Horn’s tax problems. Candidates should be aware and beware that a photo of tax refusenik Horn could embarrass any candidate.


Are you ready for the frosting on the “conspiracy cake?” Not only does Horn attack critics of Obama, such as myself. She is trying to nominate Barack Obama’s “favorite Republican senator” as our candidate from New Hampshire. Why is she so intent on nominating Brown, someone who voted for Obama over 60% of time? Why is Horn so insistent on defending Obama and attacking people who tell the truth about Obama? Could the lien on her house be a factor? You be the judge.


I have saved a little nugget from the past. Horn went on a local radio show and attacked me for being the author of a highly respected book on Obama. She owed the IRS taxes at the time. Listen to Horn. The radio clip is attached.


Maybe my “conspiracy theory” about Horn’s support for Obama isn’t a theory at all. Maybe it’s just the plain truth.


The truth about Horn very uncomfortable. But facts are stubborn things. If Horn disagrees with my facts, I invite her to make a full public disclosure of her relationship with the IRS. If Horn remains silent, under the common law’s “adverse inference rule” silence can be taken as an admission of guilt.


Let’s see how Horn responds to my request for her resignation. With facts? Or with silence?








Keene News Conference Details: Thursday, August 21st




New Hampshire U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin




Andy Martin demands that Jennifer Horn resign as head of the new Hampshire GOP




Keene, NH, Central Square gazebo




Thursday, August 21, 3:00 P.M.



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Andy is a legendary New Hampshire-based muckraker, author, Internet columnist, talk television pioneer, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. Andy’s family immigrated to Manchester 100 years ago; today his home overlooks the Merrimack River and he lives around the corner from where he played as a small boy. He has forty-five years of background in radio and television. He is the author of “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask” [] and he produced the Internet film "Obama: The Hawaii’ Years” []. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of the “Internet Powerhouse,” He comments on New Hampshire, national and international events with more than four decades of investigative and analytical experience both in the USA and around the world. For more, go to:


Andy has also been a leading corruption fighter in American politics and courts for over forty-five years and he is executive director of the National Anti-Corruption Policy Institute. He is currently sponsoring See also;


He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York (LaGuardia CC, Bronx CC).



Below are excerpts from New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn's op-ed entitled "Shaheen legacy is one of broken promises," in the Nashua Telegraph.  To read the full piece - please click here.


Shaheen legacy is one of broken promises

By Jennifer Horn

Nashua Telegraph



On November 4, 2008, then Sen.-elect Jeanne Shaheen stood before a crowd of supporters and outlined her upcoming tenure as U.S. Senator. She promised to be a strong, independent voice for New Hampshire, and she promised that she would not hesitate to disagree with her party or her President to do what's right for the Granite State.  She promised to get our economy back on track by restoring fiscal responsibility to our nation while creating good jobs and getting Washington to work for the middle class.  She pledged to work to implement foreign policy that would improve America's standing in the world, focused on the real threat of terrorism, and to free our nation from foreign energy sources.  She promised to expand affordable healthcare coverage, and to fight for people facing premiums they couldn't afford.  She promised to stand up to special interest groups, like pharmaceutical and insurance companies.  Finally, she promised to listen to the people of New Hampshire. She promised that her office door would always be open to the people of our state.


As Sen. Shaheen campaigns for re-election nearly six years later, one thing is certain - she has broken every promise she made on election night.  She has failed to live up to her word, in every sense. She has not kept any of her promises. Not one.




There is no doubt that Sen. Shaheen will campaign between now and November on falsehoods about her record and new promises that are sure to be broken if re-elected. Enough is enough. It's time for her to answer for her failures. It's time to hold her accountable for all the promises she has broken. It's time to replace her with a responsible Republican this fall.


Jennifer Horn is the Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee.


NH GOP - US Sen Shaheen is 1 for 67 



For most workers, failing to accomplish 66 out of 67 tasks over five years would cause them to lose their job.


But if you're Jeanne Shaheen, you believe that this abysmal record entitles you to a second term in the United States Senate.


During her unaccomplished tenure in Washington, Jeanne Shaheen has sponsored 67 bills. But despite Democratic control of the Senate and the White House, Shaheen has only been able to pass a single piece of legislation - a bill that renamed an air traffic control center in Nashua.


Click Here To Help the NHGOP Retire Jeanne Shaheen And Replace Her With A Responsible Republican.


Now that she is up for reelection, Shaheen is struggling to find any accomplishment to run on. This week, Shaheen's "defining" piece of legislation failed in the Senate because she stubbornly refused to consider an amendment approving the bipartisan Keystone XL Pipeline. Shaheen is so desperate that she also released an ad touting her failed efforts on legislation that has gone nowhere and shows no signs that it will ever become law.


The truth is that Jeanne Shaheen has been an unaccomplished backbencher in the Senate who has failed to live up to New Hampshire's tradition of independent and effective leadership. Instead of standing up for her constituents, she has decided to bow to party leadership in Washington and vote with President Barack Obama 99 percent of the time.


Help Us Build The Grassroots Infrastructure We Need To Win In November Today By Donating $25, $50 Or $100 Today.


Granite Staters expect their elected officials to go to Washington and fight for our state. That's why it's time to end Jeanne Shaheen's lackluster tenure in the Senate and elect a strong Republican who will get results for New Hampshire.




Jennifer Horn


New Hampshire Republican State Committee


NH GOP - Chairman Jennifer Horn: War on Women is a Democratic Myth 


This weekend, NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn published an op-ed in the Concord Monitor that set the record straight on the war that Republicans are fighting in New Hampshire - we're fighting to replace elected officials who aren't working for the Granite State.

Concord Monitor: My Turn: Republicans's war on women is a Democratic myth

By Jennifer Horn


In 2012, President Obama won re-election in part by driving a false narrative that Republicans are waging a war on women. It seems that not much has changed in the Democrats' political playbooks in these last two years, because Democrats nationwide and especially right here in New Hampshire are once again claiming that Republicans are at odds with women.


No one can blame Democrats for trying to repeat past success. But here's the problem - 2014 is not 2012. Democrats have broken their promises time and time again, and this year Granite State residents are ready to make a change and vote Republicans into office.


One stark contrast between 2012 and 2014? Obamacare. In 2012, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen was still promising New Hampshire residents that if they liked their doctor, they could keep their doctor. But in 2014, we know that's not the case. Obamacare is now a disastrous reality for the Granite State, due largely to Shaheen's deciding vote for the law.


Because of Shaheen, many New Hampshire residents have lost access to their family doctor, the person who they have trusted to take care of their family for years. Because of Shaheen, many New Hampshire residents have seen their hours reduced at work because their employer can no longer afford to keep them on staff full time due to the regulations required of employers by Obamacare. Because of Shaheen, 22,000 Granite State families have received health insurance cancellation letters because their plans no longer fit the requirements of Obamacare, and their employers can no longer afford to provide the kind of insurance plans that meet Obamacare mandates. Plans that in many cases have coverage requirements that many people simply don't need or want.


Shaheen alone is not responsible for the failures and burdens of Obamacare. While she was the deciding vote for the legislation in 2009, her colleagues in the House of Representatives, Congresswomen Carol Shea-Porter and Annie Kuster also share the blame. We all want affordable, accessible health care coverage, but New Hampshire families simply cannot afford the cost of this failed policy and Reps. Shea-Porter and Kuster have turned a deaf ear to the people they are supposed to represent, refusing to even hold town halls to answer the questions of families who have lost their coverage altogether.


Granite State families are, unfortunately, facing many economic difficulties today in addition to the burdensome cost of Obamacare. Economic stagnation leaves us with 38,000 unemployed neighbors, a gallon of milk at $3.65, gas at over $3.50 a gallon and the only answer offered by our governor is more government spending, which always leads to the same outcome: higher taxes for all.


Recently Gov. Maggie Hassan led the charge in passing an increase in the gas tax and will sign it into law. This law means one thing for all of us - less money in our pockets.


Under the leadership of Hassan our state's Rainy Day Fund has dwindled to perilously low levels and our credit rating has been lowered from "stable" to "negative." The answer is not more taxes and more spending, it is reduced government spending, tax cuts, balanced budgets and sensible contributions to our Rainy Day Fund.


In a country where women start more small businesses than men, and women make the majority of consumer purchase decisions and the majority of health care decisions for their families, it is hard to make the argument that a party that fights for limited, efficient government, lower taxes and free- market health insurance reform is somehow against women. These are the principles that, when translated into policy, lift up the entire community and protect the America of unlimited opportunity that we all hold so dear.


It's easy to understand how and why New Hampshire Democrats are pursing this narrative - many of the elected officials we are working to replace this year are indeed women. But here's the truth: We are fighting to elect Republicans to office who will bring about real change that will make the lives to New Hampshire residents better. That Shaheen, Shea-Porter, Kuster and Hassan are women is a non sequitur. They could just as easily be men - our argument would be the same. They aren't working for New Hampshire, and it's time for them to go.




Help us keep dishonest Democrats accountable this Election Year - become a grassroots giver or volunteer for victory today!


Martin For US Senate - New Hampshire Republicans stunned as Scott Brown is exposed as a military fraud 

Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin’s disclosure that Scott Brown inflated and distorted his military service has stunned New Hampshire Republicans


“It’s a whole new race,” Andy says


Andy has a new nickname for Brown, “Slippery Scott”


Jim Rubens stops just short of calling Brown a murderer for VA deaths


(Manchester, NH) (May 2, 2014) 


On September 9th, Granite Staters are likely to be asking “What were they thinking? Why did GOP bigwigs overwhelmingly support Scott Brown for their U. S. Senate nomination without vetting him? What were they thinking?”


Andy Martin’s disclosure that “Slippery Scott” Brown inflated his military service by falsely claiming to have “deployed” to Afghanistan and running campaign ads claiming Brown “served” in Afghanistan have shattered the veneer of Brown’s invincibility.


“It’s a whole new race,” says Andy. “The dingbat GOP leadership thought Brown was going to waltz into the nomination and obliterate Jeanne Shaheen. Now it looks as though ‘Slippery Scott’ is obliterating himself and destroying his national reputation. He is going to take the New Hampshire GOP establishment down with him. It’s embarrassing to watch.


“And we have a lot more evidence to come. The incestuous relationship between General Frank Grass and ‘Slippery Scott’ is a treasure trove of mutual ‘fixing’ and Pentagon corruption. Brown voted to promote Grass at the same time as Grass was recommending Brown for a promotion. Was that a conflict of interest? You betcha.


“For the past nine (9) months the Republican Party’s leadership - starting with a slight in Nashua last August - has been trying to destroy my campaign. Well, payback time has arrived. Either Jennifer Horn stops trying to undermine me or Horn has to go, the same way I took out her mentor. Ironically, by taking out Scott Brown we will also be taking out Horn and her cronies.


“I deserve a level playing field, and the same respect and common courtesy as the other four candidates. I am an experienced campaigner with a national reputation for integrity and aggressiveness in seeking out the truth and fighting corruption. Primary voters have a constitutional right to hear what I have to say.


“Horn’s efforts to sidetrack my campaign are going to boomerang on her. The more I drop ‘bunker busters’ on Brown, the worse he looks, and the worse Horn looks for recruiting Brown to come over from Massachusetts.


“Ironically, as I ‘up’ my game, the other candidates are also going to have to up theirs or fade into obscurity. I know how to campaign; they don’t. I note that Jim Rubens appeared on WGIR-AM and stopped just short of accusing Brown of murder, by claiming Brown is responsible for deaths resulting from inaction at VA facilities (see Rubens’ audio link below). Sooner or later Rubens is going to realize he can’t win if he runs a powder puff campaign and allows me to take the lead in taking out Brown.


“Finally, it is well known that I have my differences with the billionaire Hearst family’s pro-Brown TV station, WMUR. But there has been a larger failure in New Hampshire journalism. No one but me has investigated Brown. No one but me analyzed and researched and documented how Brown was inflating his military service and violating federal law by playing politics at The Pentagon. New Hampshire media were and are nothing more than megaphones for Brown’s nonsense. That’s not journalism. That’s not the role the media are supposed to play in a free society.


“If the media spent half the time investigating Brown that they do working to undermine me, maybe they could tell their viewers and readers the truth about Brown.


“The people of New Hampshire are fed up with corrupt media. They are sick of both political parties. Voters have been betrayed by their leaders, and they are now painfully aware that they betrayed themselves by voting for a joker as president. Twice. ‘Fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice, shame on me.’


“You might not always agree with me, but my voice is an authentic voice. I am taking my campaign straight to the people of New Hampshire. Unlike Brown, I am not a valet for crooked Chicago billionaire Joe Ricketts. Unlike Shaheen, I do not grovel to left-wing billionaires in California and New York City.


“One hundred years ago, in 1914, my grandfather came to Manchester and opened a business in Lake Avenue’s immigrant community. He was able to send his son and a daughter (my mom) to the University of New Hampshire. Today I live around the corner from the brook on Elm Street where I played as a little boy. I am fighting to preserve New Hampshire’s independent way of life, and to preserve and renew the same opportunity my grandfather found in Manchester 100 years ago.


“In the days ahead, and especially next week, we will have more ‘bunker busters’ to drop on Mr. Brown. Republican Party leaders who are trying to rig the primary in Brown’s favor by harassing my campaign and trying to silence me will be swept away.


“For the past few months, I have been ‘talking tough,’ and some may have wondered whether I could and would back up my talk with tough action. Thursday, Jennifer Horn and Scott Brown found out just how tough opponent I am going to be,” Andy says.


“Where does the Republican Party go from here? For a start, they cold stop undermining my campaign and demand that all five candidates for the U.S. Senate get a level playing field. Trying to rig the primary for ‘Slippery Scott’ is a losing proposition.


“I make this prediction: it’s going to be a long, hot summer for ‘Slippery Scott’ Brown.”


Andy’s disclosures and efforts to shed light on Brown’s misuse of his military uniform and political back scratching at The Pentagon may cast a pall over Saturday’s meeting of the New Hampshire GOP in Concord. Andy is requesting the same opportunity to address the meeting as the other senate candidates.