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Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement on the passing of Vice President Joe Biden's son, former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden:

"It is with great sadness that New Hampshire Republicans offer our condolences to Vice President Joe Biden and his family after the passing of his son Beau. No parent should ever have to mourn the death of a child, and our hearts break for the Vice President as he faces this unimaginable loss. Beau Biden was an extraordinary individual and he will forever be remembered as an outstanding public servant and a decorated Iraq war veteran who offered himself in defense of his nation. We all stand with Vice President Biden during this difficult time and will keep him and his family in our thoughts and prayers."


NHDP - NHGOP Chair Issues Most Ironic Right to Know Request of All Time

Blatantly Political Request Also Marks Height of Desperation from Kelly Ayotte, Whose Own Travel Has Gotten Her in Hot Water

Concord, N.H. – New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement on the Right to Know request filed by Jennifer Horn while traveling overseas on the dime of noted hate groups:   
“Jennifer Horn issued what may be the most ironic Right to Know request of all time while traveling overseas on a trip funded by extremist hate groups that has come under fire from organizations across the political spectrum. The blatantly political request also marks the height of desperation from Kelly Ayotte, whose own travel has gotten her in hot water as she exploits ‘loopholes’ to hold expensive Utah ski weekends paid for by lobbyists and corporate interests.”
Jennifer Horn Traveling Overseas with Hate Groups Known for “Incendiary and Bigoted” Language
New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Jennifer Horn is touring Israel with this week with other members of the Republican National Committee courtesy of two evangelical groups that have come under fire for controversial language directed at gays, Mormons and Muslims. Sponsoring the trip, reportedly for about 60 RNC members, is the American Family Association and the American Renewal Project. Politico reported today that about a week ago, officials at the Anti-Defamation League privately reached out to the RNC saying it would be “inappropriate” for RNC members to travel to Israel with members of those groups because they are known for “incendiary and bigoted” language. [NH Journal, 2/3/15]
Criticism of Horn’s Trip “Is Spreading Across the Political Spectrum”
“Now, criticism of the trip, which has been mounting for days among left-leaning groups and journalists, is spreading across the political spectrum. In interviews with POLITICO on Monday, evangelical leaders and right-leaning groups said the national party showed poor judgment at best in associating with “extremists,” as evangelical Alan Noble described the groups. AFA has been labeled a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center — a description it has disputed.” [Politico, 2/3/15]
Ayotte Under Fire for Exploiting “Loophole” that Allows Lobbyists and Corporate Interests to Pay for "Destination Fund-Raisers"

“New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte's campaign finance chairman and spokesman defended her fund-raising practices Monday after she was mentioned prominently in a weekend report on a "loophole" in a gift-ban law that allows lobbyists and corporate interests to indirectly pay for "destination fund-raisers," where they then mingle in exclusive vacation spots with members of Congress. Republican Ayotte, according to The New York Times, "kicked off the new year" at the Park City, Utah, ski resort, where she held an event for her campaign committee at the "multimillion-dollar home of Gordon Smith," a former senator from Oregon who is now a lobbyist and chief executive of the National Association of Broadcasters. The association, according to the report, "has a long list of high-stakes matters before the Senate Commerce Committee," on which Ayotte sits as a member.” [Union Leader, 1/20/14]


Please see below the statement from Senate President Chuck Morse in regards to his endorsement of NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn for re-election.

“I gladly support Jennifer Horn for a second term as Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee.

Jennifer and the dedicated staff she led were instrumental in securing the Republican gains made in our state legislature.
Jennifer lived this commitment daily by persistently and consistently reaching out to lower ballot candidates to ensure they had the training and exposure to the party's staff, it’s resources and it’s latest technology.
Republican efforts in 2016 will be stronger with Jennifer as Chairman and I strongly encourage state committee members to re-elect her at our Annual Meeting."
— Senate President Chuck Morse


Nashua – Former New Hampshire Governor and State Party Chairman John H. Sununu and former Speaker William O’Brien today enthusiastically endorsed Jennifer Horn for re-election as NHGOP Chairman. The endorsements demonstrate Horn’s broad support from across the political spectrum of New Hampshire Republicans.
Former Governor and State Party Chairman John Sununu:
“I am extremely pleased that Jennifer Horn has decided to run for a second term as Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee. Jennifer did an excellent job in her first term and I expect that she will continue to the build the party going into the next election cycle. She has earned the trust and confidence of Republicans across the State of New Hampshire and I urge them to support her at the 2015 Annual Meeting.”
Former Speaker William O’Brien:
“Two years ago I stood up at the New Hampshire Republican State Committee Annual Meeting to nominate Jennifer Horn as the next chairman of our party. I decided to support Jennifer because I thought she was the best candidate to take the fight to the Democrats, update and rebuild our party's infrastructure, and stand up for our Republican nominees and elected officials.
“Jennifer has not only met, but surpassed, my expectations and served as one of the most effective state party chairmen during my time in New Hampshire politics. She has served as a successful messenger for our party by clearly communicating our fiscally conservative principles and highlighting the failures of the Democrats’ liberal agenda. Jennifer has effectively managed the state committee by assembling a talented team, addressing outstanding financial reporting issues, and raising the resources that we needed to take on the Democrats’ political machine. Most importantly, Jennifer has demonstrated great integrity by keeping her word to always stand up for our Republican nominees and fairly enforce our party’s bylaws. Her willingness to publicly stand as the lead guardian of the New Hampshire Republican Party was clearly demonstrated during the recent House vote for speaker. For that and so much more she deserves the support of all conservatives in our party.
“I am extremely pleased that Jennifer has chosen to seek a second term as chairman. I encourage my fellow state committee members to join me in enthusiastically supporting her re-election effort at the 2015 annual meeting."

Martin For US Senate - News Conference demands Jennifer Horn resign as GOP Chairman!

Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin demands that Jennifer Horn resign as Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party


Andy says the IRS effectively “controls” Horn as long as the federal government has a lien on Horn’s property.


“Horn should make full disclosure of any and all of her agreements, files, and correspondence with the IRS,” Andy says. “New Hampshire Republicans undermine public respect for the party when they allow a tax cheat to serve as their leader”


Andy says Horn is effectively a “white collar criminal”


Andy says “I am not usually one for conspiracy theories, but Horn has been defending Obama for years. I wonder why?”


Andy is starting to alert presidential candidates to be aware of and beware of Horn’s IRS lien problems. “A picture of Horn with a candidate could prove very embarrassing,” Andy says


Andy charges that Horn is also making a mockery of the GOP’s by-laws, by openly supporting Scott Brown, who is known in Washington as “Barack Obama’s favorite Republican senator”


(Manchester, NH) (July 28, 2014) 


Dear Republican:


A “fiduciary” is a person who holds a position of trust. Republican Party officials are fiduciaries. They are supposed to administer the party and enforce/obey the by-laws faithfully and impartially.


Thursday afternoon I will be in Keene to hold a news conference demanding that Jennifer Horn resign as head of the New Hampshire Republican Party. There are two independent reasons why Horn is unfit to lead our party.


First, for the past six (6!) years Horn and her husband have apparently failed to pay their IRS taxes. Now Horn may try to make excuses for her failure to pay taxes. But the reality is I know why she didn't pay them. Horn diverted IRS funds into her own political campaigns. Diversion of federal taxes to personal use makes Horn a white collar criminal.


Horn refuses to get a paying job to pay her taxes. Instead she works for “free” as unpaid chairman of the party. Or is she diverting money, again?


I am not much for conspiracy theories but here is a conspiracy theory for you to chew on. Horn owes the IRS money. As we know from the IRS “tea party” scandals, the IRS has become very political under Obama. The IRS can civilly or criminally prosecute you or enforce a lien. You’ve probably seen the ads on TV by people who advertise they can help you deal with the awesome power of the IRS. So the reality is that Horn is at the mercy of Obama’s IRS as long as she owes the IRS back taxes.


Does Horn have a “deal” with the IRS to make payments? We don’t know. All we know is that the federal government still claims unpaid taxes from Horn. Taxes she diverted to personal purposes.


Do we really want to have a tax cheat at the head of our party? Is this the best New Hampshire Republicans can do?


The second reason why Horn must be removed is that Horn does not think the party’s by-laws apply to her. Her abuses of her position as chairman have damaged and will continue to damage the party. She has refused to act with the total impartiality required by the by-law of the NHGOP. Both Jim Rubens and Bob Smith have complained in their own ways about Horn’s lack of impartiality in the primary.


I am going to be alerting presidential candidates to Horn’s tax problems. Candidates should be aware and beware that a photo of tax refusenik Horn could embarrass any candidate.


Are you ready for the frosting on the “conspiracy cake?” Not only does Horn attack critics of Obama, such as myself. She is trying to nominate Barack Obama’s “favorite Republican senator” as our candidate from New Hampshire. Why is she so intent on nominating Brown, someone who voted for Obama over 60% of time? Why is Horn so insistent on defending Obama and attacking people who tell the truth about Obama? Could the lien on her house be a factor? You be the judge.


I have saved a little nugget from the past. Horn went on a local radio show and attacked me for being the author of a highly respected book on Obama. She owed the IRS taxes at the time. Listen to Horn. The radio clip is attached.


Maybe my “conspiracy theory” about Horn’s support for Obama isn’t a theory at all. Maybe it’s just the plain truth.


The truth about Horn very uncomfortable. But facts are stubborn things. If Horn disagrees with my facts, I invite her to make a full public disclosure of her relationship with the IRS. If Horn remains silent, under the common law’s “adverse inference rule” silence can be taken as an admission of guilt.


Let’s see how Horn responds to my request for her resignation. With facts? Or with silence?








Keene News Conference Details: Thursday, August 21st




New Hampshire U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin




Andy Martin demands that Jennifer Horn resign as head of the new Hampshire GOP




Keene, NH, Central Square gazebo




Thursday, August 21, 3:00 P.M.



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