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Jim Rubens - Stop Runaway Congress: Public Hearings for Article V Convention Bills, Feb 12 & 13 

Stop Runaway Congress


By unanimous vote, George Mason, James Madison and the delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 gave state legislators power under Article V to reign in a Congress they feared could one day become corrupted and no longer accountable to the people.
We’ve reached that time. Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress buy themselves reelection – not by making the hard choices – but by loading our kids and grandkids with trillions in debt and rewarding corporate cronies and campaign benefactors with pork, regulatory complexity, and market-distorting tax loopholes. 
Stop Runaway Congress
A first in US history, the states are now at the threshold of taking decisive action to stop our runaway Congress.
  • Twenty-four states including New Hampshire have applied under Article V for a convention of states to propose a constitutional balanced budget amendment.
  • Three states have applied for a convention to propose amendments for fiscal restraint, term limits, and enhanced federalism.
  • Three states have applied for a convention dealing with campaign money corruption.
  • Three to five states are likely to be added over the next few weeks.
Reach Out to the NH House This Week

This coming Thursday and Friday (February 12 & 13) the New Hampshire legislature will hold public hearings on bills covering each of these three subject applications. Attend these hearings or leave a brief phone message for any committee member you may know.
Thursday, Feb 12, 9:30am
House Legislative Admin Committee
Committee member contact info
HCR1, rescinding NH's 2012 Balanced Budget Amendment application
Legislative Office Building, Room 203, Concord
Urge ITL (no vote)
Friday, Feb 13, 9am - 12noon
House State-Federal Relations & Vets Affairs Committee
Committee member contact info
HCR2, applying for a convention addressing campaign money corruption
HCR3, applying for a convention addressing fiscal restraint, term limits, and enhanced federalism
Legislative Office Building, Room 210-211, Concord
Urge OTP (yes vote) on both
Opponents’ Faulty Logic
Remarkably, opponents (lead by the John Birch Society) have mounted a full court press to block the states from exercising their constitutional authority and responsibility to pull our nation back from the brink. Opponents argue that the several state legislatures and the people can no longer be trusted and that the exclusive power to propose amendments must remain the hands of Congress.
AVC opponents are whipping up irrational fear that an Article V convention of states will “runaway” and propose crazy amendments to gut the Bill of Rights.
Fundamental safeguards against a runaway convention
  1. Crazy amendments will fail. 38 states are required to ratify any amendment proposed by an AVC. Just 13 of 99 state legislative bodies have absolute veto power. A convention of states has no power to adopt changes to the 38-state ratification hurdle.
  2. Delegates will act knowing that crazy amendments will fail. Delegates will not waste time debating or proposing off-subject, hard to explain, or fringe amendments. All 27 ratified amendments to date (all drafted by Congress) were supported by overwhelming public supermajorities.
  3. Red states and New Hampshire will not ever gut the Bill of Rights. Blue states and New Hampshire will not gut the social safety net.
  4. One state, one vote. Big states will not rule. Convention delegates will adopt proposed amendments via one state, one vote, regardless of number of delegates for each state.
  5. All AVC supporters back ONLY a convention limited to the subjects specified in the state applications. No one working on this and no legislative proposals seek an open-ended convention lacking subject matter limitation.
  6. Not once – not ever -- has a runaway convention happened in American history. All thirty-four pre-constitution conventions and the 1787 Constitutional Convention adhered to application subject matter limitations.
  7. Opponents need to get their history straight. The 1787 Constitutional Convention was suggested by the five-state Annapolis Convention of 1786, resulting in ten states adopting the following application language to guide delegates: “… taking into Consideration the state of the Union, as to trade and other important objects, and of devising such other Provisions as shall appear to be necessary to render the Constitution of the Federal Government adequate to the exigencies thereof.”
 Thanks for listening.


Stay Warm,


Jim Rubens


Rubens Speaks on Article V Convention & Political Money Corruption 

Political activists have spent years in an ever-escalating, stalemated fight to save our nation from unaccountable, fiscally-reckless Washington government.  It’s time to face up to the reality that things won’t get more than marginally better without fundamental and systemic reform.
Americans now agree. Gallup polling finds that the top issue on our minds over the past year is ... “Dissatisfaction with government/Congress/politicians; Poor leadership/Corruption/Abuse of power.” The corrupt, unaccountable Washington political system now tops the #2 issue, jobs/economy.
That’s why I’ve focused my work in politics (100% volunteer) on the two single most potent routes to systemic reform: 

  • An Article V constitutional convention to bring balanced budgets, term limits, and political money integrity amendments back to the states for potential ratification.
  • Ending the corrupt political money system where votes and policy are traded (perfectly legally) for campaign cash and cushy revolving door payoffs and where the interests of the whole people have been lost and forgotten. 

Here’s where I’ll be speaking on these issues over the coming days:
Wednesday, Jan 21, 1:00-5:00 pm
State House & Capital Center for the Arts, Concord

The NHRebellion walk converges and concludes at this rally for campaign money reform.  Join the walks in progress from Dixville Notch, Keene, Portsmouth or Nashua. I will speak on why conservative and liberty activists need to get behind this.
Thursday, Jan 22, 7:00 pm
Littleton Opera House, 1 Union Street, Littleton
Jim Rubens speaks on why framers George Mason and John Madison added the Article V Convention option to the US Constitution, why it has not yet been used, and why its time has come. The potential, the controversy, the three leading national AVC organizers, how to get involved.  All welcome, ample Q&A, free of charge.

Friday, Jan 30, 12:00 noon
Homestead Restaurant, 1567 Summer Street, Bristol
Jim Rubens speaks on his recent Senate campaign, what’s good/bad about the primaries, and the corrupting role big money plays in the process and how this can be improved so that Congress is accountable to the people. RSVP to Max Stamp, Father Bennett’s Boys Club, 744-8223.


Stay Warm,


Jim Rubens


Jim Rubens - An Article V Convention To Shrink Government & End Political Corruption

Every two years, we hear that the coming election is a historic watershed. Then on November 5, faced with the choice between making the hard choices needed to tackle our nation’s big challenges and positioning themselves for the next election, most Washington politicians instantly fixate on the next election.

Meanwhile, our national debt and unfunded future promises have mounted to a crushing $100 trillion. Our economy is fueled almost entirely on printed money and is producing too few living-wage jobs. Federal power is so dangerously concentrated that Washington now monitors much of our personal communication and controls the curriculum in our local schools.

Regardless of Republican or Democrat control, we are stuck with the Ex-Im Bank (half of whose taxpayer subsidized loan guarantees go to just one company, Boeing), corn ethanol mandates, the Raisin Control Board and sugar import restrictions (all drive up food cost to benefit a handful of agribiz campaign contributors), and the M1 Abrams tank upgrade program (lives on despite fervent opposition by the sequester-constrained Pentagon because program suppliers are spread across 173 Congressional districts). Congress rams through hyper-complex, purposefully unintelligible 2,000 page bills, unread by members and written by special interest lobbyists seeking economic and regulatory privileges at the expense of ordinary citizens.

Little has changed over the past thirty years, other than that the underlying problems have grown worse. Only by amending our constitution can we force Washington to exercise fiscal discipline, address systemic political money corruption, and relinquish power back to the states and the people.

There are two means provided in Article V to amend the constitution. All 27 amendments to date have been proposed by Congress and ratified by the necessary three-quarters of the states. But our constitution’s framers had the immense foresight to anticipate a Congress so corrupted by political careerism as to be incapable of self-reform and therefore provided a second and as yet unused amendment route. If the legislatures of two-thirds of the states (now 34) pass resolutions applying for a convention to debate and shape proposed amendments, Congress is compelled to call an amending convention. If a convention agrees on the language of one or more proposed amendments, legislatures or conventions of three-quarters of the states (now 38) must agree to ratify.

Twenty-four states, including New Hampshire, have already applied to Congress to call a convention to shape an amendment to require a balanced federal budget, other than in times of emergency. Supermajorities of the American people also want term limits for members of Congress, a smaller federal government, and a means to reign in systemic political corruption. Several national organizations on the right and left are asking state legislatures to apply for a convention to address one or more of these subjects.

Because it has never been used, there is great controversy and uncertainty about the state-initiated amending process. Some fear a “runaway” convention proffering amendments to gut our Bill of Rights or adopt full-on socialism. This cannot happen because convention delegates will span the full spectrum of views held by the American people and will struggle mightily to reach agreement on amendment language likely have the broad supermajority public support needed to gain ratification by 38 states. Delegates will be acutely aware that it takes only thirteen states to kill too extreme amendments. Just as New Hampshire, Wyoming, Alaska, and at least ten other states will reject restrictions on our Second Amendment rights, so will New York, California, New Hampshire and at least ten other states reject a constitutional ban on gay marriage.

Join me in support of balanced budget amendment convention applications in other states and for application resolutions by the New Hampshire legislature on other pressing subjects. Help me persuade the Republican National Committee to drop its opposition to an Article V convention. Let’s work together, right and left as we must, to gain use of the most powerful tool we have to address our nation’s toughest challenges.

Cheers & Merry Christmas,

Jim Rubens

Businessman and Republican activist from Hanover.


Rubens For US Senate - Thank You!  

 Our sixteen month campaign to replace Jeanne Shaheen and to restore American greatness has been a tremendous honor, an irreplaceable life experience that has caused me to love this wonderful state of New Hampshire and its people even more.

Whether you joined our campaign last May or over the past few weeks, thank you. Thank you for making calls, hosting house parties, marching in parades, standing at the polls, talking to your neighbors, and writing checks. We were outspent by almost ten times in this race, but because of your evangelism, 27,116 people went to the polls and voted for me. For that, I am forever humbled and appreciative.

The Republican Party is the essential party if America is to protect liberty and to restore fiscal sanity. But to consistently win elections and earn the votes to govern and to lead, we must expand and bring back the independent voters and disaffected Republicans we have lost over the years. Repackaged rhetoric will not work. We must offer substantial, credible solutions to the nation's several pressing challenges.

I am proud that my campaign has shown the way forward on several issues:

• We grabbed the third rail of American politics and laid out specific proposals to preserve Social Security and Medicare for the long term without tax increases. There will be no means to restore long term budget balance and to avoid hyperinflation or currency collapse without tackling the gargantuan fiscal imbalance in these programs.

• We offered a specific plan to replace Obamacare and one that addressed the need to reduce America's highest in the world healthcare costs and to increase quality and access.

• We offered a detailed six point plan to bring jobs back to American soil and to bring back middle class prosperity.

• I was the single Republican candidate to offer a solution to the corrupt special interest campaign money system that is the root cause of Washington dysfunction, career politics, endless budget deficits, and our anti-jobs tax code, riddled as it is with special interest loopholes that drive up rates and drive jobs offshore.

• We took an early position against NSA's unconstitutional dragnet spying on hundreds of millions of innocent Americans, pointing out that this spying did not stop even a single instance of domestic terrorism.

• I showed that it is possible for Republicans to be both Second Amendment champions and to offer a concrete plan to reduce gun violence.

• As to another war in the Middle East, I stood alone (at least to date) in pointing out that, until just a few months ago, the US was arming, training, and funding ISIS. We must replace our haphazard, knee-jerk approach to Middle East with a long term strategy to protect Americans from terrorism. To date, I am alone in demanding that our sometime ally Saudi Arabia and its princes cease funding terrorism around the world.

• I'm most proud of my sounding the alarm on the abuses occurring in the Veterans Administration. I was first to address this and first to call for a health care card to be granted to Veterans. We must never shirk on our responsibility to our veterans.

• I certainly hurt myself politically by openly acknowledging my view that humans are the cause of observed global warming. I did this because candidates and politicians should be honest and direct about their views.

• I took the risks of offering detailed and specific proposals on most major issues and thoughtful answers to all questions posed by the media and by voters. Political handlers always advise against this. New Hampshire voters, including those who differed with me on some issues, found this refreshing and voted for me anyway.

I could not be more proud of the campaign that we ran.

While our campaign may have come to an end, our work on these issues must not. I look forward to working with many of you to continue this work. To that end, please find my personal contact information below. I hope you will use it to keep in touch with me going forward.

>From the bottom of my heart, thank you!


Jim Rubens
(603) 359-3300

P.S. If you placed a sign at your home, business, or in your community, please reuse the wickets and wires for the candidate of your choice and recycle the bags. We also have some U-stakes and H-stakes still in inventory. If you could use them for your signs please send us an e-mail. We would love to see them used.


Rubens For US Senate - Jim Rubens Endorses Scott Brown 

Former candidate for U.S. Senate Jim Rubens today endorsed Scott Brown.  Rubens released the following statement:


"Primary contests are grueling and often necessary to debate the future path of the Republican party.  But in the end it is vital that Republicans unite behind our nominee. It is essential that we replace Jeanne Shaheen and restore control of the U.S. Senate to Republicans.  Scott Brown and I had a productive and cordial meeting yesterday and together determined the ways I could help. This morning,I attended the Unity Breakfast and was accompanied by Senator Gordon Humphrey who was one of the first to endorse Senator Brown after the results of the primary were known.  I appreciate all the support I have received before and after Primary Day.  I am truly humbled."