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WASHINGTON, D.C. –  With the support of Congressman Frank Guinta (NH01), the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday passedtwo resolutions of disapproval of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations that Rep. Guinta said would cripple the country’s energy sector and fragile economy.


    He pointed to studies showingenergy costs in New Hampshire are some of the most expensive in the nation, discouraging new business and manufacturing in an area losing population.“New Hampshire needs dependable energy to increase its appeal to diverse industries, reliant on low fuel costs, and to attract young workers, leaving for friendlier economic climates. The Granite State exists in a competitive national and global business environment, drawing away our best and brightest, eager to work or start families,” he said.


    “New England is on pace tolose ten percent of its local energy output,” elaborated Rep. Guinta. “Renewable fuels have not caught up to demand. Cutting production further, as the EPA plans to do, would raise prices in our own state, especially, where we already have enormous per-unit energy costs.


    The Congressional Review Act permits Congress to override federal regulations costing $100 billion or more via an expedited legislative procedure known as a Resolution of Disapproval. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates the EPA’s regulations could cost American homes and businesses $289 billion per year and 224,000 jobs nationwide. One would effectively prohibit new coal-power plants, the country’s largest source of energy. The other would institute a cap-and-trade system that Democrats, when they controlled Congress from 2008 to 2010,declined to pass into law.


    “I’m just as concerned about another Administration end-run around the Constitution and Congress – because the public expects its representatives to protect jobs and the economy, as well as the environment. I’ve fought to preserve New Hampshire’s natural resources and will fight to preserve low energy costs, too.”said Rep. Guinta. “We can do both.”


    A member of the House Financial Services Committee, the Congressman, the former mayor of Manchester, said new EPA regulations would have the heaviest impact on low- and middle-income Granite Staters, whose energy costs make up a larger share of their take-home pay.  





NH Senate Ways and Means Committee supports NH small business growth, jobs 

Concord, NH – In a recent Senate Ways and Means Committee work session, Committee members reaffirmed the Senate’s support for HB 550 as amended by the Senate and passed last week.

“I am thankful for the Senate Ways and Means Committee’s support on this important legislation to reduce a restrictive tax on small businesses looking to grow and expand in the State of New Hampshire,” said Senate Ways and Means Chair David Boutin (R-Hooksett).

“Throughout multiple work sessions and conversations with key stakeholders, we were able to make improvements that will keep jobs in the state of New Hampshire, support new jobs, and welcome new businesses into the state. “

“I appreciate all of the hard work that went into this legislation on behalf of supporting good New Hampshire jobs and look forward to further discussion as the legislation moves forward in Committee of Conference,” added Boutin.


NH Senate Republican Caucus - Jobs, Jobs, Jobs 

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office

Bradley applauds Senate efforts to lower business taxes, electric rates, and workers comp


Concord, NH – Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro) applauded Senate passage of three bills which address three significant challenges to job creation in New Hampshire. The Senate approved a state budget that lowered business tax rates for the first time in 20 years, approved Bradley’s bill to lower electric rates, and approved reforms to the New Hampshire workers’ compensation system. A recent report from the Pew Foundation ranks New Hampshire among the ten worst states for job creation since the end of the Great Recession.


“New Hampshire businesses have struggled with high business taxes, high electric rates, and high workers’ compensation costs, all of which hurt our ability to create jobs,” Bradley said. “We’ve taken important steps to address all three, which would make New Hampshire more competitive.”


HB 2 lowers the Business Profits Tax from 8.5% to 7.9% in three stages, while cutting the Business Enterprise Tax 10% over that time. Bradley was the prime sponsor of SB 1, the BPT rate cut, and a cosponsor of SB 2, the BET rate cut. The Senate yesterday approved HB 2, which will likely head to Committee of Conference as the House and Senate finalize the state budget.


SB 221 provides electric rate relief following an agreement by Eversource to sell its power generating assets, and will lower stranded costs, which are costs ratepayers already pay. Bradley was the prime sponsor. The Senate yesterday concurred with House changes to SB 221, sending the bill to Governor Hassan’s desk.


SB 133 lowers workers’ compensation rates by allowing employers to negotiate medical costs, and requiring health care providers to justify the cost of their services. The bill also improves public transparency into health care costs, giving companies more choice. Bradley was the prime sponsor. The Senate yesterday concurred with House changes to SB 133, sending the bill to Governor Hassan’s desk.


“My top three priorities this year were jobs, job, and jobs,” Bradley added. “These three bills tackle three of the toughest challenges keeping New Hampshire business from creating more jobs. I look forward to Governor Hassan signing them into law in order to get New Hampshire’s economy moving again.




NHDP - N.H. Republican Senators Allow Craig Benson To Hold New Hampshire Jobs Hostage

Last-Minute Amendment Would Create Tax Carve Out For Planet Fitness
Craig Benson, Who Has Served As Planet Fitness Board Member, Consultant And Franchise Owner “Leading Charge”

Concord, N.H. – New Hampshire Republican Senators are allowing former Governor Craig Benson to hold New Hampshire jobs hostage in order to get a special tax break for a company where he has served as a board member and consultant. 

Benson, who has served as a Planet Fitness board member, consultant and franchise owner, reportedly led the charge for a last-minute amendment that would benefit the company but be costly to taxpayers. 
“First, Jeanie Forrester introduced a last-minute budget amendment to benefit her business cronies and now Senate Republicans are doubling down with more special favors for their friends,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “While Senate Republicans insist that the state can’t afford to fully fund substance misuse treatment, mental health services, and our successful Medicaid Expansion program, they are instead pushing special favors for their friends and business tax giveaways for large, out-of-state corporations.”
This is not the first time Craig Benson has held New Hampshire jobs hostage for tax policy changes to benefit his bottom line. NHPR reports that Benson’s threats as CEO of Cabletron helped spur the creation of the Business Enterprise Tax, which was more favorable to the company's interests.
“If Senate Republicans think that Granite Staters won’t notice this rash of last-minute amendments to benefit their friends, they are going to be in for quite a shock in November 2016,” added Buckley.



ALG - Senate Democrats cave on protecting American workers 


May 13, 2015, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement blasting Senate Democrats for abandoning their opposition to granting trade promotion authority to President Barack Obama and ceding their demands for enforceable currency provisions in fast track bill itself:  


"Senate Democrats are abandoning American workers concerned that their jobs may be shifted overseas due to unfair trade related to currency manipulation nations in the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Doing a trade bill without monetary policy—the primary mechanism nations use to make their exports cheaper—ensures that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is neither free nor fair. The house of cards gamesmanship that was played yesterday to fool constituencies about the Democrat stance on fast track is exposed by this latest capitulation on currency manipulation.


"No one can vote for fast track and claim with a straight face they opposed currency manipulation. It is time for Senate Majority Leader McConnell to end the charade of fast track and return to the politically viable business of the Senate."


To view online:




"Fast-Track Bill Needs Enforceable Currency Provision," By Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), Wall Street Journal, May 13, 2015 at


"Path to Pacific Trade Deal May Open in Senate After All," By Jonathan Weisman, May 13, 2015 at


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