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ALG's Daily Grind - America a rising manufacturing star? 


August 28, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted.

America a rising manufacturing star?
Abundant natural gas makes the U.S. competitive again, study says.

Cartoon: "Believe in Climate Change"

Workers suffer when militarized police and Big Green get together
Why does the Forest Service need to be armed to the teeth?

Geraghty: Expanding Medicaid hurts GOP governors in presidential bid
Poll: "expanding Medicaid is phenomenally unpopular among Republican voters who intend to participate in the primaries or caucuses in [early vote] states [like New Hampshire, Iowa, and South Carolina], and that any aspiring president who did implement that change would face an uphill battle."


NHDP - QUESTIONS REMAIN: Scott Brown Owes NH Answers About His Role at Outsourcing Company

Questions Abound as Brown Prepares To Debate Republican Opponents in Exeter Tonight
Manchester, NH—Scott Brown owes New Hampshire answers about his role with a company that paid him $270,000, but outsourced jobs and avoided millions of dollars worth of American taxes. Brown is refusing to disclose details about his troubling ties in response to a new report from the Nashua Telegraph that outlined his connections to Kadant Inc., a Massachusetts-based paper company.  The Telegraph noted that Brown continues to serve on the Board of Directors for Kadant, and Brown stands to cash in again, making $397,000, if he keeps serving on the Board.

“Once again we’re seeing that Scott Brown puts his bank account first, even at the expense of American jobs--and he should answer for that at tonight's debate,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “New Hampshire can't trust someone with Scott Brown’s record of ducking questions and shirking accountability, and his decision to cash in from a company that profits from shipping jobs overseas and avoids millions in American taxes speaks volumes about his priorities. Scott Brown owes New Hampshire an explanation.”   
Granite Staters deserve to get answers to these questions at tonight's debate:
  • What exactly did Scott Brown do for this company in exchange for the hundreds of thousands of dollars he was paid?
  • How can he expect anyone to take his rhetoric about jobs seriously, now that we know he has been profiting from a company that so brazenly uses outsourcing to pad it's bottom line?
  • Why did Brown accepted such a lucrative position with a company that relied on outsourcing American jobs to Mexico and China?
Scott Brown has previously refused to answer questions about why he accepted $1.3 million in stock to become an advisor for shady beauty supply company turned weapons manufacturer GDSI, even when he knew its operations raised red flags. He also has refused to answer questions about his pre-election California paid speech—including how much he is personally getting paid and who is paying him.


Andrew Wins NAFRW’s Straw Poll 62% to 38%!!


Manchester, NH –Fresh off the heels of a big win at Nashua Area Federated Republican Women’s Straw Poll last night, where Andrew garnered 62% of the vote over Walt Havenstein’s 38%, Havenstein released his so-called “jobs plan” today. Candidate for New Hampshire Governor, Andrew Hemingway, released the following statement on the 11 page proposal:

“Those 11 pages could’ve been condensed in to one line that reads, ‘I propose doing what everyone else has proposed doing for two decades and watch history repeat itself.’ Reduce the BPT. Market the state. Pass Right to Work.  I actually agree with some of these things, but the idea that this is going to create 25 thousand jobs or improve New Hampshire’s budget or economy to any level we need to, is a ridiculous assertion.  This jobs plan is boring and ineffective and the people of the Granite State deserve at least a little bit of effort when it comes to how they’re going to put food on their tables, beyond stale campaign promises and rhetoric

“I have released a real tax proposal that changes the entire current system of taxation in the state and I’ve done that because if we are to actually grow, expand and maybe get 25,000 jobs in here, that’s what we need to do.  A moderate reduction in one business tax, which only benefits large companies, will not create any economic growth.  The rest of this so-called plan is platitudes.” – Andrew Hemingway


ALG's Daily Grind - Are Baby Boomers the reason young people can't find work?


August 6, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted. 

Are Baby Boomers the reason young people can't find work?
Make room: If employment-population ratios had remained what they were in 2000, 4.4 million more younger Americans would have found jobs, and 5.7 million more older Americans would have retired.  

Cartoon: "Insurance Policy"

Global warming's public relations gambit
Many of the world's largest public relations firms are creating a climate change litmus test by asserting that they will not work for companies or organizations that don't buy the global warming mantra that is being used to destroy the free market system.

Rasmussen: Nanny state mindset leads to police brutality
"Once you accept the premise that so-called experts should decide what's best for the rest of us, the only question remaining is how to deal with people who don't comply."




Calls for Permanent Extension of the Hire A Hero Act

CONCORD As part of the ongoing "HonoringOur Veterans" tour, Scott Brown held a veterans roundtable discussion at the Barley House Restaurant and Tavern to discuss ways to improve employment opportunities for our veterans. Brown met with veterans to propose initiatives from his white paper policy, including the permanent reauthorization of the Hire A Hero Act, a law Brown co-sponsored to provide tax credits to businesses that hire veterans.

“The Obama-Shaheen economy has not given our veterans the job opportunities they deserve once they return home,” said Brown. “These are the men and women who fight for our freedom and they should not have to come home and fight to find job.”
Brown presented his policy ideas and listened to feedback from veterans and community members about experiences entering the workforce. In addition to the permanent reauthorization of the Hire A Hero Act, Brown highlighted the need for improved job training and programs to help veterans create small businesses. 
Along with the veteran attendees, Pamela Szacik, the Employment Service Bureau Director for the New Hampshire Department of Employment Security, joined the discussion to provide insight on the department's work on behalf of veterans.
New Hampshire has the fifth-highest concentration per capita of veterans population in the United States, underscoring the importance of having realistic solutions to the problems with the veteran health care system and employment.
“Veterans returning home and adjusting to civilian life is a difficult process, and finding employment in this economy is more challenging,” said Terry Negron, a member of the United States Air Force Reserves.  “I appreciate Scott Brown listening to what veterans are going through and finding solutions to the unemployment problem in the veterans community.”
Brown has made several stops across the state to meet with veterans and tour facilities, including the NH Veterans Home, Manchester VA Medical Center, and Harbor Homes in Nashua.  Brown also hosted a veterans town hall meeting at the Merrimack VFW.