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Josiah Bartlett Center - Carl Cameron Confirmed for JBC Dinner!

Carl Cameron Confirmed for JBC Dinner!
July 23, 2014
Hi everyone. Great news: Carl Cameron has confirmed as speaker for our annual Libertas Dinner. We’re very excited. Those of you who know “Campaign Carl” – Fox News chief political correspondent and former political director of WMUR-TV – know how great it will be to have him helping Gov. Steve Merrill honor Joe McQuaid for us.

I can’t tell you how excited we are about this event which may be our biggest dinner ever. It is one heck of a program to have and I’m pleased at how it has come together. I knew it would be great when we decided to honor Joe but it’s turned out even better. I would be remiss, though, if I didn’t try and coax you into attending.

We have room and you will enjoy it greatly. Attached to this email is the information on the dinner and you can click here to reserve a seat. I hope to see Wednesday

Josiah Bartlett Center - NH is Comfortably Mediocre 

Weekly Update from the
Josiah Bartlett Center

Keeping you up to date on our latest research
on the issues impacting New Hampshire


When did New Hampshire stop being New Hampshire? Whether one describes New Hampshire’s economy as mediocre, stagnant, or lackluster there is no denying that the latest economic news shows that we are no longer leading any economic charges but instead content to hope some crumbs drop from the tables of others. Once the envy of our neighbors, we may now be stuck as an economic backwater, another nondescript pea in the New England pod.

A terrific piece from Ben Leubsdorf in the Wall Street Journal this week speaks of the uneven recovery. The country as a whole has technically recovered: total jobs have come back to where they were prior to the recession. But recoveries are uneven with some winner states and many loser states.

That economic reality is familiar to Granite Staters. We count on it. New Hampshire is typically said to lead the region out of the recession. We mean that when jobs return, they return here first and we end up with a growing economy at the expense of more lackluster states. But that’s the old reality....Click here to keep reading.

Don't forget to order your tickets to this year's Libertas Award Dinner, on July 23, in Concord. This year's honoree is Union Leader Publisher Joseph McQuaid Click here to order online or by mail.


Josiah Bartlett Center - Libertas Dinner Tickets on Sale and How Canada Gets It Right 

Weekly Update from the
Josiah Bartlett Center

Keeping you up to date on our latest research
on the issues impacting New Hampshire

Tickets for the 2014 Libertas Dinner are now on sale! This year's dinner, honoring New Hampshire Union Leader Publisher Joesph McQuaid, will be held on July 23, at the Grappone Center in Concord. Click here to order your tickets today!

The return of warm weather to our state seems the right time for me to wax poetic about Canada again. To the chagrin of many, I hold up “the true North proud and free” as an example to be emulated south of the border. Bear with me and see if you don’t agree that the United States should be more like Canada.

Let me begin by saying that I don’t suggest for a minute that everything Canadian is superior to everything American. Those of you familiar with the English language will understand that. But invariably on this topic some yahoo writes me a long diatribe about “socialized medicine” despite my disclaimer about not preferring their health model. In that yahoo’s defense, this column will run a good 750 words and it’s a lot to expect a reader to make it through all of them. Click here to keep reading


Josiah Bartlett Center - Budget Problems and Mismanaged Tax Credits 

Weekly Update from the
Josiah Bartlett Center

Keeping you up to date on our latest research
on the issues impacting New Hampshire

The state may or may not face a budget crisis depending on who you believe. In the face of what she thinks is a crisis, the governor imposed the mildest of spending restrictions on every part of state government. Until we know the problem better, she decided to impose the time honored first step: a freeze on new hiring and out-of-state travel. It doesn’t save much money in the short term but it’s symbolic. Click here to keep reading

As reported in the Nashua Telegraph, a Legislative audit of the Division of Economic Development, within the Department of Resources and Economic Development found that in 2011 and 2012, $875,750 was improperly given out as tax credits, while an additional $121,000 worth of tax credits were not given to business that were eligible to receive them. This mismanagement accounts for nearly half of all the tax credits granted by the Division. The specific programs in question are the Economic Revitalization Zone (ERZ) tax credit and the Coös County Job Creation (CCJC) tax credit. Click here to keep reading



Josiah Bartlett Center - Save the Date! 4th Annual Libertas Dinner, July 23 

Save the Date!  Fourth Annual Libertas Dinner 
July 23, 2014
Dear Friends,

I know you’re probably one of the folks who told me that our Libertas Dinner is the best networking they event they go to all year and a fun evening to boot.  Well, I have good news! Not only are we having another dinner, but this year it is being held even earlier in the year, in July, so less waiting, more schmoozing. What's more, we are extending everyone's favorite part - the predinner reception - so you'll have more time to mingle and chat before our always enthralling main event. 

Speaking of the main event, we’ve got a humdinger planned for you. On July 23 we are honoring Joseph McQuaid, esteemed publisher, in a celebration of his noteworthy career, the New Hampshire Union Leader, and indeed, the newspaper industry itself. I’m sure you know by now that I have a special soft spot for the newspaper industry and its extraordinary value to informed decision making. You won't want to miss it, so be sure to note July 23 on your calendar, phone, or tablet now!

Charlie Arlinghaus