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CEI Today: IRS power grab, BPA junk science, and John Podesta's new gig 

Monday, December 16, 2013
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The Wall Street Journal: On "The Latest IRS Power Grab"

Mr. Smith rightly criticizes proposed IRS rules "limiting political speech" by nonprofit 501(c)(4) groups. Those rules restrict even truthful, nonpartisan criticism of IRS and bureaucratic wrongdoing by classifying it as "candidate-related political activity."

The IRS's proposed rules are an attack on the First Amendment that will make it easier for the government to get away with harassing political dissenters and whistleblowers in the future.
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Could your affection for bottled water be responsible for your bout with migraines? Apparently so, if you believe the latest headlines about the chemical bisphenol A (BPA). But its wise to be wary of such silly claims.

First of all, it’s wrong to suggest that single serving bottled water commonly contains BPA, because that’s simply not true. > Read more

JOHN PODESTA - MYRON EBELL Obama Names John Podesta as Counselor, Will Focus on Energy and Climate

President Barack Obama on 10th December named John Podesta as counselor to the president.  Podesta has reportedly agreed to help the President in his time of troubles for a year.  The White House announced that Podesta would advise the President on a range of issues, but specifically mentioned climate and energy. > Read more




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CEI Today: Financial transaction tax?, S&P rating, and global warming science 


IBD: Online 'Fairness' Tax Could Hit Your 401(k)

Supporters of the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA), which the U.S. Senate passed on May 6 on a 69-27 vote, claim that online retailers enjoy an unfair advantage over their brick-and-mortar competitors. The bill, they maintain, addresses this imbalance by allowing states and localities to require "remote sellers" to collect taxes for "sales" to their residents.

However, the bill is silent on the particular products and services of "sellers" and "sales" it covers. Thus, it could open the door for state and local governments to tax financial transactions they deem as "sales" on businesses throughout the country. > Read more

> Interview John Berlau



CBN: S&P Boosts US Credit Outlook to 'Stable'

Standard & Poor's ratings service has boosted its outlook for U.S. government debt from "negative" to "stable," meaning it's not as likely to downgrade the nation's debt in the near future.

Bill Frezza, a fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and a Boston-based venture capitalist, talked more about implications of the S&P's revised outlook on CBN's Newswatch, June 10. > View the interview




GLOBAL WARMING SCIENCE - MARLO LEWIS Climate Models: “Epic Failure” or “Spot on Consistent” with Observed Warming?

Surface temperatures are not a direct or reliable measure of bulk atmospheric heat content, which is one reason [University of Alabama scientist John] Christy has devoted much of his career to developing a satellite record of global temperatures. Satellite datasets “are not affected by these surface problems and more directly represent the heat content of the atmosphere.”

If the models accurately represented the atmosphere’s heat content, Christy told me by email, the warming rate of the tropical mid-troposphere (TMT) would be 1.4 times that of the surface. In reality, the TMT warming rate is only 0.6 times that of the surface. The models simply project too much warming in the bulk atmosphere. > Read more


> Interview Marlo Lewis




JUNE 20, 2013


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An Annual Snapshot of the Federal Regulatory State


This year marks the publication of the 20th anniversary edition of the CEI’s annual survey of the federal regulatory state, Ten Thousand Commandments.

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> See also: Wall Street Journal editorial, Red Tape Record Breakers






ALG's Daily Grind - Republicans taking default off the table  

April 24, 2013

Republicans taking default off the table

The "Full Faith and Credit Act" will certainly avert default if the debt ceiling is reached, but Republicans also need to avoid the accusation that the debt ceiling fight throws Grandma off the fiscal cliff.

On Global Warming Advocates and Scientific Consensus

Does scientific consensus determine scientific truth?

EPA obstructs Keystone XL pipeline, puts Obama nominee at further risk

As the EPA continues obstructing Keystone,  the Senate should reject Gina McCarthy's nomination to be the next EPA Administrator, so the Obama Administration would understand that their continued expansion of power will no longer be tolerated.

Jindal: Obamacare's Medicaid expansion is bad for Louisiana

"President Obama's Medicaid expansion could cost taxpayers in Louisiana $1.7 billion over the first 10 years of implementation, and the cost will continue to rise."


CEI Today: Michigan right-to-work, Sen. Whitehouse on 'climate deniers,' and BPA junk science

MICHIGAN RIGHT-TO-WORK - MATT PATTERSON Catching The Chimera: Right-To-Work In Michigan


Labor leaders have seen the writing on the wall for their movement for a while now. But that writing just got bolder and more ominous for them.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder announced in a stunning press conference today that he would sign legislation making Michigan the 24th right-to-work state as soon as he can, possibly this week.

It just goes to show how contagious — in the best possible sense — political courage can be: Earlier this year, Gov. Mitch Daniels did indeed
sign legislation making Indiana the first Rust Belt state to adopt right-to work. Daniels was undoubtedly inspired by the success of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s collective bargaining reforms. And now, mirabile dictu, he has inspired Snyder.  > View the news story on

> Interview Matt Patterson


CLIMATE SCIENCE - MARLO LEWIS Sen. Whitehouse Fumes Against 'Climate Deniers'

In a fiery speech yesterday, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) ”calls out” “climate deniers.” In the first half of the speech he goes ad hominem, attacking opponents as “front groups” who take payola from “polluters” to “confuse” the public by selling “doubt” as their product.

Okay, let’s examine Sen. Whitehouse’s argument. He accuses skeptics of peddling “straw man arguments,” such as that “the earth’s climate always changes; it’s been warmer in the past.” Well, it does, and it has!> Read the full commentary on


> Interview Marlo Lewis

BPA JUNK SCIENCE - ANGELA LOGOMASINI Researchers Repudiate BPA Junk Science

The chemical bisphenol A (BPA) — which is used to make hard, clear plastics and resins that line food containers — regularly appears in news headlines claiming the substance causes everything from heart disease to obesity. But a new study on the topic shows that much of this “research” is little more than junk science.  > View the full commentary at


> Interview Angela Logomasini


In response to an all-out assault by the media and even some in Congress on the Taxpayer Protection Pledge lawmakers signed promising they would not raise taxes, a coalition of national and state policy groups sent a letter to GOP lawmakers on Wednesday that urges them to honor their pledge to taxpayers and refuse to raise taxes.


> View the coalition letter


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ALG's Daily Grind - Obamacare Mandate To Cut Worker Hours, Leaving The Poor Worse Off

Nov. 15, 2012

Obamacare Mandate To Cut Worker Hours, Leaving The Poor Worse Off

Employer mandate will not only hurt job growth among small businesses, it is already resulting in fewer hours and less income for workers at larger companies.

Video: ALG Is Urging Governors Not To Implement ObamaCare Exchange

America's Governors are set to make a decision on whether to implement an ObamaCare exchange.'s John Vinci explains what Americans for Limited Government thinks they should do.

New York Misses Out on Natural Gas Revolution as Junk Science Carries the Day

The Marcellus Shale cuts across New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia and could potentially to help transform the world's energy portfolio. But this will require public policy decisions that rooted in sound science not unsubstantiated alarmism.

Roff: GOP Senators Need to Radicalize

Does Harry Reid want to restrict Republican use of the filibuster in the Senate?