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Freekeenenews - Voters Sue Keene School District Over Warrant Article Changes

Voters Sue Keene School District

The voters claim the modifications made to the petitioned warrant articles at the 2014 deliberative session were illegal. 
Before the Deliberative Session, voter Conan Salada collected signatures on seven warrant articles to be placed on the official ballot before voters in the upcoming Keene School District election. During the Deliberative Session, all seven warrant articles were amended in a manner that eliminated the subject. These amendments were challenged as out of order, however the moderator overruled those motions, and the majority of voters in attendance agreed with the moderator. The Keene Sentinel described these changes as "Machiavellian legal maneuvering... to avoid letting voters decide the merits of the articles".

After the Deliberative Session, voter Darryl W. Perry, was directed to the 2011 Rockingham Superior Court decision in the case of Bailey v. Town of Exeter. In Bailey, the Court ruled, “the only way the phrase 'no warrant article shall be amended to eliminate the subject matter of the article' can logically be read is to conclude that any amendment that made the subject matter of the article a nullity was forbidden,” adding that “[m]erely because the majority of the voters were more clever in the way the amendment was worded to create the nullity does not mean their action was not a violation of the statute.”

Perry, Salada and two other voters (David Crawford and Eric LaRoche) have filed suit on Feb 19th against the School District due to the illegal actions at the Deliberative Session that have disenfranchised the voters of Keene, including petitioners. The filing can be read here.  The Cheshire superior court will hold an initial emergency hearing of the case on 2/28 at 11am due to the short timeframe remaining prior to the school board election.

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Ian Freeman

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Freekeenenews - City Appeals Robin Hood Cases to Supreme Court 

City Files Robin Hood Appeal

City spends $2,200 on the transcript of the superior court hearings.  The people calling themselves the “City of Keene” have officially filed their appeal in the Robin Hood cases. They have also filed a motion asking the NH supreme court to accept amicus briefs in the case from other interested parties, which will likely be various state employee unions, and other state agencies interested in destroying freedom of speech and the press.

The appeal paperwork lists the amount “the City” will be forcing taxpayers to pay for the transcript of the three-day “evidentiary hearings” that led to the dismissal of their illegal, unconstitutional civil cases against the Robin Hooders: $2,200! Add that to the at least $20,000 that taxpayers have forked over for this frivolous case against us in the first place, and then keep counting, because the legal bill from the fancy private attorneys “the city” hired isn’t going to get smaller!

A recent Keene city council meeting shows a non-public session where the council appears to have voted 12-0 on a legal issue, presumably this case.  Is the city council really in favor of this move by “the city”?  How many taxpayer dollars are they willing to lavish on this case before people boot them out of office in the next election?

Usually the court will take a month to docket the case.  Stay tuned to Free Keene for the latest on the Robin Hood saga.

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Ian Freeman

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Robin Hood of Keene Works to Extend Keene, N.H. Holiday Parking Week by an Additional Day

By Robin Hood of Keene
December 16, 2013

Robin Hood of Keene, in solidarity with City of Keene, will attempt to
expand the Holiday Week of free shopping in Keene, New Hampshire by an
additional day. In an effort to not annoy holiday shoppers, City of
Keene will not demand change from drivers parked at metered parking
spaces from December 18th though December 25th. Robin Hood's Merry
People will be saving driver's from parking tickets from 9:00AM to
5:00PM on Tuesday, December 17th.

This is the first time Robin Hood of Keene and City of Keene have
partnered together to help drivers and downtown Keene based store
owners. If this test run works well, Robin Hood of Keene and City of
Keene may partner together in future endeavors.



Freekeenenews - "City of Keene" Loses Supreme Court Case Against Free Stater News Release from Free Keene 

"City of Keene" Handed Defeat by Supreme Court

Free State Project participant defeats "the City" without an attorney.  If you have been following the blog at Free Keene for the last 18 months, you may recall the raid on the Keene Activist Center that occurred in the summer of 2012. The Keene-police-backed raid by code enforcement and the fire department ultimately resulted in a court case against me for an alleged smoke alarm violation. (They claimed that all homes must have an interconnected, AC-powered smoke alarm system.)

We went to court and the “City of Keene” ultimately lost because I caught them violating their own rules – fire chiefs aren’t allowed by their own statutes to inspect single and two-family homes. Judge Runyon correctly invalidated all the evidence collected by the fire chief and dismissed the case. “The City” people, desperate to crush the KAC and hating to lose in their own system, then appealed to the NH “supreme” court, spending hundreds of taxpayer dollars on a transcript of the district court hearings.

The supreme court then informed “the City” that their filing was deficient because all criminal cases must have the approval of the attorney general’s office prior to the appeal being filed. They gave “the City” some time to correct the error. Meanwhile, “the City” and the AG’s office filed memorandums of law arguing the case was not criminal, but civil, and therefore they did not need the AG’s permission to move ahead with the appeal.

Ultimately, the court’s “justices” disagreed with “the City’s” arguments and ruled the case is indeed criminal and so “the City” must get the AG’s approval by Nov 7th. The approval was never given. Therefore, the supreme court dismissed the case. I and the KAC win! (Of course, I’ve lost lots of time and effort I could have spent on other things.)

The fact that “the City” couldn’t even win their smoke alarm case at the supreme court against me may not bode well for their eventual performance in the Robin Hood case appeal they apparently intend to file, where they are actually against a real, experienced free speech attorney!

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Ian Freeman

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Freekeenenews - City Sues Robin Hooders AGAIN, Demands Jury Trial, Damages, Attorney’s Fees

City Sues Robin Hooders AGAIN, Demands Jury Trial, Damages, Attorney's Fees

City's new lawsuit tacitly admits that it IS about revenue, contradicting their previous claims.  The "City of Keene" has now filed another lawsuit against the same Robin Hooders (and Pete Eyre, who has never Robin Hooded) in Cheshire "superior" court. This time, they allege the same things as before, that we have cause them damage by "harassing" and "intimidating" their parking enforcers as part of a conspiracy to meddle with their employment contracts. Now, they are seeking monetary damages plus their attorneys' fees (which are not going to be small, given the huge number of hours they have likely already billed on just the first case alone) and are demanding a jury trial! So if it weren't bad enough that they are wasting the court's time with one trial, now they are going to waste even more of the court's time AND the time of a dozen innocent jurors who could be out living their productive lives. If you'll recall back to the first suit, the city manager himself claimed publicly to the Union Leader:
"This is not about revenue. This is not about the city losing any money," - City Manager John A. MacLean
>From the new suit:
37. The City has suffered damages, all within the jurisdictional limits of the Court, for the following: a. Loss of an employee; b. A modified schedule for another employee because of the Defendants' behavior; c. Hiring costs to replace the lost employee; d. Monetary and administrative expenses with regard to counseling and other Human Resource issues; and e. The PEOs' inability to properly perform their employment duties.
Item "e" is another way of them saying "LOST REVENUE".  Looks like the truth has come out.  It IS really all about their lost revenue...and the continued attempt to crush the liberty activists in the area.  The defendants must file appearances and answers in the case within 30 days of being served with the case.  Here is the 2nd lawsuit against Robin Hooders in PDF form, as filed in Cheshire "superior" court on Monday 9/23.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have questions or would like to interview an activist,
Ian Freeman