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Jun192015 - Marking Progress in the #GetMoneyOut Movement in NH

The Stamp Stampede is on the move in New Hampshire!

Stamp Stampede recently celebrated two huge milestones:

  • ·       *  1,000 stamps sold in the Granite State
  • ·       *  125 New Hampshire small businesses hosting Stamp Stampede “stamping stations.”

In upcoming weeks, the Stampede will also introduce the “Stampede Pedaller” – a people-powered version of the Amazing Amend-O-Matic Stampmobile.

The Stamp Stampede is tens of thousands of Americans supporting efforts to overturn Citizens United by legally rubber-stamping anti-corruption messages on US currency. Every stamped dollar bill is seen by about 875 people as it circulates through the local economy – which makes stamping money a highly-effective way for citizens to show their support for the grassroots movement to get money out of politics.

The Stampede plans to recruit 6,500 stampers in New Hampshire and stamp four million dollar bills in the region before next February’s #FITN Presidential primary. 

Jonathan Clarke of Manchester volunteers as a Stampmobile driver, as well as stamping currency.  "I know that we have a problem coming together in this country, and I want to be part of the solution,” he said. “I like to support an organization that feels the same way I do. I feel like by joining, I'm helping to push this country back in the right direction."

Karma Tattoo in Hooksett has one of the more than 125 small-business stamping stations around the state.  "I think the idea of using money to fight money in politics is awesome!" said owner Melissa Nolan. "Looking around, you don't feel like you have any power to do anything. Stamping money is easy, and it gets people who don't know much talking and learning about the issue."

Jim Palmer and Anita Lowry, owners of the Live Free Caffe in Dover, advertised their stamping station on their Facebook page.  "Stop in and stamp your money. Let the politicians know how you feel! The government should serve everyone, not just the big corporations and the 1%ers."

So far, 69 New Hampshire municipalities have passed local resolutions calling for a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and allow states to regulate campaign finance.  Polls show that more than two-thirds of New Hampshire voters – including 61% of Granite State Republicans – support a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United


The Amazing Amend-O-Matic Stampmobile is a Rube Goldberg device that sends money through a tortuous journey up the “Tower of Corrupted Power” and down past “Corpo Man” and “Money Mouth” before stamping it with the Stampede message of the day.  It’s a crowd-pleasing piece of mechanized post-industrial art – which the Stampede brought to New Hampshire to keep all our presidential candidates company. It will be featured at local fairs and festivals throughout the summer.


The Stampede Pedaller is smaller and people-powered, just like the Stampede. It’s a bicycle that turns into a mobile stamping station, complete with balloons, flag and photo op.  Like the Stampmobile, it attracts attention – but it’s easier to get into places where the #GetMoneyOut message might otherwise not be heard.  The Stampede plans to formally unveil it this weekend, during Laconia Bike Week.




Watchdog covers civil asset forfeiture  

Police took $4.1 million from motorists and built a police station: Watchdog covers civil asset forfeiture

At first glance, residents of Richland, Mississippi were probably thankful for their new $4.1 million police station, but that all changed when Mississippi Watchdog found the funds came from property and cash seized from motorists on the mere suspicion that they had committed a crime.

Read more about how Watchdog is exposing law enforcement's abuse of civil asset forfeiture.


A Note From Our President

Dear Reader,

One of the most troubling trends that has been exposing is the egregious abuse of civil asset forfeiture by local government officials - a practice that allows law enforcement to seize cash and property from citizens if they merely suspect them of committing a crime. Given that the agencies seizing property are allowed to keep the proceeds from it, the system is ripe for abuse - as we saw recently with a Mississippi police department that funded a new $4.1 million station entirely from civil forfeiture revenue.

That's only the beginning of the bigger story, however. As we report on civil forfeiture abuse everywhere from Pennsylvania to New Mexico, the national narrative has begun to change. Citizens are outraged, states have begun to implement reforms, and as always, Watchdog journalists and citizens will be there to cover the abuse and ensure that Americans have the facts to make their cities and communities more fair and just.

Best regards,

Erik Telford

P.S. Help us keep up the fight for a free press. Click here to donate.



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FreeKeeneNews - Activists to Protest DUI Checkpoint in Manchester Tomorrow Night 

Activists to Copblock Manchester DUI Checkpoint Friday Night

Dozens of activists will converge in downtown Manchester starting at 10:00 p.m. Friday, May 22nd to divert traffic away from a sobriety checkpoint planned by Manchester Police Department. Activists are protesting the stopping of drivers without reasonable suspicion of having committed a crime. They are also protesting the federal government's involvement in local policing through federal grants used to fund the checkpoint. Manchester Police Department announced the checkpoint on Friday, May 8:

Feel free to get in touch with Joel if you have questions or would like to interview an activist,
Joël Valenzuela
(602) 510-9966

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NH House Republicn Alliance - NH takes another step to protecting unborn children 

House Republican Majority Caucus (HRMC) comments passage of SB40
The House Republican Majority Caucus released a statement today on the passage of SB40. As amended, this is a bill that would allow justice to be served in the death of an unborn child.  The passage of SB40 as amended brings the bill in line with the house bill  passed earlier this year.  The language updates New Hampshire laws to that of 38 other states who have passed similar bills to protect unborn children.
"Bills such as this one have been on the books for years in other states across the nation beginning the early 1970's in California.  Our laws are long outdated in protecting unborn children and this bill brings us into the 21st century for protecting all of our citizens." stated Rep. Leon Rideout- Lancaster.  " The faulty claims from the left have zero foundation in truth.  Keeping our laws antiquated and violating the 14th amendment of equal protection for all people is unacceptable.
With all the new technology we have developed during the past 30 years to understand the life cycle of a preborn child, it's about time we started protecting them and providing justice for the families of New Hampshire's most innocent victims."