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ALG - Sen. Cornyn endorses mass criminal release as 'empathy' 


"What happened to John Cornyn?"

Jan. 29, 2016, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement in response to Sen.John Cornyn's (R-Texas) endorsement of legislation that will result in the early release of thousands of federal prison inmates, telling the New York Times,"It doesn't hurt to show that you actually care. This is a statement that is not just symbolic, but actually shows that you care about people. It doesn't hurt to show some empathy.":

"Senator John Cornyn, whose sense of empathy must have developed at Washington, D.C. cocktail parties, should prove he truly cares for people whose neighborhoods have been ravaged by drugs and violent crimes by moving to those one of those neighborhoods so he can see for himself the impact of releasing early thousands of hardened drug kingpins and violent criminals back on to the streets of America. Senator Cornyn's 'empathetic' conscience needs to meet the reality of the street, where a 77 percent recidivism rate amongst released prisoners is the norm, with 25 percent of those crimes being violent and nature.

"This is something Cornyn would have been acutely aware of when he was a judge in Texas as well as the state's Attorney General who once famously argued that Texas' death penalty law should be the model for the nation.

"A truly empathetic response is to protect neighborhoods and not to release criminals en masse. And the best action that Congress can take is to reject any legislation that releases thousands of criminals early.

"What is truly remarkable is that while in the Senate minority, Cornyn argued vociferously against early criminal release in 2011 when the sentencing commission implemented retroactive sentencing reductions of the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010.

"And again in 2014 when the Smarter Sentencing Act of 2014 was proposed, the precursor of the current legislation, Cornyn objected citing the nation's 'historic heroin epidemic' and warning of tens of thousands of 'additional murders, rapes, robberies, aggravated assaults, burglaries, thefts, auto thefts, and incidents of arson.' If anything, the rise of the use of heroin has become more endemic since 2014, and the streets more dangerous. What's more in that same letter, Cornyn wrote this about these same drug traffickers that he would release early today, 'The notion that drug traffickers are non-violent is simply incorrect.' Cornyn continued, 'Among other factors disputes over money cannot be settled with a lawsuit. Violence and threats are the norm.'

"It is impossible to reconcile Senator Cornyn's new-found empathy for hardened criminals with the clear facts of his 2010 and 2014 letters where he took exactly the opposite stance against early criminal release. An enterprising reporter might ask about his newfound faith in the good will of violent drug kingpins who he apparently now thinks should be put back on the streets of America. When did John Cornyn's empathy switch from the victims of the destruction of families, friends and communities to the purveyors of death resting safely in federal prison?

"What happened to John Cornyn?"

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CONCORD, NH – After several avoidable crashes occurred with serious injuries and even deaths this winter, first responders at a press conference Friday discussed increased enforcement and urged drivers to slow down, move over and use greater caution.


“We’re seeing injuries and deaths caused by drivers not paying attention and driving too fast for conditions,” State Police Colonel Robert Quinn said. “We’re asking drivers to pay closer attention at all times and especially when they see first responders. Ultimately though, if a driver is driving too fast for road conditions, we’re going to use the laws and penalties available to stop those drivers from hurting themselves and others.”


Tuesday night, a 31-year old Derry woman was struck and killed after her car slid off the road and, in a separate event, a state police cruiser was struck and flung more than 250 feet after a trooper stopped to render aid to a stranded driver, pulled the cruiser to the side of the road, deployed road flares, and activated the vehicle’s blue warning lights.



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Daily Signal - What Rising Murder Rates in US Cities Mean for 2016 


The Daily Signal

Jan. 5, 2016

Good morning from Washington, where President Obama vows unilateral action to restrict gun ownership. Returning lawmakers pondering prison reform may be puzzled that murder is up as overall crime drops. Josh Siegel has that story. Under rules set by unelected state officials, Kelsey Harkness reports, businesses must allow transgender persons to use the restrooms of their choice. Commentaries look at how Obama's climate agenda hurts rural residents and how Puerto Rico's government gives the workers a smaller slice of pie.


What Rising Murder Rates in US Cities Mean for 2016

In the 10 largest U.S. cities, crime rates as of Dec. 23 were on track to decline by 2.5 percent from 2014 levels, while murder rates were expected to rise 11.3 percent.

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Washington Quietly Adopts New Transgender Bathroom, Locker Room Policies

The rules, enacted by the state Human Rights Commission, make it illegal for business owners to limit sex-specific facilities such as bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms to persons with the anatomical parts of one sex.

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GOP Lawmakers Take on Obama's Executive Gun Control Push

House Speaker Paul Ryan Ryan said none of Obama's proposals would have prevented the recent mass shootings in the U.S.

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Obama's Climate Deal Leaves Blue-Collar, Rural Voters Out in the Cold

Blue-collar and rural constituents' concerns about the economy, energy prices, and jobs were front and center during the cap-and-trade debate, and they should be front and center again after the Paris climate agreement. But they're not.

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Cronyism on Display in Puerto Rico

The island's government leans to the left and has done all it can to interfere with the free market in Puerto Rico.

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New Obama Executive Action to Shred Immigration Caps

In a proposed federal rule published on New Year's Eve, the president decreed that hundreds of thousands of additional foreign workers will be licensed to replace American workers at lower pay, writes Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala.

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FreeKeeneNews - James Cleaveland Jury Verdicts are In! 






James Cleaveland found NOT GUILTY of “Resisting”; Jury Deadlocked on “Disorderly” 6-6, Mistrial Declared

James Cleaveland Victory 2015!In a clear victory today, Free State Project early mover James Cleaveland was found not guilty of "resisting arrest" and six of twelve jurors voted not guilty on the "disorderly conduct" charge! Judge John C Kissinger spoke with the attorneys after the verdict and relayed that the jurors were locked 6-6 on the disorderly charge for all five hours of their deliberation. As a result, a mistrial was declared on the "disorderly" charge, meaning it may go to retrial.

Earlier this year in a bench trial for the same charges, Keene district court judge Edward J Burke found James guilty of both counts. As is his right, James appealed the two class-A misdemeanor charges to a jury trial, even though the sentence from Burke was suspended on condition of good behavior. Ultimately James said he was glad he went to jury trial, as he's now been vindicated completely on the "resisting" charge, where state police officer Phillip Gaiser lied, claiming James lunged at him and also stepped back 3-4 steps when he tried to cuff him, a claim that was proven false by the video and audio evidence in the case.

In post-trial comments for Free Keene, James said that the video and audio he recorded was critical to his success. Otherwise it would be several cops' word versus his word, and jurors generally believe police to be honest. Though it was costly in time, stress, and thousands of dollars in legal fees, James is glad he stood up for the right of free press.

Jury Outreach Activists @ Cheshire Superior Court 2015-12-17Kissinger allegedly said that James choosing to testify made a good impression on jurors, but that having a larger camera would somehow have given him better credibility. All jurors refused activists' offers of $60 for a post-trial interview.

This is the biggest jury trial success of any liberty activist thus far tried in New Hampshire. Major thanks to all the stellar activists who braved the cold to hand out trifolds to the jurors and also hold signage reflecting the amount of time James was facing (two years in prison), a detail never allowed to be revealed in a criminal trial.

Full video of the trial is still to come to Free Keene. Stay tuned!



FreeKeeneNews - Activists Hold Signs in Preparation for James Cleaveland's Trial

NH Jury Outreach Activists Bring Message to Potential Jurors for James Cleaveland’s Recording Cops Trial

NH Jury Activists Outside Cheshire Superior Court NH Jury activists gathered this morning outside Cheshire superior court in Keene to perform jury outreach prior to jury selection for the trial of James Cleaveland which begins tomorrow morning (Tuesday 12/15) at 9am.

James is facing two "Class A" misdemeanor charges with a possibility of up to two years in prison for being arrested while recording video of police at the scene of a suicidal man in the summer of 2014. The charges are "disorderly conduct" (the state's favorite catch-all charge) and "resisting arrest".

James has already had a bench trial at Keene district court, the video of which can be seen here, and was found guilty. District court judge Edward J Burke sentenced him to 1.5 years in jail, suspended, plus a $625 fine. After sentencing, James opted for his right to a jury trial "de novo", which means, "from the beginning". So now, not quite a year later, he is being given that trial.

This morning was jury selection. Nearly all of the jury pool of about 58 people had received the NH Jury trifold last month. (In Cheshire county, petit juries are empaneled for two months.) Usually the jury outreach process involves handing out flyers and opening the door for folks, but in addition today it included activists holding signs featuring phrases like, "2 Years 4 Filming?", and "Filming the police is not a crime!"

More activists are expected to be on-the-scene tomorrow morning at 8am for further sign-holding, with the trial starting at 9am and expected to last two days. If you can't make it in person, live tweets will be available here at and later the full trial video will be posted.