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Apr162014 - Who’s watching me!




Who’s watching me? Police took photos of my license plates

The police know exactly where my car has been — and when — during the past few months. They could have the same information — or more — about you.

Raid and shoot: This ain’t your grandpa’s PD
It’s a commercial that’s been playing across New Mexico for weeks now: A 30-second spot encouraging people to apply to the Hobbs Police Department, offering high pay and good benefits. But the images in the commercial has some wondering what kind of image the booming oil patch town of 43,000 is actually showcasing.


HB1625 Sponsors Comment on Effort to Reduce Penalties for Marijuana Possession

CONCORD - Rep. Adam Schroadter (R-Newmarket), prime sponsor of HB1625 and Rep. Keith Murphy (R-Bedford), co-sponsor of HB1625 offered the following comments in reaction to the House of Representatives’ passage of HB1625, relative to penalties for possession of marijuana. The bill passed by a 215-92 vote.


Rep. Adam Schroadter (R-Newmarket)

“This sensible bill simply brings New Hampshire’s marijuana penalties into line with the New Hampshire Constitution, which provides that ‘all penalties ought to be proportioned to the nature of the offense.’ All other New England states have replaced criminal penalties for marijuana possession with civil fines, and there’s no good reason New Hampshire shouldn’t do so as well.”


“As Republicans, we believe in using our state’s limited law enforcement resources as efficiently as possible. Fining instead of arresting marijuana users would allow police and prosecutors to focus their attention on more serious problems, such as violent crime, property crime, and the rise in abuse of dangerous drugs such as heroin.”


Rep. Keith Murphy (R-Bedford)

“There were 2,769 marijuana arrests in New Hampshire in 2010, and 2,467 of those arrests — 89% — were for simple possession. We believe that our taxpayer dollars would be better spent addressing crimes like murder, rape, and theft. Governor Hassan should explain to the people of New Hampshire why she thinks they deserve up to a year in jail for simple marijuana possession.”


“Governor Hassan’s opposition to HB 1625 shows that, once again, she is out of touch with the people of New Hampshire."

Mar092014 - Spy game: Local police tap cell phones


ALG's Daily Grind - How come only 7 Senate Democrats voted no on cop killer defender Adegbile? 


March 6, 2014

How come only 7 Senate Democrats voted no on cop killer defender Adegbile?
If Reid had known that the Debo Adegbile nomination was going to fail, he might have advised Mark Begich of Alaska, Al Franken of Minnesota, Kay Hagan of North Carolina, Tim Kaine and Mark Warner of Virginia, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, Jon Tester of Montana, and Mark Udall of Colorado that they were being asked to catch a live buzz saw.

Obama's fantasy budget
President Obama's 2015 budget shows that his domestic policy is every bit as grounded in reality as his foreign policy, which The Washington Post declared this weekend to be "based on fantasy."

Sekulow: Four questions Lois Lerner must answer about IRS scandal
"It's been 10 months of stonewalling. Lois Lerner has since retired from the IRS with a full taxpayer funded pension. She owes the American people the truth, and answers to the following questions would be an excellent start."



ALG - Adegbile fails in Senate 


March 5, 2014, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government Nathan Mehrens today issued the following statement praising the defeat of Debo Adegbile in the U.S. Senate to head the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division:

"At long last, basic political survival instincts may have taken over for Democratic Senators.  A vote for Abegdile was a near certain political death sentence as evidenced by the endangered Democrats who joined Senate Republicans in opposing his nomination.  Now that Senators are actually listening to voters, perhaps Obamacare can be legally delayed by Congress as opposed to being delayed at the whim of the President."


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