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RGA - Maggie Hassan Already Eyeing Tax Hikes 

Foreshadows Most Expensive ‘Discussion’ in State History

Democratic candidate for governor Maggie Hassan confirmed today that she would like to raise taxes and fees if elected governor. Speaking at a gubernatorial forum Hassan said she would increase taxes on cigarettes and welcome a discussion on tolling New Hampshire’s roads and increasing the gas tax.

Hassan’s remarks can be heard at this link:

“Today Maggie Hassan admitted that the 33 tax and fee hikes she imposed as Majority Leader in the state Senate were just a starting point,” said RGA communications director Mike Schrimpf.  “Beginning with her support in 2002 of an income tax, continuing with her vote as a state senator to increase taxes and fees by $300 million, and now on to her campaign for governor, it’s clear that Maggie Hassan thinks New Hampshire residents should be paying more taxes.

“Here’s a tip for all New Hampshire residents: When Maggie Hassan says ‘we should have a discussion,’ she means ‘you should pay more in taxes,’” Schrimpf continued. “If you see her on the campaign trail, just wave, but don’t stop and talk – you can’t afford it.”

“The fact is, Maggie Hassan is a skilled politician, but even she can’t hide the fact that she really wants New Hampshire residents to pay higher taxes across the board,” Schrimpf concluded.


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Hassan Announces Four Campaign Co-Chairs

Senator Jackie Cilley, Bill Shaheen, Kathy Sullivan and Sean O’Kane to Co-Chair Hassan for Governor


MANCHESTER – Democratic candidate for Governor Maggie Hassan announced that Senator Jackie Cilley, Bill Shaheen, Kathy Sullivan and businessman Sean O’Kane will serve as co-chairs of her campaign for Governor.

Former gubernatorial candidate, Senator Jackie Cilley, announced her endorsement of Senator Maggie Hassan on Thursday and agreed to round out the Hassan team of four Campaign Co-Chairs. Senator Cilley's background experience in business and as an adjunct professor of the Whittemore School of Business at UNH, coupled with her growing up in the north country, brings a different perspective to the team. At the Democratic Unity Breakfast last week, Senator Cilley remarked that “We must bring all our energy, our passion and our drive to support Maggie Hassan and to stop Ovide Lamontagne from getting to the Governor’s office."

O’Kane is the former commissioner of the state’s Department of Resources and Economic Development, appointed by Republican Governor Craig Benson, and a political independent. He is now an executive at Schneider Electric.

“Many issues facing our state are extremely complex.  Full, open and thoughtful discussion is critical beyond simple political ideology to reach good decisions,” O’Kane, said. “I think this is a crucial quality of a good political leader, who is ultimately accountable to all the citizens of the state and not just a sliver of the population.  Maggie more than meets this standard.”

As a state Senator, Hassan worked with Governor Lynch and Republicans and Democrats on important efforts, including creating the research-and-development tax credit; creating a job training fund that has served 14,000 people at hundreds of companies; and cutting the state’s dropout rate.

“There is a clear choice in this election, and so much at stake for the people of New Hampshire.  As Governor, Maggie will move New Hampshire forward with an innovation plan that will help our businesses grow so that our families can succeed – and she will do it without a sales or income tax,” said Bill Shaheen. “In the State Senate, Maggie worked with Governor Lynch to get things done for the people of New Hampshire, and that is exactly what she will do as Governor.”

 “We can continue in the direction of Gov. John Lynch, bringing people together to move New Hampshire forward, or we can go in the direction of Speaker Bill O’Brien and the current legislature, where the needs of middle-class families take a backseat to an extreme social agenda,” said Kathy Sullivan. “In Ovide Lamontagne’s New Hampshire, abortion would be illegal, even for victims of rape and incest, and doctors and women would be criminals. Creationism could be taught in our schools. And the state would get to prevent loving couples from marrying.”  

 “I am honored to have Senator Jackie Cilley, Bill Shaheen, Kathy Sullivan and Sean O’Kane serve as Co-Chairs of my campaign for Governor. I look forward to working with them during my campaign for Governor,” said Hassan.


Lamontagne Asks Hassan Which Taxes She Would Raise

Questions opponent’s claim that “most taxpayers” would support new tax and fee hikes

Manchester, NH – Less than a week since becoming her party’s nominee for Governor, Maggie Hassan is already talking of raising taxes on New Hampshire’s families and small business owners.

In a story in Sunday’s Portsmouth Herald, Sen. Hassan is quoted as saying, "When you look at some of the back-of-the-budget tax cuts and other tax cuts the Republicans made the last two years, I think there are some things that most taxpayers of New Hampshire would agree that we could restore."

Republican gubernatorial nominee Ovide Lamontagne today called on Hassan to be upfront with the voters on which taxes she would look to increase:

“During her time in the legislature, Sen. Hassan supported a 24% increase in state spending along with the creation or increase of over 80 taxes and fees to pay for it all.  In 2010, she lost her bid for reelection to the Senate as a direct result of this fiscal mismanagement, and comments like the one in Sunday’s Herald show she hasn’t learned the lesson,” said Lamontagne.

“The tax cuts included in this year’s budget were designed to ease the burden on New Hampshire families and small businesses created by Sen. Hassan and her liberal colleagues in the legislature.  Though minor, reductions in the meals and rooms operator fee, the pet store license fee, the marriage license fee, the condo and land sale license fee, and others each allow our taxpayers to keep more of their hard earned dollars in their pocket.  If Sen. Hassan is looking to again increase these fees she needs to be upfront with the voters of New Hampshire and tell them exactly what will cost them more under her administration.  I question whether she will find “most taxpayers” are up for paying more to support her big government agenda."

Note: Sen. Hassan's comments can be read here:


Maggie Hassan to Hold Town Hall with Keene State College Students and Faculty Tomorrow 

MANCHESTER -- Democratic candidate for Governor Maggie Hassan will attend a Town Hall meeting with the students and faculty of Keene State College and local residents. Hassan’s job plan, Innovate NH, would freeze tuition at New Hampshire’s public colleges and universities for the next two years and ask them to develop a five-year plan to increase slots for New Hampshire students.

Tuesday, September 18th

12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Town Hall meeting at the Lantern Room, Student Center, Keene State College, Keene


Hassan for Governor - Friday and Saturday Schedule 

MANCHESTER  – Democratic candidate for Governor Maggie Hassan will attend Glendi at St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church in Manchester on Friday night with Commissioner George Copadis. On Saturday, she will attend Derry Fest in the afternoon.

Friday, September 14th

5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Attend Glendi at St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church, 650 Hanover St., Manchester with Commissioner of Labor and Employment Security George Copadis.

Saturday, September 15th

3:30 pm. – 4:30 p.m. Attend Derry Fest, MacGregor Park, 64 East Broadway, Derry