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Lambert to Kuster: What are you Doing to Make Obamacare work for Middle-Class Granite Staters?

After avoiding simple questions yesterday, Congresswoman Kuster still owes middle-class Granite Staters an explanation

(Nashua)-  Yesterday, Col. Gary Lambert, candidate for Congress in the 2nd District of New Hampshire asked Congresswoman Kuster a few simple questions on the negative consequences Obamacare is having in New Hampshire: how many Granite Staters will lose their coverage? How concerned are her constituents?

Unfortunately for her constituents, it seems that Congresswoman Kuster is more interested in protecting Washington interests than middle-class Granite Stater’s.

Gary Lambert released the following statement in response: “Yesterday, I asked Congresswoman Kuster how Obamacare is impacting her constituents—her response offered more questions than answers.  She says she is focused on making it work; but the fact is for at least 22,000 Granite Staters it has failed.  And, she has taken absolutely zero action.

Middle-class Granite Staters deserve to know if they will lose their healthcare coverage.  Congresswoman Kuster, what actions have you taken to ensure more families do not lose healthcare coverage they like?"


ALG's Daily Grind - Is your data on secure? 

Oct. 23, 2013

Is your data on secure?

Can the information assurance for be definitively better than the nation's Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, or a global banking giant that have been hacked and had sensitive information stolen?

Increasing clouds and thunderstorms for climate alarmists

What began as an honest inquiry into possible roles of human activities on "global warming" evolved into assertions that mankind alone is responsible for "climate change," and society's carbon dioxide and other "greenhouse gas" emissions somehow replaced the complex, interrelated natural factors that have driven global warming, cooling, storms, droughts and other climatic changes throughout geologic history.

A permanent underclass

Since 2009, the working age population has increased by 11.4 million people, and yet, in all that time, only 2.15 million of them have found jobs. 5 years after the financial crisis, is there any end in sight to this depression?

McCarthy: The art of the impossible

"[I]f the defund plan was delusional, the GOP establishment's "repeal Obamacare by winning elections" alternative is delusional squared."


House Republican Conference - VIDEO: What is Reality?

When the President walked into a meeting with House Democrats this week at the Capitol he said was focused on three things words, “jobs, middle class, growth.” The President is great at talking about these issues but unfortunately for the American people, it’s only been talk (as evidenced by another poor jobs report). Watch this new video – first for bloggers –that highlights the struggles everyday Americans continue to face under his Presidency.


Watch the Full Video Here




NRSC - Will Shaheen Fight for Middle Class Relief from ObamaCare?

Washington, D.C. - National Republican Senatorial Committee Communications Director Brad Dayspring today asked Democrat Jeanne Shaheen if she agrees that like businesses, middle-class families also deserve relief from ObamaCare:

"Jeanne Shaheen ignored doctors, businesses, and middle-class Granite Staters in 2010, instead proudly standing with Barack Obama and Harry Reid to pass this disastrous law.

"Now that Democrats admit what a disaster ObamaCare is to implement, Shaheen is running as fast as she can from the taxes, mandates, and fees imposed by her vote. The problem is that Shaheen and her liberal friends have abandoned middle-class men and women, leaving them alone to face the burden of ObamaCare's individual mandate.

"Certainly businesses deserve relief from ObamaCare, but what about middle-class men, women and their families? It's time that Jeanne Shaheen start listening to Granite Staters who want a permanent delay for all, instead of just a partial delay for some."



Congresswoman Shea-Porter had multiple opportunities to use her voice to encourage like-minded New Hampshire officeholders to oppose legislation that would devastate middle-class families. Sadly, the Congresswoman refused to take such a stand.”

(Manchester – April 2, 2013)  Yesterday afternoon at a local senior center, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) repeatedly avoided questions on two important issues that, if implemented, would severely impact Granite Staters.  In particular, the Congresswoman refused to respond to multiple attempts of whether she supports local Democrats’ efforts to raise the gas tax by fifteen cents[1] or whether she holds similar positions on a New Hampshire income tax as her District Director and former New Hampshire gubernatorial candidate Jackie Cilley had been vocal about in 2012.[2] Both of these pieces of legislation would have devastatingly negative effects on middle-class families.
Video can be viewed here:

Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, Inc, made the following statement:

“While mothers are struggling to fill their gas tank each week, New Hampshire Democrats are considering an increase in the gas tax. While Granite State families are trying to stretch their paychecks, New Hampshire Democrats have proposed an income tax.  Such efforts are unconscionable when so many in New Hampshire are fighting to make ends meet. However, what’s even more disappointing is for Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter to ignore repeated attempts to learn of her positions on these important issues.

“Congresswoman Shea-Porter had multiple opportunities to use her voice to encourage like-minded New Hampshire officeholders to oppose legislation that would devastate middle-class families. Sadly, the Congresswoman refused to take such a stand. We encourage Granite Staters to call Congresswoman Shea-Porter at 603-641-9536 and ask her stop ignoring her constituents and voice her opposition to an increase in the gas tax and a New Hampshire income tax.”